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bathrobeDFS - Daily Analysis for April 12th, 2019 (MLB)

Hello, everyone!! bathrobeDFS is here with your Daily MLB Analysis. First, I will go over any weather concerns. Then, we will take a look at the Vegas lines. Next, I will take a look at Pitchers. Then I will look at the Hitters. All of this will be discussed as someone who plays on DraftKings. If you have any additional questions or want to see guaranteed updates in regards to breaking news- I provide additional updates, information, and stats on my twitter @bathrobeDFS. Feel free to throw me a follow cause it’s much easier and more timely to provide updates over that medium. I also have a Venmo and Patreon for those that would like to donate
I also strongly suggest joining us on Flick. It’s a live chat app that allows me, and a wonderful group of people, to deal with news as it happens, talk about the slate, share lineups, and break things down in a way I simply can’t on any other medium. It is also invite only, so there are no trolls and only good, helpful people talking all different sports, all day, every day.. If you want to join us there, Download the Flick App and send me a message so I can get you an invite. That’s it! Free and easy!
With that being said, let’s get into it!
Game Notes (SPs, Vegas Lines, Weather)
With the advent of my website, I will be handling this a little differently. It’s MUCH MUCH easier for me to just do all this on a spreadsheet to display on the site, so I am going to do that for baseball. I will be adding more information onto this. This is the simplest rough template I put together. But it will evolve. I will put stats in for batters, etc… It’s gonna be a one stop location for everything you need to know about a lineup
This is the google docs link (until the website is launched this weekend
Today’s Slate
Weather Games
Tigers vs Twins - PPD.
Pirates vs Nations - I don’t think this game will play out. The rain is already starting to dot the DC area and it’s just supposed to worsen as the night goes on. If this does play, I would avoid the SPs since I imagine there is a HUGE risk of a rain delay. And I like Williams and Corbin as pitchers. I guess the best case scenario is the game starts, Corbin goes 1 IP, they rain delay, and then they try to finish with the worst bullpen in the NL meaning having exposure to the Pirates may not be the worst thing. Though, again, the rain.
Pitchers (w/ Ownership Projections)
Great Pitchers
Trent Thornton (7800, RHP - 12% owned) vs TB - I have told you to play Thornton so far both times he has pitched. He has gotten you 26.1 and 19.8 DKP in both starts, amassing 15 K in 10.2 IP. Dude isn’t priced nearly high enough for his upside, and people don’t know who he is so he isn’t getting that ownership. Count me in as someone who is going to play extra lineups today so I can get Thornton in over the field. Not to mention this is a Rays team that has stuck out the 3rd most on the season.
Carlos Carrasco (11000, RHP - 23% owned) at KC - As far as I am concerned, there are 2 ways to approach this slate if you are a single entry player, as I normally am - First, you go Carrasco/Thornton and work in some medium priced bats. Or an expensive stack with some cheaper fill-ins. Or second, you go Thornton/Another cheap SP and try to go expensive with hitters. Cause, as of right now, the 3 most popular plays are E-Rod, Happ, and Carrasco, and I think that leaves the expensive bats (like Boston and NYY) underowned. Still, all of this ignores that Carrasco has the stuff to win the Cy and he is the best pitcher on this slate. And no one is really close. We assume that will translate into a good score, because it should.
Christopher Paddack (9700, RHP - 6%) at ARI - I guess I was wrong a second ago when I said there were two ways of approaching this slate. You can also pivot off of Carrasco and take Paddack who is priced significantly lower, will go significantly lower owned, and has just as much upside. The only problem with the kid is his leash. But how can you complain about a kid that has 11 K in 8.2 IP? He has a WHIP of 0.92 so far. He doesn’t give up runs, he doesn’t give up hits (though a few too many walks), and he has dominant, high-K stuff. People aren’t paying for him cause they don’t know who he is. But I do. And now you do too. And he is someone you should be playing almost every time he takes the mound. Especially against an Arizona team that has at least 3 guaranteed Ks every time through the order.
Great Pitcher???
JA Happ (9200, LHP - 28% owned) vs CWS - Happ is a good pitcher. I mean, he was. That’s kind of the point of this section. I have talked about how some pitchers fall off a cliff and some just give in to the inevitable decline that comes with aging. Happ is 36 years old and got to start off the year with 2 starts against the hapless Orioles (thank you). He didn’t make it out of the 4th inning either time and, if you check the lineup page, you will see that he has not had the greatest success. This is a tough White Sox team. I mean, they aren’t going to win a lot of games, but Abreu, Anderson, and Moncada especially should be able to give him fits, and that’s ignoring the talent of the young kids Eloy and Rondon. You can take a chance on Happ if you want. He certainly has the talent and the K upside. But, as the 2nd highest owned pitcher tonight, who has been unable to find his stuff this year, I would rather bet on age rearing its ugly head than Happ pitching like a 25 year old.
Eduardo Rodriguez (9000, LHP - 32% owned) vs BAL - Rodriguez clocks in as the most popular play of the day. And I get it. I’ve been playing E-Rod in advantageous opportunities for a couple years now. The problems here are several fold: First, BAL has proven they are annoying, especially against LHP. Just ask the aforementioned JA Happ or his teammate James Paxton, both of who are significantly better then Rodriguez. Second, E-Rod has looked AWFUL so far this year. A 2.75 WHIP with 6 BB and 7 K in 8 IP?? I know the A’s and Mariners are better than the O’s by light years, but that doesn’t mean E-Rod will magically have a good start. I know Vegas and everything else would tell you to play E-Rod. Given the ownership, how bad he’s looked, and how annoying this unknown O’s team is, I would rather stay away and hope he implodes, letting us get a huge edge over a plurality of the field.
Great Spots
Jake Arrieta (8800, RHP - 14% owned) at MIA - I know Arrieta is a long way away from the Cy Young pitcher we saw a couple years back, and I know that this year he has looked pretty awful (which is why you can’t look at just ERA for people). When you have 13 IP and 9 BB and 7 K there is something wrong. But I also know that the Marlins, who can’t stop being shut out, are as good a spot to get right as any in baseball. I don’t think there’s an offense nearly as bad, having seen them all now for a couple weeks. Plus, there is no way he should be the 6th highest owned pitcher here. Not against the Marlins. I know he hasn’t looked good, but neither have the Marlins.
Brad Keller (7100, RHP - 3% owned) vs CLE - We know a lot here- First, Keller is an extreme ground ball pitcher. What he lacks in any other facet is made up for by that fact. He has 19 IP and only 13 K which isn’t ideal for DFS, but this is an Indians team that will boost that projected K total. On top of that, he has really limited hits on the season - the fact that, over 19 IP he has 8 walks and an WHIP of almost 1 should tell you that, even when his control isn’t all there, he’s missing down (in his case). He’s not wild, leaving things over the plate. He’s intelligently working to people based on his strengths. Given how swing happy some of these Indians are, I would expect Keller to be one of the best starters of the day, and easily someone to pair with Thornton. I don’t understand how he is this low owned.
