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Clashing views on China's Belt and Road

A recent article in Xinhua titled "China refutes U.S. research report on Belt and Road Initiative" stated the Chinese position:
China on Wednesday refuted a U.S. research group report on the Belt and Road Initiative, reiterating that the initiative aims to achieve win-win economic cooperation.
According to the Associated Press, after analyzing 15 Chinese-funded port projects, a research institute called C4ADS concluded that the projects were not driven by win-win economic development, but intended to expand China's "political influence and military presence."
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stressed at a daily press briefing that the Belt and Road Initiative is essentially about economic cooperation, and the core concept of the initiative is to promote common development by advancing connectivity in infrastructure and other fields. The initiative has gained support from more than 100 countries and international organizations, with more than 80 of them signing cooperation agreements with China.
She noted this worldwide support would never have been impossible were the initiative not adapted to the trend of the times and beneficial to people of various countries.
The spokesperson emphasized that the initiative has been open and transparent, with all participants involved in consultations in both planning and project implementation.
"China has no geopolitical calculations, seeks no exclusionary blocs and imposes no business deals on others," she said.
"Belt and Road is a mutually beneficial and win-win initiative," Hua said, adding that it will allow other countries to share opportunities from China's development and help solve development problems facing the world.
"During the Belt and Road construction, the Chinese side sticks to market rules and takes all parties's interests and concerns into consideration," Hua said..
She added that a large number of relevant cooperation projects are being carried out, and they have bettered the local economy and benefited the local people.
The report referred to in Xinhua was written about in Japan Times
A massive Chinese infrastructure program that Beijing says is aimed at promoting global trade and economic growth is actually intended to expand the country’s political influence and military presence, according to a report issued Tuesday.
The report by the U.S.-based research group C4ADS questions China’s portrayal of the trillion-dollar program, called the “Belt and Road Initiative,” as strictly meant to promote economic development.
President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy program, it is working to reinforce China’s links to Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa through networks of roads, ports, railways, power plants and other infrastructure projects.
C4ADS, a nonprofit research institute that specializes in data analysis and security, examined official Chinese policy documents and unofficial reports by Chinese analysts to analyze the intentions of Beijing’s ambitious economic development program, which seeks to connect 65 percent of the world’s population in more than 60 countries.
Chinese officials say the initiative, also known as a modern “Silk Road” harkening back to maritime and land-based trade routes of centuries past, is driven by commercial considerations. They have rejected assertions that it is also meant to expand Beijing’s global influence.
The report analyzed 15 Chinese-funded port projects in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia, Oman, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Djibouti and elsewhere in the Indo-Pacific region. It concluded that projects aren’t driven by “win-win” economic development for the individual host countries, as Beijing claims.
“Rather, the investments appear to generate political influence, stealthily expand China’s military presence and create an advantageous strategic environment in the region,” it said.
China’s Foreign Ministry rejected the findings, saying in a statement that Belt and Road is “essentially an economic cooperation initiative” promoting common development through infrastructure.
“China is not playing a geopolitical game,” it said.
While there’s no official policy document linking Belt and Road to China’s national security interests, Chinese analysts have written that developing the program and pursuing Chinese security are “intimately linked,” the report said. The analysts don’t represent official thinking but the authors believe what they say could influence decision-makers promoting the Belt and Road Initiative.
“Many of these observers recognize that a network of maritime logistics hubs throughout the Indo-Pacific, including ports, has the potential to change the region’s strategic landscape, and several explicitly describe the role of infrastructure investment in Chinese grand strategy,” the report said.
The projects shared characteristics that, taken together, pointed to China’s security intent, the report said. These include being in strategic locations such as entrances to the contested South China Sea, in an apparent effort by Beijing to ease its worries about energy imports and potential blockades.
The port projects involve dual civilian-military use, Communist Party influence through the involvement of Chinese state-owned companies and control through equity stakes or long-term leases and a lack of transparency and expected profitability, it said.
Peter Cai, a fellow at Australia’s Lowy Institute think tank who has studied Belt and Road, said he was somewhat skeptical about claims China was using port projects to advance military goals, given the difficulty of coordinating so many different investments, some of which might involve “independent actors.”
However, he said it’s clear China’s political influence would expand over countries it connects with.
The new links will increase economic activity, which means “you’re going to have economic influence and we all know that economic influence easily translates into political leverage and power,” Cai said.
One of the most controversial projects is in Sri Lanka, where the government signed a 99-year lease agreement for the unprofitable Hambantota Port, located along a busy Indian Ocean shipping lane, along with land to develop a free-trade zone, to a Chinese-controlled company, in a deal opposed by neighboring residents and monks.
“China appears to have established financial leverage over Sri Lanka through investment in alleged vanity projects” worth billions of dollars signed as Beijing courted the country’s previous president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the report said. Debt levels for those projects prevented his successor from extricating the country from the deals and pivoting Sri Lanka away from China’s influence, it said.
Then there's the group the compiled the report, C4ADS, which describes itself as
C4ADS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing data-driven analysis and evidence-based reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues.
We use cutting-edge technologies to manage, integrate, and analyze disparate data from diverse languages, regions, and sources, incorporating our own field research from conflict zones and fragile states. We seek to engage with local and international audiences and produce compelling analysis on conflict and security issues. In doing so, we fill a critical gap left by traditional public sector and profit-driven institutions.
They note their technology partners are U$ military-linked Palantir, along with others like panjiva, Archer, and Windward.
Those who wrote this report were two of the organization's analysts, Devin Thorne and Ben Spevack. The current website describes them as:
Devin holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed a second major in Mandarin and Chinese studies while in college. He then lived, studied, and worked in China for three years, which included earning his MA in International Relations from the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. His previous experience includes interning with the Department of State and Hudson Institute.
Ben received his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Tufts University. He speaks Chinese, Russian, and French, and has lived and studied in China, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia.
The organization's board is filled with former U$ military generals and one fellow is a Saudi prince and a bunch of retired U$ military generals.
This latest release, this report, is described as
Over the last decade, China has significantly increased its global investments, particularly in international and maritime infrastructure. Chinese firms have pledged billions of dollars to develop maritime ports and related projects across the Indo-Pacific Region since China announced its strategy to increase global trade connectivity through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI, China’s guiding foreign policy doctrine and one of the most ambitious economic initiatives in modern history, is portrayed by Chinese leaders as creating win-win economic development for all nations. Yet, some states question whether China’s infrastructure investments are driven by strategic interests.
This report evaluates China’s maritime infrastructure investment goals in the Indo-Pacific within the context of both policy from official documents and analyses from state- and Communist Party-affiliated publications. The authors find that Chinese analysts unofficially discussing port investments routinely prioritize China’s national security interests over the objective of mutually beneficial economic development, contradicting the position of official policy documents. Chinese analysts argue that the BRI’s Maritime Silk Road component can help ensure Beijing’s access to vital shipping lanes. Port investments are viewed as vehicles with which China can cultivate political influence to constrain recipient countries and build dual-use infrastructure to facilitate Beijing’s long-range naval operations. In some cases, analysts explicitly propose using international assistance and development as a pretext for pursuing China’s geopolitical objectives.
This report also analyzes a sample of 15 China-funded port projects to assess the behavior of the Chinese state and the Chinese companies involved using open-source data and, in some cases, on-the-ground investigation. The characteristics of China-funded commercial ports throughout the Indo-Pacific and the behavior of Chinese companies indicate that these investments are not principally driven by the concept of win-win development as Beijing claims. Rather, the investments appear to generate political influence, stealthily expand China’s military presence, and create an advantageous strategic environment in the region. These strategic characteristics and behaviors fall along dimensions that, together, constitute a useful analytical framework through which to assess Chinese infrastructure investments globally
If you want to read this strange 68 page report, go ahead. I'm just not sure about it.
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. CIA Has Tools for Framing Russia, China, Others for Hacks: source code shows that Marble has examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi. Forensic attribution double game, pretend that the language of the malware creator was Chinese, then show attempts to conceal the use of Chinese
  2. Paris police chief promises transparency in handling Chinese shooting case
  3. Beijing, Manila try new model to solve maritime disputes
  4. Executive Vice President, Executive Editor for Fox News notes U.S. has "little leverage" over China on North Korea, half-hearted on the deficit "may be partly the result" of currency manipulation and admits "Americans want to pay the lowest possible prices for their consumer goods"
  5. Full Text of Chinese president's signed article in Finnish newspaper
  6. Trump says US will act alone on North Korea if China fails to help
  7. China wants seeds of Israeli tech: At a recent cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry officials said about one-third of investments in Israel's high-tech industry are from China and Hong Kong. This Chinese investment is growing by 50% a year, according to the IVC Research Center
  8. Trump just warned China to rein in North Korea or the US would go it alone
  9. New publication to introduce Chinese literature to overseas readers: The Forum on Overseas Translation and Communication of Famous Works of Contemporary Chinese Literature was organized as an online platform dedicated to promoting Chinese literature and culture overseas
  10. Thousands of protesters have gathered in Paris to demand answers and justice one week after a Chinese man was killed at his home by the police, a case that has provoked anger in the French capital's Asian community
  11. China keeps strategic patience over Xi-Trump meeting
  12. China launches EU charm offensive
  13. Kenya's $4bn railway gains traction from Chinese policy ambitions
  14. Background Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on the Visit of President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China
  15. Wenjing Sui and Cong Han win pairs short program at World Figure Skating Championships 2017
  16. North Korean missile fired ahead of US-China summit
  17. What China wants from Xi and Trump meeting
  18. Russia hints at plans to abandon the International Space Station and build rival base with China
  19. The World's 56 Self-Made Women Billionaires: Asian - especially Chinese women dominate this list
  20. Fox News admits reality of US job losses: Experts tend to agree with Chinese government – noting also that there are many other factors to take into account when looking at the loss of manufacturing jobs. Rosenbluth said while it may be convenient to blame China “the far bigger cause is automation.”
