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Why Tricked's 2019 Roster saved HUNDEN. (ft. Interview with HUNDEN)

Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen has had a seasoned career in Counter-Strike, being active since 2009 and playing both Source and Global Offensive in that time.
His early days in Global Offensive were plagued with constant roster changes, switching between teams and never finding a permanent home. During 2014 he played for eight different teams including tRICKED eSport, myXMG, unu.AiN and Reason Gaming, two of which he would return to at different times during 2014.
HUNDEN has always been an In-Game Leader, which for the most part has given him the freedom to work with the talent in his teams, build them up to a platform and see the stars shine, but unfortunately has received a lot of criticism along the way. Despite his former and current teammates never having a bad word to say about him, the community has always chimed in here and there with their own opinions, but his nickname “GOD HUNDEN” has seen the community support him, finally realizing what a good leader he is.
This was no different in the tRICKED eSports roster of 2014. The only memorable player on this roster was Casper “cadiaN” Møller. With very little success made on this roster, HUNDEN would leave to myXMG on the 26th May 2014, when the contracts for the team ended and the entire squad was released.
Just four months later, HUNDEN would feature in an MSL-led squad in the StarLadder StarSeries X, in which they were given a free invite due to the decision of Mousesports not to attend the event. Unfortunately, they were to face Fnatic in the Upper Bracket semi-final, losing 2-0 and dropping to the Lower Bracket where they teed off against HellRaisers, again losing 2-0 and being eliminated from the event in quick fashion.
It wasn’t until 2017 that HUNDEN smelled the signs of success, again on a Tricked Esports roster. During his longer stint on the roster (between 2016.05.13-2017.07.01) they were able to place 1st in the DreamHack Summer 2016 Open Qualifier #1, xFunction Challenge, eOddset Kinguin Cup, ECS Season 2 EU Development League Q3, ELEAGUE S2 EU Open Qualifier #1, ESWC 2016 Nordic Qualifier, eOddset Cup #4, QuickShot Arena #31, a few more Open Qualifiers here and there, but nothing too major that saw them get to a bigger event.
That was until the Copenhagen Games 2017. As one of the invited teams to the event to represent the Danish scene, Tricked were able to make it to 3-4th place, taking victories over the likes of (rezex, SandeN, sycrone, NaToSaphiX, Percy), the Danes of Singularity (Inzta, AnJ, Ryxxo, Lukki, Console), NRG Esports (ptr, FugLy, Brehze, daps, MarkE) but sadly fell in the Semi-Finals against Dreamchasers (emilio, pronax, znajder, twist, pyth). Still, this was the biggest placing for HUNDEN and signs of success were on the horizon.
After leaving Tricked, HUNDEN spent a short time with the mixed roster of undefined but wanted more stability, which brings us to the time period where he was announced as the new In-Game Leader of ALTERNATE aTTaX. This was a shock for most of his fans as it was the first time that he’d stepped out of the Danish scene and joined a side that had different nationalities than his own, however, scarily, he seemed to settle in this roster pretty well. Their first bout of success came in the 99Liga S6 Div1 event, in which ATN were able to take home 1st place after victories over DIVIZON, Berzerk, and a rematch against DIVIZON in the grand final which ended 2-0 and crowned ATN the Kings of Germany.
They were able to repeat this in Season 7 too, beating PANTHERS, DIVIZON and again a grudge match versus DIVIZON in the grand final, which once more ended 2-0 (Deja Vu… I know).
It was all well and good ATN were able to dominate the German field, but their EU success was just a stark contrast to what they could do in their home scene. During the time of winning the two German events, they only managed a 2nd place in the AOC CS:GO Cup against EnVyUs Academy, and a 2nd place in the Vreecase Cup #2, falling to EPG in the Semi-Finals.
This was exactly how HUNDEN’s time in the team would be spent. He had a lot of German success but very little in the form of online EU results. They placed 1st in a few online qualifiers but were never able to take it any further.
