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@Reuters: As U.S. states expand their gambling options to include sports betting, groups helping fight the addiction lose out via @ReutersTV

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Telegram Sports Betting group Come join us as we chat about daily bets and current sports events. We have people from around the world and experts of different sports. American Football, Soccer, MMA and more. A lot of us come from a trading background (bitcoin, forex). You will need the telegram app (phone or desktop) that is free
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Part 3/3 My Introduction to a Professional Sports Betting Syndicate

I appreciate you making it this far. I know nowadays reading isn’t the best form of consuming content but for detailed stories I don’t see any other feasible way. Plus I doubt many people want to look at my ugly face lol. Hope you enjoy the final part.

Part 3/3

“Okay here’s how it’s gonna go kid”, Mario said as we discussed how and where the information would flow. “I don’t need to know all that other bullshit about team, position or type of injury, less is more. Player name and injury status, that’s it”. Mario was a pit bull, he dealt with all the information sources and I was just one of many, but I'd like to imagine I was a valuable one. I was to deal with him and only him and the next few days we were to run test trials to work out any kinks.
I don’t remember the first injury ping I got during the test trial period but I do remember the first injury report sent when we went live for real money [Tony Parker] - Doubtful. It was a very weird feeling that I can’t really describe whenever a ping came through, a mixture between excitement, fear and anxiety. I eventually got used to it but it took about a month.
The biggest issue for me during the testing period seems simple but it was copying the text on the ping I received and pasting it and sending it from my personal phone from the messenger app. I was always concerned about leaving a trail on my work computer which was a desktop that other co-workers used when I wasn’t there. As easy as it sounds to copy and paste, at the beginning my hands would be shaky and any mis-clicks cost valuable seconds and remember I couldn’t do my job of posting it at work until 15 seconds after I sent it to Mario, so during the trial period it was taking me roughly 35 to 40 seconds to post reports for my job, that’s a considerable delay. I had to be quicker sending it to Mario because the faster I do that the faster I’m able to post it for my work.
Trial period over and now it’s for real. [Danny Green] - Out. [Wesley Mathews] - Questionable. One by one I was sending the reports. One time attempting to be quick I copied the ping something like this EM-[Marc Gasol]-Shoulder-OUT and I immediately got a call from Mario who was pissed. “I don’t care if the player sprained his dick, it’s player and status, that’s it! I remember thinking jeez wtf. I found out later it had something to do with how they programmed it on their end with the auto-bet software, so any extra characters or information other than player and status would mess it up and they would miss getting the bets down, even if it was an extra . Or - it would mess it up, or at least that’s what I was told. The reports I sent him would be automatically inputted into their system, it was all automated. Mario made it clear that any pings I sent that weren’t formatted correctly or if by game time the status didn’t hold up I wouldn’t be paid for. Him being pissed off made sense to me after awhile, a lot of money is on the line and this is their full-time job and missing out on even one report could potentially be the difference of a winning or losing week.
Writing this has brought back so many memories, like the time at work we were due for a schedule change, they like to change the schedule every 6 months. I had only been doing the pings for about a month and a half and a schedule change would fuck this all up if I was moved to mornings. I paid my co-worker $200 to tell management he prefers mornings and of course I told them nights work best for me. I was in the clear for another 6 months.
I remember checking my mail and seeing a yellow envelope, my first payment from George, close to $10,000 all cash, payments got sent out in the mail on the 14th monthly. What was also interesting is it came with a breakdown of each ping I sent. Ex; Based on 22 days / Total Reports 31 2- accurately reported players OUT 3- accurately reported players Probable etc etc Some weeks there would be no key players or starters with any breaking injury news, some weeks there would be several. It could only be breaking news so if a coach has a press conference and it’s revealed that a player would be out the next 3 games that didn’t help me. Or if news came out while I wasn’t at work it didn’t help me. It’s funny even now when I see breaking news for a player injury I think about the pings and how many points that player means to the line.
So I’m about 3 months in now and I’m basically hoping players get hurt. I’ve received about 4 payments because the first one was prorated because I started halfway through a month. Money was rolling in. I remember talking to my mom and she had just found out she had to pay $3,200 on her annual taxes. She was crying when I came over and handed her 32 100 dollar bills.
My sister wanted new furniture for his first apartment, I told her to pick it out and let me know how much. My oldest brother who had always disapproved of my lifestyle and would often say “you are going to hell in a handbasket”, (never knew what that meant, still don’t.) He was going through an ugly divorce and was saying how it kills him to write that bitch a check each month and that he wishes he could just pay it all at once for the year and not have to deal with her. I asked him how much. Christmas I gave my two brothers, my sister and mother 1K each, no card, no envelope. Looking back I did some really tacky shit lol Look everyone I made it! It’s cringeworthy now being older thinking about some of the shit.