GPP Plays
Sandy Alcantara (7300, RHP - 3% owned) vs PHI - Sandy Alcantara had about as different a two starts as you could have. In his first go round, at home against the Rockies, he went 8 IP giving up 4 hits, 0 walks, 0 ER and striking out 6. Good for 31.6 DKP. His second start, on the road in Atlanta, he got through 4 innings, again giving up 4 hits, but this time he also gave up 2 ER because he walked 5 and struck out 0. Now the Braves are a really hard team to strikeout. And so far, the Phillies have been as well. But, in his home park (which is a massive pitcher’s park), at almost no ownership, I will take a GPPs chance in an MME situation on Alcantara being able to get 20+ DKP today. He is still a kid, and he was a pretty decent prospect so it’s really not crazy for him to be serviceable and completely under the radar. Especially considering, with a nasty sinker and changeup that break away from LHB, he could really make it hard on people like Bryce that people will be all over.
Corbin Burnes (8500, RHP - 1% owned) at LAD - I know Burnes has had a tough go of it to start off his rookie season. He starts his career against the Cards, Cubs and Dodgers. He also can’t stop giving up HR, which comes from a wild pitcher with dynamite stuff. As I pointed out yesterday, wild means you are just as likely to leave it over the plate. And he has given up SIX HOMERUNS IN 10 INNINGS. That is nuts. But what’s also nuts is he also also stuck out EIGHTEEN. This is a dude with the talent to be rookie of the year. If he could find his control for one start, you have someone with 40 DKP upside that, literally, no one will be on. He is currently the lowest projected owned pitcher. Which I TOTALLY get. But, at the same time, 18 K in 10 IP. How do you not take some kind of chance there.
Wade Miley (7000, LHP - 3% owned) at SEA - Oh boy. This is a tough one. I mean, Miley is a good pitcher. He’s not great. But he’s definitely better than 7k and 3% ownership. He has decent strikeout stuff, has good upside, and is going against a Mariners offense I am unsure about when it comes to LHB. I mean, Smith and Bruce should be useless. Gordon and Murphy should be useless. That’s 4/9ths right there. If he can work around the bigger bats, there’s plenty of outs and plenty of Ks here for Miley. And he’s going overlooked at that price.
Drew Pomeranz (8100, LHP - 5% owned) vs COL - Talk about overpriced. That is why no one wants to roster Pomeranz today. But we are ignoring the fact that the Rockies are awful away from home and, even though he’s had a lot of trouble finding the plate this season, he has still been able to strike out 11 in 9 IP. Apart from the middle of this lineup, there’s just not a lot that worries me here. I don’t like the price, but I do like the spot for him. And I think i’ll have to go there, at least a little bit.
No Thanks
TB Rays Opener Situation - I don’t want to play any of them, nor the long relievers that should take over. And they proved last year how insanely effective this is against hitters. So count me out for any TOR batters tonight, at all. Period. Especially with that AAA lineup the Blue Jays have rolled out.
Julio Urias (8700, LHP - 3%) vs MIL - If you want to pay almost 9k for a pitcher that, at most, will get you 5 IP today, and could easily get pulled in the 4th again, go right ahead. There are very few things in sports that get me as angry as the way the Dodgers manage their rotation. But nothing we can do about it, but ignore it completely.
Stacking Opportunities (in no particular order)
Yankees vs Giolito (RHP, CWS) - Giolito is someone I have recommended before. He was the #1 prospect in all of baseball before he needed another Tommy John. Now he’s getting back into the swing of things. I certainly think it’s feasible to take a DEEP GPP flier on him given how low owned he will be, but odds are much better the Yankees are going to be able to make consistent contact and but a hammerin’ on young Luke.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 8
Chalk Level (1-10): 8
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Judge (OF - 5100), Sanchez (C - 4900), Bird (1B - 3900), then go back to the top and work down
Boston Red Sox vs David Hess (RHP, BAL) - The Boston Red Sox are projected to score as many runs today as a team would normally be projected to score in Coors Field. It’s not often you get a 10 total outside of Coors, especially when one of the teams is projected for under 4, but here we are. Hess has looked good his first 2 starts but let’s not kid ourselves. He’s not a good pitcher and his luck is going to run out sooner or later. I would take the chance that it is today, against one of the best lineups in baseball.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 10
Chalk Level (1-10): 10
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Start at the top and work down
Mets vs Kyle Wright (RHP, @ATL) - As I pointed out yesterday, the Mets hit a LOT better outside of Citi Field. So I am going to bump their projections when they aren’t there, and I am going to relish in the fact they are going to be consistently underpriced due to that fact. I think that, with Alonso out, people might be less on this stack as it is, but McNeil moving to the leadoff spot is a HUGE deal, and he should be a huge priority for you here. He’s a pure hitter, and Atlanta’s new stadium was made for LHB. Kyle Wright has looked fine and should find some Ks, but a lot less with Nimmo batting 8s and the lineup looking like it is.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9
Chalk Level (1-10): 3
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Get McNeil (3B/OF - 4100) and Conforto (OF - 4700) in there, for sure, then I do love Rosario in the 2 hole and Dom Smith will go completely overlooked (especially on FD where he is only 2200 and could hit you a couple doubles or a HR today) You can play anyone though, except Nimmo.
Braves vs Zack Wheeler (RHP, NYM) - While I may not like this stack as much as some of the others (given the fact Wheeler could be an ace for some teams), given how poor Wheeler has looked I think this is completely viable. If he continues to be unable to find the plate, this patient Braves team is going to draw 6 BB of him and force him from the start early, before getting to the weak part of the Mets bullpen. The Braves are also a tougher team to strikeout than the league average, meaning Wheeler is even worse off here than normal. I worry about his upside, but I can’t deny the Braves stack looks really nice tonight
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 7
Chalk Level (1-10): 6
Preferred Stack: Full
*Preferred Players: Freeman and Inciarte first. Then Markakis. If you wanna do a mini stack and stop there that’s fine. Otherwise you can add in whoever else you want that is cheap enough. *
A’s vs Drew Smyly (LHP, @TEX) - This one is pretty simple. It’s math, right? You take one offense that has been smashing lately. You add the fact that they can murder LHP. You add one LHP that’s been underperforming and can’t stop letting people on base. You add a guarantee of 9 times AB. You add the fact they are underpriced. You add a positive weather environment. And you have a lot of runs scored for the A’s, somewhat under the radar. Well, yes please!