After 15 months in ALTERNATE aTTaX, HUNDEN would return to the Danish scene once again, this time to look for sanctuary in a Tricked roster that was ready to invest the time and effort into developing a solid Danish roster. Just 6 days after leaving his previous team, HUNDEN would be embedded among b0RUP and acoR, along with PERCY and Lukki.
Their first run on LAN at the Geeks Gone Wild #24 event would give them a bleak finish of 3-4th place on home soil but it was definitely a sign of things to come. A few more online events here and there and the team would realize there was something missing. Some… flare in the side. b0RUP was the only player retained by Tricked from their previous roster, and rightly so. He was the stand-out player among the side but needed some support in the firepower department. This saw the quick swap of PERCY and Lukki, and the replacements of Sjuuush and Bubzkji to come through the doors.
This was when the side really came together. HUNDEN got to work with his new assets and flipped the side around instantly. Just two months later they would take 1st place in the Good Game League Stage 1 Qualifier and get themselves a place on the LAN qualifier. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it to the LAN straight away, but got invited to the Closed Qualifier based on their initial placing and they topped the charts here, sealing a spot in the $112K LAN.
Between winning this LAN spot and playing the LAN itself, Tricked would go on to win the LOOT.BET HotShots S2 event, placed 3-4th at Copenhagen Games 2019, and win a few more Open Qualifiers to bigger events, despite not making it any further.
Once it came to the Good Game League 2019 LAN, the team really displayed a sheer amount of skill being led by HUNDEN, and you could now see the side performing so incredibly well. Bubzkji has lights-out performances and finished the event on a 1.17 overall rating.
Now, I wouldn’t tell you all of this information about the ups and downs of HUNDEN’s career if it didn’t have a purpose, a moral of the story if you will. The fact of the matter is - HUNDEN has faced some truly depressing times in his Counter-Strike career and it’s arguable that I’m surprised he didn’t quit or retire a couple of years ago, but the persistence of him and the fight and belief to know that at some point he would build and harness a roster that worked was keeping the fire inside him lit.
It’s almost correct to say that this Tricked roster of 2019 has saved HUNDEN and his playing career and has given him that motivation to keep playing and leading his side. With so many failed roster attempts, some out of the hands of HUNDEN and probably not his fault, it plays such a big mental part on his side to even have the belief to keep playing on teams, with that feeling in the back of his mind that someday it could end up like his previous teams.
But it appears this roster is on the rise, currently sat at 19th in the world (13th in Europe) and with the Games Clash Masters 2019 qualifiers to come, giving the side another chance to appear at a big LAN, there is no ceiling for this side just yet.
The entire team clicked when they completed the roster with the additions of Sjuuush and Bubzkji, and have today confirmed themselves a place in ESEA Mountain Dew League S32, scarily just one league away from Pro League, which for sure should be an aim for this side.
I had the pleasure of asking the man himself, #GODHUNDEN, a few questions both about his past and the future aims of this astounding Tricked roster:
  1. Your most notable teams have been ALTERNATE aTTaX and Tricked despite cycling through many Danish teams during 2014-2016. What changed when you joined ATN and linked up with the Germans?
  1. When you joined Tricked on the 5th January 2019, did you think it would be a more permanent move or did you have flashbacks to the Danish scene of 2014-2016?
3. Your first event win was an online tournament on the 12th April with your current line-up. Did you feel you had a much stronger team with the additions of Sjuush and Bubzkji compared to Lukki and PERCY?
4. Now that you’re in the Top 20 of the World and have the Games Clash qualifier coming, which could see you at another $100K LAN, what are you going to do between now and September to ensure you remain in what is a very competitive Top 20?
5. Lastly, back when things were a little rough, did you keep faith that pieces of the puzzle would align and you would have such a strong squad like Tricked?
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[Long] Here is the full transcript of Northern Gaming CEO Mack's AMA, hosted on the Subreddit Discord!

Note: Questions and answers were copied directly from the AMA, so you may see typos and emojis that turned into text artifacts.
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About Mack
Mack is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Gaming, the Season 3 RLCS Champions. Northern Gaming is a Canadian-based organization, with teams in games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Mack has been crucial for Northern Gaming in achieving its respected place among other organizations since it was founded in May 2016. This AMA occurred after it was revealed that the team of Remkoe, Maestro, and Deevo had been released from Northern Gaming to join Team EnVyUs.