If you were 26-27 years old and single and money wasn’t an issue what would you do? Well that’s what I did, anything and everything. I would book flights to Vegas 1 day in advance just because on a Thursday I felt like going the next day, I wouldn’t even bring clothes I would buy them when I landed. Having money wasn’t totally new to me because I had made a lot of money as a bookie but having this much money coming in was new and all I had to do was go to work and click some buttons. You know how the saying goes, “easy come, easy go” that’s what money was like to me.
Another saying is “All good things come to an end”. It’s been about 6 months into this arrangement and I was now not only reporting injuries to George and his team but on certain days and even some full weeks he had me sending the reports to other betting groups. I was now interacting with not just one betting syndicate but 3 of them. There are probably thousands of sports betting groups in the country but there are only a handful of consistently successful betting groups that are profitable year after year and I had their ears. The top groups tend to work together. Every source I currently have and use now originated in some way, shape or form from these groups that I sent pings too. I’m not saying I’m buddies with the heads of these groups but I know a lot of current and former employees that have come and gone with these groups and I’ve always made sure to stay in contact. None of the money I made is still with me but the people I met and still talk to once in a while is something I value. It's a two way street, I wouldn’t be much use to them if I just constantly asked for info. I have to return the favor as well, that’s why when I discovered the SuperBowl commercial prop edge, it was these people who were the first to get it, after I bet it of course. (SuperBowl Prop Story is in the #Betting-Strategy-Advice channel in The Betting Network). I’m constantly looking for ways I can help them even after all this time because you never know when or how it can come back to you.
In total I basically reported these injuries for about 8-9 months and had started reporting some NCAAB key players injuries. I managed this without any major backlash from my company. Dealt with a few issues here and there with the betting groups but nothing major. After a while I realized a big reason for my company not noticing anything was that 80% of all pings were reported right away as normal, although the 20% that got delayed were the key players and starters. A couple customer complaints were about all that happened and when that did I would make sure to promptly send out MIL-G-[Ramon Sessions]-Questionable with no delay.
The way this arrangement ended is anticlimactic and it was something out of any of our control. I managed to avoid schedule changes and even declined a small promotion within the company and a couple outside job opportunities that if I showed any type of interest I could’ve got, all in order to keep this $15.75 hr job. But everything happens for a reason, the company I worked for sold its majority ownership and merged with 2 other companies, this resulted in my department being dissolved and I ultimately ended up leaving the company altogether shortly after. Everyone involved was crushed when I told them it was over, especially one of the groups George affiliated with because they only got about 2 months out of it. The good news was the connections were made and we all continued to work together in different ways but nothing will probably be as lucrative as the ping arrangement.
I Hope you guys enjoyed this story because I enjoyed going down memory lane. I actually texted a few of the guys involved in it last night and we talked about how great it was and how it would be impossible these days to do what we did for many reasons. It was great while it lasted that’s for sure.
PS This was a little different from what I normally post which is more focused on sports betting education. I decided to share this story because of the overwhelming feedback I got with The Betting Network community. My focus is to help educate sports bettors, it’s important to know there are no shortcuts to being a successful sports bettor. I have over 25 lessons posted in TBN community on various topics, investing in yourself and learning as much as you can is the only way you stand a chance at becoming a successful sports bettor and even that alone isn’t enough, you must have some natural attributes like discipline and patience’s
if you are serious about learning and willing to put in the required work and invest in yourself DM me and I can tell you how to join The Betting Network community, I do a free 3 day trial and it’s only $7 a month after that. Weekly lessons, game previews, mentorship program and I share not only my opinions on games but also opinions from some of the many sources within my network. Hope to see some of y’all in the community.
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This person is a member of a Discord sports betting group with NBA + NCAAB Survivor League Pools (also on Sportbook Discord) and is acting as a bookie as well.
From what I’ve heard he pays out small amounts relatively well but bigger winnings (anything more than $50) he will remove and block you from the group.
Scammed me out of $450 which was my own damn fault but he is pretty manipulative (hats off to him for that). He tries to get individual members to pitch in on bets or sports books with assurances of high percentage payouts, etc.
Luckily precautions were taken in advance and I’ve identified his IP address. I would rather not escalate the situation and blow things wide open for him, but am debating it due to the refusal to allow me to get in touch with him.
What are y’alls opinions? 🤔
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A Sports Bet Almost as Unlikely as Some of the 🚀🚀 Posts in this Group