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9
Chalk Level (1-10): 7
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Khris Davis has to be the lynchpin of any stack, or, if you want, any one-off you play from here. Given the way the lineup looks, I would also love to take Semien, Canha, and Phegley as well. There is also nothing wrong with Pinder, Profar, and then Chapman. But that’s the order I like em in.
Rangers vs Mike Fiers (RHP, OAK) - Mike Fiers is a terrible pitcher that walks everyone and gives up a ton of hits and HR and doesn’t strike people out. Looks like a hell of a good day to stack an underpriced and underowned group of Rangers hitters that can really hurt him here.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9
Chalk Level (1-10): 6
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Get Gallo in, who is a good bet for a HR today, then start at the top and work your way down. I also like Asdrubal a lot, but that’s just me
Padres vs Luke Weaver (RHP, @ARI) - The Padres get a huge park upgrade against a bad pitcher that people think is good. That means they are underowned and, if you look at the spreadsheet, they are also underpriced. I mean Luke Weaver is projected to be 18% owned, the 4th highest on the slate. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to stack against that, to increase your leverage on the field. Especially when, again, Luke Weaver is not good. Maybe he will be someday. But now is not the day.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9
Chalk Level (1-10): 2
Preferred Stack: Full
Preferred Players: Start with Hosmer, who has a great chance for a HR as well, then start at the top and work down.
Dodgers vs Corbin Burnes (RHP, MIL) - I am more likely to pitch Burnes than stack against him. If anything, his HR stuff is more prone to one-offs than a stack but, given the fact he has given up 3 HR each start, you can still take a chance that more than one of these guys is going to get you a HR. It’s a tough MIL bullpen, and the only get 8 innings to hit if they are in the lead, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hit you a bunch of HR in that time.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 5
Chalk Level (1-10): 10
Preferred Stack: Mini
Preferred Players: Pederson, Bellinger, Seager are the most preferred. In that order, considering price. Independent of price, Bellinger is in a great spot if he doesn’t K
Astros vs Wade LeBlanc (LHP, @SEA) - Wade LeBlanc is not a good pitcher. He’s 2-0 and that might make people think he’s better than he is, but it’s more a function of luck and run support. Right now, he’s going to be tested and it’s going to go poorly for someone that gives up a lot of HR, walks a ton of people, doesn’t K enough folks, and is going against a lineup of lefty killers
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9
Chalk Level (1-10): 9
Preferred Stack: Full
*Preferred Players: Springer, Altube, Correa, Gurriel, Chirinos, and Tyler White, in that order. *
Giants vs Bettis (RHP, COL) - While I was going to recommend Bettis as a GPP play, he is 16% owned and how would that be a GPP play when he’s one of the most popular plays on the slate. And the reason he was a GPP play is because he has looked TERRIBLE to start the year. Even in TB, which is almost as good a pitcher’s park as SF, he got shelled. Just cause Bettis is on the road going against a poor team doesn’t mean he won’t get shelled again. There are still bats on this Giants team and no one is going to be on them at all.
How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 4
Chalk Level (1-10): 1
Preferred Stack: Mini or Full
Preferred Players: Start with Belt, who could get a HR today, followed by Panik, Crawford, Parra and Duggar.
One-Off Batters
White Sox RHB - While I don’t like these guys enough to stack them, Anderson, Abreu, Moncada, Eloy, and Rondon make for very, very interesting one offs. I would rank them in that order, as well. Anderson shouldn’t be more expensive than Abreu, but he has been hot and he has a much harder position to fill.
Jesus Sucre (C - 2800) - While there are certainly more flashy plays, odds are you are going to want to punt C most of the time. It lets you fit in better bats and better pitchers. Since, generally, the worst production comes from the Cs (which is why FanDuel eliminated it, essentially) it makes sense to take one as cheap as you can get it some days. Well here you have someone not batting last, at 2800, who has extreme splits that should give him as good a chance as any C to produce today, especially against a wild pitcher like E-Rod who is prone to leave one over the plate. This isn’t a safe play, mind you, but I will have some Sucre today for sure.
Rhys Hoskins (1B - 5000) - Rhys Hoskins is an extreme reverse splits hitter going against a righty whose stuff breaks in to him?? Oh my god, he could hit 2 HR today, even if Alcantara can take down the rest of the team.
HR CALL OF THE SLATE: Rhys Hoskins and Mookie Betts
Sorry this was so late! Hope you have enough time to dig into everything!
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bathrobeDFS - Daily Analysis for April 7th (NBA)

Hello, everyone! bathrobeDFS here with your daily basketball article. I will go over tonight’s slate as someone that plays on Draftkings. If you have any additional questions or want to see guaranteed updates in regards to breaking news- I provide additional updates, information, and stats on my twitter @bathrobeDFS. Feel free to throw me a follow cause it’s much easier and more timely to provide updates over that medium. I also have a Venmo and Patreon for those that want to donate.
I also strongly suggest joining us on Flick. It’s a live chat app that allows me, and a wonderful group of people, to deal with news as it happens, talk about the slate, share lineups, and break things down in a way I simply can’t on any other medium. It is also invite only, so there are no trolls and only good, helpful people talking all different sports, all day, every day.. If you want to join us there, Download the Flick App and send me a message so I can get you an invite. That’s it! Free and easy!
It also should go without saying, this is just a preliminary analysis of the slate: everything can change throughout the day, so make sure you are staying on top of any and all injury news and change your lineups accordingly!
Vegas Lines and Injury News
SA/CLE - 219.5, SA -9
OKC/MIN - 229, OKC -6.5
CHA/DET - 215, DET -6.5
BK/IND - 220, IND -3.5
DAL/MEM - 212, MEM -2
ATL/MIL - 234, MIL -10.5
PHX/HOU - 225, HOU -18.5 (lol)
ORL/BOS - 217, BOS -5
WAS/NY - 226, WAS -4.5
LAC/GS - 236.5, GS -11.5
DEN/POR - 217, POR -7.5
NO/SAC - 234, SAC -10.5
Oh god. It’s a 14 game slate. This late in the season. I don’t know how any of us are supposed to handle that when half of every roster is out, half of all teams don’t care about winning right now, and half of the games are not even playable. If you haven’t taken a look at the remaining schedule for the NBA season, you may be surprised just how it looks. Right now we have:
End of Season
So be ready for some pouring without any raining. Especially for me. Sigh. Let’s get into it.
Early Slate
Here is a quick 5 game! Then we have a bigger slate tonight. Let’s get into it.