  21. Finland Holds Welcome Ceremony for Visiting Chinese President
  22. China, Serbia vow to strengthen comprehensive strategic partnership
  23. The view of China among Americans has improved substantially, a new survey has indicated. Indeed, China is now more popular than Trump in the United States. Forty-four percent of Americans now have a favorable opinion of China, up from 37 percent a year ago, a Pew Research Center survey has found
  24. Fox News again acknowledges the impact of automation on manufacturing jobs as well as the fact other countries have far lower wages than China (1:52 mark). This time on Fox Business outlet. It's not just a Chinese gov. talking point
  25. New Chinese Immigrants Are Different From U.S.-Born Chinese Americans And Proud Of It
  26. Is China stealing our jobs? (CNN on the topic) "putting a tariff on Chinese goods does not guarantee to reverse the decline in US manufacturing jobs. It would put a heavier burden on American consumers, forcing them to pay higher prices"
  27. Trump welcomes 'friend' China's Xi for talks
  28. Chinese President Xi Jinping urged cooperation with the United States on trade and investment on Thursday, inviting President Donald Trump to visit China
  29. Donald Trump touts ‘tremendous progress’ with Chinese President Xi Jinping: “I believe truly progress has been made,” Mr. Trump said, adding that he expected additional progress in the future. “I believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away,” he said.
  30. Xi, Trump pledge to expand win-win cooperation, manage differences
  31. China says political solution only wayout for Syria issue
  32. More US cities aim to make Chinese travelers feel at home: The American hospitality industry is stepping up efforts to make Chinese visitors feel more welcome, since they are projected to soon surpass travelers from the United Kingdom and Japan as the single largest overseas demographic
  33. Overseas Chinese Incl in Indonesia Play Huge Role in China‘s Economy, Politics: Foreign companies slowed their investment in China after June 4, 1989, but Chinese immigrants more than picked up the slack. OBOR success depends on their understanding of the local situation
  34. US said it had proof of WMDs, 1mn people died - Bolivia envoy at UNSC meeting on Syria strike (lol)
  35. China, Russia, Pakistan joining hands on Afghan problem: Report. The sources said Pakistan as well as China and Russia reached a conclusion that the US wanted to prolong the conflict in Afghanistan
  36. Ivanka Trump's Children Make Mom "Very Proud" After Performing for China's President
  37. Sino-African ties in science and technology on solid footing: expert - Xinhua
  38. Expanding China invests in America's backyard: Latin America
In Domestic news
  1. China's first heavy-lift helicopter for civilian purposes, the AC313, successfully completed a test flight in heavy rain at the Lyumeng Airport, the last of its airworthiness tests
  2. Macao and Chinese mainland discuss law enforcement cooperation in 2017
  3. Major Chinese basketball reform takes effect
  4. China sets target for 80% of citizens to speak Mandarin by 2020
  5. China goes west: a ghost city in the sand comes to life
  6. Suzhou Metro 4th line (Opened in April)
  7. China embraces technology to produce cleaner coal power
  8. What big data can do for Chinese governance
  9. BP: China to join the world’s best in energy efficiency. China’s economic growth is shifting away from energy-intensive industrial output, driven more by consumer and service sectors and advanced manufacturing to improve energy efficiency, said Spencer Dale, BP’s chief economist
In SciTech news
  1. High-Temperature Superconductivity Claimed for Sunscreen Molecule: Ren-Shu Wang and pals at Hubei University in China say they have made it superconduct at 143 K by doping it with potassium
  2. ‍Chinese scientists have found that a drop of water flowing down the surface of graphene can generate a continuous flow of electric current
  3. In the past year a number of Chinese space launch start-ups have emerged: OneSpace is developing a launch vehicle it plans to launch in 2018. ExPace plans to market its Kuaizhou rocket to loft small satellites. Landspace claims it will conduct its first launch this year
  4. Chinese scientists are building the world’s largest multifunctional research platform for nano-science and nano-technology that could help develop more powerful computers and more intelligent robots
  5. Tencent Cloud will be integrating NVIDIA's GPU computing and deep learning platform into its public cloud platform to encourage enterprises in China to use artificial intelligence technologies
  6. A financial technology developed by Chinese startup Yongqianbao will revolutionize risk control by automating the work of loan officers. This will be made possible by the combination of data-mining algorithms and artificial intelligence
  7. Chinese banks to tap AI for more ‘human’ customer experience, survey says: latest Banking Technology Vision report, which surveyed more than 600 bankers in 31 countries, found 90% of bankers in China said AI will revolutionise the way these institutions gather information and interact with customers
  8. BOE Develops 5-inch AMQLED Display, Could Be Better Than Traditional AMOLED Panels
  9. Baidu’s Plan for Artificial Intelligence without Andrew Ng: In the lab, Baidu will collaborate with top Chinese universities including Tsinghua, exploring a variety of different areas of AI research including visual perception, speech recognition, and human-machine interaction
  10. How Chinese scientists caught up in the genome race
  11. A team of researchers with the University of Science and Technology of China has found a way to make sponges used to clean up oil spills in the ocean work better when soaking up heavy crude oil.
  12. China could triple space science spending and has several startup rocket companies as well
  13. Mutations may reveal how Tibetans can live on world’s highest plateau
  14. Korea's High-Tech Economy Threatened by Chinese Catch-up - China is only six months behind in information technology
  15. Chinese doctors replace ear lost in accident with new one grown on patient’s arm: Ji underwent a seven-hour operation led by hospital’s leading plastic surgeon Guo Shuzhong, who regenerates ears for about 500 Chinese children every year
  16. State-owned China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) have announced plans for a network of 156 mini-satellites to facilitate global broadband coverage
  17. China's home-grown BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) will expand its cooperation to Thailand and Sri Lanka, and then to the entire Southeast Asia, in a bid to go global, the system's operator has said
  18. China Accelerates Investments in IT R&D, Advances Quantum Computing Technology: Chinese advances in quantum information science have the potential to surpass the US. Once operationalized, quantum technologies will also have transformative implications for China's national security and economy
  19. Chinese firms fight to lure top artificial intelligence talent from Silicon Valley: “About one fourth of US high-tech firms are founded by immigrants [and they are] upset by Trump’s policies,” “It’s the perfect time for China to offer an olive branch to attract global talent on AI.”
  20. Chinese scientists explore all-weather solar cells: Tang's team and one led by Yang Peizhi, a professor with Yunnan Normal University, developed a solar cell using a crucial material called long persistent phosphor (LPP), which can store sunlight energy in the day and harvest it in darkness
  21. Mysterious cosmic explosion surprises astronomers studying the distant x-ray universe: The X-ray source was originally discovered in October 2014 by Bin Luo, a Penn State postdoctoral researcher. Luo has since become a professor of astronomy and space science at Nanjing University in China
In Economic news
  1. Commentary: Xiongan New Area to catalyze China's inclusive growth
  2. Spotlight: Overseas experts expect China's new economic zone to set example for developing economies
  3. AIIB approves loans worth $285 million to Bangladesh, Indonesia: approved projects include a US$125 million loan to a dam improvement project and a US$100 million loan to a regional infrastructure development fund project in Indonesia, both co-financed with the World Bank
  4. #China and US economies ‘heavily dependent on each other’
  5. Xiongan is China's new special economic zone
  6. China bought its dominance over the West, factory by factory
  7. South Korea's Lotte Group says missile row no reason to pull out of China
  8. Why China Is a Healthy Investment
  9. Solid factory growth in China
  10. Pink Star' diamond fetches record $71.2 million in Hong Kong
  11. Xi's crackdown on corruption is a boon to corporate China
  12. Made in Senegal? New industrial park woos Chinese firms
  13. Asian stocks rise as China gains; oil up
  14. Trump Administration Quietly Starts Review Of China's Trade Status
  15. China factory index hits 5-year high as economy gains steam: The index based on a survey of purchasing managers climbed for a second straight month in March to 51.8, its strongest level since April 2012, from 51.6 in the previous month
  16. Huawei 'defeats' Samsung in patent battle in China
  17. 70% of Chinese millennials are Home Owners
  18. Google's China prospects rest on Trump, says Chinese official
  19. Shenzhen is a hothouse of innovation
  20. Inequality in China is decreasing
  21. How the U.S. could sway a Canada-China trade deal - Article - BNN
In Military news
  1. A report from a U.S. think tank says China has nearly completed construction work on three man-made islands in the South China Sea, giving it the ability to deploy combat aircraft and other military assets to the disputed region
  2. America’s hidden role in Chinese weapons research: Many scientists have returned to China after working at Los Alamos and other top US laboratories
  3. China building navy’s biggest amphibious assault vessel, sources say: The 075 Landing Helicopter Dock is now under construction, able to deploy and house up to 30 armed helicopters. Six helicopters will be able to take off from the flight deck at the same time
  4. China, Cuba pledge further development of military-to-military relations
  5. Chinese wary about U.S. missile system because capabilities unknown: experts (surprisingly unbiased analysis)
  6. World's largest amphibious aircraft to take maiden flight in May: AG600 a maximum flight range of 4,500 km and a maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tons
  7. China's rapid development of new destroyers, amphibs, stealth fighters and long-range weapons is quickly increasing its ability to threaten the United States and massively expand expeditionary military operations around the globe, according to a Congressional report
  8. China's domestically-made aircraft carrier is currently being fitted out and will soon be launched, according to a spokesperson from China's Ministry of National Defense, who gave no further details
  9. China, Switzerland pledge to advance military-to-military cooperation
  10. China’s Blue Navy Ambitions: Fast Bridging Gap With US Navy – Analysis. With the advent of PLAN’s Type 901 general supply vessel, China seems to be slowly closing the naval gap with the US Navy. The future PLAN bases will further increase the range of its CVBGs
  11. China, Saudi Arabia militaries agree to boost bilateral ties: The Saudi Deputy Crown Prince said “Vision-2030” proposed by Saudi Arabia highly accords with the strategy of “One Belt and One Road” initiative in China
  12. China’s Growing Military Ties With Nepal – Analysis. Chinese soft power like culture, polity, higher education and technology have become popular in SAARC countries. Chinese language tattoos and mobiles are very popular amongst Nepali youth. A large number prefer to go to Chinese universities
Other Notables
  1. 中华文明之美 第60集: 名的由来 【湖南卫视官方频道】
  2. Why 'China's hunkiest grandpa' is Reebok's new face: Being old yet muscular helps, but the brand says the octogenarian embodies the Chinese zeal for self-improvement and overcoming limitations
  3. Chinese Blogger-Turned-Director Han Han On His Rapid Rise and the Future of Moviegoing (Q&A): even with the political environment aside, the Western world does hold some natural biases against works of Chinese culture. To eliminate this prejudice and hostility, there is still a long way to go
  4. quora: How is China's overseas investment strategy now different from Japan's overseas investment strategy in the 1980s and 1990s?
