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One Reason I Hate Jake

So recently, as some of you may know, the AFL grand final happened down here in Australia.
So myself and some family and some family friends went out on one of their boats to watch it. Before the kickoff, this guy called Jake handed out little cards of all the players playing in the grand final, with each card costing $2.50 AUD. The idea of the cards was that if your player scored the first goal or won the Norm Smith Medal, you'd win half of the money put in. So everyone bought two cards (there were about 14 of us so that made $70 total), and the game started.
Everything was tense in the first minutes of the game until Luke Parker scored a goal for the Swans, and guess who had the Luke Parker card? That's right, Jake did. Eventually the game finished, and the Bulldogs won. Jason Johannisen won the Norm Smith medal, and guess who had his card? Right again, it was motherfucking Jake.
Coincidence? I think not. Jake rigged it like the sly motherfucking Jake he is. Jake made 70 bucks by only putting in 5 bucks, and I bet all $70 will be used to further fund all the evil plans that Jake has.
TL;DR I'm five bucks out of pocket thanks to that bastard Jake.
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Being an AFL Premiership player means your name is forever etched in history, but winning the Norm Smith Medal in the Grand Final adds another level of prestige to the greatest prize in football. Big-game players such as Luke Hodge, Jimmy Bartel and James Hird have all delivered on the Grand Final stage, which has made all three men genuine 2019 Norm Smith Medal betting predictions. Our tip for the Norm Smith Medal depends on which team wins the match. If the Giants are to win their maiden AFL Grand Final, we believe Toby Greene is the best bet for the Medal; but if Richmond end up winning, we think Bachar Houli. Latest Norm Smith Medal odds. $6.50 – Dustin Martin Who will win the Norm Smith Medal when Richmond take on the GWS Giants in what is sure to be an epic AFL Grand Final? View our tips and bets for the winner of the 2019 Norm Smith Medal. Norm Smith Medal betting is the most popular exotic betting market for the AFL Grand Final along with the First Goals Scorer. Norm Smith Medal History Only four players have won the Norm Smith Medal in losing sides, Maurice Rioli in 1992, Gary Ablett Sr. in 1989, Nathan Buckley in 2002 and Chris Judd in 2005. AFL Grand Final: Ultimate guide to Norm Smith medal betting. The Norm Smith Medal is a market most AFL fans love to have a punt, but who should you be considering for your bet on AFL Grand Final

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