Situations to take advantage of (injury news, etc.) - Basically, in chronological order
Spurs vs Cavs
This is a game vs a very good team playing the best D over the past month vs the Cavs. I don’t care what the spread says. On top of everything else, this is a slow paced game. With a 5 game slate here, we may have to take whatever we can get here. So, first, on the Spurs I am taking White (5400) matched up against a terrible CLE guard D. Sexton and Clarkson are so, so bad it’s not even believable. White is going to have a field day. You can also go to LMA (8500) but I suspect that he will be guarded by Love. DDR (7600) is a much better option for 50 DKP against the also horrid D of Cedi.
On the Cavs side, if you want to play anyone, go for the Bigs - with Thompson out, I will take a chance on either Love (7200), Nance (6600) or Zizic (3600), though Nance is slightly too expensive, even if Tristan is out.
Thunder vs Wolves
This one is super easy - almost all of the usage in this game is going to go through 3 people. So we should definitely focus on Westbrook (11400), who has a tremendous matchup against a bad Wolves PG defense, PG13 (10000), who will see the horrid D of Wiggins, and KAT (9700), who has a tough matchup against Adams, but isn’t really guardable since he creates shots if he can’t get to the basket. You can go for any of these 3, and I am a big fan of starting your lineups for this slate by taking 2 of them and building around it.
The other play I would draw your attention to is Okogie (4300), who I hate playing, but he is the SG getting 25-30 minutes against OKC. You can also go to Schroder (5600), since he will get a bunch of usage and will still face some terrible D. The same goes for Grant (5600) who will get a bunch of time against Saric.
Hornets vs Pistons
While I didn’t think it was possible, someone fell past Kanter into the spot of “worst defensive C in the NBA.” That someone is Hernangomez (4400). He is certainly someone you can play at that price, especially considering his opponent isn’t one of the best defenders himself. But the real play in this game is Drummond (9600). The Pistons are in a must win spot, and, as much as I think it’s worth a GPP shot on a too-cheap Blake (8400), Drummond should easily get a 20/20 today if given the time. If you want to take one of the OKC guys and Drummond instead of KAT, I totally get it.
You can take a shot on Kemba (9100) if you really want, but Detroit is SO SLOW and SO DEFENSIVE and they actually care, so I would rather find the money and spend up for someone else. With Marvin out, you can also take a chance on Kaminsky (5300) who should get a ton of minutes today, and could easily pay off a salary most people would be hesitant to pay.
Nets vs Pacers
With the Nets able to take advantage of the absence of Giannis yesterday, today that will face another one of the toughest defensive matchups in the NBA, taking on the Pacers in a pace down matchup where it is going to be tough for the Nets to score a lot of points. This means it will be really tough for me to go to D Lo (9300) at that price. I will, however, continue to take a stab on either Dinwiddie (5300) or LeVert (5700) since they have seemed to get to a point where only one of them will have a good performance per day, since fantasy points are a zero sum game after all. I would lean heavier on LeVert, given his matchups against Wes and Bojan are the best matchups on the Pacers while Dinwiddie will almost certainly see more Tyreke, who is a great defender in his own rite.
On the Pacers, we have CENTERS AGAINST THE NETS. This means you can play BOTH Turner (6700) and/or Sabonis (6500) and both would be fantastic plays with a serious chance to pay off. I even think, on a 5 game slate, you can play both of them together in order to separate yourself from a field that will not do that. I think one of these guys will have close to 50 and the other close to 40 and, at those prices, I will take it.
Mavs vs Grizzlies
Yuck. This game is a mess. Conley probably won’t play. Doncic isn’t playing. They traded away their good centers. They play slow but give up a ton of points. It just sucks. That being said, this is still a 5 game slate so we need to take what we can get.
That means, on the Dallas side, going all in on Brunson (5200) who should be the first person you lock in today. You should also give serious consideration to Powell (6100) who will be seeing a horrific defender, no matter who mans C for Memphis (presumably Rabb). BUt Brunson is, far and away, my favorite. I think Burke (5200) is an interesting pivot, especially considering how unpopular he will be (especially after his performance last game). But that’s the kind of player Burke is. Horrible and infuriating. With Kleber out, we have seen Dallas go smaller more often than not, making Jackson (4600) a really sneaky play that no one will be on, but could easily get over 30 DKP on this small slate, winning it for you.
On the Grizzlies side, it’s pretty easy. Wright (7100) is too expensive for most people to pay for him, but he showed you his upside. Dallas is one of the worst teams against PG and he could repeat. While I don’t expect him to, I don’t think it’s chasing points to expect him to have another fantastic game here. I do expect him to be chalky though, so if you want to pivot off that to another player who has shown his upside in a similarly fantastic matchup, go down to Dorsey (5000) who almost no one will be on. I will also add, Rabb (5600) is going to get about 30 minutes and, while he’s not the best, neither is Powell and he should easily pay this off. Also Zeller (3100) is going to play 18 or so minutes and, while I hate to use up a C spot here, he is my favorite punt on the slate and it’s not even close.
Main Slate
Ahhh the last Sunday of Regular Season NBA for this year. The Playoffs start in 6 days. That’s nuts. I can’t wait to be pissed that the Warriors win again cause, come on. Let’s be realistic here. No one wants it but who is going to stop them??
Hawks vs Bucks
Oh god. This game was already going to be a slaughter. Now we get a Bucks team on the 2nd half of a back-to-back, so we have NO idea who they are resting tonight (because, come on.. Let’s be realistic). What we do know is that Trae and Collins are OUT for the Hawks. THat means that you can literally just play any Bucks that wind up starting. Since Giannis was out yesterday, assuming that was for rest and not an actually injury, he is the best bet for production. But, again, why would this game stay even remotely close?? Depending on who starts, the most expensive play I would take is Bledsoe (7200) and then get cheaper from there. Any of the Bucks are in play against the super fast, non defensive Hawks team. I greatly prefer the punts though, like Hill (4600) and Wilson (3900) and PatCon (4800)
On the Hawks side, you have to lock in Jaylen Adams (3400) who will get all the minutes he can handle, and Bembry (5300) who becomes the backup PG. It’s not a great matchup, but it’s not like they’re going to forfeit at halftime. Dudes are still gonna get minutes and put shots up. It’s just a question of figuring out who is most likely. Right now, Adams and Bembry will control the ball enough, they should be the top priorities. This leaves Bazemore (3900) running SG for most of the time, making him a fantastic punt play as well. Just know he’s been exceedingly popular lately. I would imagine that Anderson (4000) and Bembry will backup Baze, with Anderson also getting on backup SF duty behind Prince (4900). While Prince is fine, I love Anderson significantly more, especially at that price and the minutes and production he will get without Trae and Collins. PF will be manned by Vince Carter (3600) and Isaac Humphries (3000). Adams and Humphries are almost certainly going to wind up being the best 2 punts on the slate. I expect both of them to get 10x here. Carter will also get some serious minutes, and he’s probably going to be done soon. So they might as well run him out as much as they can. Without Collins, I think Len (5100) and Davis (3300) are OK plays, but I like others more for production, especially given they will have to guard BroLo who will pull them from the basket a whole lot.