  5. Is Ghost in the Shell the Nail in the Coffin of Hollywood Whitewashing?
  6. China's Success Explains Authoritarianism's Allure
  7. It’s Not Communism Holding China’s Youth Back. It’s Their Parents.
  8. What China's hardcore Maoists have in common with Donald Trump
  9. Pictures: Chinese photographer snaps up a win at 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. More than 1,000 people practice taichi near the Yangtze River in Wuhan
  10. World War 3 with China could be avoided through KFC
  11. Fantastic "tree paintings" seen in east China's Anhui
  12. inspirational New Balance ad featuring ZTao
  13. Families mourn Nanjing Massacre victims on Tomb Sweeping Day
  14. The "Occupy Taiwan" 2017 Tent City pops Up, With Upset Natives and Veterans. Zero Coverage from "Free Press"
  15. DYING WITH DIGNITY: People in China find new approach to death
  16. 5,000 years on, the Yellow Emperor still a unifying force: An estimated 50 million overseas Chinese are scattered across the world today, but whatever cultures they embrace or languages they speak, blood ties from shared ancient ancestors are an eternal link of kinship
  17. Meet China's youngest adventurer: Simba, aged four, finally set foot in the Antarctic Circle, after four months of adventures across South America. His parents chose to give him this name, with the hope that their son could grow as healthily and freely as the little lion
  18. Sima Qian worshipped in Shaanxi: This year, thousands of people including representatives of Indian, Egyptian, and Greek cultural institutions, descendants of Sima Qian, scholars and tourists gathered in Hancheng City, Shaanxi on March 31 to honor Sima Qian, the great historian of the Han dynasty
  19. The 8 main excuses Hollywood uses for racially insensitive casting – and why they're BS
  20. New Tribes and Empries Trailer
  21. Japanese pay tribute to Unit 731 victims in NE China
  22. China’s ‘House of Cards’ hits the TV screen as Xi Jinping whips his cadres: A Chinese official is caught in bed with a blonde mistress. A communist cadre stuffs his apartment with banknotes. And a “deputy state-level” leader who resists a disciplinary probe. All these scenes aired to billion viewers
  23. The ‘Goddess’ Yi Wan Ka: Ivanka Trump Is a Hit in China
  24. Chinese sci-fic writer nominated for second Hugo Award
  25. Reclaiming national glory
  26. Wanda Chairman performs traditional Chinese opera
  27. Drone's eye View of Yin chuan, NingXia, China
  28. 薛之謙【醜八怪】官方完整版 MV (曲: 李榮浩)
  29. China's Richest Village ( x-post All )
  30. Rising Waters Threaten China’s Rising Cities
  31. Foreign girls and their Chinese Mr. Right: Cai Xiaohua met his wife Tymphany, an American teacher when he was working as a security guard at a bilingual school in Guangzhou
  32. China laps up glossy TV corruption drama - BBC News
  33. Discussion: Will China need the so called "stability" engendered by US military hegemony to ensure its Economic Plans Abroad?
  34. Ivanka Trump posted this video of her daughter Arabella singing for Xi's visit. Very cute video!
  35. Heads-up, the "King's Avatar" animated series is already out
  36. 《观海策》 "The Land of the King" 3D animation
  37. Choir of Chinese Poems - "The Lunar New Year" 中国唱诗班短片系列之《元日》
  38. Pictures: Imperial-style campus in Jiangsu, China stuns netizens
  39. Video Summarizing China's Achievements.
  40. "Hotline bling“ Chinese version - NEOSO 戴岑樺 cover
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Interview: WEF expects China to be "responsible, responsive" global leader - Xinhua
  2. Vietnam Recalibrates After Trump-Duterte Combo Upsets Strategy
  3. Ex-U.N. chief, presidential candidate, formerly pro-China Ban says South Korea's THAAD deployment appropriate
  4. Davos marks the emergence of a confident, strong China
  5. China and Russia have agreed to take further unspecified "countermeasures" in response to a U.S. plan to deploy an anti-missile system in South Korea. China and Russia held a joint anti-missile drill last May after Washington and Seoul began discussions
  6. MASS KILLER CAPTURED Turkish cops ‘arrest Abdulkadir Masharipov’ the suspected gunman who killed 39 people at Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Eve
  7. Africa: Congolese President Appreciates China's Support for Development. Sassou Nguesso noted that his country firmly supports China's legitimate positions with regard to issues concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Taiwan and the South China Sea
  8. Top universities for working with most innovative firms: Data reveal institutions that have co-authored the most papers with top 25 firms in new innovation list. University of Science and Technology of China @ 4th
  9. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers the keynote speech at WEF opening ceremony
  10. Malaysia has deported 28 Uighur militants to China since 2013 owing to intelligence-sharing between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said
  11. China goes big in Davos - and here's why. China is bringing the largest delegation it has ever mustered. The message is clear. America might start looking inward, but China is seeking to extend its influence, and the chosen route is economics
  12. China-funded Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Opens
  13. Russia picks China's Huawei for telecom project on Japan-claimed isles: The Japanese government has been wary of companies from China, South Korea and other third countries doing business on the four islands called the Northern Territories in Japan and the Southern Kurils in Russia
  14. China's Xi defends free trade in speech at Davos
  15. China's Xi says willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis
  16. China's first direct freight train to UK set to arrive in London
  17. China Goes Food Shopping—to Russia
  18. South Korea holds emergency meeting on new barriers to trade in China
  19. As US Looks Inward, China Seeks a Lead Role on World Stage
  20. Obama passes the baton of global leadership to Xi Jinping
  21. China, Russia say united against South Korea missile defense: Militarily, Russia and China could deploy more missiles, especially those with maneuverable warheads to overwhelm THAAD, along with the use of decoys and attempts to jam the system, analysts say
  22. First 'Silk Road' freight train arrives in UK from China, completing a 12,000-kilometer journey. The service is part of a push by China to revive the Silk Road trading routes to western Europe.
  23. Xi portrays China as global leader as Trump era looms
  24. Donald Trump's trade policy is driving Latin America into China's arms: In Ecuador, Chinese built a hydroelectric plant that provides 35% of the country's energy. In Argentina, building two nuclear power plaants. In Columbia, a 152 mile motorway. In Brazil, a container port
  25. China, VN agree to forge win-win co-operation: They agreed to strengthen development strategy links, and to actively study and promote co-operation projects within the framework of the “Two Corridors, One Economic Belt” and “One Belt, One Road” initiatives
  26. Zhang says Chinese ready to shine after win at Australian Open: Peng Shuai joined Zhang and Duan in the second round with a 6-0, 7-6 (7/5) win over Daria Kasatkina
  27. While the West Fiddles, China Races to Define the Future
  28. China vows to establish 16 world-class universities by 2030
  29. Russia, China Work on Joint High-Precision Satellite Navigation System: In May last year, China and Russia signed the BeiDou-Glonass system compatibility and interoperability cooperation agreement, marking a new stage of navigation cooperation between the two countries
  30. US announces withdrawal from TPP
  31. China warns Japan against interfering in Taiwan affairs
  32. Philippines’ Finance Secretary to talk with China on $15b deals
  33. Xi Jinping portrays China as leader of globalised world as Donald Trump era looms
  34. WEF looks to China for answers
In Domestic news
  1. Beijing to spend USD 2.6 billion this year to fight deadly air pollution
  2. China Successfully Launches First Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft: During the test flight, the plane reached an altitude of 320 meters (some 1,050 feet) above the ground and emitted zero pollution
  3. China Usurps United States As Global Clean Energy Leader: report by IEEFA concluded China invested $32b in overseas clean energy projects. China will install 36% of all hydro electricity generation from 2015-2021. 5 of the world’s 6 largest solar-module manufacturing firms in 2016 are in China
  4. China’s energy strategy: power and independence
  5. 3 bln trips expected during China's holiday travel rush
  6. China’s war on coal continues — the country just canceled 104 new coal plants
  7. Forget Wine. China's Booze Market Is All About ‘Liquid Cake’
  8. It Can Power a Small Nation. But This Wind Farm in China Is Mostly Idle.
  9. China Is Now Teaching Its 'Effeminate' Boys to Man Up
  10. China powers ahead with a new direct-current infrastructure
  11. Universities Offer Lifelong Learning to China’s Elderly
  12. China builds world's biggest solar farm in journey to become green superpower
  13. China's courts must firmly resist the Western idea of judicial independence and other ideologies that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party, the country's top judge was reported as saying by the official China News Service
  14. Make Chinese history compulsory to end Hong Kong youngsters’ identity crisis, says CPPCC Standing Committee member Annie Wu. Businesswoman calls for secondary school students to engage critically with mainland’s past, and for a less narrow curriculum
  15. China to cut foreign football player numbers on pitch: Teams in the top-flight Chinese Super League will be able to field no more than three foreigners per match when the new 2017 season begins in March, according to the new rules posted on the official CFA web site
  16. China bucks trend towards global distrust in governments, survey finds
  17. China expecting 'grim, complex' situation in relations with Taiwan this year, senior official says
  18. China police trigger gun debate with rules of engagement push
  19. Taiwan wants 'new era' of peace with China
In SciTech news
  1. China, Europe drive shift to electric cars as U.S. lags
  2. Chinese AI company plans to mine health data faster than rivals: iCarbonX has formed an alliance with companies from around the world. The alliance will use algorithms to analyse reams of genomic, physiological and behavioural data and provide customized health and medical advice through an app
  3. China develops world's brightest VUV free electron laser research facility: Vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) light sources are especially useful for sensitive detection of atoms, molecules and clusters. They can also be used to probe valence electronic structures of all kinds of materials
  4. Warning against China, White House Report Urges Faster Chip Innovation: China's $150 billion fund to build its domestic chip industry will be empty by 2025 and the country will produce 70% of the chips that it buys
  5. Is 2017 the Chinese year of AI?
  6. Environmentally-friendly soy-based filter can capture toxic chemicals that other filters can't: Working with researchers from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, used a pure soy protein along with bacterial cellulose for an all-natural, biodegradable, inexpensive air filter
  7. New thin-films can self-repair following damage: Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and East China Normal University devised and tested a thin film composed of a type of molecules called peptoids that can repair itself, similar to the self-repair seen in cells of living organisms
  8. Mandarin makes you more musical – and at a much earlier age than previously thought. That’s the suggestion of a new study from the University of California San Diego.
