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Best Online Betting Sites in US, Canada, UK & India for 2019

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Best betting site in US, that has the highest match for initial deposit?

I’m gonna open an account, looking for the best match on my money.
Thanks and Good Luck
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Best sports betting sites in the US

I tried to create an account on Superbook but they aren't accepting new accounts. Any alternatives?
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whats the best site to bet moderate (1-2k) amounts in the US?

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What is the best US site to bet on the Super Bowl? /r/Bitcoin

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Live betting on all sports, best MLB lines at US friendly site - Betonline

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Live betting on all sports, best MLB lines at US friendly site - Betonline

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Live betting on all sports, best MLB lines at US friendly site - Betonline

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How $12 and 10 minutes has ruined Warzone

So after match after match of frustration and being dumped on by hackers my squad mate had an idea. He performed a quick google search, found the site and got the common $12 for 24 hour cheats for Warzone. The following is what we learned and what happened next.
To preface this, before everyone gets upset we set certain rules for ourselves to make sure this was for research etc.
  1. No aimbot period. We know how this works, there’s no reason to be aimbotting people. Plus it makes what we are trying obvious and we wanted to see how well we could “blend in” as first time hack users. (Spoiler alert, easily)
  2. No winning, the goal of this was to see how bad the cheating is, so we did it on a Thursday night around 11pm and made sure to kill our selves instead of winning. Even though as you read in that was pointless.
  3. Only fight to defend ourselves to collect data, no hunting etc and being what we hate.
Here is what we discovered. Every member of this Reddit has to be the only people not cheating in this game. We literally in 7 hours of straight match after match in Trios didn’t have a single game without hackers. Not the entire lobby, but there was ALWAYS 3-4 squads with at LEAST 1 guy using walls. This was obvious as you can see people across the map, it’s so insidious you can see whether they are crouching, ADS, the direction they are facing, their exact distance in meters and THEIR NAME. Oh and if they look at you their little box turns blue, which is by the way how we discovered this game is infected and unplayable. In EVERY SINGLE MATCH we would watch people through walls as they watched us, we would gulag friend crouch a coupe times and they would as well. Let me say again for those in the back who pretend this isn’t a problem EVERY MATCH. We sit in the 1.0-1.5 KD range so it’s not upper lobbies or the lowest lobby. It’s dead middle.
We learned that by the end of circle 4 80% of the squads remaining have a hacker in ever single game we played. They range from the hunters who use the hacks to flank and push and go for kills to the clever guys who use them to watch you and just creep on the edge perfectly out of sight until the end disengaging everyone. There is nothing more obvious then watching someone through a wall and noticing they are watching you as well, there’s no mistaking it. This isn’t made up, this isn’t back burner, it’s real and I feel sorry for everyone still on this game. This taught us that we are done, we assumed it was bad but now we KNOW it’s bad, there is no anticheat period in this game, it was literally $12 and one computer reset and in under 10 minutes we could have ruined the game for 147 other people. PC gaming itself competitively is dead to me and I’ll be buying a PS5 and turning off crossplay for this when it comes out this holiday.
Also, it’s brain dead easy to make it look like you don’t have them, only other hackers will know and they aren’t exactly reporting their own hacks. We would be at 2-3 kills a piece before we died in the gas purposefully and no one we killed yelled hacker or assumed. Pop a UAV before a fight and everyone assumes your legit.
TL:DR We hacked for research, learned EVERY match is full of wall hackers. Quitting the game until PS5 and no crossplay is an option for my squad. Game is broken Game is trash Game is infected and they aren’t doing a thing about it
Edit: didn’t expect this to blow up, I get there’s a lot of deniers and nay sayers which is to be expected. We decided we will make you guys a video but not convinced it will help the rampant delusions of this games fans lol. Now I’m going to clear up some of the most common questions;
  1. Bruh like bruh IW said there are hacker lobbies now bruh I bet when you never hacked before and hacked the very first game their amazing bruhcheat software caught you bruh and put you in the hacker lobby bruh!
  2. No, stop it. The shadow ban process is well documented even ON THIS SUB just search the sub for shadowban and you will see it A. Auto sets you to like 200-3000ping matchmaking and doesn’t ever load you in a match. B. If this was the case then IW sucks because there were PLENTY of clean squads in our matches getting innocently massacred by hackers we were observing. Explain that? You cannot. The hacker lobby issue is DOA.
  3. How can you tell someone else is hacking? What’s this blue box business?
  4. So the easiest way to explain this is this, imagine you have advanced UAV all the time, does that not affect the way you navigate populated areas? You either A. Push and flank perfectly knowing where they are and where they are looking or B. Move on out of a bad area without being seen as you can see where they are looking. This style of movement is deliberate and weird and when you have walls you can see other teams moving this way nonstop. Because hell man you’re doing the same thing. The difference is it’s not just advanced UAV you can see them through the literal map, and they have a red indicator thing on them, you can see if they are crouching, ads, distance away and even their names. Add to that the advanced UAV on the top right of the map and you have some awkward sneaky boys who are obviously walling lol. As far as the blue box, it turns blue when they see you, not just looking in your direction, this tech already exists in a perk so I assume the hackers just piggy backed that code, except with walls it works through the walls so it’s completely obvious if two hackers are staring at each other lol.
  5. Bruh fuck you man we got wins and I get kills if there was hackers in every lobby I wouldn’t win bruh bruh bruh
  6. So you may just be a better player then you think let me put it this way wall hacks are essentially soft cheats they are not aimbot, they are not god mode, they don’t predict circle, they don’t help you make tactical decisions on when to push or chill, they literally just give you info on where someone is and where they are looking. The smaller the circle the less it helps, as the info overload is a bit much and the clutter on the screen can be hard to navigate. They get to circle 4 so easily as because in the start after first round of looting wall hacks are deadly as there’s room to get around and you’re only on one squad usually and you can prevent a third party. If you’re decent at the game and have good aim you will kill these players and never know they existed. It’s easy to hide it (Example, our cheater didn’t kill people he just fed us info so we could kill them, we couldn’t track through walls so ALWAYS looked like a legit kill, we just had better “game sense”)
Edit 2: So my squadmate who ran the hacks wiped his PC after to be safe etc, he didn’t mind doing it again, then apparently he spent last night reading these replies and had a pretty solid opinion, nah fuck em. Lol to his credit he made good points;
  1. You can find how the hacks work and see them working on YouTube in 30 seconds.
  2. Judging by the response and accusatory nature of half the cucks here, even with a video we can already see the replies, “That’s not diff matches” “I don’t think he’s hacking bruh he’s got wall game sense bruh” “How do I know that’s not the same team or you guys are lying in some way” “I need to see data that’s impossible to extrapolate alongside this video to prove it to me” I dunno, felt like a lot of work that’s not our job.
  3. We did it, we shared it, and we no longer care if you believe it, I took a lot of time to reply to even the dumbest of asses on here, it’s time to retire the post, I’ll follow with some parting words and advice.
Advice for how to counter? Play recons and get to the better position as fast as possible and play it slow, is it fun? Nah, but if you want to win and you’re not a hacker that seems to be the best way. The walls get convoluted and hard to navigate through in the final circles, it becomes a mess and relating into to your team also becomes hard, so get to the end and then pick your fights. Good luck guys! Consider the post retired.
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NFL & NBA Updated Schedules and Degenerate Gambler DD