Mack's Twitter:
NG's Twitter:


Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
We answered this in our post, but yes. 'Near Future' not as much, but we will be at S4 LAN and watching and go from there.
Does rocket league matter?
Does anything? <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
If you could talk to yourself from the past, what words of advice would you give?
I was having this conversation with my IRL Best Friend yesterday --- if I could go back a year with all the knowledge I have now, Northern Gaming would be in a completely different world. This is a very unique, fast paced market and there is no time for mistakes. I've learned a lot along the way, and every day I learn more and more. I don't think I could tell myself just one thing, but if I HAD too? I'd probably remind myself to never forget what you love about eSports. It can be incredibly stressful, but watching my team with the RLCS, or seeing how happy they are with this transfer makes you feel a certain way which is indecsribable. It's hard, and it's a very personable industry when you work closely with people so often, but I think that appreciating your players and every moment with them is incredibly important.
Do you like pineapple on pizza?
I get why people eat it, but no. Pineapple is good in a bowl, or grilled on a barbeque, but not on my delicious Bacon, Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizzas. :[
Do you think a hot dog is a sandwhich?
Depends on how you eat it I guess 😏
Why did you pick NV rather than the other orgs?
Honestly, I was really struggling between NV and another equally amazing North American organization. In the end, the other owner could tell I wasn't sure the best situation for the players, and he willingly stepped down from discussions. I narrowed it down from 10/12 - 2 because these organizations showed the most interest and were just the best orgs. I knew they couldn't go anywhere their new head honchos weren't passionate about them and the game, and EnVy was one of two that were.
Why not stick with the Team?
We answered this in our original post --- but the tl;dr is I knew there was a better opportunity for them and I made it happen.
Does Sodapoppin actually do anything actively as an owner?
Absolutely. Chance is pivotal in every move we make. He is a very busy guy, and he has a lot going on for himself being Sodapoppin as well as just living his own life, but Chance has always made it a priority to participate in the organization when he can/when it is needed. I deal with almost everything personally, but Chance is always in the loop and is our biggest piece for pushing and growing the organization. He's been a pleasure to work with, and I am blessed to have had him give me this opportunity in the first place -- without Chance, I wouldn't be here right now.
Why are you selling the team? it's easy money to keep them
While that sentiment seems to be shared amongst everyone, that is actually quite false. The team was always "losing" us money and we end our adventures at a significant deficit. But with that comes the fact that it isn't always about money, it's about building this scene and helping these players build themselves into brands.
Mack what first go you looking at Rocket League? I was surprised that I was able to help Reunited (another former OW team) get involved briefly but I wanna know where you started.
I actually got a lot of emails when we were taking public submissions for our team, and a lot of them were about Rocket League. We Dem Girlz stood out the most, so I took a leap with them! Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I made in eSports.
How are you today?
Pretty good, quite a bittersweet day. BUT! The NHL Expansion Draft is tonight, so that's great 😄 -- How about yourself?
Do your parents support you playing Rocket League as a professional?
I'm not a player, so no 😉 But as an owner of an organization, I was met with a lot of criticism as I dropped out of University (Pre-Law) to explore this. I don't think they fully support it, but they aren't against it either. It's not a topic of much conversation with my parents though my Mom has seemingly been a bit more interested and was happy about the RLCS win .^
how dare you test in my AMA. 😉
What is your favorite team in rocket league, excluding yours?
Denial's squad is up there 🇨🇦 but any team with Miztik or Turbo on it 😉
Are you moving away from rocket league or are you now on the look-out for new players?
We will be back, just want a season off to watch the scene.
What's happened to everyone?
Why the rocket league esport scene?
I just got a feeling when I was looking into it. I follow my gut, and that's why I am where I am today.
Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
Yes. Check our original release 😉
Best game other than Rocket League?
I've played WoW for 12 years, I love League & Overwatch (when im not tilted) but PUBG has been my most recent binge-game. For all-time play ability it's going to be somewhere between NHL (I am a hockey nerd) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 👀
Are you becoming part of EnvyUs or are they taking the roster off of your hands?
