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The crypto market’s correlation with traditional markets (by Robert Aron Zawiasa)
At the time of Corona virus and the — not so related — economic meltdown, many questions the correlation between the virtual economy of cryptocurrencies and the “trad” one.
Why is it such an important question? For many years crypto evangelists predicted Bitcoin as a new safe-haven, the “digital gold”. — Oh boy, they were wrong.
The correlation is not imaginary, trad market players now have significant capital in cryptocurrency and when they need to pull liquidity to cover fiat liabilities, they just do it. The reason for the steep drop in % terms is because the BTC market is not liquid enough at this point in time.
Is it a problem? A heresy of the crypto evangelion?
A heresy for sure, but not a problem at all. Let’s be honest and admit it: The crypto community found nothing unusual in the recent price-drops. I, myself even shorted the market, because crypto is still full of promises but lacking adoption.
Okay, so they are correlating and crypto is full of shit and scammy and basically the same, right?
Not so! Do you remember the times when we had to wait days for a transaction? Paying with wire transfer for something in China was insanely expensive? When merchants preferred cash over credit cards, because of high fees? When you had to hire a broker for investing?
Those times are gone and yes, not because of crypto solved these problems, but crypto definitely accelerated this transformation, urged the financial world to change rules or die. Now what if I say, this is only the beginning and these are only entry-level benefits of what really crypo promises?

Crypto promises us the “digital America”

Uh, I said it. Crypto is the new land and all the resourceful wants their own pieces of it. The reason behind why so many are thinking about Bitcoin as the digital gold is because the digital America’s gold rush is happening now. We all know deep in our consciousness that the world is heavily changing, the youth is changing, society is being digitalized even if brain-computer interfaces are not a thing yet..
Damn son you are weird and I stopped reading here.
The reason you feel weird about our descendants living online is because you know it will happen, but stay in the present now and I will tell you what crypto is doing to our traditional economy!

What is the “crypto dream”?

Many of the early adopters joined not because they wanted to make money, but because they think the current money system is unfair. Common citizens are paying the highest on almost everything and most of the time they don’t know about it. The financial sector’s practices are so hidden, almost like an occult knowledge. There are a few people who understand it and then there are everyone else, the vulnerable. This makes the first statement of the dream:
One of my biggest frustration as a teenager was I did not see real good opportunities in the world. I read about them, I saw them in historical movies, but in reality workplaces were boring and abusive, investments were only for the rich. Neither the booming housing market or fake forex trading seemed like a good fit for me. I had very little money, but a big passion to forge my fortune.
The wolves of Wall Street created our current system in the ideology of “I own what I could acquire” and backfired each other just like everyone did. They have done this, because there is no trust in the traditional world, but trust is heavily needed. But if things are transparent and open, we only need one more thing to wake up from this nightmare:
You read it right, a trustless environment provide uncheatable cooperation. There is no single entity that has authority over the system, and consensus is achieved without participants having to know or trust anything but the system itself.
I don’t eat your utopian bullshit! Your software is written by people I still need to trust.
People tend to be happier to direct trust towards organizations than systems. However, while organizations are made up of people who are easily corruptible, trustless systems can be governed entirely by computer code. All of the source code in crypto should be accessible to everyone. If it is not, then it is not a part of our ecosystem.

The technology behind crypto

Many being confused about the blockchain, thinking it is not a big deal. We had many software far older than Bitcoin, implementing the very same ideas. What Bitcoin had — which made the blockchain a very unique thing — is philosophy. It was intended to use a special way and confronted a very big thing, nobody thought it could be possible to confront.
The blockchain is a way to store information. A decentralized, fully transparent one, which is accessible for everyone 7/24. It never stops, It cannot be stopped and people make it doing different things.
The first use case its inventor made it doing is persisting transactions, money transfers. He told all of us it is just an experiment, which he didn’t tell is the capabilities of this technology. So fast people realized it is possible to do extraordinary things with it, like running a whole computer on the blockchain, making it behave like a virtual computer instance.
No one did things like this before: A global computer which cannot be stopped, which is capable to run all kinds of software on it.

What was the impact?

People go mad about it, especially greedy people who don’t know a bum about the technology but have money to pour in. At one point, the fundraising softwares running on the Ethereum global computer had more impact and volume than the whole VC industry in America. This was only the early rising of crypto, 2017 spring. Later that year, everyone hopped on the train who were brave or stupid enough.
Did crypto had a real economy at that point? Was it an industry? Real-world adoption? NOPE
It was a bitter funny hype train, challenging everyone inside or outside the community, but it showed us one thing: We have the gold.
Not so much people are capable to find and extract gold, to be honest: Most of us are just lurkers, fortune hunters and times could be rough when a mass hype destructs all the mines, but people had keep going, continuing the work.