Edit: I'm a POS forgot about MLB. Season starts July 23. Added link and info in schedule below.
Was posting this in the "what your moves tomorrow" thread but I got carried away. So figure post my Bullshit here.
The moves I am planning to make and the conjecture I am erroneously calling DD are detailed below.
All focused around the sport book services, online casinos etc for next couple days and weeks.
DKNG - GAN - BETZ - IGT - MGM - SGMS - PDYPY etc etc
Dates for NFL / NBA / MLB season opening and schedule info below
Like every dumbass who thinks they sound insightful loves to say, "Americans are starved for entertainment and sports."
Another obvious thing everyone here knows based on the fanatical participation in this glory hole of a sub:
Americans are going through gambling addiction withdrawal.
They need to get right.
Well the fix they need is practically here.
Tomorrow July 8:
All NBA teams will be checked into their Mickey and Minnie hotels and prowling the on-site facilities (aka the Orlando Covid Bubble) acting like the responsible gentleman that they are. I wonder if ladies of the night are on their way there now, or if they are already there incognito in Donald and Goofy costumes.
This means no more uncertainty. American sports will be back on the media radar.
News spots, YouTube assholes, woke social media posts, all will have NBA content.
DKNG and other gambling and fantasy platforms are going to start advertising hard.
DKNG promos will be on every PJ trader's/boomer's favorite cable news shows.
Daily fantasy targeted ads will be on your Reddit feed and on your wife's boyfriend's Instagram.
This will be the first time since their IPO in April that they will be pumping ads for biz so hard.
Crazy visibility.
You know who else is gonna talk about the NBA, MLB, and NFL starting???
🇺🇸 Trump
Everyone on CNBC - Jim Cramer morning and afternoon - Faber - LeBeau - Kernen - Kernen's co host babe - The young dork who pisses Kernen off every morning
They will be falling all over themselves to show us that they are cool sport guys.
And that they know about cool sport guy gambling companies.
These tickers are gonna get alot of free stonk news airtime.
1.5 Weeks from now
July 22:
NBA scrimmages start
NBA beer virus scrimmage schedule
Major ad buys for NBA fantasy and betting will start the week before the scrimmages and run through until the season starts.
July 23: MLB regular season starts
MLB beer virus season schedule
2.5 weeks from now
July 30:
NBA Season Starts NBA beer virus schedule
This leads right to the main event for all degenerate gamblers and fantasy players
🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 NFL SEASON 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
3.5 weeks from now
August 11
NFL 53 man roster cut date
The NFL preseason is cancelled
That is actually good for fantasy football, don't have to worry about injuries as much so can draft as early as you want.
So fantasy will be going full force, and DKNG will keep hitting us with the ads.
Three weeks of drafts and talking heads pumping NFL.
7.5 weeks from now
September 10
First NFL game
👍🏿 🍆💦
Im going all in tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.
I cashed out all my calls and positions mid morning today. I am going to try my best to not drop all $ in one session.
Big picture - my moves:
Tomorrow through early next week will pickup an irresponsible amount of Calls exp 8/21 and 11/20
Gay Stock purchases:
I am going to buy a Honda Civics worth of DKNG stock over next two - three days
Why not calls? Well I am not sure when it's going to leap and volatility is high.
DKNG was at $43.75 on June 22.
Down 30% since then.
$30 now.
Its going to blow by $50 and to $70 and maybe more by the time we are at the start of the week 2 of the NFL season (September 17).
I will periodically throw money at BETZ tomorrow through the end of July.
Will use it to stop myself from impulse buying something stupid like HTZ or NKLA calls or TSLA puts.
I dunno why but the BETZ ticker just seems kinda gay to me.
Note: To clarify the above. I am a tard. Smart for a tard, but still a tard.
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r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season - #20-11

Welcome to the reveal for players ranked 20-11 for this year’s NFL Top 100 Players for the 2019 Season!

Players whose average rank had them land in places 20-11 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished 2019 with.
Below you will see write-ups from rankers summarizing the players' 2019 season and why they were among the best in 2019. Stats for each player are from this season and are included below. Additionally, their previous ranks in this long running series are also available for all of you.
  1. A CALL FOR RANKERS just after the Super Bowl.
  2. Rankers for each team nominated players to rank. 10 Games Played Minimum Threshold. Players are associated with the team they finished the 2019 Season with.
  3. The Grind. Utilize ranking threads for individual rankers broken up by positional group. Users were tasked with ranking players within the following tiers based on their evaluation: T-25, T-50, T-100, T-125 based on 2019 regular season only. There were no individual case threads. There were no arbitrary position limit caps. Just questions and rankings.
  4. Users submitted their individual Top 125 list. Ranking out to 125 is new for this year.
  5. User lists were reviewed for outliers by me with assistance from two former rankers. Users were permitted to correct any mistakes found. Once complete, lists were locked.
  6. Reveal the list… right now.
So now, without further ado, here are the players ranked 20-11 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season!

#20 - Danielle Hunter - EDGE - Minnesota Vikings

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/R N/R N/R 32
Written By: uggsandstarbux
Khalil Mack. Von Miller. JJ Watt. Those are the names that come up when you mention edge players in the NFL over the last half a decade. Yet none have as many sacks as Danielle Hunter in the last two years. Hunter is continually passed over in the conversation of edge rushers. Even among young edge rushers like the Bosa brothers, TJ Watt, Myles Garrett, and Bradley Chubb, Hunter is forgotten. He only received 4 All Pro votes from AP (of a possible 50). He failed to make PFF’s All Pro team. Is it because he wasn’t a 1st round pick? Is it because the Vikings defense was already dominant before his arrival?
Hunter has improved every year he’s gotten into the league (88 pressures this year vs 67 last year vs 55 in 2016). His first couple years in the league, he rotated in behind Everson Griffen and Brian Robinson. Yet he holds the record for most sacks before his 25th birthday and was one of only a handful of players in 2019 with double digit sacks and 15+ TFLs last season. He earned an 89.0 overall grade from PFF and forced 3 fumbles this year.
Beyond the numbers, Hunter is a unit. He came out of LSU as one of the more raw pass rushers in his draft. However, under the tutelage of the mighty Andre Patterson, Hunter has become one of the most athletic, versatile, technical, dominant edge defenders in the game. He can beat you with a pure bull rush, but he can also beat you with his speed and agility. He’s picked up Everson Griffen’s deadly spin move and has the motor to work through double teams. He can win with an inside move, or he can play pure 3T for an entire game (a la vs NO). He’s got a great understanding of the game and is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re placing bets for DPOY in 2020, don’t waste your money on the big name guys like Aaron Donald (+750) or Khalil Mack (+1100). Don’t spend it on young up and comers, lke Nick Bosa (+1300) or TJ Watt (+1500) either. Place it on Danielle Hunter (+2300). He’s going to continue dominating as he gains more recognition and climbs toward stardom.

