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Newcastle vs West Ham predictions & betting tips

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🔥💰 LEICESTER 🆚 WEST HAM 🍀 ODD: 2.53 ⏰ 20:30 View tip on: http://tinyurl.com/ubgrnob ❤ Get high odds for HERCULES TIPS on Bloo.bet ! Fb.bloo.bet Twitter.bloo.bet Telegram: t.me/bloobet

🔥💰 LEICESTER 🆚 WEST HAM 🍀 ODD: 2.53 ⏰ 20:30 View tip on: http://tinyurl.com/ubgrnob ❤ Get high odds for HERCULES TIPS on Bloo.bet ! Fb.bloo.bet Twitter.bloo.bet Telegram: t.me/bloobet submitted by Bloobet to u/Bloobet [link] [comments]

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[LIVE TIP] : #INPLAY 21'West Ham 0-0 Bournemouth 1st half over 0.5 goals @ 2.00 #tips #football #betting #bet

INPLAY 21'West Ham 0-0 Bournemouth 1st half over 0.5 goals @ 2.00 #tips #football #betting #bet http://twitter.com/CodrutG

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[LIVE TIP] : #INPLAY Astra Giurgiu - West Ham West Ham goal before min.40 @ 2.20 #tips #football #betting #bet

INPLAY Astra Giurgiu - West Ham West Ham goal before min.40 @ 2.20 #tips #football #betting #bet http://twitter.com/CodrutG

August 18, 2016 at 07:13PM
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Betting tip :: Chelsea - West Ham | bodgy | betting tips on football, tennis, hockey & more.

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Expert Betting Tip :: Hull City - West Ham

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Betting tip :: Hull City - West Ham | cippo | betting tips on football, tennis, hockey & more.

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[LIVE TIP] : LIVE BET West Ham - Bournemouth: Over 0.5 goals. 2.00, 2/5 units #inplay

LIVE BET West Ham - Bournemouth: Over 0.5 goals. 2.00, 2/5 units #inplay http://twitter.com/VABettin
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LAST MAN STANDING results are in for Round 3 - and your correct lives tally will be displayed I hope! Check em, and Tip Round 4 now!

LAST MAN STANDING from the MERTON BISTRO ROZELLE enters, possibly, Round 2 with everyone still standing.

555 users started wayyyyyy back in Round 1

489 entered Round 3

175 eliminated leaving

314 users standing, with

151 in possession of both lives.

The punishment game was cruel this week, Penrith v Newcastle resulting in an all-eliminating draw. Draws are incorrect tips people, sad but true. No I don't let you pick draws cos that would be stupid.


Tips by match - Round 3

home users v users away
Brisbane 16 9 Parramatta
North Queensland 84 1 Gold Coast
Easts 12 1 South Sydney
New Zealand 1 11 St Geo Illa
Cronulla 3 7 Wests Tigers
Melbourne 10 5 Canberra
Penrith 12 24 Newcastle
Manly Warringah 75 1 Canterbury
Punishment game was Penrith v Newcastle

Making Bank

I've put $50 into a betting account, and am relying on you useless carnts to make me some cash.
Each round I will put HALF OF THE BANK on the most tipped team of the week. If it wins, we add the winnings to the bank. If it loses, we're at least not broke. Let's see if we can make some cash this year!!!!
Total Bank at start R3: $65.62
Investment: $33 on NORTH QUEENSLAND at $1.35 - WIN!!
Total Bank end R3: $77.17