Suns vs Rockets
18.5 point spread!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
Ok, so… i mean.. In single entry don’t go to any of the expensive plays, but make sure you have some shares of Harden if you MME. But my god this game should be over by the half. I don’t even know why the Rockets are playing everyone, except to just cement the win and then rest them. So, if I am going anywhere on Houston, I’m going cheap. That means House (3800), Rivers (3300) and anyone else at the bottom here that will get mop up duty. I would bet on Faried (4200) too, but I’m mess less sure they don’t also try to rest him.
On the Suns side, you have to go back to who you played a couple days ago - Jackson (6700), Crawford (4600) and Daniels (3900). If Holmes (6200) plays, he’s a little expensive but I still love him here. If he sits, I am all over Spalding (4300) again with some Bender (5000) as well. Otherwise, yuck. What an awful game.
Celtics vs Magic
This is one of those times when this is going to be a FANTASTIC real life basketball game but not one that we are going to love for DFS purposes. We are talking 2 defensive minded teams that have no problem keeping the pace down. That being said, the Magic are in MUST WIN mode, so we are going to be able to count on their starters getting all the run they can handle, giving them a bump in terms of that. So let’s look.
I assume Boston starts Horford at the 4 and Baynes at the 5 again, at which point I will be all over Vuc (9600). Horford (6600) would also be underpriced for the matchup against Gordon. But Vuc against Baynes isn’t really a contest, and Vuc should be well on his way to 50 DKP. I don’t know if that will be enough, though. I will also point out that the best place to attack the Celtics are through Morris and Tatum lately, so I would take the backup Magic players, like Ross (5700), who is going to see some Morris in the 2nd unit and some Tatum when he gets some SF run with the main unit.
Also, you can play the hell out of Kyrie (8700). The Magic are slow and great at D, sure. But Kyrie can put up 60 DKP any game, and, assuming the Celtics don’t want Orlando in the playoffs, they can do a lot to get rid of them tonight. Kyrie gets the best matchup out of everyone, by far, and he’s already the lead dog when it comes to usage anyway.
Wizards vs Knicks
Oh god this is awful as well. I mean as a game, not for fantasy. It’s like the opposite of the last game. Beal is seeing his minutes cut back, so we can ignore him. But almost everyone else in this game that is going to get minutes is viable. They are all cheap enough, they are all going against shitty defenders on a bad team. So Bryant (7600) has the toughest matchup, but it shouldn’t really matter given how much run he will get, and the fact he is a 2x2 machine. Ditto Mitch Rob (7100) who will also get 30 or so minutes of run, and has been crushing his price with his production. I imagine Hezonja (5600) gets the start again, and it is absolutely not chasing points to lock him in immediately tonight. I won’t play Dotson. I’ll have a hard time playing Kornet or Ellenson. But everyone else is fair game, even Jenkins (3500) and Garrett (3300), who got serious minutes and just didn’t do anything with them last time. Well the Wizards are a different team and you can take a chance on them again.
Clippers vs Warriors
Another game that really shouldn’t stay close. That doesn’t mean we can’t find some good plays here. First - the best ways to attack the Clippers are with Cs and Guards. So that means I am going to prioritize Cousins (6800) as one of the plays of the day at that price, followed by Klay (6300) who should be 1000 too much, and Curry (8900) who isn’t as underpriced as the other guys, but should still be more in this matchup. Even if this game blows out, Cousins and Klay should have no problem getting value, and you really should have them in your pool, and give them serious consideration for single entry, no matter how popular they wind up being
On the Clippers side, with Gallo likely out, I am going to take a chance on Montrezl (5900) at that price, as well as LouWill (7000). If this game stays close, it will almost certainly be on the backs of these two. They are risky GPP plays, but Montrezl is cheap enough, and should get enough run, you can consider him regardless. Especially if JaMychal is also out again for the birth of his child.
Nuggets vs Blazers
With Denver having accepted their fate, they are resting their team today. No Jokic, No Millsap, No Muray. This means that Denver becomes one of the best spots today for value. We should pretty much lock in Plumlee (4700) and Monte (4300). Honestly, there are very few plays that will be good as them, minus some of the value from ATL. Still, both these guys are gonna get 30+ minutes and will push for 10x themselves. I also think Beasley (3500) could be in line for a bunch of extra minutes and, seeing as I don’t think he’ll be chalky, you can go to him as a pivot to Monte. We should also expect to see Lyles (3100) get some serious run here, making him one of the top value plays on the slate. And we’ve all seen him go 10x when given the run.
On the Blazers side, with CJ coming back and this Denver team playing backups, I don’t really want to take a chance on anyone expensive. If I go anywhere, it will be to Collins (4000). That’s it. Everyone else is overpriced due to CJ having been out.
Pelicans vs Kings
This is a great game for the Kings for production. I think people are underestimating how solid this Kings team is. I mean they’re not going to win the title this season, but they are going to blow this game out and it shouldn’t really be too close. Still, the Pelicans are tops in pace and worst in Defense, so we should still play as many Kings as we want. Especially since Fox (6900) is the most expensive one. My favorite is Hield (6800), then Fox, then Bagley (6800). Then anyone else you want to play. Bjelica (4000) is a sneaky play with Giles out. But anyone you have the money to fit in should get value.
On the Pels side, Randle (8700) is back to getting 38 minutes in close games. That’s a guaranteed 50 DKP. At that price, I’ll take it all day. Also, **Elf (7000) is in one of the better spots against the Kings guard D. While I don’t expect a 3x2, necessarily, if this game stays close, I do expect him to get you 40-50 DKP. Also, don’t sleep on Ian Clark (4900) who I’ve been talking about for a couple weeks now. He’s getting the minutes, and now his shot is finally falling..
Jazz vs Lakers
Another game that has no business staying close, so, even though the injury report is expansive, I still expect this game doesn’t stay close. Still, we have to realize the Jazz don’t really rest starters during blowouts. So that means we should be all in on Donovan (8600), who will get most of the PG duty and should be locked into 50+ DKP, especially against a Lakers team that has been worst against PG in the last month plus. The Lakers are also awful against C, but Gobert (9000) is mighty expensive. I still think you can go there, but I’m worried about how much they’ll even need him. If Jae (4600) plays, you should lock him in. Ingles (6800) will get some backup PG run, which increases his projection. Royce (3500) will get 35 minutes, but it’s hard to trust his production. Sefolosha (3500), though, is a super sneaky play. He is one of my top punts of the day, and I expect him to get you 10x today.