#19 - Chris Godwin - Wide Receiver - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: MysticTyph00n
At the beginning of the 2019 NFL season Bruce Arians said:
"I think Chris Godwin is going to be close to a 100-catch guy, especially because I think he can play in the slot,"...."He's never coming off the field."
Bucs fans thought this could be very well true in BA's system, especially with the departure of Desean Jackson which only really left Mike Evans as the only other real target on the team.
The 3rd round pick from Penn State showed up big time this year after having two relatively quiet seasons. Through 13.5 games (missing the final 2.5 due to a hamstring injury) he amassed 86 receptions for 1,333 yards, 9 TDs and only one drop(In fact he's only had 2 drops total in 2018 & 2019)He very well could have gone over 100 receptions , 1,500 yards as well as double digit TDs, but that's just projecting right?
According to PFF he was an absolute monster in the slot with an outstanding 96.5 grade, which shows he can line up anywhere on the field and still produce big time for the Buccaneers.
In 2020, I honestly expect Chris Godwin to have close to the same production, and possibly even better with how much he produces from the slot.
Please don't leave us…

#18 - Quenton Nelson - Offensive Guard - Indianapolis Colts

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 70
Written By: Zzyzx8
Selecting a guard 6th overall was a bold movie for second year GM Chris Ballard, even one as highly touted as Quenton Nelson. Casual fans hated it, while draft junkies loved it. Two years later, it’s become clear that the pick was a home run. Nelson’s selection single handedly turned around a unit that was largely responsible for a slew of injuries to Andrew Luck into one of the best units. Nelson’s second year was only better, cementing himself as one of the best guards in the league, a true road grader. He spent the past year terrorizing nfl defensive lineman en route to his second pro bowl and all pro selections. Plus, he pulled off what was by far the best touchdown celebration of the season

#17 - Jamal Adams - Strong Safety - New York Jets

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R 18
Written By: the_fuzzy_stoner robdog1330
I would just like to start with a moment of silence for the fans of the New York Jets after Jamal Adams recently demanded a trade from that inept organization with a dumpster fire of a coach in Adam Gase.
Anyways, after an incredible sophomore season, Adams has kept up with his awesome play in his third season as one of the NFL's best and most versatile defensive players as well as the clear-cut best player on a football team that somehow won seven games. Adams, also known as President 'Mal, recorded an interception (which was returned 61 yards to the house), 7 passes defended, 11 hurries, and 36 stops, but that's not all! Adams also garnered 6.5 sacks (which is amazing for a DB) and forced two fumbles (like this one he returned to the house on my guy Daniel Jones 😔). With his exceptional play, the star safety was named to the 1st Team All-Pro as well as his second Pro Bowl selection (an honor which none of his other Jets teammates got this year).
What makes Adams so special is that he is exceptional against both the running and passing game. Whether he's with Gang Green or another franchise next year, I'd expect another stellar season out of Jamal Adams in 2020 (assuming there is one) and even as a Giants fan who watched him dominate my team this past season, I really appreciate the guy's play.

#16 - Derrick Henry - Running Back - Tennessee Titans

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: broccolibush42
This part man part tractor was the plow that turned our barren field into a bountiful wheat field full of Nashville Hot Chicken. This beautiful muscly man with a poop rat tail decimated opponents and General Sherman'd the AFC South. Totaling at 1540 yards and 16 Touchdowns in 15 games, with 6 coming from a slow start in a Mariota lead offense, he caught fire and dragged his nuts all over teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, Jags, Colts, Texans, Raiders and was showing just absolute dominance on the field. (Sadly we arent able to take the playoffs into account otherwise i'd gush over how he embarrassed a couple of scrub one and done teams).
Henry has this certain tenacity and a godlike level of endurance that just makes him an absolute beast in the 2nd half. He is just able to keep going, and going, and going, until finally, players get tired of it and turn into lead blockers for him. He is extremely hard to tackle to. Take a look at this play against the Chiefs in week 10, guys just bounce off him like he's running through toddlers. Derrick Henry is so hard to tackle that, according to PFF, Henry had over 1200 of his 1540 total yards after contact. Like this dude was getting hit at the line of scrimmage and he is just like, fuck this shit, i aint no dion lewis, and keeps going. How is this guy even real???
Another thing about Henry is his speed! Henry is a 6'3" 240 pound dude running 20+ MPH down the field when he breaks the open one. Like look at this speed he gets vs the Browns in week 1. Or this one against the Jags where he outruns guys and stiff arms the ones who barely managed to keep pace. Speaking of stiff arms, Derrick Henry has one of, if not, the BEST Stiff Arm in the league. If I had to pick a way to die, I think I would like Henry to stiff arm me in the face running at me at 21 miles per hour with this face, because there would be no greater honor to a titans fan than death by Henry. That concludes my Henry jerk fest. Here are some more highlights. and here are the real link.

#15 - Travis Kelce - Tight End - Kansas City Chiefs

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/R 84 N/R 28 31 13
Written By: DTSportsNow
Travis Kelce was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft. He wound up missing his rookie season due needing to receive microfracture surgery on his knee over the offseason and dealing with a bone bruise during the season. Since then he's received 4 All-Pro designations and was named to the NFL 2010s All-Decade team. He's also become the 1st TE in NFL history to have 4 straight 1,000+ yard seasons. Not bad considering how his career got started.
In 2019 he finished his 2nd straight season of 1,200+ yards and 3rd straight season leading the league in deep receiving yards by a tight end (274). He finished top 4 in overall TE grade for the 4th straight year (85.1), and was named to his second 2nd-team All-Pro designation. In the Sunday Night Football contest against the Chicago Bears he caught his 500th career reception, becoming the fastest TE in NFL history to reach that mark.
There's no doubt that Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game, and winding up in the top 20 proves many believe him to be one of the very best players in the league. Since Gronk's decline it's essentially been between him and George Kittle for the top player at the position. He's a key component of what Andy Reid and the Chiefs like to do on offense, even as stacked as the offence is. With a Super Bowl victory and a few records to his name already his legacy will be decided by how long he can keep up his premier play. His partnership with Patrick Mahomes should take him to a locked up Hall of Fame bust.

#14 - Ryan Ramczyk - Offensive Tackle - New Orleans Saints

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 100 74
Written By: Dahki
In 2017, sb nation wrote an article claiming that Ryan Ramczyk wasn't a first round talent at LT. The site went so far as to say he would benefit from a switch to RT. In short, they ended up nailing that on the head. The three-year vet has spent almost the entirety of his career anchoring the right side of the Saints O-line after being picked at 32 overall, and boy, has it worked out for both the team and the Wisconsin alum.
Ram makes the /nfl top 100 list for two reasons. First, he was really good. Second, we really wanted to hammer in the idea that the Saints O-line as a whole was really good. Most notably, Ram exits the 2019 season with his first first-team all pro, and he was more than deserving of it. Similar to teammate Terron Armstead, Ram refused to allow Brees or Teddy to be touched, giving up no sacks on the season. Even better, Ram kept his QBs almost squeaky clean in the pocket, allowing just one hit on the entire season, good for 2nd best in the league among nominated tackles. And Ram didn't just do well in pass pro; he was PFFs top graded OT when run-blocking, showcasing his power and quickness from his spot. In total, Ram spent the 2019 season as the biggest challenge for opposing D-lines to overcome when facing the Saints.

#13 - Julio Jones - Wide Receiver - Atlanta Falcons

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
32 93 23 8 2 21 17
Written By: CokeZ3ro
It's a bird, it’s a plane, no it's Jet Jones! In his 9th season Julio continues to be one of the most dominant receivers in the NFL, and the undisputed best player on the team. He’s a force that defenses must give their full attention, and even then he can explode. Even when he doesn’t get the ball, his influence and abilities still shape the play, and better everyone around him. This past offseason Julio agreed to a three-year contract extension worth $66 million, making him the NFL’s highest paid WR, and extending him to 2023. Even though 2019 was a down year statistically, Julio continued to show why the money is worth it. In a “down year” Julio was 2nd in reception yards, 3rd in Yards/Game, and 1st in Scrimmage Yards/Touch, and made his 6th consecutive Pro-Bowl.
But stats can hardly capture the elite combination of athleticism and skill that makes Julio so great. A combination perfectly captured here where Julio is able to jump over the coverage of CB Leodis McKelvin and then tiptoe to complete the coverage on the way down. Later that same game, with the Falcons against the wall, Julio showed that no man can catch him in a 53-yard burst (shoutout to Jake Matthews for the Pancake Block). Julio utilized his route skills to make CB Pierre Desir eat turf before making a 34-yard reception; which likely would have been much more if Ryan didn’t underthrow it. He’s pretty good at catching too, exhibited as reaches over CB Quincy Wilson and manages to hold onto the ball through tackles from Wilson and SS Clayton Geathers to score. Doesn’t matter who you are, Luke Keuchly, Marshon Lattimore, AJ Bouye; doesn’t matter. bUt hE dOEsn’T gET tOUchDoWnS I hear the Fantasy owners say. Watch this and notice how often in the redzone Julio is serving to support his team (blocks, inside presence, taking double defenders), or is just ignored. He’s open more often people realize.
Even in a disappointing season for the Falcons, Julio continues to shine through as one of the NFL’s premiere combos of athleticism and skill. Julio is and will continue to be an absolute force for the offense.