314 users progress to Round 4

🗡️ denotes a life lost

life? user tip result
🗡️ 2766267 North Queensland
_SilkySmooth Eastern Suburbs
Sullyy Manly Warringah
0ldgrumpy1 North Queensland
🗡️ 143boatbuilding Wests Tigers
1bigcontradiction Eastern Suburbs
🗡️ 3nticed no tip
🗡️ 5een1tBefore Newcastle
60framespersecond Canberra
abdicatedpower Wests Tigers
Actionman158 North Queensland
🗡️ adomental Eastern Suburbs
Adz1179 Manly Warringah
🗡️ akamee no tip
Al1en8r North Queensland
All_sorts Manly Warringah
🗡️ Andyone Parramatta
🗡️ Aoethrow Manly Warringah
🗡️ A-punk no tip
Arkascius North Queensland
🗡️ artsrc no tip
AstonishedXMan Wests Tigers
AuspiciousCalamari1 North Queensland
🗡️ Australiz Cronulla Sutherland
🗡️ Autochoon Manly Warringah
awakenthebacon_ North Queensland
Aweson Wests Tigers
🗡️ awkward_stepho no tip
🗡️ ayemeh Penrith
🗡️ b0rt_1 no tip
🗡️ BadLuckSonu Cronulla Sutherland
🗡️ Bahpoor Penrith
baimastr1 North Queensland
🗡️ barrelina Penrith
🗡️ benno44 Newcastle
🗡️ Big_Dick_Ricc no tip
BigChief69 North Queensland
BigMattyB319 Manly Warringah
bigslickrick North Queensland
Black-House Manly Warringah
Blocky_FC Manly Warringah
BNKGood Parramatta
🗡️ bobthebigfatpirate Penrith
🗡️ Brdd9 Penrith
Brendos1er North Queensland
🗡️ brendy9103 no tip
🗡️ brockthesock Newcastle
🗡️ Brodire2012 Newcastle
🗡️ BRUTALITOPSMAGE Manly Warringah
btm2511 Manly Warringah
Caleb_Azathoth Manly Warringah
Cameronz Eastern Suburbs
Captainbutterz Wests Tigers
CaptaineAli Manly Warringah
🗡️ Carplah Brisbane
Carthage1 Parramatta
🗡️ cartonator no tip
celebrationrock North Queensland
🗡️ Chainer605 no tip
charlixcx Manly Warringah
🗡️ chopperreid89 St George Illawarra
CissytheBrave Parramatta
CodsterChocolate North Queensland
🗡️ cookedcowboys Newcastle
🗡️ cottage-in-the-city Brisbane
cressidasmunch North Queensland
🗡️ Cretinoussam no tip
Crosso221 North Queensland
D0NNIE-DANKO North Queensland
Dahhhn Eastern Suburbs
🗡️ danosauruswrex no tip
🗡️ DCEhappyrobot no tip
🗡️ deadene North Queensland
🗡️ DeathByDropBear Penrith
Declandimi Manly Warringah
🗡️ deesmutts88 no tip
Df4692 North Queensland
Dolamite09 Manly Warringah
Doombadger North Queensland
🗡️ DreadlockedAussie North Queensland
Drizen North Queensland
🗡️ DudeWheresMyNimbus Melbourne
🗡️ dunnymuncher Parramatta
🗡️ EarlThePearl Newcastle
EastsToWin Manly Warringah
🗡️ effingheck no tip
elchapo_02 North Queensland
Empyreal5 Manly Warringah
EntirelyOriginalName Manly Warringah
🗡️ Eyevo Brisbane
🗡️ Fady180 Newcastle
🗡️ familyjuleez Eastern Suburbs
FarmerAndy96 Manly Warringah
🗡️ Feraldruid1 no tip
🗡️ fetus_ezeli St George Illawarra
🗡️ FlameArcadia Penrith
🗡️ fleakill Manly Warringah
🗡️ FlorioLT no tip
🗡️ FlyOak no tip
FooatFoodotcom Manly Warringah
🗡️ forgotusernameagain North Queensland
🗡️ FreeBloodBraidElf Gold Coast
fucklikeapuma Manly Warringah
funtasia North Queensland
Geddpeart Manly Warringah
gerva-77 Manly Warringah
🗡️ Glorious-Basterd no tip
🗡️ Goldbudda no tip
GorillaSnapper Manly Warringah
greasysouthscap Manly Warringah
greendogspew North Queensland
🗡️ greenyvii no tip
greganada North Queensland
Griffo90 North Queensland
🗡️ hamburger_2 no tip
Happyplantgirl Manly Warringah
🗡️ Harbhajaahn no tip
🗡️ Hasra23 Brisbane
Haz_w North Queensland
HellbentFallen Manly Warringah
Herms911 Manly Warringah
HighestIQredditUser North Queensland
Him&Her of the North North Queensland
🗡️ hitesh012 no tip
Hobnail1 North Queensland
🗡️ honestjackhonestly Newcastle
HsiaAn Manly Warringah
hurriyett Eastern Suburbs
🗡️ hutchtheclutchx North Queensland
HyperboleAddict North Queensland
iiEpik Parramatta
ijustliftweights Manly Warringah
Im_A_Cat_yolo North Queensland
🗡️ Imdisrespectful2dirt Newcastle
🗡️ IMissHarambe878 Melbourne
impulsebuyerdude Manly Warringah
🗡️ infinitemonkeytyping North Queensland
insty1 Manly Warringah
invid69 North Queensland
🗡️ isnotevenmyfinalform Canterbury Bankstown
Issedia Manly Warringah
ItsaSmee Manly Warringah
🗡️ Jabbid111 Newcastle
jamesmateus North Queensland
🗡️ jbrowne66 no tip
JediPat501 North Queensland
🗡️ Jesus_mate no tip
🗡️ Jhutch2147 no tip
🗡️ Jimmy_Valmer North Queensland
J-man1992 North Queensland
🗡️ Joeysjockstrap Penrith
🗡️ johngudmann Eastern Suburbs
johns_got_a_mustache North Queensland
🗡️ kami_inu Cronulla Sutherland