On the Lakers side, the only real place to attack the Jazz is at Center, so my favorite play would be JaVale (6800). Everyone else is just the right price for this matchup.
Chalk Talk
Let’s start this off by saying that “ownership projections” are, at best, educated guesses. They are often wrong by double digits. They can be used as a guide, but only as one person’s opinion on what it will look like. IF YOU THINK SOMEONE WILL BE HIGHER OR LESS OWNED, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TRUSTING YOUR GUT
Highest Owned Plays
Cousins (25%)
Fox (25%)
Mitch Rob (24.5%)
Vuc (23.7%)
Gobert (22.3%)
Lillard (22%)
Kyrie (22%)
Curry (21.8%)
Donovan (21.5%)
Durant (21.2%)
Most Surprising Ownership Projections
Ross (2.5%)
CJ (2.9%)
Wood (3.8%)
Bembry (3.5%)
LouWill (5.2%)
Bagley (5.7%)
Hezonja (5.2%)
Montrezl (6.4%)
Julius (9.6%)
High, but still too low - The following people still have between 10-15% ownership, and are in great spots tonight. I wouldn’t say no one is on them, but there are certainly low enough to help you gain the upper hand tonight:
JaMychal (12.9%)
Harden (14.4%)
Barton (14.5%)
Monte (15.5%)
Low Priced Punts currently projected to get 5x value - With Name (Price - Projected Score)
Today, punt means 4000 and under.
Devin Harris
Lyles (3100 - 26.1DKP)
Daniels (3900 - 26.4DKP)
Royce (3500 - 23.3DKP)
Bazemore (3900 - 26DKP)
Gary Harris (4000 - 26.6DKP)
DJ Wilson (3900 - 25.1DKP)
Sefo (3500 - 22DKP)
Ilyasova (3500 - 21.4DKP)
Hernangomez (3000 - 18.3DKP)
Rivers (3300 - 20.1DKP)
Bjelica (4000 - 23.7DKP)
Davis (3300 - 19.5DKP)
Thomas (3000 - 17.6DKP)
Okafor (4000 - 23.4DKP)
Shamet (3900 - 22.4DKP)
Hill (3300 - 18.9DKP)
Muscala (3600 - 20.5DKP)
Green (3200 - 17.8DKP)
Niang (3300 - 18DKP)
Temple (3900 - 21.3DKP)
Melton (3700 - 19.9DKP)
Craig (3600 - 19.3DKP)
Tucker (3700 - 19.7DKP)
Lance Thomas (3200 - 16.5DKP)
Alright! That’s it for today! I hope I laid it out well enough that you can make decisions when the final news breaks. Best of luck everyone!!!
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GingerHippo's Betting Journey

Hello there everyone, I'm GingerHippo, Moderator for eFragTV and I'm going to start showing my betting progress and also doing small analysis's of games before and afterwards so people can get an insight to what I thought about each teams performance during the game and also what I'm think is going to happen.
Steam Profile:
Only add me if you're not going to be annoying please, but other than that I'll add all.
London Conspiracy vs Virtus Pro Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: ✓ Correct)
My First bet is going to be an AK-47 | Blue Laminate on London Conspiracy versus Virtus Pro in the best of 1. This isn't what everyone would do but with LC being a very well rounded team since ESL One Cologne 2014, they have gone up in the rankings and had some pretty decent wins and close matches against big teams (This isn't an analysis but one of the main reasons I've bet on LC). I've also put it on them as although I don't have a massive inventory, it's a best of one and anything can happen which also gives LC a good chance as both teams participating are both teams who play well together.
Thoughts (After Match):
So, London Conspiracy have just won against Virtus Pro with the final score-line being 16:14. This was a very close match and was going well for LC in the first 3 rounds before the DDOS occurred onto Neo from Virtus Pro where Olofmeister sat in for him instead. This boosted VP and the match started going back and forth until the score was 13:11 to Virtus Pro where I then thought that Virtus Pro were going to take the entire map.
London Conspiracy won some vital rounds (both Eco and force-buys) which helped them catch back up with Virtus Pro and make the score-line even between them both. They then got to the correct mind set and carried on playing a better CT side than they had previously by defending the bomb sites better and more than likely having more call outs via their Teamspeak or Skype. I missed the last two rounds due to eating but I'm going to say that LC outplayed VP due to VP not being able to play some strategies that they are used to when they have a full team.
Overall, the match started unexpectedly and this made it more interesting as a match until the DDOS. Virtus Pro obviously weren't on top of their game due to having to have a stand-in and not being able to play as they usually do on maps such as Overpass. London Conspiracy have shown us that they are a growing team who have potential to be playing against some of the top tier teams like Fnatic and LDLC in the future.
Titan vs Mouz Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: ✓ Correct)
I've only gone small on this one due to me not having too many skins and the game starting straight after the LC/VP game which gave me no chance to add onto my original bet. But I've bet $0.65 on Mouz due to the fact that it's online and from what I've seen during my time betting, Mouz have always been really consistent when it comes to online matches and tournaments. They have also beaten Titan the past two times that they have met heads up (Online) and this made me want to go on them too. I would've gone more on my OG bet of Mouz if I had time and this would've gone from the $0.65 to around $2-$3 bet on them which would have resulted in better value within returns but meh.
I didn't watch the game so I can't give my thoughts on the game itself, sorry for that.
Winnings: (Not the best but still a win)
London Conspiracy vs Mouz Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: ☓ Wrong)
Time & Date: 17:00PM GMT | 14/11/2014 | Maps: TBA | Bet: |
Personal Odds: 45% [London Conspiracy] & 55% [Mouz]
London Conspiracy vs Mouz is going to rather close in my opinion. This match was meant to be played on the 13/11/2014 after the Mouz vs Titan match but had to be rescheduled due to Mouz having to play their ESL Pro League German qualifier which means that it's going to be played on the 14/11/2014.
This match is going to be a Best of Three and is going to be close due to LC winning against VP on one of their best maps, even with VP starting on their favored side of CT. Although the DDOS attacks would have affected VP, they had the stand-in of Olofmeister who is from Fnatic. Some of the LC side played really well in their last match, these include RUBINO and Rain who were the main ones who were getting the opening frags within the rounds and Polly also played rather well but not up to his best standard which could have cost them the match due to him being out-done and out-awped in some situations during the match. One last player in LC that had a good role in LC as a stand-in was Skurk, he was second in the final score for LC and seems to fit in with LC's strategies which could mean that if he plays again against Mouz then he could make a difference to the scores.