#12 - Chandler Jones - EDGE - Arizona Cardinals

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R 60 24 100
Written By: Beehay
In my write up of ChanJo last year, I mentioned that the return to the 3/4 (even if it's under Vance Joseph) will be huge for his stats. And boy howdy was it! At 30 years old and after double digit sack totals for 5 straight years, Jones set a career high of sacks at 19 this year. He had 8 Forced Fumbles, 53 Tackles, and 26 QB hits. Most of his stats improved from 2018, some more drastically than others. His pass coverage marginally improved but why the hell would you really want him to cover guys? (Don't say it Niners fans, DON'T SAY IT)
Chandler Jones is the prototype for edge defenders. He is what all other Defensive Coordinators wish they had. Strong, fast, smart, consistent. Here's a guys opinion and a breakdown. Here's some highlights because not everybody watched all 16 Cardinals games last year and I don't blame them. I think he will rank even higher next year if he stays healthy because he will finally get to settle into a defense again. Even if it's Vance Joseph's.

#11 - Ronnie Stanley - Offensive Tackle - Baltimore Ravens

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/R N/R 97
Written By: Letsgomountaineers5
Where to begin with Ronnie Stanley? Oh, how about a nearly minute long clip of him absolutely bullying First Team All Pro and NFC DPOY Chandler Jones. You like that? (Sorry Cards fans, but hey we all know Chandler Jones is a beast). Ronnie Stanley was the best LT in the league. No wait, actually he was the best overall tackle in the league. Actually, Stanley was the best lineman in the league, bar none. I truly believe Stanley was a top 5 player in the NFL last season and even tried (and failed/came to senses) to argue Stanley as a top 2 player. His dominance on the left side of that line was unprecedented.
I know stats don’t paint the entire picture, especially for OL, but I have to start there because his stats were unworldly as a blindside protector facing the best pass rushers the NFL has to offer. Going against the likes of TJ Watt twice a year, Carlos Dunlap twice a year, Myles Garrett, Chandler Jones, Nick Bosa, Shaq Barrett (need I go on), he allowed zero sacks and six pressures on 445 pass blocking snaps. Of tackles with at least 400 pass blocking snaps to allow 6 pressures or less, he was the only one. Wait, the only one? Let’s expand. 10 pressures on 400 snaps? Hmm. Only Ronnie Stanley. 15? Hmm only Ronnie Stanley. 20 and no sacks? Only Ronnie Stanley. Unreal.
So how does he do it? Well for starters, he has an elite pass rusher’s explosion as an offensive lineman. He can pack a pop that will knock the best rushers off line or on their ass without overextending. Just ask Nick Bosa. Refer back to the Chandler Jones lowlight reel for a second and check out how often he simply beats Jones (one of the most explosive and best bending edge rushers in the game) to his spot time and time again. Stanley is out of his stance so fast it looks like he’s false starting and, be it film review/sixth sense/sheer athleticism (my money is on all three), he hits the pass rushers’ marks before they do. Sometimes, he even chips defenders to the ground he doesn’t have a responsibility for. Because of these reasons, he’s basically the only lineman in the game not playing catchup and is tremendously equipped to react to counters. In the run game, he was a driving reason behind that team’s record setting running success. He can be a mauler, but with his speed also can pull like the best guards in the game and lead block for some of the fastest players in the game.
At the end of the day, his dominance in both pass blocking and run blocking makes him a worthy top 15 player, and if not for a tendency to underrate linemen, I believe he should’ve been a shoe-in for the top 10. If you read this far, thank you. Now I need to go puke after that glowing endorsement for a Raven.




Schedule Change

Unveiling of ranks 10-6 will take place Monday, July 6 instead of Tuesday. Unveiling of ranks 5-1 will take place on Thursday, July 9. Thank you!
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For those who know SaltyBet through FNF or Woolie

tl;dr Salty started deleting characters and people asked questions, those people got banned. People who asked further about what happened, they also got banned. This eventually devolved to the point where even randos get banned because ??? as seen in the album linked below. Salty's complete lack of communication with his community as well as all of this had made a lot of regulars dump their salt and leave SB entirely.
Following EVO Online's cancellation, Salty, the owner of SaltyBet started deleting characters from SaltyBet's MUGEN. It's not uncommon for characters to be removed from SaltyBet's MUGEN every now and then, as some characters can be inappropriate (like +18 edits that sneaked in, even though a simple sprite edit can fix that real quick.) or just downright crash MUGEN. However the deletion of characters this time were done without reason nor explanation, so a few members in the community stepped up to ask what was going on and what happened to the characters.
Those members were immediately slapped with permabans, basically telling us "You don't need to know why I did it, just live with it."
Following these members, questions about the permabans came up from other members in the community. Why were they banned? What happened? What's going on?
Anyone who asked these kind of questions were also promptly permabanned, a majority of them at least.
Anyone who even questioned the situation were likely permabanned as well. These bans also included members who bought the premium membership on the site.
People who were in the SaltyBet Discord (which needs you to be premium, btw) and wanted to know about what was going on also had their Discord chat history hidden, effectively silencing the conversation and making sure no one else knew about how badly Salty was treating his community.
In addition, once details about this ban spree leaked to the common community, newbies were trying to understand what had happened too. Because there were too many people to ban at once, Salty instead opted to silence the embed Twitch chat through a 1-week follower requirement. Everything he's done up to this point has just been to cut off any communication about the issue at hand.
Now, what does this matter to you guys? Bottom line, please consider carefully if you want to support SaltyBet. If you've ever heard about that site through the Best Friends and the few episodes they did, things have changed. Some aspects have gone completely downhill and a large number of Salty Bet's regulars have decided they've had enough and left the place altogether, which also led to their accounts being banned.
Salty has clearly lost any and all control over the situation and is using any means necessary to protect the reputation of the site so that more people can continue spending money on the premium membership while he does nothing to fix the issues he's caused.
Permaban Examples
If you're looking for an alternative to SaltyBet, try out SpriteClub. It's functionally the same with better management.
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Here are some of the best lines from the show. I'm sure I forgot a lot of them but I can't think of them I know they're out there though. I also put 2-3 good moments on the show