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Won sports betting contest with a group, how to handle taxes?

Recently won $100,000 in a pickem contest from a reputable site. Three people had shares (including myself). This is in NJ. 24% was withheld. They said they would not take form 5754 which allows to split the prize.
The $76,000 withdrawal is now pending and will be in my account in 3-5 days. How do I go about getting the 1/3 share to the other two members of my group ensuring that we pay the appropriate taxes (and of course especially that we don't pay taxes on this prize more than once)?
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@AFP: RT @AFP_Sport: The advent of a 'Global Bet' uniting betting across the world could be the spark needed to ignite wider interest in horse racing, UK Tote Group leader Alex Frost has told @AFP_Sport Interview: by @pirateirwin

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Death and Loathing In Las Vegas (The unexplained death of Carol Miller)

On Saturday, February 1st, 2003 at approx. 5:30pm Carol Miller left her house for a fitness walk and was never seen alive again.
That makes it all sound too simple, let me share the whole story with you, because here is where the real mystery begins in the Las Vegas desert - complete with GAMBLING – BOOK MAKERS – INVESTMENT FRAUD AND JEWELRY THIEVES…
58 year old Carol Miller lived in an very affluent guard gated, golf course community called Canyon Gate in Las Vegas, Nevada. Carol was a mother of two boys 14 and 18 and married to Doug Miller. Carol looked like a plump Martha Stewart and had that sweet, "nice lady next door" vibe that made you take notice. I am not a murder story junkie but this case has NEVER left me as the pictures of Carol looked alarmingly similar to my own mother who lived in the area. In fact, I was taking my mother to the supermarket on Sunday, February 2nd, 2003 when a young man and a woman approached us with photographs of Carol and asked if we had seen her, telling us she went missing the night before. The sheer desperation and panic from them was devastating to see. I told them I wanted to help and took my mother back home so I could help them. When I returned to the store they were gone, the store manager did not know they were even there and even though the news ran the story, they had no information about search parties or anything other than the general crime line. I knew the walking trails well in the area so I went to the parks and trails I thought they said and walked all around as much as I could but it turns out I was not in the right area (there are many tree and grass lined walking trails between the houses in the area).
The desperation and fear from the people never left me and Carol's sweet face was burned in my mind - I wanted so badly for her to be found, I have never forgotten this story and think of it often. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has to know SOMETHING to solve this. I have researched much more information that you will find in the news reports. The news painted this as a "robbery" and killing but there is no way that adds up.
No way this was a robbery: so we are supposed to believe that a criminal decided that instead of waiting at the upscale supermarket parking lots a couple blocks away(with no cameras at the time) and grabbing the Gucci/Kors/Prada of some housewife coming out of her Mercedes/JaguaBMW or better yet, catching a happy hour socialite at the upscale “social scene” restaurants 2 blocks away, where the women would be dripping with jewelry, purses, watches, CASH and too xanaxed and wined out to open their $70,000 car door, to make easy targets … we are supposed to believe that this criminal decided to go after walkers and joggers – who don’t carry money as there is no where to spend it on the trail and will certainly not have the good jewelry the chicks a couple blocks away are wearing – we are supposed to believe that right out in the open, at high traffic time of 5:30pm and somehow, even though there were thousands of cars milling about the area and kids and people everywhere, they mugged her and took her away without being seen. Even though every walking trail was mere feet from houses, where the trails don’t run between the houses they are visible to cars and if she was knocked unconscious they would have had to drag her up to ¼ mile in some places to get to their car. SORRY – I CALL BULL SH&%
The Husband: So his wife goes out walking at 5:30 on Sat night and at 6:30pm he calls the hospitals and starts driving the neighborhood searching for her, registers with the coroners office checking for unidentified dead bodies and tells everyone she had a heart attack…? Ok, on one hand we can give him the caring husband of the year award but on the other hand he made a lot of statements and did a lot of things that DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL for the worlds biggest caring husband that makes missing person reports mere minutes after someone leaves for a walk…
For instance…. he makes crazy statements, that, aside from being sickly insensitive are down right sociopathic. This is one of the news articles where when talking about his first notice of her missing at 6:30pm he says
"What happened to Carol is the exact opposite of winning the lottery," Miller said. "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's no reason not to go out and live your life."
Of course, I knew what had happened…. She had a heart attack” – Doug Miller
“It was a fluke” said Miller “there is no killer roaming the area and people are safe to go outside their homes…”
I could not make this stuff up people, read it for yourself.
