Sugar-Free Milk Kefir "Milkshake" | A Better Way to Thrive

I just returned from a visit with my holistic doctor, who discovered that I was reinfecting myself with my raw milk. He believes my raw milk is contaminated with candida. I wouldn’t drink any juice while on a candida cleanse, unless it’s a low-glycemic vegetable juice. Candia has added lactose in Just Milk Lactose Free* so that you can now drink milk and enjoy all its benefits as part of a healthy balanced diet. *less than 0.1% of lactose Suitable for individuals with lactose digestive symptoms, Suitable for vegetarians At Milk Makeup, we believe it’s not just about how you create your look; it’s what you do in it that matters. We see personal style as the ultimate form of self expression and encourage experimentation — from bare to bold, and everything in between. Whatever your look, we’re into it. Dairy kefir grains are added to milk and allowed to ferment for 24-48 hours, then strained out, leaving the finished milk kefir. Purchased milk kefir from the store may contain added sugar if it is flavored, but again, there’s no cane sugar here in my recipe. I make the milk kefir at home with just milk and kefir grains. Candia Just Milk is naturally rich in body-building calcium and vitamins. Nothing is added, it's just pure milk. It contains no preservatives or additives and has been heat treated to a high temperature to eliminate bacteria.

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