-You now women married? Why no tell me this before. No touching with me. Me not accept this (ZIED THEN STORMS OFF)
-You are so mach sexy so so mach sexy. (ZIED)
-You're gonna be lucky if your dick dont fall off (DINYELL)
-Go back to your broke ass country or else you're gonna pay you hear me (BIG RED BETH TO MAHAMIT ON THE PHONE)
-Mahamit decided that we're not having secks because he's a muslim (DINYELL)
-You are a whore and you will not talk to me like this tonight. Goodnight. Slut ass bitch ass cunt ass whore (CHANTEL)
-He has told people that I smell and that I peed on 'eem (DINYELL)
-She was like fighting with me over it. She would be like crying and screaming on the floor in front of her teenagers I WANT MY SECKS TONIGHT. IF YOU DONT GIVE ME MY SECKS TONIGHT I CALL THE IMMIGRATION AND GET YOU DEPORTED (MAHAMIT)
-Don't terrarize me with your pregnacy (ANDRRRREI)
-I need eem here I want eem here he made me a better person (DINYELL)
-Danielle moaning whenever she cries about Mahamit
-Fuck you you lied again to my face (ANGELA AT THE BOAT CRUISE)
-Skyla I can tote it I just need ya egg (ANGELA)
-Lana mmmmmmmmmmm (David's creepy noise) (DAVID)
-Lisa's groan (BGL)
-I got 50 men waiting to marry me in the states right now (BGL)
-She chrew my Louboutins at me. (JESSE)
-That's why Ash dumped you ass point blank Avery (BGL)
-Dinyell she is miserable person she used to having miserable life (MAHAMIT)
-If we talk about physical relation I think Dinyell is acceptable for me (MAHAMIT)
-Weeyams is the love of my life (YOLANDA)
-I love cook my sister I love cook my sister so mach (ZIED)
-I'm attracted to Nickle maybe just 55% (AZAN)
-I'd say Lisa is exactly 70% good in bed which is exactly what I expected (SOJABOY)
-Did you put weight on? (TOM)
-You're gonna let this fucking pervert come at me with fucking charges. Ed has molested women he's groomed them and God only knows what the fuck else he did. (BGL AT THE TELL ALL)
-Do you think every man in this world has sex with his wife everyday? (Walmart Tom)
-Khalas khalas!! (Yazan)
-The time were Yolanda's phone said "The Williams"
-Fuck you fuck the Britany fuck everything (Yazan)
-Syngin is a cisgendered white male (Tonya)
-I don't think Synging is my soulmate. My first boyfriend was my soulmate (Tonya)
-Anna please Anna (Mursal and Anna crying histerically when he had to go back to Turkey)
-The mans brain is all boxes and womens brains are interlinked (Ash)
-Why are there recordings of your voice talking to other women? (Nickle)
-The time were Azan said he couldn't make it to Grenada because of a "family emergency"
-Coltee you're a fat fat loser who live at home with his mother (Larissa)
-Oh Coltee I know you are tired look you are fat too (Larissa)
-Go there and talk to the bitch she's a fucking bitch! (Larissa)
-Coltee do you fuck your mother because you act like she's your little lover (Larissa)
- You think I don't know her by now? You think I don't know her for 8 years? Stop putting your American mentality on to this (David)
-When you have big ass and you go boom boom (Annie)
-I have 5 kids with 4 different women (Robert)
-A few weeks ago you call me "n word" which I know is totally inappropriate in America (SOJABOY)
-I thought my visa wouldn't come and that I wasn't gonna be able to be with Sumeet (Jinny)
-Cut the fucking thing cut it now she's disrespecting him fucking stop it Barb! (BGL ABOUT SHAUN AT THE TELL ALL)
-Ed and Avery are the most fake fucks on the air right now (BGL AT TELL ALL)
-Ed fuck you you're the goat you're the fucking goat! You wanna sit here and talk shit no fuck you! (BGL AT THE TELL ALL)
-You told Rose her fucking breath stinks and to shave her fucking legs. Meanwhile you're coming in here with your fucking greased up hair looking like a fucking bum in the South after that you said she's fucking taking your money. You said Rose scammed you (BGL TO ED AT THE TELL ALL)
-Is it because you love your mama more than your ex wife (Chantel)
-If you don't like him divorce him period! (Nicole)
-Did you just call me a fucking bitch? (Chantel)
-Yes (Nicole)
-I think maybe Teem is gay (Veronica)
-The time where Veronica storms out and spills water on Teem
-I think I should to be lesbian (Larissa)
-Men always put in their profile about a tacos and hiking (Larissa)
-Kalani job very easy. It's just cleaning and taking care of keeds (Asuelu)
-The father of the bride pays for the wedding Leeb (Andrrrrei)
-When Leeb starting crying in front of her father for him to pay for the wedding
-If Asuelu don't start stepping up either his ass is going to get beaten or I'm sending his ass back to Samoa (Kalani's father)
-Lying bitch (Asuelu)
-I just renewed my lease on the apartment sorry Annie (Robert)
-We have sex like 5 times a week (Annie/David).
-AND YOU DON'T HIT HIM YOU HIT HIM THATS WRONG AND YOU STOP! (Mykhul and Angela big airport road brawl)
-Oh hell nah we're not going out there there's raw dawgs everywhere (FATHER CHANTEL IN DR)
-The time where Chantel family don't wanna get out of van at Pedro's grandmothers
-We need mommys blessing to get married (THE CRINGE OF BGL CALLING HER MOMMY)
-You called us stupid American with mental problems (Mother Chantel)
-You want the chicken feet (Pedro)
-The big brawl between Pedro and Chantel family
-Ay ay ay what you say what you say? (PEDRO YELLING AT RIVER AT THAT BRAWL)
-The time were Pedro danced with Coraima and then Nicole shows Chantel the video
-You're ugly (ROSE)
-Lisa is bigger than I expected. She is a very controlling women (SOJABOY)
- Pedro's mom has a business in the DR where she finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-When Angela beat up Avery at the tell all
-Things are about to get a lot stupider (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-When Chantel and Winter found out Jah had another kid
-Hold my rings (Mother Chantel after the brawl with River and Pedro)
-I think that Pedro's mom runs an illegal business where they find stupid americans to harvest they american dollar (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-Almost there lazy (AZAN)
-My whole family anal so clean (JIHOON)
-Mens doesn't control me (JULIANNA)
-You need to cut it on a bias baby so that it stays juicy. Trust me I've worked in restaurants I know this (DARZY TO JESSE THAN HE DROPS THE KNIFE AND STORMS OUT)
-Baby are you Nigerian (YOLANDA)
-The time where Yolanda's commenting and crushing over Weeyums British accent
-May I halik you (BIG PRED)
-It's not a poor mans game we admit this it's not a poor mans game (DAVID)
-In voodoo they use a lot of chicken feet (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-You done told me that a million times MYKHULLLL (ANGELA)
-You gonna give me a black eye Mykhul (ANGELA)
-Raw dawg mmmmmm (BGL)
-I'm not like work oriented I think I'm more stay at home mom and social media influencer (JASMIN)
-The time where Nicole is trying to hug Azan and he keeps pushing her away
-When Nicole was shoving Azan on the bus
-Winter finding out Jah has another kid he hid
-When BigPred and Rose are arguing outside the cafe at 12 am
-We didn't have Sax until September (DINYELL)
-You treated him like a little goat (BIG PRED)
-He makes my skin crawl (BIG RED BETH)
-Why no find house for us two only (ZIED)
-Aladin doesn't give good jiggy-jiggy (LAURA)
-Lana does not have many dating profiles they're people pretending to her they're all fakes! (DAVID)
-Condoms are for slut people (ASUELU)
-Try to buy a butt (LARISSA)
-It's my tax paying right to get married in America. I'm a single tax paying meemah that dont make much moeny (ANGELA)
-I think you was horney and you was lookin for a bitch to fuck (ANGELA)
-I did the BJ you know for real (MYKHUL)
-It's an amazing adventure (DAVID)
-I only drink juice I don't drink water (DAVID WHILE CAMERA IS POINTING AT HIS STOCK PILE OF JUICE)
-I have no idea where Gatar is I sell didos for a living (LADY AT SEX SHOP)
-I don't see one some thing about God here (LUIS)
-debil owls (LUIS)
-I can't talk to jesus when I'm drunk (AKINYI)
-I work so mach work (ZIED)
-I hate stay at home no work (ZIED)
-I was with a women before (REBECCA)
-Everything makes you uncomfortable Steph (ERIKUH)
Steph smashing the glass in the motel
-My parents really no accept you after this (ZIED)
-Are you with Matthew just for the sex (LUIS TO OLIVIA)
-All of the times when Dinyell would moan and desperately cry everytime time Mahamit left her
-When Angela fought over and over with Mykhul's friends
-The theory that Pedro's sister is actually the wife
Let me know what I missed lol
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I made a new Clash Royale account to PROVE that ladder bots exist... here are my findings :)