No sir, I am still the owner of Northern Gaming! Though anyone working for NV is a pretty lucky person, I am more than happy with my situation!
Were EnvyUs the only org to approach the team?
NV didn't approach the team, but no. There were a solid 10 or so good Orgs wanting them
Cats or dogs?
I have both, I love both. Anyone who says they're a dog person hasn't met the right cat etc etc. 😄
Do you agree that with a big org like EnVyUs coming into the scene will pave the way for many other Tier 1 orgs to enter Rocket League?
Not really, all the T1 orgs are already looking at it, they're coming regardless of this move
What do you think of Mockit?
As an organization? We have no opinion. As a person? I don't know Luckey, but him making assumptions/comments about my team, and in general just the things I've seen about him and the interactions I've heard with him, I don't like him, and personally have no interest in ever doing business with him. I know the players made it abundantly clear they had no interest in playing with Mock-It and I would have never in a million years sent them there to begin with.
Is it raining money where you are?
If it was, I'd be outside with a bucket. That would be nice.
What, from your perspective as CEO, makes Rocket League a different e-sports than other games?
My biggest pitch with the game and my biggest thing about it, is how easy it is to watch and how fun it is to watch. It's super fast paced, it's CRAZY intense, the commentators are great and the analysts are equally as great (Gibbs and I have talked 1:1 once and he's a great guy) and overall it feels the closest to Sports, which I think is important.
The community is also not toxic at all which is a HUGE breath of fresh air. Thanks for that guys.
What is your favorite meal?
Buffalo Chicken Strips > Chicken Wings > Steak > Tacos.
Who is this doing this ama?
ME.. d00d
What do u think your chances are for next season?
0% chance we win Season 4. It's bleak, but it is what it is.
Will you be playing in RLCS season 4 and 5?
5, possibly. 4, absolutely not.
Was this action/move have to do part because turbopolsa acted as a sub?
Not at all. Turbo was a god at LAN and he was going to end up as a starter somewhere else. I had no intentions of moving Maestro ever, loved having him.
What was the second team you mentioned, and what was the deciding factor in chosing EnvyUS over the other team?
I am not going to reveal the team name because I don't want to risk any future moves they may be interested in making. But, I chose NV because the other team backed out realizing I was conflicted over the two. Both were world class organizations and I knew the players would have loved either or, so there was nothing to help me make that decision; the other owner made my job a lot easier.
What are your thoughts on RL as an esport? Will it, in your opinion, have the same sustainability and growth as LoL or CSGO?
I love it. I love how fast paced it is, how easy it is to watch, and how much skill actually goes into the games. I don't know if it will grow to the CS:GO/LoL levels right now, but I think it has potential to be the most watched eSport in the world one day due to it's parallels with Soccer (sorry I'm NA forgive me) and how it would be great for even your casual fan who doesn't play video games to watch unlike a relatively confusing LoL and a violent (I love it but some people, ya know) CS:GO
How has the Rocket League community changed in your eyes over time?
I really like this community, you guys rock. I don't think it's changed much, just the passion behind the players has grown.
Why did you get into rocket league esports in the first place?
Answered in a question above; but because I saw massive potential and a great roster. I just felt it was right.
Can you see someone showing up to rlcs and trying to play with the Joy-Cons?
hue? 😕
How's your day been?
Busy! Thanks for asking .^ -- how about yours? 😃
When and why did you decide to become their CEO?
I always have been a visionary for business since I was 15 or 16. About a year and a half ago I started looking into eSports and felt it was a great scene where I could be impactful on a large scale and affect millions of people, from players to fans alike, creating a better experience. So, I started Northern Gaming, and here we are!
Do you think other competitive orgs will be following suit?
Yes. Very soon.
Will you ever move to other games, like LoL?
I hope to; but we need to either affiliate with BIG $ or a Sports Team. I've been trying to find the latter for a while but it's very difficult. We plan on doing smaller scale expansion soon, and OWL and LCS are both big end game plans.