How the crypto economy relates to the traditional economy now?

It is expanding much faster than any other economy in the world. Our frontiers in adoption are companies like paying hundred millions of dollars ($50 bonus for every new customer) to onboard millions of users, others like Coinbase paying $166 anyone to motivate in learning about cryptocurrencies. Handshake is airdropping hundreds of dollars (on current rates) to open-source developers and these are just a few examples of how generous and prosperous our thriving world is. In comparison: Revolut, a fintech company which is very similar to only paid 10 USD for new card holders and no one would ever pay you to educate yourself about financials. Developers? They historically get a fraction of a fraction of the pie in Silicon Valley. (Sorry Y Combinator, you are a delightful exception)
These companies I mentioned are very traditional ones and they are not innovating in software, but keeping our gates open to the new world. I don’t want to credit here any of the thousands of developer teams, all working on the “real deal”. I only leave here a link to the list of all variants of the Bitcoin source code alone. Understanding what blockchain companies are working on is a whole new profession now.
The idea of a crypto company is the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Which covers trustless, often anonymous and fully transparent organizations with profit sharing and they are aimed to become better alternatives to traditional companies. Most of us in the community have different understanding, proposals and hopes about what a DAO should be, but common sense tell us it is the next big thing to emerge.

Wild West is Happening

We are building railway systems across the land, making connections and interoperations between blockchains. We are attracting a lot of immigrants day-to-day, because we have better paying workplaces, better interest rates and in overall a flourish economy. We are growing a strong identity to support our nation as the blockchain developers, economists, philosophers and investors. Our money is under our control as we own our future and all of us knows: We will soon show the world, what we are capable to achieve.
This is my view of the crypto world. This is the manifesto of “digital America”.
contact me at
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Some thoughts on the implications of Aurora

So the elephant in the room: NOW HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO AURORA? Yes, I know. I'm sorry I rambled. I just love thinking about these things.
But anyways, Aurora poses some very, very interesting implications, given that it is all legitimate and everything will be followed through. It is a coin that, through it's blatant attempt at boosting the adoption curve for crypto, does so through a very exciting method.
Aurora is a redistribution of wealth. No matter how you spin it, it is taking a great concentrated sum of money and giving it away to a population. Given the factors listed above, this wealth is likely inaccessible by some number of partners or even one large single individual (likely cryptillionares) who are involved with aur. If my assumptions are correct and they cannot access their large wealth contained within their assets, then the idea of aur is a fantastic alternative in a chaotic, volatile world moving towards homeostasis. It is taking a small fortune produced by some individuals, and redistributing it. Simultaneously, the increased exposure leads to increased volume, legitimacy, and normalcy for their other coins. Even if every single person cashes out right away, the idea behind this coin will make headlines.
This coin is a protest. It is a protest against failing currencies that are forced upon populations by governments. It is a protest against enemies of crypto. It is a protest against an attack on the freedoms of choice. All this coin presents is a choice to the people of Iceland, and the statement behind that sentiment is unprecedented (well, except for the entirety of crypto, but lets talk on a mass adoption scale). It is everything Occupy Wall Street hoped for, but couldn't accomplish with their whining. Cryptos offer people an opportunity to reject the corruption of their financial institutions, and the false government promises of regulation and justice against wrong-doers. It is a choice to where you will store your net worth, and an opportunity to put it somewhere that won't make someone else rich for "holding it" for you, while you make nothing.
Why do I love Aurora so much? It points this all out in brave, stark font. It spells out to opponents of crypto's adoption and skeptics: I do not care for the idea of forced currency. I do not like restrictions of freedom and choice. I am willing to spend millions on an act that shows both how much I believe in the technology of my product and how strongly I want to go against many of the wrong things you stand for.
I am hopeful for the future. I am hopeful for Aur and I am especially hopefuly for crypto, but if this brave experiment results in a quick deflation of Aur's value, rest assured that the noise it kicks up will trickle money into our economy as a whole soon enough.
Sorry for the rambling in parts, but all of this excites me. There is enough injustice in the world, usually in the face of justices enforcers, and so much is enabled by money and wealth. I've both hated it and respected it for as long as I can remember. The fact that crypto gives people a means of asserting themselves against a major tyrannical institution of modern times excites me, and it excites me even more that it is done through unity. It is a unity behind the purity of ideas, statements, and implications found within crypto-participation that excites me, and the fact that it only gets stronger with increased cohesion and faith seems like a small bit of justice in a very unregulated world.
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