🗡️ kangaroo_kid no tip
🗡️ Kano555 Newcastle
Karlossalot North Queensland
Keenfordevon North Queensland
Keith_Sheldon Manly Warringah
kfbr-392 Manly Warringah
🗡️ Kilo-papa-uniform North Queensland
🗡️ KiwiWarriors no tip
🗡️ kumardi no tip
L1LANG Manly Warringah
lachjeff North Queensland
🗡️ laddypaddy St George Illawarra
🗡️ Landsberg09 North Queensland
🗡️ Leonsii Manly Warringah
🗡️ llanfairpwll123 Manly Warringah
Lollielegs Parramatta
🗡️ Look_a_drop_bear no tip
🗡️ Loud-dryer no tip
🗡️ LycraBanForHams no tip
🗡️ M_Keating no tip
🗡️ maco_idiot no tip
🗡️ Magi777 Canberra
Magpie1862 North Queensland
MaxCogz Manly Warringah
🗡️ Mayskie Penrith
🗡️ Mental_alchemy no tip
Merothir North Queensland
miicah Manly Warringah
🗡️ misanthropiccynic Brisbane
MisterEvilBreakfast Manly Warringah
🗡️ Mouse_trap no tip
🗡️ Mr_mat89 North Queensland
Mr-Hindsight North Queensland
🗡️ MrT1007 no tip
🗡️ Naspbeats no tip
🗡️ NatePupp89 no tip
🗡️ NaveenIsGod Manly Warringah
needthistodownvote North Queensland
🗡️ Neiruuu Penrith
🗡️ Nicholas_The_Great Brisbane
Nido67 Manly Warringah
NigellusWolf Wests Tigers
🗡️ Ninjapussypounder Melbourne
🗡️ NoesHowe2Spel Canberra
🗡️ NogerRuivasaLheck no tip
🗡️ Norm_Cheers North Queensland
Notaroboticfish North Queensland
🗡️ nrlpunter St George Illawarra
🗡️ nsully89 no tip
🗡️ Ohhh_j no tip
🗡️ Okay-Chief no tip
🗡️ Oldpanthervideos no tip
Onamissionfromdog Manly Warringah
🗡️ One2die no tip
Onit7778 Manly Warringah
opmihc7 North Queensland
🗡️ p1993 no tip
🗡️ paralacausa Manly Warringah
🗡️ Parramagic no tip
🗡️ PearsonSpecter North Queensland
Peppypls North Queensland
Peyote-Pete Manly Warringah
🗡️ Pezech Manly Warringah
Pillarofsheffield Manly Warringah
🗡️ planchetflaw Parramatta
pm-me-ya-booty North Queensland
pundit14 North Queensland
🗡️ Qazwsxedcf6 Newcastle
qldmaroon7 North Queensland
r717 North Queensland
🗡️ randalpinkfloyd no tip
🗡️ Random57579 Melbourne
randomguy25712 North Queensland
RaptorRed6 North Queensland
🗡️ really_not_at_work St George Illawarra
rebootau Manly Warringah
ResidualCoolness North Queensland
Rosie2jz North Queensland
🗡️ Rowdoggz13 Penrith
🗡️ runningfromgiraffes Manly Warringah
🗡️ RyanMcD Manly Warringah
🗡️ ryanstevo34 North Queensland
🗡️ sam801 Newcastle
Samrass Eastern Suburbs
Scenebeans Manly Warringah
SemiproCharlie North Queensland
sexy_bethany North Queensland
sjajsn Manly Warringah
SKiiTTLEz North Queensland
🗡️ Slamdunkerton no tip
🗡️ Smoove953 no tip
softnut Manly Warringah
🗡️ Somebloke555 St George Illawarra
🗡️ Sowardsacat Brisbane
🗡️ Spurred_On no tip
🗡️ Squadxzo no tip
🗡️ StealthRooster Eastern Suburbs
🗡️ SterlingStallion North Queensland
🗡️ StorminRed North Queensland
🗡️ Strayadude no tip
StrayCat33 New Zealand
Stuefc1975 North Queensland
suckmynewts North Queensland
Summernick North Queensland
🗡️ Suxorixorage no tip
Swiftestblade Canberra
syncopated_matchstic Parramatta
synthony Manly Warringah
TaffyAUS Manly Warringah
🗡️ Tailneverends no tip
🗡️ tb_c Manly Warringah
🗡️ thc216 North Queensland
🗡️ the_psycho St George Illawarra
🗡️ The_Snam Newcastle
🗡️ thebuckledwheel Melbourne
🗡️ TheCuntOfCunts Melbourne
🗡️ TheLegendScottMinto North Queensland
Thenameseagleeye Manly Warringah
🗡️ theo__ Brisbane
Thepickaxepenguin Manly Warringah
🗡️ Theplanetofthecrepes Brisbane
Thepokemonman Manly Warringah
🗡️ thewallabeechamp Newcastle
🗡️ TheYoungCodger no tip
Thril_hou Manly Warringah
Tiggr42 Manly Warringah
Timbo85 Manly Warringah
Tokenofhon Eastern Suburbs
TomtheDon2K Manly Warringah
ts1991 Manly Warringah
Tunza North Queensland
🗡️ Turvgasm Manly Warringah
🗡️ UnderTheHighBall St George Illawarra
🗡️ Unorthed0x Brisbane
🗡️ urutora_kaiju no tip
V3ndettas Manly Warringah
Valerious22 Manly Warringah
🗡️ Vinegaz no tip
Voidaura North Queensland
Volorex Manly Warringah
waxingthedolphin North Queensland
🗡️ Wecamefrom no tip
weedvandam North Queensland
Wellwellweller Wests Tigers
🗡️ Westbroook Eastern Suburbs
🗡️ wjnston no tip
🗡️ wotislyf Melbourne
🗡️ wowzap no tip
xElvyy North Queensland
🗡️ XGinga no tip
🗡️ xHaydo95 North Queensland
XLenceOfXecution North Queensland
xman0444 North Queensland
yeahsothisnameworked Manly Warringah
🗡️ Yeahumsure no tip
yesmyson Manly Warringah
youstoleatuba North Queensland
🗡️ Zap74 no tip
Ziuzudra Manly Warringah
zomg_ks Canberra