Are you keeping turbo on the roster?
He is going to be looking for a starter position somewhere else
What size is turbo's jersey MEANT to be?
Medium. Did you see him @ LAN? He owned! 😻
Is Turbo still part of Northern Gaming? Even though he is a sub
No, we have no RL players.
What, in your opinion is your biggest achievement in e-sports and why?
Winning the RLCS S3. It was our first world championship victory, and it was done with a sub. I'll remember that forever. It was my happiest moment as NG CEO. Second would be watching our NG WoW team at Blizzcon, that was surreal to hear a crowd cheer live for my team... insane.
You said on twitter that NG will be entering into RLCS season 5. Why not 4? Do you have any plans in the meantime? ie. DreamHack/Summer Series/NBC tourney teams?
I'm really interested in this NBC thing, I am going to do some research on that this weekend. But Season 4 feels too rushed, we want to make sure we get the right group.
Are you surprised by the Growth of RL Esports so far, particulary RLCS, as it was 1 year ago the Grand Finals were close to being held with a $50,000 prize pool?
I am not surprised at all, and I expect it to only continue.
What do you think about the recent announcement of NBC doing a rocket league tournament?
I'm really interested, I'll try to get involved somehow.
Were you confident in buying the team, and how will you manage your team once they start facing other teams that are much better? As in how would you make sure they won't get demoralized/ quit.
I make sure I know the type of people I'm signing beyond their abilities in-game. I will be sure to pick up players who feel like they have something to prove when they lose, instead of being discouraged. Look at what 3rd place finishes did to this team, it pushed them to go above and beyond and win it all.
How did you guys come up with the name Northern Gaming?
I came up with it because I wanted it to feel Canadian-esque without ostracizing the rest of the world. We are a North American organization (Canadian) so Northern could mean more than JUST Canada. Europe is also considered to be 'Northern' so I figured it was something that resonated with our country without shunning the rest of the world and locking us in one place.
When NG began what type of games were you looking into already? Specifically when did Rocket League spark an interest and why?
I wanted an OW team because that is when the game was coming out and I wanted to grow alongside it (that didn't work out too well .. hehe) but around August when I heard about RLCS S1 and WDG reached out, I pounced on the opportunity to grab the roster!
What's the players' training routine like?
I'm not sure, they just played a lot and I let them do their thing. As long as they were having good results, I didn't feel it necessary to enforce anything strict.
What rank are you in RL? Do you play it atall?
I tried. I'm awful. It's a lot of fun, but going from watching my players do the most insane Aerials/Double Taps/Feathering to barely being able to make a save --- <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114> --- but I will keep playing and getting better 😛
Do you think that any of the players that were in the team when NG won S3 lan will be back for S5 lan?
I doubt it, EnVY will treat them so well they won't ever want to leave.
How long do rl players' play daily to maintain skill level?
I couldn't tell ya, sorry!
From personal experience, what was your favourite or best moment with the previous roster?
It has to be watching them win the RLCS S3 Finals. That was just surreal.
Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds? Can our minds correctly interpret reality or is reality subjective?
If I saw this like 40 questions ago I'd give you the most philosophically complex answer I could feasibly construct -- but I'm not going to lie that's a lot of effort. In theory though, does it matter? 🤔
What do you think the future of NG will look like, do you thonk you will expand into more gamess or focus on your current ones?
I plan on getting into some new titles, and returning back to Rocket League. I am going to use this as an opportunity to regroup and refocus and tackle things from a new approach. We have a long, bright future ahead of us, so properly planning that out now is our best bet while we still are in the position to do so comfortably.
Why do you like coaching Northern Gaming?
I own it, not coach it. 😉 But because it's honestly one of the greatest things on earth. The only job I'd ever want to leave this for is working high up at an NHL Franchise 😍
On a scale of 1-10, how cute do you think Remkoe is?
Putting numbers on any of their appearances would be unfair to the numbered scale. IT is not ready to compensate for their QT-ness
How much was the buyout?
It was $ x $ / $ + $ - $ ^ $ squared dollars.
What is the best thing about Rocket Leagie in your opinion?