Every time her husband was on the news he would often unconsciously down play her murder and say things like this is a “one time occurrence” “I am still staying here, it’s a great area to raise kids.” … There has never been a random murder in this affluent area and people were completely freaking out. But it is really weird to see the husband of the only random murder victim in the area EVER, be the one to comfort the public…. He was a loud mouth and seemed to like the media attention. It rubbed a lot of people the wrong way but unfortunately not the police…
The Husband:
“What happened to Carol is __the exact opposite of winning _the lottery__…” _
Doug Miller the day his wife’s body was found, a day and a half after her disappearance. Sorry – I just have to keep bringing that one up.
The Industry:
Doug Miller was a partner in a Sports Betting Group called GWIN. Now I don’t know what the rest of the world knows about sports gaming but thankfully, I - Mocks Fullder – know a lot. My husband, having advanced degrees in accounting and math worked in sports books with the odds and was the director of sports gaming for many years of a sports book in a very nice casino here in Las Vegas.
Legal sports gaming is actually a nice little past time for a guy to watch the game and have a good time. Legal *sports gaming is highly regulated and watched. *Legal sports books keep copies of every bet made, there are a gazillion high resolution cameras that can focus on the smallest nose hair if needed and large bets or winnings in one day are tracked in detail by the IRS and the sports book sends their info instantly. While there are customers that bet tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a day it is all documented, filmed, recorded and done in a completely legal fashion. You won’t find criminals betting in casinos and contrary to the movies, no casino is sending Guido’s to break your legs – so before I go any further, please people – get this in your heads > Legal sports gaming, by the licensed casinos you see around Las Vegas, is not run by the mafia, is not a front for money laundering, is not run by guys who send thugs to beat you up and is a regulated business (its not 1960 – get over it and please shut up). For people like my husband, who is extremely intelligent and amazing with numbers – odds making is much like a stock market or hedge fund and he had many years of a lucrative, legal and ethical career.
BUT… illegal sports gaming still exists (why you would want to risk a bookie running off with your money or changing your odds is beyond me)
The company that Doug Miller owned at the time with Wayne Allen Root called GWIN
sold sports betting tips to people. These companies are not regulated by our gaming control board or any governing body. They are not associated with any hotel or gaming licensed business and people in the industry look down on these kind of operations. Who cares how much money they make, they always are a “little shifty and greasy”. The Sports Betting Advice or Handicapping companies are not illegal but I will put it this way. A casino sports book compares to Handicapping Companies like Bank of America compares to a Check Cashing Store… They both handle money but they are seriously different clientele and seriously different people who work there.
I am not saying Doug Miller is a bad guy. He seemed to be a very clean and nice businessman with a nice life, so I am not directing this at him but in his industry it was common for the guys who ran and owned those shops to bet money on the illegal market – they would get better odds and things like that. They also would bet legally at the casino’s around town and most of the guys who owned and ran those businesses were known for being big betters. It was suspected that they would often get together to move the line and get the better odds before they gave tips to their customers. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars to move a line all around town at the casinos. But lets say you have a completely inside tip, one that you are sure is going to make you money - well you can’t bet at the casinos because they track and film everything and would turn you in for collusion or worse… so where do you go? Maybe you call up people in money lending and illegal sports betting…? For larger amounts guys like that do not always have to pay the bookies in cash – it is all on paper until it is finished; then you collect or pay…
Again, I am not saying this applies at all to Doug Miller or anyone he works or worked with like Wayne Allen Root, but in their industry this was common.
So what happens when you owe your bookie $45,000 or $200,000 or even a million dollars… I imagine theywant the money… now this is where you can find Guido out getting sweaty, leg breaking… but lets say you fight it out and disagree over something, maybe you have the money to pay the bookie but they did you wrong… these are illegal bookmakers we are talking about; they are not always going to be fair to you and you may be on the end of a bad deal – is it hard to imagine your illegal bookie screwed you and you are pissed off and refuse to pay…?
Lets say, you keep refusing to pay and smart off – what is the bookie going to do? Call the police and tell them you wont pay? I think not… but maybe he can help you get the money… Oh, you didn’t know that? Yes bookies can often help you get the money, they just want to get paid and if they have to help you I hear that they will… like cashing in your dead wife’s life insurance policy for instance – that would help you get a lot of money I imagine…
Again, I am not saying any of this applies to Doug Miller or anyone he associated with like Wayne Root. It is just a weird industry and weird things happen to the people who are around it – it is strange that no one ever mentioned this as it is usually the first thing they bring up around here but again Doug Miller and his associates looked like nice businessmen and I imagine none of this applies to them.