175 users shamefully eliminated

user tip result
5slipsandagully no tip
ACDC_aholic Newcastle
Alphonsegangitano no tip
AnchorAtThree no tip
Artvandelay730 no tip
Aruma47 no tip
AttackClown no tip
ausmetal9944 no tip
aussierob no tip
axleninja no tip
Belco-dick-owl no tip
Bevy11 no tip
Big-Punisher no tip
Blackcatfinder no tip
bleed_blue_n_gold no tip
Brbteabreaktv no tip
Bufsta no tip
cakkaw no tip
CanRaider03 no tip
CatWool no tip
Cbraboy no tip
Cebuz no tip
CesarGrist no tip
Chapman459 no tip
Chillynotsilly no tip
Chiplock no tip
Chothemaster no tip
Chubbs_McGavin no tip
Chubby_baker no tip
cloughie-10 no tip
coffeegaze no tip
ColonelBlank no tip
cracklebuster no tip
Cuttlefish10 no tip
dcdavo2020 St George Illawarra
Deffsnotacop no tip
DiegoNT no tip
doctorcunts Newcastle
DoubleZingerStacker no tip
drewiz no tip
Dugongs22 Brisbane
Dutchy09 no tip
dutchy9spbc no tip
EatMyShorts no tip
EggCouncilCreeper no tip
Elbowsknees. no tip
elliolk no tip
elllord Brisbane
Emitremmmus no tip
EpicDebaser no tip
EuroNymous76 no tip
Explodedkraken no tip
figjam11 no tip
Fitzsimon0422 no tip
Florio no tip
FourteenOEight no tip
Frenchduke no tip
Frozenabyss no tip
Furio2000 no tip
Gaveup85 no tip
geokek Newcastle
gghether South Sydney
Gmc_doddy no tip
gnik_xizahk no tip
governmentmule316 no tip
Greensleeves no tip
Greenswampblue no tip
Helen V no tip
Holdenman no tip
Housefosale no tip
HowNowNZ no tip
HueyLewisAndTheBrews no tip
Ii RexHD no tip
Ill_have_some_toast no tip
Im NZL no tip
imjustaflan no tip
imsocoollulz no tip
InitiallyDecent no tip
Jed no tip
JedRose no tip
Jexta Melbourne
Jimmy-Black no tip
JJ0710 no tip
Joker0701 no tip
JordoMeep Brisbane
Kazlaw no tip
Kingsleym17 no tip
Kizza no tip
Lachie07 no tip
Lukin4 no tip
Maandrakeman no tip
Macamcd no tip
Madge_maguire no tip
MarsCapita no tip
Mbcaulfield no tip
MeatHead1313 no tip
Mhaltz Brisbane
Mr_submarine_man no tip
MrBlue8erry Melbourne
Mrjuicehead no tip
mrpoolube no tip
mulimulix no tip
Naly_D no tip
NaMeK17 no tip
natecw no tip
NewRedditDesign no tip
nobody9638 no tip
No-faarks-givenn no tip
Noonster123 no tip
nymphz Brisbane
OfficalUberZ no tip
ostrichfromfamilyguy no tip
OtaraMarketFightClub no tip
PapaCurt no tip
Parramatters no tip
phyllicanderer Newcastle
Poonpuncher420 no tip
potentscrotem no tip
pstaden no tip
QuotingThings Melbourne
Rangborb no tip
Reasonablylargebull no tip
Reggie_700 no tip
Rek07 no tip
ruddet no tip
Rush_nj no tip
sabz20005 no tip
Sam97- no tip
sandal-tan no tip
Scopedog1 no tip
Sharkiie101 no tip
shinobiJP Newcastle
Shoefish23 St George Illawarra
Sigmaniac Newcastle
Sleepyknickfan Newcastle
Snave96 no tip
Snuzzlemuffin no tip
Spechlfriedrice no tip
SpotTheOzzie no tip
Sulyc no tip
Swandoorswan no tip
Swol_Bamba no tip
sydneyblazer no tip
Tagorneo no tip
tcamp213 no tip
technerdx6000 Newcastle
Temdittysohyeah no tip
Tezadinho no tip
theironchef1 no tip
Thekriptik Penrith
thephoenixfoundation no tip
TheVisionary11 St George Illawarra
theycallmeHoju no tip
TimmyCahill no tip
tiramisaru no tip
Toes no tip
Tonyabbottpbuh no tip
Toviii Newcastle
TrickySomewhere no tip
Tropic no tip
Typical_Fruit Brisbane
Uhohthommo no tip
Unluckynumbers7evin no tip
userless no tip
Vectera no tip
walshie no tip
Watch_me_bounce no tip
webzy_ no tip
widetowest no tip
wmunro00 no tip
Wolfdrums24 no tip
yungbenzz no tip
Zoinke no tip
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Strange Roads - Ep. 8 - Session Summary and Discussion