Pacing and overall simplciity of the game while maintaining complex mechanics that are exciting to watch.
How many other orgs were interested in the team?
Every organization on the planet would be interested in that team, they are the best team in the World 😃
How does the transfer benefit NG and the players?
It was more focused on the players than us, because to be honest I'd rather keep them in the first place. I think that they're going to get unparalleled opportunities with EnVy and especially with someone like Deevo who is SO young with SO much room to grow, I think EnVy and their incredible support staff are going to help him grow into the best version possible. I didn't want them to miss out on that opportunity
What do you think of higher tier players that use kbm and do you see them do anything better consistently than controller players?
I use Controller and I'm awful, but if there's anyone who is a pro player with KBM they're gods and that needs to be appreciated.
Were you at the RLCS S3 LAN and if so what was your favorite thing you did while you were there?
I could not make it unfortunately 😦 S4 hopefully 😍
If you had to choose to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Buffalo Chicken. Every day. All day.
what do you think of the rocket league esport scene?
It's growing rapidly, and has a bright future ahead of it. I hope that organizations are included in more conversations going forward, and the Psyonix/Twitch can help smallemedium sized teams stay afloat as the price rises for salary with sponsorships.
Would you consider a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
I know it IS a fruit, but I'll never accept it's not a vegetable.
What business ventures did you have before NG, if any?
This is my first venture into business! It's been very enjoyable though
Are you still with us?
I am, not sure I can speak on behalf of my hands/wrists though
What would be your dream car (both in rl and irl)?
I'm a huge fan of Audi R8s (Matte Black/Black Rims), Honda Civics (2017/Matte Black) and the new Tesla's (Chrome Black 😍 ) irl and I am not really particular in RL 😛
Who do you think is the best Rocket League player right now cause like, what's a Kronovi?
Best player at LAN is Maestro. Best player in the world is probably Deevo.
What is the best way to explore human nature: psychology, philosophy, or biology?
All three, equally, are important.
to be or not to be?
Well, that is the question.
Tickling or no tickling?
I hate being tickled. :[
If Northern Gaming didn't exist, what ambitions would you have otherwise?
My two other passions are the hip-hop industry & the NHL. I one day want to work in either the NHL as a General Manager, or own a record label -- maybe both! 😃
Pancakes or Waffles?
There's no real answer to that. Blueberry Pancakes own, but Belgian Waffles are.. w0wzers.
Dominus or batmobile?
Which other games do you play besides Rocket League?
Regularly I play WoW, NHL, LoL, HoTS, PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch. SUPER Excited for Diablo S11 though, I love me some Diablo.
Do you play rocket league?
I don't think you can call what I do "playing" --- heh.
What did you think of rocket league before you played it?
I actually tried it before NG and thought it was cool, but that I was terribad and I don't like being bad at things so I gave up pretty fast haha
What do you think was Northern Gaming's secret to win Season 3 of RLCS? What made them perform better than all other teams?
They worked harder than any other team at that event, and wanted it more than anyone I think. It didn't hurt that all three players came ready to play on Day 3 and played OUT OF THEIR MINDS
What's your highest rank in RL? Don't be ashamed.
if cardboard was a rank, I'd be chilling there. 😃
If you play RL, do you prefer to play it with Keyboard and Mouse, or with a Controller? If controller, which one?
I've only ever tried controller, KBM seems clunky
Isn't it the team's decision who they go with next. How much 'control' do/did you have over the org they finally moved to?
I had absolute control in where they ended up, but I know they are already happy with their new home.
Would you think about picking up a team like The Leftovers?
Absolutely. But it's not in the cards yet.
Who was your favorite rocket league player to work with?
Miztik or Maestro. Both class acts and would love to work with either of them again in some capacity.
Northern Gaming is a Canadian organization, what made you decide to acquire a European team?
We care more about the players, as people and as raw talent, than we care about their nationality. We want to help grow Canadian eSports, but that doesn't mean we're never going to take foreign talent. This was the best team available, and they felt like they matched with our ideologies very well.
What is your pet peeve (if any) in life?