This is one of the Sports Handicapping sites where the “inside guys” go andyou can read their comments:
Strange Bedfellows:
Not to put Doug Miller on trial again but he has a knack for being associated with things that are “atypical” in business… Usually that would make the police stick to you like glue but again, I am sure Doug Miller is a perfectly innocent man and this is all coincidence…
Douglas Miller achieved his first success in the biotech industry in Northern California. This talks about him being a Stanford grad, that took the company Cetus – to an initial IPO of $110 million dollars.
Then a cohort of Cetus, Steven Burrill gets indicted over investment fraud by the SEC and almost gets 30 year but definitely gets a $6million fine
Now this is all very explainable I am sure but lets say there was a link there…
Maybe Doug is a hero and was going to go to the feds and turn in Steven… Maybe Doug and Steve were cohorts and needed to cash in on Carol's $4million life insurance policy for example (I do not know what Carol's life insurance policy was but she was very successfull herself, owning a clothing line sold in Neiman Marcus and the like - the Millers would have had some cash on hand - maybe not millions that are liquid but they had value.) Maybe Doug hadn't seen Steve in years and had no idea his old buddy was stealing...
It just seems like Doug has a lot of red flags on his background check – red flags that seem easy to explain… or do they…?
*Random Killing NOT: *So lets go back to the killing… lets say you are “Joe Crook”, a criminal looking to score a quick hit for some cash. As you pass that parking lot full of German engineered luxury cars at the supermarket, you almost hit a brand new BMW 7 (this was 2003) with your typical silicone lipped trophy wife donning a 10 carat gumball of a wedding ring on her hand turning into happy hour at the “hot” restaurants with all her clones… you pass all of that up because you decide that you are going to go to Peccole Ranch, a quiet middle class neighborhood that borders the affluent areas. So you go to Peccole, where there is no where you can park and your car will stand out like a sore thumb or you will have to do your dirty work in a nice surburban front yard with a mean neighborhood watch... But none of this deters you and you and you are going to catch one of those joggers and maybe get a wedding band and some quarters from some poor guy on the public trails with all of the people (I didn’t say you were a good criminal, just a criminal…)
So here comes a mark and you, “Joe Crook”, jump out of your hiding place (wherever that may be because people are all around so I cant figure one out) so out of your hiding place you jump and instead of just ripping the necklace off some old broad you could probably push over with a finger and who was not stupid and would have given you her watch, ring and necklace no matter what… you decide you will risk the 8-20 minutes or so it takes to strangle someone by hand and you go for it.
Now lets say that somehow in that 8-20 minutes, Carol never made a sound that the 20 or so houses on either side of the section of trail you are at could hear, and you are lucky enough that not one of the power walking neighbors or bike riding kids came by out of the hundreds of people around that night… lets say that you get away with all of that… well, its still a quarter mile walk to your car and Carol was not a light woman…
Or you choose plan B – grab Carol (who weighed around 190lbs) throw her in the car, somehow restrain her where it doesn’t leave any marks and then strangle her and take her jewelry – all the while avoiding the neighbors driving to the movie theatres down the street, the kids on bikes, the "mommy and me" stroller gang and any one looking out the window because you decided it was worth it to risk 20 to life for a rolex that has a serial number and is probably impossible to pawn, a diamond ring that has an laser id number on the main stone so it is traceable and the minute you try to pawn it you go to jail and a very unique necklace with black semiprecious stones that you may get $25 for… because that is all you are getting since she had no wallet, no cash no cell phone… nothing you can actually sell quickly without risk and she wasn’t sexually assaulted so you were only here for the cash…
Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?
A thief would have ripped the necklace off of her, demanded her watch and ring and jetted out of there like a bat out of hell.
No one robbed Carol on her walk and no one strangled her on her walk. Carol walked out the side gate from Canyon Gate to cross the street to the walking trails of Peccole Ranch. There was a guard at the side gate at that time – we never heard what he said. Maybe she walked out that gate and made it across the street and was somehow snatched up there in front of all of the walkers, drivers, kids on bikes, etc… or maybe she never left her house at all…
Either way, there is one thing I am sure of… Carol Miller was not killed in a robbery and this was no accident.
The story randomly got posted again for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago and that was when I decided I was going to post it every where I can and see if there is someone, anyone, anywhere that knows anything…
This is the most recent news report on the killing, please share and shareand share
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What is SI14? The birth of a company. Founded in May 2014, the Si14 Group, based in Switzerland and Montenegro, is an association of specialized companies providing - each in its field - top-quality sports betting services to individual and corporate customers interested in a fair betting exchange