Strange Roads Episode 8 Summary:
Note: Much of this episode requires direct or near-direct transcription of the words said. There is no clearer way to put their point across. As such, it will be longer than average. Portions of the episode with notable lore will be linked to directly.
Start of vod here (42 minutes in)
As a quick summary of the previous episode: The waystation in Dolten has been cleared of demon children and the stones repaired. Zacharius lost Wiseguy due to Toot giving Babylon Gambler Black's head in another campaign. Arcidamus flipped a mirror and is about to cause terrible things and lore drops.
Arcadum rolls a wisdom save for Arcidamus, as Jesse is late, which he appears to pass. The mirror he was turning flips and the area is illuminated in Violet, which covers the ceiling. The skin on the ceiling peels away and begins to dissipate. Arcadum asks the players to clarify who would have looked at the mirror. Gallan and Koordrin confirm they looked, Arcidamus is forced into looking, and the others did not. The violet light clears and visions flash through the minds of those that are looking.
They see things, almost simultaneously: The stars of the sky, something floating within them. A strange structure, almost like a castle floating through the Astral Sea. Visages of other individuals, people like you but not quite the same. One group holds a stone, which glows with the tendrils of connection and destiny.
You then see it, Kalkatesh rising up before you. Like a bird you take to the sky and you see a path. A ringed circle, with different points of light. And then, you see a prison. A carriage, pulled by horses, approaches the mountains of Krazax. And within it there are six faces, but a seventh stands behind them, smiling in the shadows, with orange eyes.
The mirror cracks and shatters, and all that remains appears to be a wand.
Koordrin and Arcidamus recount the above to the two that did not look.
Zacharius looks at the larger-than-usual wand which appears to be a piece of a gnarled branch. He is able to make out words in Druidic due to his Eyes of the Runekeeper. They read "One root, three trees, replant, rebreeze." Mirage, the Lore Bard, fails to identify this, but Zacharius is able to recall a rumor that Alaheim, the ancient city of the druids, has been recovered and the Archdruid has taken up residence there. The wand is powerful but they should not use it and the inscription implies seeking a follower of Gwaina, the goddess of Spring and new beginnings, will let them know more. He will hold on to it to keep it safe.
All the small mirrors remain and Koordrin looks inside one. A point of light shines on it that does not appear in reality, shifting as he moves it as if it is trying to lead them somewhere. He explains what he sees and suggests they follow it. They are wary, as many things here have been evil, but ultimately decide to follow.
The light leads them to a building in the south east with a door that is somehow "off". Gallan identifies that the door is reversed, the hinges being on the same side as the doorknob. In the mirror however, the door is correct. Koordrin reaches for where the doorknob appears in the mirror and the otherwise invisible handle is gripped and turned, after much stalling and joking as Jesse finally arrives and is caught up on events.
The room inside the door is also reversed, but in the mirror it is normal and the door to the east is open. Koordrin explores the room before going towards that door and opens one of the crates. While they first appear empty in reality, in the mirror it contains tiny, unfinished dolls with blank faces, which then appear for the rest of the group. Mirage takes one, fails a wisdom saving throw (5) as she grabs it, and the doll transforms into a smaller version of herself. It becomes animate, looking up at her and waving. It looks at the others then back at her and makes a shushing motion with its hands. However, she excitedly shares with the others that it is animated and it waves at the others.
Koordrin points the mirror at the animated doll to an immediate "One moment please". The doll disappears and inside the mirror another Mirage appears. This mirrored Mirage looks different, with different colored hair and makeup and a sorrowful, poisonous expression. The mirror Mirage smiles, then walks out of view of the mirror. Gallan quickly leaves the room, joining Arcidamus who has refused to enter from the start, and asks them to stop interacting with the mirrors.
Mirage, now curious, casts detect magic on the mirror. She detects Necromancy, Conjuration, and Transmutation magic in the mirror and a name written on it: Egarim. The group takes a moment before they realize it is Mirage's name backwards. They discuss destroying the mirror but Mirage doesn't want them to as she feels like she may be at risk if they do. They use the mirror to finally pass through the door to the east and the door disappears in reality, revealing for everyone another room filled with reversed things. Arcidamus still refuses to enter and begins to yell jokes from outside: "I believe in fate, not stupidity. If I was meant to be in there I'd be there already." Zacharius shushes Arcidamus, as they are still in a particularly scary part of Dolten.
Inside a box in this new room they find carved hands, but refuse to touch them. They approach the door to the south, another open yet closed door. In this room reality appears fragmented, twisted, and cracked. Inside there is a person, Tomen. They try to identify what kind of magic may be causing the cracked appearance of the room with Arcana checks and Koordrin's 15 reveals that Cassius' teachings have talked about prisons existing in extra-dimensional spaces, or even prisons of ones own mind. Inside this room is one such space, an impossibility wrapped over reality. And inside this impossible space, Tomen is using the mill, grinding something unseen.
Koordrin calls to the man and he looks up, unable to identify the source of the noise. He appears quite concerned by this. Koordrin asks him to come towards them and they are finally able to see him properly. He has red hair, orange eyes, and twin white snakes which appear to be part of his clothing. Some symbol they cannot see is on his chest. He stops, and knocks on an invisible door. The eyes make the group suspect that he may be the one they saw in the vision in the mirror.
They discuss how they might interact with the man and ask him if he can speak. But when he moves his mouth, no sound is audible. Koordrin wants to enter but Zacharius warns that the room inside may be a prison they cannot escape from. He replies that "Cassius has freed me from worse" but he is still hesitant and he decides to throw a coin inside the room. Tomen picks it up, confused, and pockets it.
Zacharius pulls out some paper, writes "Who are you" on it, and passes the paper and a quill through the door. Tomen is confused, picks it up, and appears to have difficulty reading it. He writes something on it, and tries to throw it back, but it bounces off the door. However, for a moment they can see that he hasn't written words on it, but instead drew a screaming man stuck inside of a mirror. Koordrin believes now that the man is imprisoned but when he checks the chain of Cassius on his axe, it is not doing anything.
With a comment that they can always get another mirror to enter with, Koordrin enters the room with his own. He splits into several different pieces to those outside, but inside he is now able to see the man normally. Tomen greets him as a curious traveler and Koordrin asks if he is imprisoned, to which he responds he is here of his own choice. He would like to leave, may be able to leave, but doesn't know if he should leave. He remains within the mirrored realms to keep safe the last vestiges of what remained before. Inside this space are reflections of all that remain. Many have recently entered his domain, and he believes there is a "happening". Mirrors are turning, and creating more reflections, and his purpose may be coming to an end. He mentions that he was commanded to remain in this space, to protect it, by Lord Death.