  9. China World Record Breaking First of its Kind Quantum Satellite Surpasses Expectations
  10. ‘Much better than expected’: Chinese ‘hack-proof’ quantum communication satellite put into service
  11. Robotic parking garage opens in China (VIDEO)
  12. China, Europe drive shift to electric cars as U.S. lags: IHS Automotive predicts Chinese plug-in deliveries will hit 1 million in 2019, four years before the United States. China pulled ahead in 2015 with a fourfold sales surge before adding 55 percent last year to 348,000 vehicles
  13. Tsinghua Unigroup to build US$30b Nanjing chip plant
  14. sci-tech priorities in china's latest five-year plan
  15. China has Science and Technology Ties with 158 Countries and Regions: has signed a total of 111 intergovernmental agreements on science and technology cooperation. In addition, has taken part in more than 200 intergovernmental organizations devoted to boosting science and technology cooperation
  16. China Now Leads in Biometric Technology in AI Industry: Biometric identification is at the center of the artificial intelligence industry. The technology enables automatic recognition of an individual's physiological and behavioral characteristics
  17. New Nokia smartphone sold out in a minute after release in China
  18. Baidu Inc. has appointed Qi Lu (architect of Satya Nadella’s strategy for artificial intelligence and bots at Microsoft) its group president and chief operating officer, granting the software industry veteran oversight over all aspects ofBaidu's business from sales to technology development
  19. Is AI-powered personalized recommendation the next stage of China's reading applications?
  20. A group of researchers from China's Peking University made Carbon nanotube transistors that is better than silicon transistors
  21. How does China respond to US chip threats? With a $30 billion factory
In Economic news
  1. Alibaba considers European logistics center in Bulgaria: government. Bulgaria has yet to take advantage of China's plans to expand its presence in central and Eastern Europe under its "One Belt, One Road" strategy to carve out new export markets between Asia and Europe
  2. Australian Fighting Championships owners receive backing from China and hope to rival UFC
  3. No longer welcome? American companies fear China's turning its back on them
  4. One Chinese factory is making a fortune out of Donald Trump masks
  5. China's sovereign wealth fund wants to help Trump revamp US infrastructure
  6. Russia's Sberbank Planning Joint Venture With Chinese E-Retail Giant Alibaba
  7. Domestic Companies in China May Outwin Foreign Multinationals in Hiring Next-Generation Chinese Leaders: Report by Bain & Company and LinkedIn said almost 6 of 10 regional roles in China's multinational companies are handled by Chinese citizens, and 9 of 10 regional roles in its domestic firms also
  8. The AIIB One Year In: Not As Scary As Washington Thought. AIIB put over $1.7b for power distribution in Bangladesh, slum upgrades in Indonesia, road improvement in Tajikistan, power plant in Myanmar, maritime infrastructure in Oman, highway along CPEC in Pakistan, $600m for Trans-Anatolian pipeline
  9. Jack Ma speaks at the World Economic Forum after visiting Donald Trump
  10. China 2016 property investment rises 6.9 per cent
  11. China sets up $14.6 billion internet investment fund: Xinhua
  12. Non-tariff measures limit benefits of free-trade pact with China
  13. Paramount gets Chinese leg-up, $1Billion invested by Chinese company
  14. Tencent dominates Chinese mobile app use as online arena grows
  15. China's fintech industry shows where the rest of the world is heading
In Military news
  1. The People's Liberation Army Navy has commissioned a new electronic reconnaissance ship. The CNS Kaiyangxing, or Mizar, capable of conducting all-weather, round-the-clock reconnaissance on multiple and different targets
  2. Trump’s Tillerson Exaggerates US Capability in the South China Sea. @jedbabbin @amspec
  3. China's new aircraft carrier hints at the future of its navy: the nuclear-powered carriers of the Type 003 would likely have a displacement of around 90,000-100,000 tons, electromagnetically assisted launch system, come with a UAV for surveillance and reconnaissance
  4. How China Is Weaponizing Outer Space
  5. China handed over two ships to the Pakistan Navy for joint security along the sea route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
  6. Meet China's Sharp Sword, a stealth drone that can likely carry 2 tons of bombs
  7. ‘Be prepared to throw punches’: Chinese military raises alarm over rising threat from spying: Military mouthpiece insists reconnaissance by other countries poses huge risk and Beijing must be ready to counter it
Other Notables
  1. Michael Kevaak, “Becoming Yellow: A Short History of Racial Thinking” (Princeton Uni, 2011)
  2. Dance drama 'Confucius' wows audiences in New York
  3. A Policeman in SE China Lightens up People's Hearts: Chen Qingzhou has an amiable and resounding nickname: "the lighting up policeman". Through Chen's efforts 18 zebra crossings, 86 traffic signs, 128 deceleration strips and 172 temporary parking spaces were established
  4. An introduction to notable Chinese science-fiction writing from the last decade
  5. Chinese master engraver creates masterpiece on a silver platter
  6. Gadget Earth (DJI)
  7. Animated 3-D film 'Bicycle Boy' to hit screens
  8. Pictures: Zigui, Hubei, China home of great poet Qu Yuan
  9. Who Are the Most Popular Living Chinese Artists? Over the past decade, the Chinese art market has seen tremendous growth. In fact, the Chinese art market is the third largest in the world, making up 19 percent of global art sales, according to the 2016 TEFAF Art Market Report
  10. A Chinese museum in northwestern China's Shaanxi province has openly demanded the return of two horse relief sculptures displayed at a University of Pennsylvania museum. The sculptures were illegally sold overseas
  11. Donald Trump Aims to Break the Russia-China-Iran Axis, Preserve US Global Hegemony
  12. Japanese hotels deny Nanjing Massacre, provoke outcry in China
  13. Chinese History mythbustings — Wokou Edition
  14. America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we'll have a handful of global powers
  15. 中國人。你要自信
  16. Pictures: Breathtaking view of Mt. Emei in winter, Sichuan China
  17. An 'Old Friend Of China' Prepares To Bridge Differences At A Fraught Time
  18. Trump and Tillerson are making rookie mistakes with China before they even get into office
  19. 600 year old Buddha statue uncovered in Chinese reservoir (VIDEO)
  20. Chinese Investors Backing Vin Diesel’s ‘XXX: Return of Xander Cage’
  21. If you are ever frustrated with Chinese media and something unsatisfactory they have done, the State Council of Information Organization has a message for you: media regulation is still immature in China, don't be frustrated, keep relaying the mistakes
  22. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure
  23. Right-Wing Hoteliers in Japan Anger China With Radical Historical Views - The Motoyas are among the most prominent backers in Japan of rightist historical revisionism
  24. Creative nonfiction is thriving in the People’s Republic
  25. Pictures: History is preserved in the village of Chengkan, Anhui China 1,800 year old town
  26. Tang dynasty furniture, recreated in Shōsōin, Japan
  27. Pictures: winter scenery of Altay, Xinjiang. China
  28. Long interesting story from China by a man born in East Africa, with parents from Kerala in India.
  29. Railway Policewoman Gao Weiting: A Master of Guns. For most, the upcoming Spring Festival holiday is a time for family reunions. But for Chinese railway policewoman Gao Weiting, it means the busiest time of her work year
  30. Have you rented a boyfriend for the Spring Festival? Some single women, who are pressured by their parents to marry, choose to rent a boyfriend for home to soften or dispel parents' dissatisfaction with their singledom. I played the role very well and have never been caught, Guo said
  31. Chinese Actress Angelababy Has A Baby Boy: Huang Xiaoming Studio, owned by the new father, announced their son’s birth on Weibo. The father posted on Weibo a photo of Angelababy and Xiaohaimian’s fists in a fist bump
  32. Taiwanese actress’ welcoming comments on Liaoning put her under scrutiny: "As long as Taiwanese don't support independence, [the Liaoning] won't attack us. It will protect us," she wrote
  33. 中国通史 第二集 中华先祖
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Obama's failed "Asian pivot" leaves China ascendant
  2. Prospect of Philippine Thaw Slows China’s Plans in South China Sea
  3. Iran expresses its desire to be part of CPEC project
  4. Philippines leader Duterte wants to open alliances with US rivals Russia and China
  5. Manila to ask Beijing to legitimise status of up to 200,000 domestic workers illegally on mainland. Philippine labour minister also plans to ask authorities to allow more workers to come as demand grows for English-speaking environment at home
  6. Cybersecurity, terrorism, trade and nuclear threats ... why US presidential debate couldn’t ignore China
  7. Did Trump really suggest that China should invade North Korea? “China should solve that problem for us. China should go into North Korea. China is totally powerful as it relates to North Korea.”