Sup bois, my name's Bailey and today I'm going to PROVE to you that bots exist in Clash Royale's ladder system! Just before we get into the content today, I just wanna plug the YouTube video I made on this topic. It's a nicely edited version of this post for those of you who enjoy watching rather than reading, and I'd appreciate the support! Otherwise, be sure to enjoy the read! Now, bots have been theorised in Clash Royale for about a year. Boss did a video on his YouTube showing that he faced two very similar players, and guessed that they were illegitimate. But outside of Boss' video, nobody has really discussed this topic, and there definitely hasn't been PROOF that bots exist. So, I went and started a brand new Clash Royale account on stream and played a total of 91 games, facing 32 bots in the process... That gave me a total of 35% of games being a bot player, which is sort of insane. IN THIS POST I will give 100% proof that bot players exist. Twitch streamer 'MathologistBrad' showed me a profile API that can PROVE any account to be a bot, but let's talk a bit more about Boss' video first...

The Boss Video:

I mentioned Boss' video just now, so I wanted to give ample credit to what he found almost a year ago now. He faced two players by the names of Rian and Gato. In his video, he pointed out that these two players have a one-word name, no clan, a random but similar amount of donations, and a complete noob arena 1 deck. Now, let's think about this. Each player has a one-word name, which already isn't likely in Clash Royale. When you sign up to Clash, you're probably not just gonna put your real name in that username box. I, for example, picked an edgy name that incorporated my surname. Boss, also, doesn't use his real name. Heck, Clash with ASH isn't even called Ash. I bet a couple of you reading this do use your real name, but it's fairly unlikely that a real person just enters their first name and uses that. Both of these bots were running identical decks, as well, using only cards that are unlocked in arena 1. This is super suspicious as most players will switch up their deck as soon as they unlock cool new cards, especially as you would have a legendary at the point in the game where Boss found them. Both players ALSO had donations with no current clan. You may think they've just left their clan, but I will prove otherwise later in this post...

Bot Profiles:

Before we take a look at the behaviour of bots in battle, let's talk about how we can recognise a bot right after we face them - on their profile. As I mentioned earlier, I faced a total of 32 bots in just 91 games of Clash Royale. It is important to note that there are NO bots above the 4000 trophy mark, this is where the game is 100% legitimate players. From these 32 bots, 100% of them had a single named profile. 100% of them had a player tag that started with either a Q or an L. 100% of them were NOT in a clan. 100% of them have some random amount of donations that is above 0. These are all things Boss looked at in his video, but I found a little bit more on the profiles than just that. 63% of bots are within two games of a new arena, and almost 80% of bots are within THREE games of a new arena. We'll theorise more on that later, but I think this is to do with Supercell wanting new players to reach new arenas more easily so they can feel achievement whenever they play the game. 100% of bots over level 7 have no cards in their deck two levels higher than their king tower - meaning a level 7 bot will never have a level 9 card, and so forth. So those are all quite obvious things, but let's take a look at RoyaleAPI. 100% of the bots I faced had either dropped trophies to be at the nearest trophy border, or had stayed right around where I faced them over the following days. Considering 80% of these bots were within a few games of the new arenas anyway, it consolidates the theory that the bots are only in the game to give players easy wins when they may be at crucial points in the game. Howeverrr, there's one thing outside of the game ENTIRELY that gives us the definitive proof that bots exist... I mentioned Brad earlier. Brad is a speedrunner on Twitch and came into one of my bot hunting streams, asking me for the player tags of any bots I had found... what he returned pretty much changed the entire outcome of this project... Using the Supercell API, he was able to pull the ACHIEVEMENT DATA from each of the bots. For those of you too new to Clash to remember achievements, these are what came before quests. They were super basic things like "get 3 wins in a challenge", or "hit 2000 trophies" and would give you a small amount of experience upon completion. Why would this old system be useful in 2020? And especially to prove bots? I hear exactly none of you ask. Well, Supercell never actually deleted the code for these achievements. Whilst they may not be visible in the game anymore, your account is still continuously being tracked for completing achievements, but just isn't being rewarded when you do so. And THAT is important, because one of the easiest achievements on this list was to join a clan... Using Brad's API, we can see that every one of these bots has donated cards and that the achievement is still being tracked on their profile. But what we can also see is that NONE of the bots have EVER completed the join a clan achievement (see image #1 here). This tells us that these accounts, that aren't in a clan but have a random amount of donations, have NEVER actually been in a clan. This PROVES that these accounts are bots, because how would a human ever manage to donate a card without joining a clan?? It's impossible, and proves EXACTLY what I needed for this research. Now, knowing that these accounts are most definitely bot accounts, I reviewed the replay files of each bot account I encountered to analyse how the bots play inside of Clash Royale so I could figure out why they even exist inside of Clash Royale...

Bot Gameplay:

The bottom line of this section goes something like this - the bots tend to be SUPER passive in how they play. Only 29% of bots put troops in the back to start a push, and only 21% of bots played units aggressively at the river. This sorta never really gave the bots a way to actually build a push, seeing as they'd just sorta play units in the middle of the arena. I named this middle section of the arena the "bot spot", and it turns out that 96% of bots put the majority of their units in this passive zone. This really never lets them threaten you, and makes their gameplay super passive, which I guess is intended by Supercell. This "throwing of games" is backed up by the fact that 95% of bots leak elixir during the game when you're close to taking a tower. Instead of spending that elixir on defending your pushes, they legit just sit there and let you win. The only real aggression I found was with bots below 600 trophies. These ones seemed to spam everything at the river as soon as they could, but once you reach the 600 trophy mark the bots seem to stop doing this - I would guess that Supercell have different AIs at different trophy ranges. Although we already discussed that the majority of bots do just leak elixir to let you win, 92% of them will place a card right before they die. It seems as though they're trying to trick the player into thinking they haven't forfeit. Overall, these bots seem intentionally well coded by Supercell to make newer players believe that they are beating other real players, when in actuality they're getting free and easy wins to keep them playing the game for longer. I noticed that 70% of bots like to sacrifice their win condition on defence, maybe this is also to give the player easier wins? 0% of the bots I faced used any emotes, which again could relate to keeping newer players happier as they climb the ranks. That, of course, is not certain, just a theory. The final behaviour I noticed was to do with spells. 87% of the bots played spells in a sort of "programmed" way. This is sort of hard to explain, but hear me out. That percentage of bots wanted to play their spells on things that were spell-resistant. For example, they would always like to Fireball Musketeers and Arrow Skeleton Armies. However, this wasn't always executed well. There were a number of times were they would Fireball Musketeers at 4hp, or Arrow Skeleton Armies that only had 2 Skeletons left. So it felt as though they were programmed to use x spell on y troop, but didn't have any logical thought behind it - which made total sense for how a bot would actually run. Now a lot of you are probably asking... why? Why do bots exist? Well I've theorised a little bit about letting players have wins around crucial parts of the game, but I think there might be a somewhat deeper meaning here...