During this match, it's going to down to Polly, Rain and Rubino to be getting the frags during this game as they are against one of the pro teams, Mouz. Mouz beat Titan who are one of the best teams in the CS:GO scene on Overpass with a 30%-70% betting percentage on CS:GO Lounge. This doesn't mean a lot but it shows how under-rated Mouz are as a team when it comes to Best of one's. LC are going to have to step up as a team if they are wanting to beat Mouz with flying colours and if Inferno comes into the map mix then that's going to be one of the maps that LC are going to have to take as it's basically their main map in which they have good strategies and team-play when on that map.
Overall, it's going to be a little close for both teams but Mouz could have a very good 2-0 score-line due to them having more practice against teams who are bigger than LC. Both have played really well in their last games and this means that they have had time to use strategies against top tier teams and also, both have similar skill levels such as ChrisJ and Polly with their AWP skills and this could lead to a battle between them. Although I'm saying it's going to be close due to their past match performances, I'd say go low on LC or even do a ICB bet on LC because unless you're going to be betting high on Mouz then you're not going to be getting a reasonable return and also Mouz have a higher chance of winning due to their overall skill level.
These are just my thoughts and I'm always welcome to discussion with what I've said and also what I can improve on, I do research on most teams before doing these analysis's and I don't expect you to follow what I'm doing personally. I've also gone on LC due to the odds being too high on Mouz for me to bet on them but LC have a very good chance depending on the maps that are picked, although they did do really well on Overpass which is a map that they don't play often and don't usually practice on either. This has lead me to believe that they have a good chance to win against Mouz due to their recent wins and close matches in other games against higher tier teams than Mouz.
After Match Analysis:
So, Mouz thrashed LC in this BO3 like I said above that they had better tactics and that LC had a small chance due to their previous games such as the one against VP.
This match seemed to be really easy for Mouz from the very start, even with LC starting on the CT side of Overpass. LC didn't do much throughout the match and in some occasions, they even had everyone go to Site B and fell for several fakes on that site by Allu, this allowed Mouz to stroll into Site A and get the bomb plant around 3 or 4 times throughout their entire time on T side. LC also didn't show their strongest plays or tactics in the first map and only got 5 rounds on their CT side with Mouz having 10 rounds on T side which is really good as Overpass is a CT sided map. Mouz had amazing aim through the entire map and got several headshots due to their boosts and clever plays where they checked certain corners where LC were hiding. As stated in my pre-analysis, it was the Polly vs ChrisJ show as both took to the AWP (ChrisJ more than Polly) and both were face-to-face throughout the map which was nice to see who comes come out on top.
When it went to Mirage, it was the same again, Mouz out aiming LC and playing like they usually do on their CT side, defensive. This helped them get a lead of 12 rounds in the first half and LC getting 3 on the T side which wasn't the greatest start for them and from there they continued to play an alright CT side and got 8 more rounds which gave them 11 overall but in the T rounds that Mouz won, they were again playing like a team and not doing dumb moves. They outdid LC in some situations such as fakes and such which also helped them get an overhand over LC's defense.
Overall, LC didn't play as well as they could and let pressure get the upper hand on them. They didn't react quick enough and also didn't have the best aim like we've seen in other games. This let Mouz take advantage of this and force their way into the sites in some rounds and others LC didn't even try defending the site as they fell for a fake and sent all 4 surviving players towards that site which allowed Mouz to get bomb plants and frags due to LC not expecting it and being off-guard. This also allowed Mouz to build a very nice early economy and this allowed them to buy-up even when losing 2 rounds in a row.
Final Map Scores:
Overpass (8:16) Mirage (11:16)
Mouz vs Penta Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: None)
Bet: Not Betting.
Personal Odds: 85% [Mouz] & 15% [Penta]
This match is going to be highly favored towards Mouz due to their plays during online games these days. They brought their game back against Titan on Cobblestone yesterday and they are playing very well in their games lately. They are all playing as a top tier team and doing the correct call outs and defensive positioning in their matches and also playing offensively on both sides (T and CT) too which is helping them get their wins.
In my opinion, Mouz are going to take this match and a personal percentage is 85% [Mouz] and 15% [Penta] due to their recent performance and we've not seen a lot from Penta in their last games except from when they won against London Conspiracy on Dust 2. Although they did win, London Conspiracy were doing well until they started getting DDOSed which caused them to have some rounds where they were playing with 4 and even 3 players due to it. Mouz also have the aim advantage as their aim has been spot on in recent matches with them hitting lots of headshots without sprays and 1-clicks seems to be a walk in the park for their players. Penta also haven't had any wins at all when they have came face-to-face against Mouz which also leads me to think that Mouz are going to bring this home for their team.
I'd say bet High on Mouz if you're feeling that it's a walk in the park like me but if you're not too sure then I'd say do a ICB or small on Penta as it's not very likely that they are going to win the BO3 but there is a small chance that Penta could have practiced the picked maps well enough for them to win.
Virtus Pro vs London Conspiracy Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: None)
Bet: Not Betting.
Personal Odds: 80% [Virtus Pro] & 20% [London Conspiracy]
The game between Virtus Pro and London Conspiracy isn't going to be close like the BO1 that occurred the other day. This is because even though Virtus Pro don't have Pasha, they are still a strong team and they only lost the BO1 the other day due to DDOS attacks that were on Neo which happened during rounds where LC had gotten the bomb down and this meant that when Neo was the last one alive, he couldn't do anything due to him being DDOSed, this allowed LC to get a few round lead and this led to them winning the match due to the DDOS.
Even though LC played well on Overpass in the BO1, they had good tactics and some nice plays which helped them get a 3:0 lead before the DDOS occurred. Although, LC in their game earlier against Mouz wasn't the best that we've seen of them as their aim was off, they didn't have very good tactics on CT or T side and they also left bomb sites open so that their opponents could just walk in and get the bomb down. This has lead me to think that VP has a greater upper-hand due to LC's confidence being deflated from their loss against Mouz and also because their aim wasn't the best earlier which lead to Mouz being able to win Eco rounds against full buys and also them losing many rounds down to their mistakes on CT side.
Overall, I'm going to say that VP have a very good chance of winning due to it being a BO3 and LC not being on top of their game. It also depends on the maps that are there too. This is if there aren't any DDOS issues during this game like the last one and this is also if LC have learnt that their aim was horrid in their game earlier which has meant that they have done some quick practice to get back to their original standard. I'm going to say go low on LC or ICB just in-case they have upped their game from earlier and have a small % of winning against VP on a BO3 because this gives VP a chance to get slightly warmed up in the first map and can carry on maintaining a good standard throughout the other maps. I'd say go medium on VP and not high because they don't have Pasha who is usually the main player who is last alive and gets some of the clutches and frags that help VP win some vital rounds but other than that, VP are a strong team and this will allow them to take rounds and maps that can make it easier for them, even if they have a small hole in their team with a stand-in.