When people don't tip their servers in restaurants (I know in some places tipping is considered disrespectful in Europe, but in NA I think it's disgusting) They are paid under minimum wage, and the only excuse is "because I can't afford to tip" but in that case you probably shouldn't be eating at nice restaurants to begin with 😃
Is human nature constant or is it molded by culture? Can human nature be completely changed by culture or society?
I like your philosophical questions. Human nature itself is constant, but the way we interact with the world is absolutely molded by culture. I think culture causes certain things to be brought out (capitalism breeds selfishness and greed as an example) more than others, but those are always underlying in human nature.
Why did you lose money with the team?
Sponsors didn't care about our RL team until they won Season 3.
What do you think needs to happen for the rocket league pro season to be profitable and for players to be able to make a living off of it?
We need help as organizations to bring in sponsors for our players. A proper league with Rev Share is super important as well, but that's a long ways away.
Are you good at air-dribbling? <:pc:272604533455060993> 😂
I can't even dribble on the ground. <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
How often do players ask for more money ?
It's common. They deserve it most of the time, but whether it makes sense for us as organizations is a different question entirely.
Just wanna say Mack thanks for taking the time to do this. Love that you're taking the time to talk with our community and hope to see you guys back soon.
d'awh... ❤ you too sir! We will be, you guys are great and are doing great things, this is a community we want to be apart of for a long time.
Do you think Rocket League players will be able to do RL as a full time job anytime soon?
many do, but there are a LOT of improvements left to be made to their quality of life. Unless you're making the RLCS Finals, I don't think it's easy to justify. It will just take time.
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me.
In the one of the last questions you answered, you stated that "The team was always 'losing' us money". Why do you put losing in quotations?
Because while we were losing money, and it was to their roster, it wasn't really their fault. We obviously got publicity, so it wasn't like we were just dumping money in a hole, but it definitely wasn't making us money.
What was your motive to make such a team, and how easy/hard is it to start and manage a Org?
Sick picture btw. I just saw a good opportunity and wanted to see what i could do in eSports. It is ridiculously time consuming and stressful to start and manage an organization, but I love every minute of it.
How were you choosing the new org? Also, how do these transfers work? Do the players get the chance to say what they think or it was completely up to you?
I picked an org I knew they would be taken care of with. They didn't get a say in the sense that I didn't really ask their opinions of it, but I knew they were okay with it and they were kept in the loop as the conversation went on with other teams. I finalized the decision and they woke up to the news of being EnVy players.
How good is Deevo on a scale 1-1000?
We're sorry, the Scale you are requesting is currently insufficient. Please, try again later.
favorite rocket league player?
I don't have just one. Anyone who played for NG in particular, but Maestro/Miztik have a special place in my heart
How long have you been following the RL scene? How long do you expect it to last?
Basically the last full year. I expect it to be one of the elite eSports in the world.
Would you rather fight 3 remkoe sized horses, or one horse sized remkoe?
Thank god you said Remkoe and not Deevo, he's a tall boy. Uhm, probably remkoe sized horses because a horse sized remkoe would beat my ass.
How did the squad and you react to gReazy leaving?
Obviously it sucked, but we ended up getting an insane player in Miztik who I really really like, so I am happy it happened.
is Maestro really that good looking?
Yes. Yes he is.
Do you think NBC's 2v2 thing will hurt or help the RL pro scene?
Help. IT'S NBC! I want in, where do I sign up?
Could rocket League as an export ever be on a scale like CSGO or LoL and if so what needs to happen?
Anything is possible, just takes time and good promotion by Psyonix/Twitch, which I think has been done -- maybe slap it on TV with ESPN or something similar?
Who do you personally liked the best in the roster?
I liked all the players, so I am not going to say I personally liked anyone the "best"
What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Doggos, Woofers, Yippers and Puppers.
What difference does your team winning tournaments make to your bottom line? Thinking mostly about non RLCS tournaments where currently the financial gain is small.
Puts more money in their pockets. Does nothing directly for us
So if I understand correctly you helped the squad with picking a new org? Is it hard for you to see your boys leaving?