Why Bots Exist:

Let’s put bots into the context of Youtube. Almost all of you skip ads before videos on YouTube. Ads are usually only 15-30 seconds long, but you probably skip them anyway. While YouTube make less money from you skipping ads, people might leave the site if they had to wait 30-seconds before every video. And this is the same for Clash Royale. There simply cannot be 15-second queues for games, and bots are the fail-safe. Getting someone to download an app is already difficult enough, so Supercell cannot have a ton of players uninstall the game because of waiting times. PUBG and Call of Duty mobile both already have bots in their games to start matches sooner, so this isn't unheard of. There’s even a developer called VOODOO Games who ONLY release games with bots in them. They’re advertised as being multiplayer games, but the game isn’t even coded to be able to connect with other devices (you can even turn on airplane mode midgame and continue playing as normal.) Anyway, VOODOO has a game called that a lot of my friends enjoyed playing for a while. And the reason they loved playing it is because... They were winning... a lot. You see, bots are terrible at playing video games. So if was truly multiplayer, they might win 1 in every 20 matches? It wouldn’t be as fun and they’d probably uninstall. In Clash Royale, someone has to win, and someone has to lose. So every time a game is played, one player ends up happy, and the other player ends up sad. A bot is designed to lose on purpose, and does not care at all about losing because it has no feelings. So matches against bots allow Supercell to increase the overall enjoyment of the game by letting players gain happiness from beating bots. If the average player loses too many matches in a row, they’ll probably just uninstall and find a new game to play. So, it is in Supercell’s best interests to have these “pity matches” where an opponent is SO bad it is impossible to lose - and bots fill that role perfectly. By making sure players are never waiting too long for games, as well as making sure players never get too frustrated from losing a lot, bots allow supercell to give a better experience to newer players.

My Opinion and Conclusion:

This might be the most irrelevant part of this post, but I thought I'd give my views on the bot scenario in Clash Royale. I totally agree that shorter wait times and higher game enjoyment are POSITIVES, but what about everyone above 4k? It's fairly obvious that a lot of us more loyal players are slowly getting bored of what Clash Royale has to offer... and why newer players might be having a better experience, what do we get? Instead of spending time developing updates that give the loyal players a better experience, they've developed this secret, complex, bot AI that they've sorta his from all of us. Again, I agree that bots are a POSITIVE addition to the game, but my only problem is that they should have never been the main priority for Supercell. Whilst the bots are just a small factor, it indicates to me that Supercell aren't afraid of adding things that help them without even letting the community know why the updates have REALLY been taking this long. The ONLY statement I could find from Supercell on this topic was a support post where they talk super ominously, but do admit to bots existing (see image #2 here). They call the bots an "extension of the tutorial", and say they're encountered "infrequently" with the purpose of "increasing the skill level of players who are climbing the ranks", but really this doesn't line up too greatly. I don't think the first 4000 trophies, equivalent of nearly 7 hours of game-time if you win EVERY battle, count as an "extension of the tutorial". Nor would I agree that they're "infrequent" encounters, with 35% of my games being against bots. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't say that they help to increase player skill level, as they are literally just free wins. As a closing statement here, I don't really mind that bots exist in Clash Royale. That's fine. What I do mind is that Supercell have tried to be as secretive and covert as possible about this. Just ADMIT there are bots. Just ADMIT they give people wins. Just ADMIT it's because the game is on a slow decline and you want to keep new players engaged. That would keep the community MUCH happier, rather than having us find it out anyway in the middle of the biggest update drought we've ever seen. I doubt Supercell will ever see this, but just be transparent with us... it would make everyone's lives so much easier, and it'd stop people trying to look for things to quote-unquote "expose" you on. But yeah boys, hopefully you did enjoy this little project that I came up with. PLEASE do consider giving a share to this post, or checking out my YouTube video on this topic. I don't usually ask for stuff like that, but I think this information could be quite important to any Clash Royale friends you may have. Big shoutouts to lolnopound and Brad for helping me out with this video - their links are in this post if you wanna check them out! But yeah boys, thank you all for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed the post :)
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Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020

Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020


The current, and now previous, Beermoney Global list started nearly 5 years ago. It’s been updated and has grown over all that time, but it also became a hassle to keep current. It was time to build a new list from scratch based on my experience in the Beermoney world over all these years and all the contributions all of you have been making in this sub.
The lists consist of opportunities that are available in at least one country that is not the US. This means there are sites which only work in Canada or the UK. There’s sites which are open to the whole world, but this does not mean everyone can really earn something on it. It’s all still very demographic and therefore location dependent. This list should give you a starting point to try out and find what works for you. I’m not using everything myself as I prefer to focus on a few, so not all are tested by me. They are found in this sub, other subreddits and other resources where people claim to have success.
I’ve chosen the format of a simple table with the bare minimum of information to keep things clean. It includes a link, how you earn, personal payment proof if available and sign-up bonus codes if applicable. Some of these bonuses are also one-time use codes specifically made for this sub! For the ones I don’t have payment proof (yet) feel free to provide some as a comment or via modmail so others know it’s legit. I am working on detailed instructions for each method that I personally use which will include things like cashout minimum, cashout options, tips & tricks,... For now I’ve split things up based on the type of earning like passive or mobile. Because of this there’s sometimes an overlap as some are both passive and on mobile or both earning crypto and a GPT (Get Paid To) website.
The lists are obviously not complete so I invite you to keep posting new ones in the sub, as a comment to this post, or in modmail. Especially if you have sites or apps which work for one single specific country I can start building a list, just like I did for The Netherlands and Belgium. If you recognize things which are in fact scams or not worth it let me know as well.

Beermoney opportunities

Get Paid To (Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, clicking links, play games, searching)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
ySense - The best global site Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal /
PrizeRebel Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
SerpClix Google searching Paypal /
Swagbucks & SwagButton Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, shopping & cashback, games, apps Paypal /
GG2U Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending $1.00 if register here
Keep Rewarding Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, PTC Pending $0.25 if register here
Ebesucher Surfing, reading mails Bank transfer /
Reward XP Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending $0.50 if register here Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal $0.10 if register here
Timebucks Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, Tik Tok, Shopping Pending $1.00 if register here
GamerMine Surveys, offers, videos, tasks, Pending $1.00 if register here
Gamehag Tasks, offers, play games, post on forum, writing Pending /
BTCSurveys Surveys Pending /
FruitLab Watch & upload video game clips Pending 100 pips if register here
Clickworker Transcripts, tasks, UHRS (categorizing), surveys Paypal /
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iRazoo Games, surveys, videos, offers, apps Pending Enter code 'AK7DB2' for 500 points when signing up
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Sign-up bonuses

The one-time sign-up bonus programs are still to be found here. If you find a new one let me know so I can create the post to keep all the ref links together.

Saving money

Although it’s not really about making money online, it’s still nice to save some money as well when shopping online.
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Other subs & resources

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PSA: I can't stress this enough.. Pretty please, with a cherry on top, enable 2-Step Verification for your psn account!

Beside the logic of trying to use an original password for your psn account (meaning not use it anywhere else, especially those sites with hot single moms near your location), your best bet to keep your precious game-collection and wallet(!) safe is to enable 2-Step verification.
"How?.." you might ask?
Info on how to enable and use 2-Step Verification.
Enabling 2-Step Verification.
Remember, keep your account safe, and the only worry that remains is you getting banned by your username or that dirty word you used during an intense online session.
Extra tip: use a pin-code to log into your account when starting up your PS4, this will stop your roommate from messing up your trophies & game saves, + makes it harder for someone to use your account if your PS4 ever got stolen.
Happy gaming and keep safe!
(Warning: 2-Step Verification doesn't stop Covid-19 and may cause slight irritation when you can't find your phone. Be sure to write down backup codes just in case.)
submitted by Sh1mt to PS4 [link] [comments]