  8. Japan navy chief urges resumption of China port visits: said Defense Minister Inada's statement that Japan would step up engagement in the South China Sea with "joint training cruises" with the United States did not mean it intended to carry out patrols there, and that this had been misinterpreted
  9. Philippine President Says He'll Open Trade Alliances With China, Russia
  10. U.N. agency snubs Taiwan, recognizing Beijing's 'one China': "ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) follows the United Nations' 'One China' policy," agency's communications chief, Anthony Philbin
  11. One of China's most wanted corrupt fugitives surrenders, returns from Canada: He originally served in the Wuhan city government as head of the Department of Urban Drainage Development and Relocation Coordination, when he forged documents and swindled some 6 million yuan of relocation compensation
  12. China on track to overtake UK as 2nd most popular study destination: At the moment, the #1 study destination of choice is the U.S., followed by the UK, with China not too far behind at third
  13. Japan's top naval officer has said Tokyo has no plans to conduct freedom of navigation (FON) operations in the South China Sea, either alone or with the U.S. Navy
  14. Top political advisor says overseas Chinese can help China achieve centenary goals: Yu, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, urged AFROC to solidify cohesion among overseas Chinese, pool their strength and wisdom and protect their interests
  15. Nepal has requested China to consider expanding its railway network to different border points besides the planned expansion to Kerung (Geelong port), said a senior official of Nepal's Commerce Ministry
  16. White House tells the Pentagon to quit talking about 'competition' with China: “Gen. Dunford, are we in great power competition with China?” Cotton asked, to which Dunford replied: “We are, senator.” When Cotton asked Carter, the secretary replied: “We are. Absolutely right."
  17. Joint war games are over, Phillipines' Pres Duterte tells US citing China concerns.
  18. U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter praises China’s nuclear constancy, saying Beijing “conducts itself professionally in the nuclear arena despite growing its arsenal in both quality and quantity.”
  19. "The United States and South Korea are destined to 'pay the price' for their decision to deploy an advanced missile defense system which will inevitably prompt a 'counter attack', China's top newspaper said on Saturday."
  20. U.S. Cyber Command recently reported within secret government channels that China is continuing aggressive cyber espionage against American companies
  21. Trust-based relations between Russian and Chinese leaders and unique partnership mechanisms have elevated the countries' relations to the highest level in history, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said
  22. PLA defence adviser criticises Singapore
  23. US, S. Korea to pay price for deploying Thaad, says China
  24. Russia, China to Open New Cargo Route Through Mongolia By 2017
  25. How China has helped in solving Africa's grain problem
In Domestic news
  1. China prepares for Dalai Lama’s death by looking to its own top Tibetan cleric
  2. Chinese deep-sea explorer ship completes maiden voyage: During its 9,000 nautical-mile maiden voyage, the research vessel travelled across the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean to reach the New Britain Trench, which is more than 8,000 meters-deep in the Solomon Sea near Papua New Guinea
  3. China's largest lead and zinc mine discovered in Xinjiang
  4. Major construction of world's longest cross-sea bridge completed: The bridge will cut travel time from Hong Kong to both Zhuhai and Macao from the current three hours on the road or one hour at sea to a mere half hour drive
  5. China is designing its next generation of trains that can carry passengers at a top speed of 500km/h with wheels that can adjust to fit different track gauges used around the world. Chinese companies already building 3,000km of high-speed rail networks in Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia
  6. First Tibetan 'test tube baby' born
  7. Hebei bans coal consumption in counties neighboring Beijing
  8. Race to near space: Superfast flight. Nearly half of the 24 entries in the final round of the Third National Design Contest on Future Aircraft and Space Planes, held in Beijing on Monday, had to do with flight in near space
  9. Chinese outrage over American rapper YG’s “Meet the Flockers”: There is a serious societal issue in Western countries regarding the targeting of Chinese for crime. Chinese should spread the truth of the bigger picture of what is happening
  10. Domestic Cars' Quality Approaching That of Foreign Models, Expert Says
  11. China Hammers out Tougher Subsidy Plan for Electric Vehicles
  12. 2 Gigawatt Solar Project In China Will Be World's Largest
  13. China's first robot exoskeleton unveiled in Chengdu: The dozens of censors in the AIDER can detect the user's intentions and send them as electronic signals to the control unit of the robot. The various components of the AIDER then work together in a coordinated fashion helping the user move freely
  14. Tianjin latest Chinese city to restrict property purchases
  15. China punishes coal, steel companies over pollution, safety
  16. China's Fosun to invest in $6.9 billion Chinese high-speed rail project, becoming the first private firm to take part in a Chinese high-speed rail project
  17. China to build deepest, largest high-speed rail station at Great Wall: The station will sit along a railway network that will link the cities of Beijing and Zhangjiakou, which will host the Winter Olympics
In SciTech news
  1. China’s WeChat shows the way to social media’s future
  2. China blasts grape vines into space: Chinese scientists are said to be looking to test the effects of space radiation and zero gravity on grape vines, speculating that time spent in space could trigger mutations to help them better withstand some of China’s most extreme wine regions
  3. China's first gene bank to open in Shenzhen: The new gene bank is outfitted with dozens of refrigerators to store samples, as well as 150 domestically developed desktop gene sequencing machines. A total of 10 million samples are currently stored in the bank
  4. Education is China's secret weapon for tech dominance | VentureBeat | Dev
  5. 4-D printing helps save baby with congenital heart disease in China Society: The substance used to print the trachea is designed to be absorbed by the human body within two years
  6. World's largest radio telescope detects signals 1,351 light years away
  7. The UK government is to outline its plans to strengthen collaborative research between Britain and China. Chinese research has grown rapidly in the past 20 years. Spending on R&D is now over 40 times what it was in 1995, amounting to £150bn in 2015
  8. Leaders from the University of Washington, Tsinghua University, Microsoft and other local organizations came together Friday to celebrate to kick off construction of the Global Innovation Exchange building in Bellevue’s Spring District
  9. DJI's new Mavic Pro drone folds up and fits in the palm of your hand: The unit is extremely small and portable, but still packs all the high end features DJI drones are known for
  10. China’s orbiting quantum satellite links with ground stations: Pan said his team had successfully passed photons, or particles of light, between the satellite and ground stations in Tibet and Xinjiang province
  11. Xiaomi's new Mi 5s flagship comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  12. Documentary traces apple's origin to China: quashing the Chinese belief that they were introduced from the West. "Saving the Gene Pool" draws on scientific evidence to show all cultivated apple varieties are offshoots of Malus sieversii, a wild apple native to the Tianshan mountain range
  13. AnBot the Chinese Robot Patrols Airport Armed with a Taser: AnBot stands 1.4 meters tall, weighs 75 kg and can push its portly frame forwards to a speed of 18 km/h. Its weapon is a taser activated remotely by a policeman watching through the robot's eyes
  14. China’s Beidou navigation system is now accurate within centimetres and on par with the US GPS. Most Chinese lighthouses, military facilities and fishing boats had been using it since an Asia-Pacific network was completed in 2012
  15. Baidu and Nvidia to Build Artificial Intelligence Platform for Self-Driving Cars
  16. Rise of the RoboMasters - We went to China's Silicon Valley to see the front lines of the robot wars
  17. World's first baby born from new procedure using DNA of three people: Doctors led by John Zhang, from the New Hope Fertility Center in New York, decided to attempt the controversial procedure of mitochondrial transfer in the hope that it would give the couple a healthy child
  18. Scientist from China, UK team up to find out how anti-cancer components are produced in Chinese herb ‘Huangqin’. Scientists have found its anti-cancer effects in its two compounds—baicalein and wogonin, but how the two elements compound and metabolize remained unknown
  19. China Says It Has Quantum Radar: What Does That Mean? Because stealth aircraft are optimized for stealth against radio waves used by conventional radars, they would be much more susceptible to detection by the photon waves of a quantum radar
  20. China says 'aye' to AI: According to a report by Beijing-based research firm iResearch Consulting Group, there are roughly 100 AI startups in China. As of December 2015, 65 of them had received 2.9 billion yuan ($434 million) from venture capitalists
In Economic news
  1. Silk Road Project Sees Chinese Overseas Investment Reach Record Levels: According to the report, last year China overtook Japan to become the world's second biggest cross-border investor, after the US. China contributed 9.9 percent of global direct investment in 2015
  2. Beijing banks on bumper fund to slash fat from bloated state firms
  3. Relax, China’s banks aren’t about to have a meltdown
  4. China August industrial profits rise nearly 20%, fastest in 3 years
  5. China's Economy Shows Fresh Signs of Strength
  6. AIIB breaks ground for headquarters in Beijing: In June, the bank approved its first four loans, totaling 509 million dollars, to fund power, housing and transportation projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Tajikistan
  7. Industrial internet: ABB ( one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots) signs deal with Huawei to develop robotics and automation solutions. The two parties will integrate Huawei LTE-based OneAir products and technologies into ABB robots and industrial automation solutions