I feel like I sent my kid off to College and I'll never see them again. It's bittersweet
Left twin or right twix?
IF there is one thing you would change about the structure of RLCS (Bracket, team size, matches, rules) what would it be?
Honestly? Nothing. It's a very well crafted League.
What was your reaction when NG won the world championships?
I was... very very happy.
Was it Optic?
We talked to them, but no.
What kind of music do you like?
Almost exclusively Hip Hop (Rap & R&B)
What would be some tips and suggestions you can give people who would want to start their own eSports brand?
Don't. Join one and learn the ropes, get the connections, then see if it's for you. It's a HUGE jump and it's a LOT of work
What did you think of the crowd's bias towards NA teams in the last LAN, and do you think that affected EU teams, yours specifically, in any way?
I personally believe that when people cheer against you, you want to work harder to prove them wrong. I think the NA crowd is a partial reason why our team cleaned up NRG so well, and I think when the team had the crowd cheering for them when they got into the Grand Finals, they took all that energy and just grinded out the series. Flipping the Bracket was the beginning of the end though, the crowd blew up and I'm sure that was the moment when our guys realized "Wow, we can do this."
Which way up would a cat land if it fell with a buttered slice of toast strapped to its back?
It would land on a 317 degree angle with it's left paw being obtuse to the Pythagorean's theory of it's nose.
I recall Chance streaming one day and thinking it would be nice to have an Esports team (something like that heh). How long was Northern in the works for before being announced? It seemed very quickly after that stream that Northern was announced. Also how did you guys end up meeting/coming to an agreement working together?
The day he said that I happened to be watching him, and had spent the last few weeks building my businsess plan (not for him, just in general) and I donated to him on a stretch ($3) for the TTS to get his attention. We talked over the phone, and I talked with his Brother and we eventually worked something out. It took about a week from there to get everything sorted out. Funny enough, the original answer from Chance's camp was a No to working with me, but after one more talk I plead my case and they wanted to work with me 😃
If you could pick a starter team from all the RL players, who would it be?
Maestro, Miztik, Deevo. Not that I dislike Remkoe (<3), I just really like Miztik. Maestro is the best LAN player in the world, and Deevo is in my opinion the best player in the world.
Favourite Meme?
Turbo pics/Jersey probably -- gReazy train one is always great too
What is your favorite christmas movie, and why is it Die Hard?
Harold & Kumar probably. Not a big Christmas Movie fan so that one has to be it.
What do you think Psyonix needs to do to attract bigger Orgs to the scene?
Nothing. They've done it enough. They're coming. 😏
In your opinion, was NBC making its massive event 2v2 the right choice? Would you have preferred 3v3 instead?
I really like the 2v2 decision. It's very different and unique, and should be very fun to watch
Who approached Deevo to join NG?
Should the upcoming cars be DLC in your opinion instead of crate drops?
I like the idea of eSport Crate Drops where a %age of the money goes into the RLCS pot. Outside of THAT, I don't feel particularly any which way about drops vs DLC
Congrats on the pickup. How do you see the RL esports scene growing in the coming years and how has that influenced your decision to pick NG up?
It is finally starting to grow in the direction I knew it always would. I just hope that it continues. I picked up WDG because I saw a lot of opportunity with their roster and with this community, and I've never looked back. It was a great decision.
Did you on purpose send me a medium jersey?
Yes. Let me take credit for the magic jersey. If you ever ask me for another jersey, it's going to be a medium -- we can't break that bond we have now. It's too late.
What was your most dissapointing moment with NG last year?
I think the departure of our Overwatch team, and the subsequent rumors that were started about us not paying our players. It caused me a lot of drama, and headache, and honestly more importantly it caused a lot of people who knew nothing about us to think we were scumbags. I know who started them, and obviously it left a really bad taste in my mouth, but I refuse to let a small minority of players ruin an otherwise great experience. We've worked with some amazing players, including those on this team. It sucked, and it was hard, but I think we've gotten past it enough now that I can look back at it and just shake my head in annoyance moreso than be actually upset.
If you were picking a RL fantasy team who would you pick?
I just traded my RL Fantasy team. :]
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