When Mirage asks Koordrin to inquire about Egarim Toman replies that she remains in this realm and that it is a shame what will happen next to her. He clarifies that it will not be from any doings of his, it is the domain of the Matron of Fate to control. When asked if something would also happen to Mirage he says something will happen to all of them, it is only the way.
Koordrin is informed he is not trapped due to his mirror and quickly exits. Zacharius is incredibly relieved he is able to escape. Koordrin relays what Tomen has said and Arcadum informs them that only Mirage would be able to identify the importance of the mention of Lord Death. With Zacharius' aid, she history checks a 23 and Arcadum is able to reveal this:
When the individual references death, it is possible that the reference was not to the concept... it is believed by some that have knowledge of such things, that there are beings above the gods. Some believe that Death itself is the highest form, the greatest being, the guardian of life, the gardener of the great tree of Yggdrasil.
Zacharius convinces Arcidamus to enter after much complaint when they reveal Tomen had mentioned the Matron of Fate. Arcidamus insists up and down that Zacharius comes clean about his secrets before he is willing to do the job and eventually Zacharius says he will.
When Arcidamus finally enters Tomen identifies him as a cleric of fate. They have a long question and answer session.
What is your purpose? "To guard this realm."
Alright Nemot, what else do you do? "I watch, and I learn, and I lament."
Why are you lamenting? "As much as the world I wish to be a part of, I can do naught but simply watch."
Why is that? Why can't you leave? "It is not that I am unable to, it is that it is not yet time."
Is it a prophecy? "Nothing so straightforward. It's more that... I must wait until enough eyes are opened."
What does that mean? "With each turning of the mirror, and with each open eye, it means that I can risk returning."
How many eyes? "Only one more."
How are eyes opened? "Eyes are opened when they see the truth of things."
What is the truth? "The truth of the Herald, and the power within."
Arcidamus asks what that is but when pushed if he truly wishes to know he demurs, saying he is just trying to help his friends and know why Tomen mentioned the Matron of Fate. He replies that she is one of his colleagues, and that she and Arcidamus will one day speak again. Arcidamus refuses to bring the whole group into the room but Toman says that is fine as only one more eye needs to be opened. When asked what knowledge will open the eye he replies, "What is to come."
Arcidamus leaves and complains more, but he explains what he heard to the group. At the party's request he takes the wand, re-enters, and asks Tomen about it. His response is a little more clear than the one provided from the check earlier:
It is a piece of Alaheim, the city of the druids, the focal point of their power, and the root of Yggdrasil. It belongs to the domain of Gwaina. Someone of her should answer it.
Arcidamus leaves again and simply says, "It's important. Ask a druid." Zacharius puts the wand away, much more carefully than before.
They discuss if they should even talk with Toman anymore if wisdom is how he escapes. Arcidamus refuses to re-enter. Zacharius decides to enter instead after looking at his hat and the symbol of Babylon, but Arcidamus refuses until he explains the dice. He clarifies finally that the dice are from his patron and when there was something the Gambler Black wanted he rolls them. Mirage tries to break the tension by giving Zacharius a massage and only makes it worse. Zacharius continues his explanation: one of the die has disappeared and his hat no longer lives. To explain why, he shows the hat and that it contains the symbol of Babylon. Zacharius does not know why this has happened and wants to learn from Tomen if he can.
The group pushes Zacharius further on the details and he explains how the die has worked. There is another question and answer session:
What do you owe the gambler? "He wants to use me to gain things from this world."
What was the initial deal? "I had a gambling problem. I only played games that could be cheated with knowledge about how they work. A man showed up at one the tables I'm sitting at, and he encouraged me to make a bet I couldn't win. I was compelled to do so, and in losing I became a worker for him."
What does he want? "Items, things destroyed, whatever he asks, though he hasn't asked for much yet."
Gallan remarks that Zacharius has endangered the group, but he doesn't really mind that much and that Zacharius should just be careful. Zacharius insists that Toman can give him the answers he needs regarding his patron and his new potential attachment to Babylon. Arcidamus is satisfied with the reveal and allows him through, but not before Gallan makes a sandwich joke.
On entering, after introducing himself to Toman, Zacharius looks around the room. He sees that in the mill Toman appears to be milling glass. Another question and answer session begins.
"What are you making glass for, mirrors?" "Look around you, there are so many cracks to fill."
"They implied your job was done, is filling the cracks your job or the job of many people?" "It is one of the purposes allotted to me. My name is Tomen. I am the master of mirrors, the maker of this realm, and its defender."
"You were offering knowledge or sight of some kind?" "Yes, I can show you the truth of things. And, if you look, the final eye will open, and I can yet return."
"Will you be honest with me if I ask what the drawbacks are of accepting this knowledge?" "Once you receive this knowledge, there is no going back. Never again will you see the world the same way. Your purpose will be redefined, and its terrible, terrible burden will weigh upon you. And yet, it must still be so."
Zacharius takes a moment and looks at his hat. "I thought I wanted out from under all of this, but now I have too many questions." "It would seem that your debt to one has transferred to another. I believe if you wish to deal with that, then I am not the one that you should be speaking to."
"You think I shouldn't accept what you are offering?" "I did not say that, I am simply referring to your...personal predicament. Perhaps this knowledge will give you leverage in such a discussion. But I am not to convince you, it must your idea, your willingness, and no duress. For this knowledge will change you, it will change the fate of those around you. Already your fate has been changed."
Zacharius looks at his one remaining die, sighs, and accepts the offer: "Well, he always hated that I didn't take enough chances, so, let's do it." "As you wish."
Lumina, the Song of the Seven, is played. The time for lore is upon us.
Tomen will approach. He will offer his hand to yours. Do you take it? "I'll take it." He will smile and grab one of the pieces of reality, and will tear it from the cracked mirror. He will concentrate upon it, shifting its form and twisting it until finally it shows the symbol of the Seven. The Symbol of the Seven shows six of the seven points tipped with a violet light, and now the seventh begins to burn. He will look to Zacharius and will lift the mirror to his eye. The power flows from the symbol, surging into Zacharius' eye. And as it pulses through, Zacharius begins to see the truth of things, of those that walked before, and those that yet walk beside, and an uncertain future.
The shadows of the Seven, the heroes from all those years ago that stood together to stave off the end of all creation now pass their torch to you, and to six others that walk unseen. You begin to see them now, one by one. You see yourself; you see a Kenku; you see a vampiric person; you see a dwarf; you see a goblin... Further you look... The other two appear to be wrapped in shadow; you can't quite make them out. But still, the same two stand beside you. One of them will let forth a roar, and the shadows uncoil around him, and you will see an Orc. The last one remains unseen. And then, each of you lose your color, your image, your sense of self. And it fades away, until you stand like the others, shadows of power, fragments of memory, a single strand of hope.