What is SI14? The birth of a company. Founded in May 2014, the Si14 Group, based in Switzerland and Montenegro, is an association of specialized companies providing - each in its field - top-quality sports betting services to individual and corporate customers interested in a fair betting exchange
What is SI14? The birth of a company.
Founded in May 2014, the Si14 Group, based in Switzerland and Montenegro, is an association of specialized companies providing - each in its field - top-quality sports betting services to individual and corporate customers interested in a fair betting exchange with clear terms and low commissions. As a result, the exchange's clients receive an exclusive, tailor-made service for the entire range of services offered by the exchange. #si14 #betfair #betfair #onlinesport #bettingsports #onlinebetting #bet365 #bookmakers #bookies #soccerbetting #si14_bet #bettors #coinmarketcap #bookmaker #baseball #winner #sport #bettingexperts #arbitrage #football #soccer #trader #profit #cash #tennis #trading #exchange #basketball #hockey #invest #investor #trade #cyberport #cashout #ico #ico #bestservice #money #investment #investing #gambling #bettingexchange #betting #si14bet #casino #sportbookies #bettingtip #bettingonline #livebetting #bettingfootball #oods
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[Sports] - California could become America's sports betting capital as rival groups eye November ballot | LA Times

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[Sports] - California could become America's sports betting capital as rival groups eye November ballot