  8. Trump says US jobs get 'stolen' by China. Well, here are the countries 'stealing' Chinese jobs.
  9. The Electric Car Market Has A 'Chicken Or Egg' Problem -- And China Is Solving It
  10. At Haier and Lenovo, Chinese-Style Open Innovation
  11. The market for historic Chinese artifacts seems to be warming up again – at least at auction
  12. China's rich enrich European banks
  13. Israeli-Chinese cross-border private equity firm Infinity Group and Neusoft Corporation have agreed to set up a US$250 million investment fund to back Israeli medical technology companies with the aim of realizing their potentials in China
  14. China has so far invested $14 billion in 30 early harvest projects to be completed under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
  15. Much To The Dismay Of China Haters, The Yuan Goes Global On Oct. 1
  16. China launches $52.5 billion SOE restructuring fund
  17. China and Africa: Partnering for Growth
In Military news
  1. China Sells A New Laser Gun: The Low Altitude Guard II can shoot down drones and aircraft with its 30 kilowatt laser. Comparable to the Laser Weapons System (LAWS) installed on the USS Ponce, which has a range of 15-50 kilowatts
  2. China Experimenting With Catapult Launched Carrier Aircraft
  3. China is Trying Out A New Assault Rifle
  4. China air force holds drills in Western Pacific for second time this month: flown more than 40 bombers and other fighter planes through a strait between Japanese islands on their way to drills in the Western Pacific
  5. China to Monitor South China Sea with Drones: The drones will be linked to the Chinese version of GPS. The ZC-5B has a maximum flight distance of 1,400 km, and can stay in the air for up to 30 consecutive hours
  6. Russia, China spend big on warplanes, spurring aerial arms race: “The most pressing challenge for the United States Air Force is the rise of peer competitors with advanced military capabilities rivaling our own,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told lawmakers
  7. Russia, China navy drills in 360: Spectacular panorama video of massive military exercises
  8. Xi said the DF-41, which can reach out to 15,000 kilometers from China, "may be deployed this year." Flying at Mach 25, the DF-41 can carry from one to 10 nuclear warheads with yields ranging from 250 kilotons to one megaton
  9. ‘Shandong,’ China’s Second Aircraft Carrier, will become PLAN Flagship: is the lead ship in the Type 001A-class that will consist of only two ships. The second carrier, Type 003, is still in the planning stages but reports claim production of the initial modules of this carrier is in progress
  10. China Delivered "NNS Unity" Second P18N Offshore Patrol Vessel to Nigerian Navy
Other Notables
  1. Sony, Wanda Confirm Picture Alliance: ‘Jumanji’, ‘Passengers’, ‘Smurfs’ Eyed: It gives Wanda an even bigger presence in Hollywood, one that was already strong with its $3.5 billion purchase of Legendary, which puts Wanda in position of co-financing as many as 6 movies a year with Universal Pictures
  2. Badass Chinese Anime Movie trailer 岁城璃心 鬼蜮咒原篇
  3. Jiang families united by rich history: one of the oldest family names in China as well as one of the best documented. It has also served as the origin of many Chinese surnames afterwards
  4. Lost in Cuba: China’s ‘forgotten diaspora’: the Chinese population had numbered in the tens of thousands before Castro’s rebels overthrew President Fulgencio Batista, but after the revolution, as it became clear economic migrants were not welcome, many decided to flee and new arrivals dried up
  5. 'Superman' Writer Gene Luen Yang Wins MacArthur "Genius" Grant: Initially reluctant to write DC's first Chinese Superman story, eventually he agreed, largely because he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to diversify comics with a story starring an Asian lead
  6. When three armed robbers broke into Chen Fengzhu’s home in Georgia, US, the American Chinese woman put up a fight. She chased them out off the property, emptying her handgun and fatally shooting one
  7. Doctor Strange: Benedict Wong plays...Wong. "Wong has been upgraded from a racial stereotype manservant/sidekick to a Kamar-Taj master."
  8. Chinese, Cubans share long history: An estimated 150,000 Chinese emigrated to Cuba in the 19th century to work on plantations and later to build the railroads. Just 150 or so, mainly elderly Chinese descendants remain. The majority of the early arrivals were men who ended up marrying former slaves
  9. Split Pinnacle, Hunan, China [20 Must See to Believe Destinations imgur gallery]
  10. Panjin Red Beach, China [20 Must See to Believe Destinations imgur gallery]
  11. A gray-haired foreign teacher accidentally dropped some red wine on goods of a gray-haired Chinese pedlar. Teacher offered to reimburse pedlar. Pedlar declined, saying that "Chinese people aren't bean counters".
  12. Upside down: Chinese student breaks Guinness record for walking on hands
  13. How the Wongs got their Chinese family name: One of the most common Chinese family names, Huang, or Wong, can be traced back to an ancient state, whose citizens decided to take its name as their own
  14. Le Vision Pictures Partners with Lionsgate to Globally Release L.O.R.D., Raising Profile of Young Chinese Filmmakers Worldwide
  15. Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit: Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China (imgur gallery)
  16. Legendary Italian filmmaker looks to China co-productions: This year the Silk Road International Film Festival screened over 600 films, attracting top filmmakers. Among them was Carlo Verdone, he travelled to China for the first time to screen his latest film, L’abbiamo fatta grossa
  17. Chinese Dramas to Expect in 2017
  18. Traditional Han Dynasty style group wedding held in E China
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Chinese wine-tasters scoop surprise win in France - BBC News
  2. Pakistan dismisses US as a ‘declining power’; cosies up to Russia and China. “(The) US is no longer a world power. It is a declining power. Forget about it,” Special Kashmir Envoy Mushahid Hussain Syed is reported to have said
  3. China’s envoy to UN Liu Jieyi said that China voted in favour of the Russian draft resolution on Syria at the Security Council and regrets that it was not adopted
  4. China’s drug rehab assistance astounds Duterte: " I want that also"
  5. After difficult years, the Holy See and Beijing may have reached an agreement. Under the reputed plan, a set of three possible bishops will be presented by the Chinese Bishops’ Conference to the Pope, who has the final decision and even the possibility of vetoing candidates
  6. World No.36 Zhang Shuai thrilled Chinese fans with a dominant upset over the No.4 seed Simona Halep to become the first Chinese woman to reach the quarterfinals of the China Open since Li Na in 2013
  7. Vietnam sweats bullets as China and Laos dam the Mekong: Laos aspires to become the “battery of Asia”; Chinese dam builders intend to make it so. Will Vietnam’s Mekong Delta survive?
  8. Iran and China have started cooperation on the Arak heavy water facility, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht-Ravanchi said
  9. Russia, China Quickly Forming 'Strategy of Synergy' in Syria: Speaking at a briefing in Beijing, Li said that "China and Russia hold the same position on the most important international and regional issues," including the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan
  10. Duterte says PH can’t win in Scarborough Shoal: Even if we get angry, we’ll just be putting on airs. We can’t beat China. We’ll ask them to allow our fishermen to return to their fishing ground. Duterte said already agreed to “this concession” in return for relaxing restrictions on banana exports
  11. China has signed agreements on the mutual recognition of higher education degrees with 19 EU member states, including France, Germany and Italy, according to the Ministry of Education
  12. Racist Fox News piece on NYC Chinatown angers Asian-Americans - CCTV News. In New York City's Chinatown, community leaders held a town hall meeting to address concerns over how the story perpetrated racist stereotypes
  13. China’s media must take lead on racial issues: The issues confronting and affecting Chinese cannot be disassociated from Chinese media. There is a real need for a coordinated effort to spread awareness and foster solutions that Chinese media can specifically meet
  14. Portuguese PM Antonio Costa talks China-Portugal relations, innovation, future of Chinese soccer
  15. Pakistan and China are developing a satellite to monitor the routes of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
  16. Duterte: China-funded rehab center almost complete. Duterte lauded China for helping the Philippines in its war against illegal drugs without “any publicity.” “Four million drug addicts is no joke. We are not a rich country. It is only China who has helped us."
  17. India Slow to Expand Iran Port as China Races Ahead at Rival Hub. (Some media claim the Chabahar port in Iran is a "rival" to the Gwadar port in Pakistan. This shows ignorance of what CPEC is and what it is for)
  18. Rouhani calls for more active Chinese role in ME: Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has hailed Chinese initiative to revive historical Silk Road where Iran would find its place in the traditional trade route
  19. China to upgrade Pakistan rail network: Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a key part of China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative, China will help Pakistan upgrade its railway system, starting with the Karachi-Peshawar Railway Line
  20. DAWA 2016: Chinese wines awarded more than 140 medals. The DAWA 2016 medal haul for Chinese wines is three times higher than in 2015 and compared to just 12 medals for China in 2014
  21. China and SE Asia nations jointly work to fight crime on crucial waterway. This has been the 50th round of joint patrols since December 2011, when the four countries began the patrols weeks after a gang hijacked two Chinese cargo ships and killed 13 Chinese sailors in Thai waters
  22. WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton said she warned China that if North Korea continued developing its missile program, the US would “ring China with missile defense” (THAAD?)