Before you, Kalkatesh opens up, creation yawns like a maw, and the Herald beckons closer. Time is broken, the way ahead is clear, the seventh eye has been opened. And as such, the endgame can truly begin. Toman will take the seven pointed star from your eye, Zacharius, which eye do you choose? "The left eye." Your left eye now burns bright with a violet light, your pupil refracted into seven points. You now see as they do, feel as they do. And you are burdened with terrible purpose. And with that, the fragment will shatter, the mirror will fade, and Toman's purpose is fulfilled.
Tomen speaks then:
And now it is done. The realm detected, and now I may... I may go where I am needed most. There are many things you will not understand at first. For now, stick to the path of your heart. You must deal with your debt. You must finish your journey to the west. And when that is done, you will feel its call. I can only hope that you are ready to answer it. Now it is time for me to re-enter this realm, and to take my place in the pantheon. The prisoners need me now. They know not what yet waits for them. What bonds that must be broken. And what price must be paid. I wish you luck, you will have many Strange Roads to walk, my friend.
And with a snap, Zacharius appears outside the room and the door is now closed.
Zacharius collapses, holding his eye. Mirage asks if he is okay and what happened to his eye, holding his face. Zacharius is unable to find the words to describe what happened. Mirage describes to him how the eye looks: a star with seven points on it—the symbol of the Seven. Zacharius realizes that looking in a mirror seems like a terrible idea, given everything that has happened recently with them. Gallan jokes, "Gambler Black, Babylon, and now you have a destiny eye. You're really racking them up." Arcidamus joins in, "I thought I had a God problem." Mirage finally gives Zacharius the massage she was trying to give him earlier.
Zacharius needs to recover and try to make sense of the vision, so he tries to leave and recover after remarking that he felt like he was being pulled to be part of something else—something bigger. Arcidamus grabs him, insisting that with everything that happened he will have no more secrets. Zacharius explains what he saw in detail. Arcidamus thinks what has happened is now dangerous for all of them, not just Zacharius. Zacharius replies that he doesn't want to put the party in danger and will leave if he must, but for now he just needs to rest.
They all give their piece. Mirage: "Give him time." Gallan: "I am very very late to perform a wedding. But what happens happens and I'm not really worried too much." Koordrin: "As long as you're forthcoming with anything you might see out the normal, I think we can continue on." Gallan: "But you should be open and honest with us at all times about any secret messages." Zacharius complies with this demand, and Arcidamus lets him go rest. The party rests along with him at the wayshrine.
During the rest, Zacharius begins to have horrific nightmares. The visions in his head, the knowledge of the seven, the presence of Babylon. One of the dreams is vivid, and is Wiseguy talking to him.
You gotta beat Babylon at his own game. You gotta roll the dice, you gotta deal with the devil and come out on top. That's the only way I can come back, the only way the Gambler Black gets free. You can't roll 7 with one dice, but boxcars will get you out just fine. Keep heading west, but when you wake up, you gotta roll them bones and deal with Babylon. You gotta talk to him, it's the only way. The sooner the better. And one more thing, there's something terrible coming, something awful afoot, you gotta watch out for...
Zacharius wakes up then, before the rest the group. He gets up and leaves the room, then walks into another. He takes out his die and inspects it. It looks the same. He sits on the floor, sighs, and rolls. It comes up with the symbol of Babylon instead of the normal pips and the room suddenly gets very dark.
Babylon appears in a chair, continuing to be sexy. Zacharius is confused by his appearance, expecting something horrific. Babylon responds that many have the same reaction, but that despite his appearance he is the biggest monster Zacharius has ever seen.
He explains that while Zacharius serves the Gambler Black his debt to the Gambler is now a debt to Babylon. In explanation of this debt, he informs Zacharius that the Gambler Black had done something to him, and he always gets what he is owed. While he has no intention to limit actions that serve the Seven, which Zacharius has taken upon himself, he is owed and will be paid. He proposes a new deal to Zacharius, one that will free him. What Zacharius had done for the Gambler he will now do for Babylon and once he has completed this Gambler Black will be freed. Zacharius accepts this, as it is a continuation of what he was doing already. However, Babylon informs him that Koordrin serves a "troublesome deity", one that interferes with Babylon's plans, and Zacharius may some day need to do more than just deceive Koordrin about his plans. Zacharius says nothing to this. Babylon warns he will find out eventually and that a later choice may be harder than doing something now.
Finally detailing his task, Babylon explains that instead of taking small powers from shines as Gambler Black had Zacharius doing Babylon would have Zacharius build shrines for him. He provides a black rod, etched in a fiery opal, one that holds a fraction of his strength. When Zacharius approaches a designated point of power, or a cross of leylines, it will glow. He will then enact Babylon's name, and a shrine will be made. He will have to do this along the entire journey and at the end of it Babylon will free the Gambler and Zacharius will be a free man. Zacharius accepts. Yet there is one final complication, Babylon explains. Carrying the rod will cause Zacharius to emanate an aura of evil, but Babylon believes Zacharius to be clever enough to get around that little problem. Babylon then brings Wiseguy back to life, who immediately hams it up, and Zacharius silences him. Babylon insists that their agreement be bound in the proper manner, and reaches out his hand. Zacharius, in for a penny, in for a pound, accepts it after a moment of thought. Babylon laughs, and tells him it's just a bad dream. Zacharius awakes, the symbol of Babylon etched onto his right hand. The oath is made.
And with that, their rest is complete, and they must guide the elves through the forests of Dolton.
Thus ends the session.
Session TL;DR:
  • The mirror flipped at the end of the last session reveals a collection of visions about the other campaigns and their own role within them. Then the mirror breaks into a large wand which is actually a part of Alaheim, the city of druids and the root of Yggdrasil. They need to show it to a follower of the god Gwaina
  • An bunch of lore is revealed about the nature of violet eyes, a Sevenic speech is given, and Zacharius gains the seventh violet eye, allowing Toman, a man who they found in a prison of shattered time, to leave his prison and go to assist "the prisoners" (the Broken Bonds group)
  • Zacharius details to the party his agreement with his patron, the Gambler Black, how it has been taken over by Babylon, and promises to be more open with them. Immediately after, he is forced to make a deal with Babylon himself to build shrines in his name, going against the wishes of at least one other party member, most notably Koordrin
  • Mirage gains a mirror image copy of herself, Egarim, due to interactions with things better left alone. Egarim wanders off into the mirror realm with an implication from Toman that terrible things will happen to her
  • Arcidamus complains endlessly, but gets a lot of information out of Toman and Zacharius
  • Koordrin leads the party to Toman before handing off most of the talking to the others
  • Gallan makes a few great jokes and asks a few very serious, thought out questions, though he claims he is only making the latter because he is hungry
  • The revealed lore of the Verum universe expands, and the Herald watches...
Characters and their players:
  • Zacharius - Dodger
  • Gallan Troth - Bikeman
  • Mirage - Kelli_Siren
  • Koordrin Stormbane - Timmac
  • Arcidamus da Silva - Jesse Cox
Apologies that this turned into more of a novelization than a summary, but lore gonna lore.
Edits are various grammatical fixes, as reading it through 5 times wasn't enough to catch everything.
submitted by arof to cadum [link] [comments]