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[Sports] - California could become America's sports betting capital as rival groups eye November ballot | LA Times

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California could become America's sports betting capital as rival groups eye November ballot

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Join The Free Sports Betting Picks Facebook Group

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Sparx Technology Drives Digital Sports Betting With Predictive-Gaming Applications - Sports Video Group

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Anyone interested in joining a betting/wager group on sports games? (Win/loss)

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Philly Focus Group About Sports Betting 200-250 Dollars

Get paid for your opinions about Sports Betting.
NYC Research company is conducting compensated focus groups in Philadelphia. These will be in person face to face focus groups. This will be an approximately 90 minute group discussion on this topic. The compensation is between 200-250 dollars.
Please complete a short pre-screening survey to be considered for this discussion. Must live in or near Philly as you'd need to attend in person.
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Spectrum Gaming Sports Group to Share Expertise at Sports Betting USA 2019, November 5-6 in New York - Yahoo Finance

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Spectrum Gaming Sports Group to Share Expertise at Sports Betting USA 2019, November 5-6 in New York - PRNewswire

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Premium sports betting Telegram group

Fellow gamblers,

I just discovered this telegram channel with "consistently profitable bets" on football (soccer), tennis, horse racing, and handball. It costs $35/month and has over 250 members. I've joined the free trial group and seen them post some really impressive results over the last couple months.

I'm considering joining the premium channel, but with all the free tips out there, is it dumb to pay for sports bets? I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experience in premium sports betting chat groups.
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FanDuel Group and Major League Baseball Announce Sports Betting Partnership

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MRHD, other nonprofit gaming groups to collect share of Iowa sports betting revenues - Sioux City Journal

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Sports Betting with Reinforcement Learning Esports Entertainment Group acquire online sportsbook and casino assets from Argyll Entertainment Pat McAfee Inc. and FanDuel Group Expand Partnership, Announce First-Ever Official Partnership Betwe HOW TO WIN CONSISTENTLY IN SPORT BETTING  OVER AND UNDER BETTING STRATEGY Sports Betting Group Chat, Predictions, Tips. Join Now ( open for everyone )

As sports betting is promoted in West Virginia and beyond, Callers are referred to therapists and support groups across the state. Online chats are also offered at GVC Holdings is one of the largest sports betting companies and gaming groups. With its unique proprietary technology platform, GVC offers casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting under some of the industry’s most popular online betting brands including partypoker, CasinoClub, Betboo, Bwin, Foxy Bingo, and Sportingbet. The Sports Betting Group (SBG) brings together representatives from across sport to provide leadership and to share good practice to address the risks from sports betting corruption. The group also provides a source of help and support for sports governing bodies looking to put in place measures to protect the integrity of their sport. Groups that are well moderated can offer some interesting betting insights and betting advice. You’ll see posts from punters asking for betting tips, providing betting tips, asking for feedback on tickets and more. It’s not just limited to sports as you’ll find Facebook groups for Betgames, Lotto Numbers, Sportstake, Soccer 10 /13 and Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP last year continued to be a key architect of state-by-state legalization of sports betting since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed states to do so, while it also

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Sports Betting with Reinforcement Learning

Sports Betting Explained: Pros vs Joes (Sharp Sports Betting vs Square Sports Betting) - Duration: 8:21. WagerTalk TV: Sports Picks and Betting Tips 44,651 views 8:21 Sports Betting Group Chat, Predictions, Tips. Join Now ( open for everyone ). Link below in comment section. MM sports group provide athletes with the tools to maximize their position in the public eye. We are a creative and strategic thinking team that brings a uni... In this video tutorial we will walk you through how to set the parameters and create groups in Blackboard Learn. This video is primarily for non-Global Campus instructors. Global Campus ... Need Help with NAV or Business Central? Posting Groups - what are they and how are they used? General Posting Groups Inventory Posting Groups VAT Posting Groups.