  23. Asked to comment on the U.S.' view on Tsai's speech calling for dialogue, AIT spokesman said "The U.S. remains committed to our one-China policy". (When Tsai commits to longstanding policy of both China and US, there can be dialogue)
  24. Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni Welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping
  25. China’s President Xi Jinping Makes ‘Historic Visit’ to Bangladesh: The two countries will sign deals worth $40 billion. China will also sign off on nearly $24 billion worth of loans to the country — Bangladesh’s biggest foreign credit line to date
  26. ‘We’ll ring China with missile defense’: Clinton’s plans for the East revealed in Podesta files
  27. The Philippines Is About to Give Up the South China Sea to China
  28. ‘Stop interfering’: China scolds Britain, tells it not to meddle in Hong Kong’s affairs
  29. Teenager convicted of murder in killing of USC student from China - New China TV
  30. Energy, trade top deals signed by China, Cambodia: inked 31 cooperative documents, loans, trade deals and construction of power plants
  31. Chinese leader invites Putin to step up coordination in UN to make world order fairer
  32. In a China-US Standoff 'Russia Will Stand Alongside Beijing'
  33. China completely finances nearly all of Cambodia’s hydropower projects
  34. India and China to draw up joint road map against terror
  35. Local governments have launched rail services over 39 lines linking Chinese cities like Chongqing to destinations in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands, but Beijing this year moved to take control of the network, rebranding the trains and containers under the "China Railway Express" brand
  36. China hopes to expand cooperation with Russia in space
In Domestic news
  1. Xi says China must speed up plans for domestic network technology
  2. More Chinese travel by train during Golden Week
  3. Chinese Government to Give Up Control of Edible-Salt Industry
  4. Cantonese food dominates Shanghai's Michelin guide: Of the 26 Shanghai restaurants awarded a "star", nine specialise in Cantonese cuisine, while seven are housed in the unadventurous surrounds of international hotels
  5. Chinese Papers Mock U.S. Election, saying the endless stream of scandals surrounding both main candidates showed the United States had no right to lecture others on democracy. No country has the right to try and force China to change a system it says best suits China’s situation
  6. Parents Die Protecting Daughter from Building Collapse
  7. China is no walk in the park for foreign models trying to make a buck: Sara Liu, Shanghai BYS Model Agency's managing director, said Chinese companies had evolved from “blindly using models with foreign faces” to considering whether the model suited their products. “I see it is a good trend,”
  8. Hong Kong rebel lawmakers protest China at oath-taking, using racist Slur (3 have their oaths invalidated)
  9. China’s Small Universities Gaining Popularity, Excelling by Global Standards: One of the countries' small universities, the China Foreign Affairs University is gaining recognition as an influential school for studying diplomatic relations, as well as other schools for police training and medicine
  10. Chinese military veterans protest in Beijing
  11. Xi: Harness web to ensure security. President Xi Jinping urged officials at all levels to increase their familiarity with the internet and improve their skills in using technology to better safeguard China's cyberspace sovereignty and security
  12. Localists turn Hong Kong LegCo into a floor show
  13. No force can stop cross-Strait reunification: Official
  14. Hong Kong lawmakers’ use of a racial slur was offensive and unnecessary
  15. China Returns to Pedal Power
  16. Dad Launches Startup That Puts Toxic Kids’ Products to the Test: According to Wei, Daddy Lab’s mission is to find the hidden dangers in objects that might otherwise seem innocuous
  17. China’s marriage rate is plummeting because women are choosing autonomy over intimacy
In SciTech news
  1. Could Chinese medicine cure leukaemia? Seriously ill patients given homoharringtonine, a drug made from the leaves of the plum yew tree, made remarkable recoveries. Editor of the journal Science Translational Medicine said treatment showed promising results
  2. China to roll out 5G broadband mobile equipment trials across 100 cities: High-speed 5G networks can theoretically transmit data 20 times faster than current 4G speed, with less than one tenth of the latency
  3. Asia’s SpaceX: Chinese Startups Making World’s Largest Space Plane and More
  4. China’s Private Space Industry Prepares To Compete With Spacex And Blue Origin
  5. Virtual reality heats up in China
  6. A team of researchers with members from several institutions in China has developed a new means for studying topological matter in cold-atom systems that involves using a single laser source
  7. Apple CEO Tim Cook makes an apperance in Shenzen, company to open 2nd China R&D center
  8. Mind-controlled tech to aid astronauts: The system will translate astronauts' brain impulses into words to communicate with ground control and operate instruments in spacecraft. The goal is to improve the efficiency of astronauts' interaction and coordination with machines
  9. New route to highly crystalline carbon nitrides for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation: The team led by Yupeng Yuan and Zhiqun Lin first produced an aggregate made of two different starting materials in a solvent
  10. China to launch world's first X-ray pulsar navigation satellite: X-ray pulsar navigation is an innovative navigation technique wherein periodic X-ray signals emitted from pulsars are used to determine the location of a spacecraft in deep space
  11. China has now eclipsed us in AI research
  12. VR payment technology to be used on Alipay by end of 2016
  13. Roger Yonchien Tsien (1952–2016). Roger Yonchien Tsien pioneered the use of light and colour to 'peek and poke' at living cells to see how they work. His father's cousin was Tsien Hsue-shen (Qian Xuesen) architect of China's missile and space programme
  14. Yinchuan: The smart city where your face is your credit card. Yinchuan is intended to serve as the blueprint "smart city" for scores of urban metropolises across China
  15. Insanely virtual - China leads the world in the adoption of virtual reality
  16. China to launch manned space mission Shenzhou 11 on Monday
  17. A team of researchers at Tsinghua University in China has found that adding graphene or carbon nanotubes to the food eaten by silkworms causes them to produce silk that is stronger than normal
  18. Baidu launches medical chatbot to help Chinese doctors diagnose patients: The bot is powered by Baidu's deep learning and natural language processing systems, which the company has been investing in for years
  19. China’s presumed ambition to snatch up satellite spectrum by purchasing struggling satellite operators around the world was one of the hottest topics at this years APSCC conference
In Economic news
  1. Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart and developer from China agree on deal to buy Kidman cattle empire
  2. China’s deep-sea mission to mine the wealth beneath the ocean floor: Tao said that to prepare for the future exploitation of seabed minerals, Chinese scientists are developing techniques to mine the ocean floor, extract minerals and bring them to the surface without damaging the environment
  3. Beijing unveils plan to tame soaring corporate debt
  4. ‘Learn from the euro zone’: China’s central bank chief hints at more fiscal power for provinces
  5. Two Reasons Chinese Millennials Have More Cash To Burn: Aren’t indebted with student loans. Chinese parents save and spend to send their children to college. Many don’t have housing expenses. 90% of Chinese households own their homes, 80% of these homes are owned without mortgages or any other leans
  6. China gets a new billionaire every 5 days
  7. The US Treasury on Friday (Oct 14) cleared China of keeping the yuan cheap for trade advantages, amid accusations that it manipulates the currency.
  8. A wave of restrictions imposed on housing markets in major Chinese cities last week have unnerved some buyers and developers, cutting the area of new homes sold in places such as Beijing and Shenzhen by more than half
In Military news
  1. Young Blood On Rapid Rise In China’s PLA: While it wouldn’t have been easy before to move up to colonel, many soldiers in their early 50s, or so called “liu ling hou” (post-60s) generation made great advances. It has been found that 5 soldiers out of 27 on the promotion list were “liu ling hou.”
  2. Chinese naval fleet visits Malaysia to enhance military ties
  3. The U.S. Navy's Master Plan to Crush Russia and China's Lethal Air Defenses (Just too late for the new Small Anti-Stealth Quantum Radars).
  4. India continues to boost military ties with China
  5. China To Develop AEW&C Aircraft On Y-20 Transport Plane Platform: the first Chinese designed 200-ton-class, multi-purpose, large transport aircraft, was officially commissioned in the PLA Air Force in July this year. It can be configured for AEW&C, ASW and aerial refuelling missions
  6. Amid escalating U.S.-Russia tensions, the Russian military said it will cooperate with China on efforts to fend off a threat posed by the U.S. missile defense program
  7. Saudi Arabian and Chinese special forces trained together in Chengdu
Other Notables
  1. Jack Ma, Steven Spielberg forge pact on film production, distribution, opening path for Hollywood in China
  2. WWE’s Slow Boat to China: Can American pro wrestling make it big in the Middle Kingdom? This year Bin Wang, the 6-foot-3 220-pound Anhui province native, relocated to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando after signing a developmental contract
  3. Disney's Spec Script for Live-Action Film "Mulan" Disappointingly Features a White Male Star - An Open Letter to the Creators of Disney's Live-Action Feature Film 'The Legend of Mulan'
  4. 'Pregnant' men in Chengdu subway call for more support for pregnant women (xpost - aznidentity)
  5. The true origin of Hui Muslims in China
  6. 10 Chinese Indie Bands to Watch in 2016
  7. BOOK REVIEW: ‘Tong Wars: The Untold Story of Vice, Money, and Murder in New York’s Chinatown’. Historian Scott D. Seligman offers an interesting and true tale about the Chinese gang wars in New York City from the 1890s through the 1930s
  8. The Eurasian Century Is Now Unstoppable
  9. Western contact with China began long before Marco Polo, experts say
  10. UFOs, aliens, robots ... ancient Chinese sci-fi novels were as fantastical as modern tales - From a dancing robot to ‘floating boat’, the sci-fi genre in China goes back a long way.
  11. My Chinese Heart
  12. Educated Sarcastic answer to "How Bad is China's Communism" on Quora
  13. Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in new Star Wars Rogue One poster
  14. Pictures: Touching moment a Chinese soldier stationed hundreds of miles away from home bonds with his nine-month-old son as the two meet for the first time
  15. [Kung fu] The most powerful kung fu in universe, the true kung fu panda story in real life
  16. Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer
  17. Watch an entire town come together to save an elephant family
  18. UK pupils warm to cooking healthy Chinese food: "A lot of Westerners perceive Chinese food as greasy- no fine cooking at all. We want to show the students how many different cooking techniques are involved, the many fragrances and tastes, and to try to change the image of Chinese cuisine."
  19. Watch an entire town in China come together to save an elephant family
  20. Hong kong airport 2020 # HD Documentary
  21. Pictures: Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi China
  22. Chinese Daredevil Has Broken His Own Record For The Number Of Backflips On A JetLev Flyer
  23. How CNN uses disaster to propagandize against a government
  24. The History of the World: Every Year
  25. Chinese firefighting robots join Palace Museum’s largest ever fire drill
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Philippines' Duterte threatens to quit U.N. after drugs war censure: He said he would invite China and African nations to form another global organization. Asked about the possible consequences of his comments, he said: "What is ... repercussions? I don't give a shit to them."
  2. Philippine president appreciates China's help in his country's fight against drugs
  3. Myanmar's Suu Kyi assures China of solution to stalled dam
  4. Asians Face Descrimination in France as Gov't Turns Blind Eyes: "bullies continue to believe that Asians, the Chinese in particular, carry all their money with them, so that they are being attacked more than others"
  5. Washington's Conundrum in Syria: Russia, Iran and China Team Up
  6. India's Modi Is Playing the Wrong Game against China and Pakistan
  7. Chinese-South Korean tensions rise over THAAD anti-missile deployment
  8. (Taiwanese) Youth value China's economic importance: poll Young people between the ages of 20-29 show more favorable views toward China than other age groups, according to a new poll released by the Association of Foreign Relations
  9. Gallup Poll: What one country anywhere in the world do you consider to be the US greatest enemy today? (12% picked China, making it fourth)
  10. Myanmar to support Silk Road, BCIM: joint statement placed on record Myanmar’s support for China’s ‘Belt and Road’ connectivity initiative along the ancient Silk Road. It also supported the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) economic corridor
  11. Cao Wenxuan claims Hans Christian Andersen Prize: Cao Wenxuan is the first Chinese writer ever to be shortlisted and win the prize, which is regarded as the highest international recognition for authors and illustrators of children's books
  12. Chinese author wins Hugo Award for sci-fi novel: She becomes the second Chinese author to take a major honour at the awards, after Liu Cixin's novel, The Three-Body Problem, won the Best Novel prize last year
  13. Japan, China, S. Korea unite in condemning N. Korea missile
  14. China’s $5.13 bn high-speed rail project in Indonesia gets permit: Report A China-Indonesia joint venture, the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project would be Indonesia's first high-speed railway.
  15. Los Angeles Lakers sign Chinese Olympian Yi Jianlian
  16. According to the latest UN report on Human Development Index (HDI), China for the first time joins the ranks of "high HDI" countries, ranked the 90th in the world.
