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Rush questions

Hey I’m going to be an incoming freshman this fall and am looking to rush a fraternity. I was wondering how rush parties will be working with everything going on right now. My hobbies include lifting, gaming, grilling, and partying. I’m also big into forex trading so if you know any organizations involved in that that would be a huge help too. Also looking for restaurant and bar recommendations. I will be living off campus at social 28 and be in Gainesville regardless of campus opening and looking for things to do in the area as well.
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10 Benefits of Online Forex Trading

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It scrutinizes the previous market trends and makes it relevant to the present market conditions. Some of them have program signals to monitor the profit and loss percentage. Even small time traders with a minimum investment can enter the trading fraternity. Multiple currencies can also be used in trading. It is programed to update the information on the internet, perceive the future market trends and educate the clients by any media of communication.
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Struggling with finances and only a week into college

So I come from a middle class family and just started at university this past week, I’m worried because my only assets right now are the $4 in my bank account, the $20 cash I have in my wallet and my ~$7000 I have in savings (mainly investments)
Problem is after stupid financial decisions and lending my parents some money for college ($900), which they said they would pay back; I have been struggling to be fiscally responsible.
I have a meal plan and my parents are paying for my college but I also have friends who like to go out often (bars, restaurants, etc.) and I’m rooming with 3 other guys so it’s hard whenever groceries are running low and I feel obligated to purchase some groceries because they all do the same. I also need to be paying for my own gas and any misc. living expenses that are not covered in my tuition or my university’s meal plan.
I’m looking to get a job next semester as I feel like this semester will be too stressful with the first semester of college and my pledgeship for my new fraternity. But in the meantime, does anyone have any advice for keeping my finances in order? Should I dip into my savings? I’ve also heard a lot about forex and possibly looking to educate myself into that and learn to make money online? Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Elevator pitch

[Mason here]
Here's my standard 'elevator pitch', which I trot out when people ask what we're about:
We're a centuries old fraternal order, who exist to improve our own characters ('we make good men better' is one of our slogans), and through that improve our communities. Along the way, we do a lot of charity (forex: Shriner's free hospitals for crippled children), and have a lot of cool and private ceremonies using the construction of King Solomon's Temple as an allegorical base for teaching Enlightenment and Stoic ideals. (yes, we really do have secret handshakes).
We have several million Brothers world wide, but no central organization. Many prominent men from every walk of life have been members, including over a dozen US presidents.
Regular Masonry is open to adult men of good character who are not atheists - we require a belief in some form of 'higher power', but aren't fussy about what. As a rule, we don't recruit; we want a potential member to make the first approach of his own free will. If you're curious, drop by our main hangout on reddit, /freemasonry. You'll find a lot of friendly folk there. If you prefer a book, for North Americans I recommend (seriously, I'm not trolling) "Freemasons for Dummies" by Christopher Hodapp.
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Macroeconomics & The Stock Market Part 1: Connecting Forex Trading With Stocks & Value The Trading Fraternity Review - Testimonial - Vlog 01 - Day Trading Lifestyle - options trading Trading Fraternity - YouTube Exposing The Forex Lifestyle Pt 2 - No insurance in Forex - FOREX SCAM

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Macroeconomics & The Stock Market Part 1: Connecting Forex Trading With Stocks & Value

A lot of people ask me why I don’t show my face and why I “hide” my identity. They act as if I have a secret plan or The Trading Fraternity is some options trading/stock market/penny stock ... Trading Fraternity 135,531 views 22:55 Option chain explained - How to setup, use, & read an option chain - Options Trading Tutorial - TOS - Duration: 15:21. I know I make a lot of videos explaining how forex is a scam, but I think this one exposes the forex lifestyle and dream better than any of them. Its a shorter video than most of mine an I tried ... Your trusted source for live trading everyday from market open to market close! This is the live streaming arm of The Trading fraternity, for other finance/i... Trading Fraternity. Loading... Unsubscribe from Trading Fraternity? Cancel ... is the importance of the Forex markets and how Forex and foreign exchange is a necessary function of global trade. ...