CPH Wolves vs dAT Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: ✓ Correct)
Personal Odds: 65%% [CPH Wolves] & 35% [dAT]
The reason for me betting on CPH Wolves is that they have played really well as a team in their past games such as when they gave Fnatic a good running when they went against them over a month ago. They have shown that they have practiced maps together with this line-up and also practiced as a team with their aim and tactics.
I've only gone with $2 on CPH Wolves due to me not having too many betting skins and trying to build slowly rather than too risky (unless I have a high feeling that the underdog will win).
With CPH, they all are very good aimers with their rifles such as the M4 and AK which help them dearly. The only issue is that they don't have a "main" AWP players, although Pimp is usually the main guy we see using the AWP, all have a reasonable level with the weapon but whereas dAT have Worldedit who is their main AWP player in every game that they play which could make a disadvantage for CPH Wolves. Although they don't have a main AWP player, they do have enough practice on many of the main maps that are played such as Dust 2 and Inferno which are two maps where although an AWP is used for a majority of the match, rifles are used a lot too as there are some close quarter.
Although dAT have players who have their own roles with different weapons, they haven't played many matches lately which has meant that we haven't seen a lot from them and this hasn't helped with the research as they have played against some big teams in the past but also smaller teams where they have played as a very good team with tactics, communication and plays. This has meant that they have had some wins in their last games but nothing which makes them make me go "They have an easy win" which has given me the thought that CPH Wolves have an advantage as they have had recent matches against top tier teams and shown us that they can play very well when put into matches against teams such as Fnatic.
Overall, CPH have very nice tactics and aim which will help them get vital rounds which mean a lot to the maps that they are playing on and they also communicate well as a team when under-pressure. Although, they don't have an AWP player who can get the opening map frags like dAT do with Worldedit. Goodluck with your bets and enjoy watching the match.
Thoughts (After Match):
This game was very nice to watch for the first map, it was Inferno and quite frankly even though it's a CT sided map with dAT starting on CT first, I was worried for CPH Wolves due to them not performing very well and ending their T side very far behind with a score of 2:13 [dAT with 13 CT rounds]. This got me worried as CPH players weren't playing or aiming very well with them missing vital frags which could have got them a few more T rounds. There was a slight issue during the very start of the match in which Seized from Navi stepped in for them, this didn't give me hope for CPH to be fair as Navi are really good at Inferno.
Although CPH very much failed on their T side and swiped 3 rounds, they brought it back with flying colours by winning an impressive 14 CT sided rounds and letting dAT only take 1. They upped their game massively during their CT side and with this, they held sites well, rotated at the correct times and had their aim precision back as well as their confidence as a team.
We saw Cadian have the AWP for a majority of the match and this was a good choice by CPH to do this as he was pin point precision with this, only missing a few shots but with this he had his teammates behind him to back him up. All of CPH worked as a team and gave a good fight throughout their CT side of Inferno. They all seemed to have very good tactics and communication which we've seen in previous matches and they also didn't let the nerves of being 11 rounds down get to them.
On Nuke, the second map. It sempt like dAT didn't really care and they even had to have another stand-in who was an alright help to them for a few rounds when he was the last alive and won some of the clutches but overall, dAT didn't play to their potential on Nuke and it didn't seem like they wanted to win to be fair. CPH won the map due to their aim, tactics and patience. It was like their first map on CT Inferno where they played as a team and worked well. It also seemed like they had good communication too which helped them win the entire match, 2:0.
NiP vs VP Game (Prediction: ✓ Correct | Own Bet: None, came back too late to bet)
Bet: None, came back too late.
This is going to be a fun match to watch with both teams having their full set-ups without any stand-ins and with the recent signing of Maikelele for NiP, we'll get to see his skills with the AWP and see if he can bring anything to NiP to try and get them back to their top form like we've seen them in the past. It can be good having him added but also bad as if they haven't practiced enough then yes, he could get frags for them but he might not know their strats enough for them to have an upper-hand against VP in the maps.
With NiP having a new signing, we will have to see if VP can counter Maikelele's AWP skills and see if they can get the opening frags before he does on them. Also, I'm thinking that both teams won't be using their new strategies during this game as they won't want any other teams to see what they have planned for DreamHack Winter which is coming soon. They will use their normal strategies and do things like they usually do.
Both teams know how to play CS:GO well and all players have very good aim which can help them get frags and win rounds that are needed throughout the match. Although, VP have a full team and have been playing together longer than the new NiP line-up which means that they will be working well as a team compared to NiP as they have the time that they have put in together and also the experience with a lot of the maps that could come into the map pool.
Overall, I'm saying VP will win this match 2-0 (depending on maps) as they have better team plays and tactics which will counter NiP and their new line-up. I'd suggest going medium-big on VP, even if the odds aren't in their favor which means that if they are on form like usual then you can make a lot of skins. If you want to and believe in the new NiP line-up then go small-medium on NiP.
VP vs Mouz Game (Prediction: | Own Bet: None)
Bet: $2 on VP due to lack of betting skins.
I'd have to go with VP, even though Mouz have had some alright games and have played alright as a team, they haven't been the "better" team overall as they haven't won any games since they were on that winning streak before. With VP, they have won 4 BO3's with an impressive score on 2-0, these have been against Cloud 9, NiP and Titan and also against a lower tier team of LC.
VP seem to have their tactics in better shape than Mouz and in my opinion, Mouz are getting under pressure due to playing against some higher tier teams such as Titan, although they do win some of these matches. Personally, Allu and ChrisJ need to show everyone how good they have been in the past as in the last couple of games they haven't shown us anything except that they have an alright aim but that's not getting Mouz the wins, nor the rounds.
Overall, I'd say bet on skip for a safe bet but Mouz could have practiced since yesterday which means that Allu and ChrisJ and others in Mouz could have some new tactics which they could pull out of the bag and win this BO3 with flying colours. If you're wanting to bet then I'd say do an ICB on Mouz as although they have been playing well to then play rather horrifically yesterday, they still are a high tier team and could win this match.
Will try and get Analysis's up of all games that are on CS:GO Lounge (even if I'm not betting on it) and will try and help you guys win some skins. Please don't blame me if there are any losses as I'm just giving my thoughts of the games before and after
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CS:GO Betting Analysis Morning Light vs Recon 5 May 28, 2020

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