  17. The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives up on Empire
  18. ‘Community is dying in silence’: Chinese migrants demand protection from Paris attackers
  19. 28 Chinese girls thinking they are going to college in the US, but was tricked into prostitution instead
  20. Israel to Boost Activity in China in Response to New Five-year Plan: “The Chinese want to develop smarter agriculture to produce more food and a health care system that will ensure better social support.” The Israeli Economy Ministry is preparing for this change and boosting its activity in China
  21. Sino-Thai high-speed railway now on track: The Cabinet Tuesday gave the nod to a framework of cooperation between the Thai and Chinese governments to develop high-speed railways from Map Ta Phut to Nong Khai and Bangkok to Kaeng Khoi
  22. Pakistan donates 10,000 tons of rice to flooded areas in China’s Hubei province
  23. Chinese cyber spies may be watching you, experts warn: "Mofang has targeted government agencies in the US, military agencies in India and Myanmar, critical infrastructure in Singapore, research and development departments of automotive companies in Germany, and the weapons industry in India,"
  24. Mandarin rolls off Mumbai’s tongue
  25. Chinese-Canadians Fear China's Rising Clout Is Muzzling Them
In Domestic news
  1. China opens longest glass-bottomed bridge in the world
  2. Why China’s National Sports Program Does More Good Than Harm: Chinese state-sponsored athletics often come under Western scrutiny, but they actually promote class and gender equality
  3. China to strengthen Communist Party's role in non-govt bodies
  4. Group lauds success with air pollution - Effective pollution controls adopted in 161 major Chinese cities have greatly improved air quality, a green organization said on Monday.
  5. Wetland Restoration: A New Driver for Development in China?
  6. UN envoy: China must give public voice to stamp out poverty. China's efforts to reduce poverty have improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people, but they could be undermined in the future without efforts to root out corruption and better address public complaints
  7. This Star Tech Banker Is Reshaping China’s Internet: To say Didi Chuxing and Meituan-Dianping are household names in China would be an understatement. The creation of these e-commerce giants was the brainchild of star tech investment banker Fan Bao, founder and CEO of China Renaissance
  8. China's richest man offers solutions to bring Chinese spending back home
In SciTech news
  1. China unlocks potential of financial technology: "China is the home of fintech innovation and adoption," says James Lloyd, Asia-Pacific fintech leader with consultancy EY
  2. Chinese scientists discover molecule to repair organs: XMU-MP-1, can promote repair and regeneration in the liver, intestines and skin. In the future, he added, the drug may well do away the need for organ transplant or complex biomaterial and cell therapies
  3. Chinese scientists study viability of manned radar station on the moon: could monitor wider areas of our planet than existing satellites. Cost of such a facility would be “higher than filling the sky with a constellation of spy satellites” which could “do the same job at only a fraction of the cost”
  4. Squid, jellyfish and wrinkled skin inspire materials for anti-glare screens and encryption: "Our experimental materials use cracks, folds or wrinkles to mimic the surface engineering of skin," says Luyi Sun, Ph.D., who heads the research
  5. China unveils designs for orbiter, lander and rover for its first unmanned mission to Mars
  6. World's biggest telescope meets world's second fastest supercomputer (Tianhe-2 ): The execution framework provides the control and monitoring environment to execute millions of tasks, consuming and producing millions of data items on many thousands of individual computers
  7. Chaos could provide key to enhanced wireless communications: researchers at Xian University of Technology and University of Aberdeen have demonstrated chaos can be used to transmit information over a wireless physical channel offering wide-ranging advantages from enhanced communications security
  8. Gaofen-3 satellite imagery released-- here showing Beijing Capital International Airport, Xiamen city, northern port of Tianjin, lake Hongze and the Yellow Sea
  9. BGI Establishes Asia-Pacific HQ In Queensland, Australia: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute will serve as BGI’s R&D and commercialization headquarters in the region.
  10. Better Lithium Batteries to Get a Test Flight: Qichao Hu, SolidEnergy’s founder, first showed a prototype last fall that is half the size of an iPhone 6 battery and offers more battery life per charge
  11. Chinese astronomers have detected a large cavity existing around Tycho's supernova, also know as SN 1572, exhibiting stream-like structures. The findings, show that the environments of the supernovae may be much more complicated than previously thought
  12. Record low for unmanned submersible: Reached a depth of 10,767 meters, setting a new national record. Haidou-1 set the record at the Mariana Trench. China is the third country to have built submersibles capable of reaching depths in excess of 10,000 meters
  13. China launching increasing number of journals in English: Some of the new journals – in fields such as science, technology and medicine – are making a big impact in global science, with 185 included in this year’s Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report, which lists the world’s most cited journals
  14. Shining 3D to form Chinese 3D printing ecosystem, aims to become 3D bioprinting leader
  15. China funds 18 bln yuan on science projects: designated priority areas, such as quantum information technology, cosmic ray detection, and global environmental change, were each financed with 2.8 million yuan on average
  16. Chinese students create a revolutionary new way to heal bone fractures: Known as BoneAid, the cast differs from traditional fixation casts in that one versatile cast can heal breaks in the leg, arm, or ankle — all with minor reassembly
  17. Six Chinese youths make MIT's innovators of the year list: list aims to highlight young innovators who are poised to be the leaders of their own fields, whether they are entrepreneurs or academic researchers
  18. China rockets to supercomputing leadership with homegrown chip tech: Sunway TaihuLight claimed top slot on the latest edition of the Top500 list, which ranks in terms of calculation speed. Also took the third spot on the Green500 list, which ranks the 500 fastest supercomputers by energy efficiency
In Economic news
  1. Lenovo's 64% profit jump beats estimates
  2. China tipped to overtake US as world’s largest retail market this year: New York-based eMarketer says annual mainland spending forecast to grow 13.3pc to US$4.886 trillion, to edge past the United States’ US$4.823 trillion
  3. Capturing China’s $5 trillion productivity opportunity
  4. Chinese selfie app aims for $1bn IPO
  5. Apple to build China R&D center
  6. China’s high-speed train maker launches operations in India
  7. China has taken over Scotland's North Sea oil production: China has taken over Scotland's oil production and now controls two of the North Sea’s biggest oilfields
  8. China's richest man set to seal two billion-dollar U.S. film deals. "My goal is to buy Hollywood companies and bring their technology and capability to China," Wang Jianlin said. In January, Wang splashed $3.5 billion to buy a controlling stake in U.S. film studio Legendary Entertainment
  9. Chinese group to buy Israel’s Spacecom satellite operator for $285 million
  10. China determined to improve quality, standard of consumer goods
  11. American Farmers Cashing In On China's New Taste For Cheese
In Military news
  1. How China Plans to Utilize Space for A2/AD in the Pacific: China is to successfully develop A2/AD capability, it will owe much credit to its rapidly advancing space capability and satellite infrastructure
  2. Here Comes China's First Homebuilt Aircraft Carrier: Satellite photographs indicate most major construction is complete, though much remains to be done and the carrier probably won't be operational until 2020 at the earliest
  3. Japan discovers Chinese ‘pier for warships’ near disputed islands: Several Chinese military vessels have already been noticed docking on the island. China’s military is reportedly building a large military base with complex radar installations in the Nanji chain
  4. China is eyeing the use of a high level of artificial intelligence and automation for its next generation of cruise missiles, a senior designer was quoted. They will allow commanders to control them in real time manner, or to use a fire-and-forget mode,or even to add more tasks to in-flight missiles
  5. China builds first overseas military outpost: Due for completion next year, the naval outpost is expected to feature weapons stores, ship and helicopter maintenance facilities and possibly a small contingent of Chinese marines or special forces
  6. Chinese ships, planes hold war games in Sea of Japan: main ships involved in the exercise were the Jingzhou, a latest-generation type 054A class stealth frigate of which China is planning to deploy more than two dozen, and the type 052C destroyer Xi'an
  7. Influence of Chinese Military in Central Asia: In 2014 China agreed to provide $6.5 million in military aid to Kyrgyzstan and promised hundreds of millions of dollars to Tajikistan. Since 2002, it has taken part in several bilateral or multilateral military exercises with the Central Asian republics
  8. China, Russia to hold South China Sea ‘drills’ next month
  9. China Transforming its Army into a Leaner, Meaner Fighting Machine: Analysts said a number of the existing 18 Army Groups, each of which consists of anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 men will be downsized into 25 to 30 smaller divisions
Other Notables
  1. Comparing the Chinese and American views on the South China Sea
  2. National Zoo in Washington Throws Birthday Party for Giant Panda Bei Bei
  3. Don't crack it! Worlds longest glass bottom bridge opens in Hunan, China
  4. Historical links will ensure the Sino-US relationship endures well beyond the current China bashing
  5. China's Most Influential Media Review Website Officially Branches off into Film Production
  6. Black mirrored flooring (designed to resemble water) and arched shelves create a tunnel of books inside a Chinese book store in Yangzhou. (x-post /roomporn)
  7. From Classmate to Soul Mate: The story of a Chinese couple at Oxford University who first met each other as deskmate in middle school and married each other earlier this month has gone viral
  8. Hard AF Chinese Hip Hop Shanghai Rap: 上海说唱/饶舌/中国说唱 : Ganja Wang 干架王 - BUSY GANG
  9. Amazing lantern show lightens SW China lake
  10. The Best of Nanjing time lapse
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    1. Bangladesh will honour 1,668 members of the Indian Army, who were martyred during the Bangladesh Liberation War. - "Their families will receive a Rs. 5 lakh purse as a mark of respect", said Liberation War Affairs Minister A.K.M. Mozammel Huq. (30 points, 4 comments)
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    6. Note ban breaks the backbone of Rs20 trillion trafficking industry - Demonetisation has brought the trafficking of women and girls for sex work—a Rs20 trillion industry—to a grinding halt, studies and rescue workers said. (21 points, 5 comments)
    7. India is becoming more generous with larger number of people stepping up to support others in tough times, according to a new study that shows the country climbing up the World Giving Index of global generosity. (xpost UpliftingKhabre) (20 points, 2 comments)
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