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Wannabe Programmer questions about a BIG project for client.

Hey guys! I think that this subreddit is the best for my problem.
I'm searching for programming "guidance/advice" for a big project that my client wants to sign it with me, before that I need to post the full background and I'm sure that this post can save me a LOT of time and might save me from a total fail!
My background:
I don't consider myself a programmer, I have worked in a big Marketing Agency and I was a WebMaster, the work that I have done for 4 years there was more than perfect and maybe too much for them. I was making educational platforms (Wordpress based), implementing payment solutions and a ton of plugins, a LOT of front-end and landing pages.
This is my official experience as a programmer (Not a great one because I don't really consider front-end a programming task, and I can say that can I name myself a senior in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress and a junior in PHP).
I don't consider myself a programmer because the experience gained in the agency it's not enough to make the best/good projects. I consider myself an IT guy because I lived in the last 6 years from domains like: hosting company, making games (Python framework and Unity/C#), making graphics web design, blockchain, crypto mining, and a lot of projects from a lot of digital domains. I know a lot of technologies and this is the reason that I don't consider myself a programmer. I'm a fast learner and I become mediocre at 10 domains instead of being good at one. Can make basic things in 10 programming languages and I can make a good project only in PHP.
A few months ago I resigned from the Agency and started working for myself as a Freelancer and starting a lot of personal projects. This year I decided that I want to be a programmer, a good one, don't want to focus on more domains anymore.
I started making a lot of websites, the majority in WordPress, custom theme and custom functions. I can deliver any website and platforms that can be built with the help of Wordpress, I know that I needed to start making things from scratch to learn more, and I made a project (two-months length) from where I learned twice ass much PHP than the last 2 years. I catch easy.
My client:
In the last months I worked for a client (remote) that required me to make a shop for musical samples with some features like affiliation platform, subscription, auto payments, custom audio player, etc... all on WordPress, this time WordPress helped and tangled me a lot but the project was easily finished.
The client It was incredibly happy with the result and we created a friendly-business environment.
Now, that everything works great, he wants to hire me to build a platform like
Note: I'm not just a "programmer" for this client, I helped him to better understand how things should work and I take all the decisions regardless the platform planning.

So, he wants me to deliver a platform that is having 80-90% of features present on, to understand better the project, Imagine a combination between SoundCloud and a marketplace, with feeds, widgets, a LOT of functions, etc...
I have explained to him what this it will mean and I wanted him to better understand the size of the project and the huge costs. Right now he wants me to make some research about BeatStars platform model (DONE), platform structure plan and features (working on it), and an approximative timeline (Not stressing, it's a LONG term project) and technologies used (Ouuuppss, there is my problem).
I'm not so dumb, I know that making a project like this there can't be a WordPress envolved. I know that I need to plan the functionality and make it from scratch, I know that I will need to use a separated server from the web one for the storage of the files.
I'm might be a little dumb, I would like to do it in PHP & MYSQL, from scratch. Or maybe use a framework? Witch, Why?
Or maybe I'm so dumb... Why if PHP & MYSQL can't perform well with a such amount of data and users and I should use other technologies, if so, witch? I should front-end-it with simple HTML and CSS, or maybe frameworks? UGh...
So, this project can be my golden goose for this year, financially and carrier wise.
I know that I can build this with some headaches, but don't want to do it bad. I don't want to make it in the wrong way, I want to be my best project and learn/grow with it.
I'm curious what you guys think?
- What technologies do I need to use?
- Too much for one guy?
- To little experience?

[EDIT: OMG, I wrote so much, I have this "problem" usually. Sorry for your time]
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