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Newcastle United vs West Ham United prediction 05.07.20 #29 West Ham vs Watford match prediction and preview (EPL Week 36) West Ham United vs Chelsea prediction 01.07.20 #17 West Ham vs Chelsea match prediction and preview Bet of the Day  West Ham vs Watford top betting tip

West Ham vs Chelsea Predictions H2H Betting Tips Match Preview free football betting tips and predictions Jul 01, 2020. Manchester United have lost 2 of recent 3 games against West Ham. But now the AH line is -1.75 for the hosts, which is still fully in favor of Manchester United. Manchester United have good home performance, while West Ham are not good at playing on away field. So Manchester United are expected to win this home match as well as in AH payout. West Ham vs Chelsea free betting tips & preview for England Premier League 2020 match. Betting tips for soccer around the world. You can find here free betting tips, predictions for football, soccer analysis. West Ham vs Chelsea compare before start the match. Here you can easy to compare statistics for both teams. West Ham United vs Watford match prediction for 17/07/2020 in the Premier League. Read our match preview to see free betting tips for this game. Manchester United look to bounce back from a crushing FA Cup semi-final defeat and keep their top-four bid on track when they host a resurgent West Ham on Wednesday. We look at the betting.

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Newcastle United vs West Ham United prediction 05.07.20

Check out prediction for West Ham United vs Chelsea match. You can find more betting predictions https://bethub.bet ... Bet Tips 50 views. New; 1:20. Porto vs Sporting Lisbon prediction 15.07.2020 ... Check out prediction for Newcastle vs West Ham match. You can find more betting predictions https://bethub.bet ... Bet Tips 6 views. New; 1:31. Real Madrid vs Getafe prediction 02.07.20 - Duration ... What to look for when Inplay Trading LTD (lay the draw) Over 2.5 goals Football - Duration: 28:37. Betfair Trading Community 1,286 views Result: Prediction #17 of 1000 Match: West Ham United vs Chelsea FC Football, England, Premier League, Round 32 More about my marathon with 1000 free sport... Check out the top 3 betting tips for the Premier League Matchweek 16 clash between West Ham and Arsenal. Tip 1: https://www.bettingexpert.com/noindex/tips/fo...