Short the literal FUCK out of IQ

Disclaimer and Risks: This is not financial advice, and you must always be cautious when betting against Winnie the Pooh. One major risk factor is the fact that BIDU owns 50% of IQ, and even more worrisome is that 30% of BIDU’s revenue stems from IQ. Whether or not China will intervene to prevent the plunge in value of its own version of Google is unknown, but is certainly a risk that should be hedged against. I’m very confident on this trade and have verified some of the more important arguments lined in the paper, but as always do your own DD and hedge appropriately.
Hello you beautiful bastards, it’s been a while. I’m back with another DD, but this time it’ll be a little different than my usual options-exclusive DD. As we all know, volatility was crazy during most of last week, making the Unusual Options Strategy extremely difficult to use due to the amount of noise that was in the options market. In addition, me and the gang are hard at work perfecting our analysis and filtration strategies, so it was a good week to diverge from my usual spiel on Unusual Options.
Now I’ve already seen a couple posts on iQIYI, or $IQ and its potentially fraudulent financial statements. However, me and my team did a deep dive into IQ and the Wolfpack Research report on the subject, and I wanted to offer my own voice in this discussion.
What is IQ?
About a month ago, Wolfpack Research released this report on its findings of evidence of IQ inflating its numbers. While Wolfpack doesn’t exactly have the best track record, the report was corroborated by Muddy Waters, who have a much cleaner track record for spotting these potential frauds.
IQ is known as the "Netflix of China", and is valued at around 12 billion dollars currently. It allows users to stream videos. The company is based in Beijing and is partly owned by Baidu, the "Google of China". It had its IPO in 2018 and is currently sitting at $17.95 per share.
Some of you have pointed out that it’s not the same situation as LK, as LK was cut and dry fraud and the IQ is simply inflating the numbers. I am here to tell you not only is IQ inflating the numbers, it’s actively taking steps to disguise its completely fabricated revenue, user count, and investments. Here is a detailed outline of what exactly the Wolfpack Report has found and see for yourselves if you think IQ should be valued at 12 billion right now.
How is IQ inflating its share prices?
There's more and more evidence piling up against IQ. Here is Wolfpack's full report. There are numerous red flags on IQ's financial statements, and the fact that the stock is still trading at such a premium is absolute insanity. Any single one of the factors above could mean a HUGE drop in share price, and yet we have almost a dozen of these factors congruent to each other. It’s safe to assume investigations of IQ are already well underway, and any negative news will send this stock drilling to the fucking core.
Options Activity
In terms of Options Activity, IQ had a fairly large put buy ahead of their earnings. However, that is not the real focus. If you were to look at the option chain on the LEAPS for IQ, you'll notice huge open interest in the January 2021 put contracts. This indicates that either funds are hedging against a downturn in IQ or are betting for a downturn in IQ's price similar to LK's earlier this year. Either situation plays very much into the bear thesis. There is also significant put option open interest on BIDU.
What the move?
What to play? IQ is a fraudulent company, so their earnings report on Monday is not necessarily going to reflect reality, and therefore the stock price will most likely not drill. However, the prices on the May 22 expiry options imply that you would only need a 1-2 dollar movement in price to be profitable with a strangle, regardless of IV, thus allowing you to profit from both sides in the short term.
In terms of the long term play, IQ will go down just like LK did, it's just a matter of when. LK tanked around 3 months after the Wolfpack report was released. This current report was released April 7th, and already numerous agencies and organizations are investigating IQ and its business partners, as well as several independent law firms.
My Personal Position and TL,DR
I’m personally going with the IQ Sept 18th 15p in order to balance out my cost basis and risk. They’re fairly cheap and will give me plenty of time to roll out to December puts if price action hasn’t moved by July. I’m hedging with 5/22 18C to play earnings and make sure I don’t get burnt if there happens to be a run-up and short term volatility.

UPDATE: Huge put buying and call selling right now, looks like institutions are catching on.
UPDATE: Earnings Call is 9:00 EST, we will wait until then.
EOD May 19: Huge blocks of IQ were sold AH, and new legislation is expected to pass subjecting Chinese companies to regulation by US based auditors and the PCAOB, potentially causing a mass exodus from Chinese equities. BEAR GANG
May 20 UPDATE: As will meade says, wow
submitted by qwertyrayz to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

Welcome to Gettysburg (Day Three)

Day One Here
Day Two Here
The night fighting on Culp’s Hill was slow and torturous. The Confederate assault from Johnson’s division had to cross rough terrain and a river before it even started going uphill, which at night was an incredibly miserable task even without Union troops firing at them. Union skirmishers played hell with their progress, and after brushing them aside, Johnson bumped into a defensive line that his Union counterpart Geary had spent all day perfecting.
As mentioned yesterday, their only success was to grab tiny footholds on the Union side of Rock Creek, which ran between the two hills.
As the fighting died away and the bone weary soldiers on both sides crashed asleep hard, Lee plotted. He smelled blood; on July 1st, they’d carved up the Union men good and drove them from the field. Yesterday, on the Union left, they’d wrecked a Union corps under Sickles, smashed into the Union center and almost broke it (damn those blue belly reinforcements showing up in the knick of time), and even gained a toehold on the Union right. The men’s morale was high. Lee decided to repeat yesterday’s plan, but better executed. Simultaneous attacks on both flanks should overwhelm them, and J.E.B. Stuart could make it up to all of them by chasing down the shattered Army of the Potomac to scoop up all the heavy guns and supplies and wounded that could not retreat rapidly. To which end, Lee sent Stuart on a super wide flanking attack around the Union right so as to be in position to strike at the right moment. Lee generated the orders in written form and sent them off by messenger to his corps commanders.
Meanwhile, Meade had another war council face to face with his generals. They decided to stand pat, to neither attack the Confederate positions nor retreat back towards Washington. The terrain massively favored them and Lee would (more likely than not) walk into their gunsights again.
A defensive stance, however, doesn’t mean pure passivity. A few hours after the Confederate assault petered out and Lee’s decision was made, the Union started a counterattack on a small scale.
At dawn, the Union right flared up. Fresh troops had marched in overnight and Meade wanted his damn hill back. The extreme end of the Confederate left flank (which is of course opposite the Union right) found itself getting hammered in front of Culp’s Hill by artillery from the Baltimore Pike. Clearly, such a bombardment was meant to be followed up with an assault to retake the bridgehead.
Johnson, having received his orders from Lee and being under the impression that Longstreet was attacking in tandem a mile and a half away on the other side of the hills, attacked Culp’s Hill again before the Union could attack him first. The plan was what the plan was; pressure here, successful or not, was needed for someone to break through somewhere. But Longstreet wasn’t attacking. Later on, Longstreet would claim to have never received the order to advance, but the sources I have assert this is untrue- he received the order, he just didn’t do anything about it. Instead of spending the night getting his troops on line to attack Little Round Top and the southern chunk of Cemetery Ridge, he just sat tight and did nothing. Oceans of ink have been spilled over the years speculating as to why. The Lost Cause narrative asserts that Longstreet was a Yankee-loving turncoat who deliberately sabotaged Lee’s plan and lost the battle on purpose. Others think that Longstreet's conviction that attacking here was insane and that they should fall back and look for battle somewhere else on more favorable terms had been strengthened by the results of July 2nd, and as such was dragging his heels trying to not attack again. Or maybe it was just the general haze of Civil War era incompetence taking its toll again.
As Johnson’s men gamely attacked the untakeable Culp’s Hill and were cut down by accurate rifle fire and close range cannon fire, Lee hunted down Longstreet to demand an explanation for his borderline insubordinate refusal to attack.
Longstreet pitched his idea again. He’d spent all night scouting the Union line. The enemy line was unbreakable. They shouldn’t try to attack them here. They should slip around the Union left, south of Big Round Top, to threaten the Union supply lines. Do that, they would make the Union respond to them, fight them on more equal terms. That’s the plan Longstreet had been preparing for all night, not a suicidal-
Lee cut him off with a raised fist. There would be no tricky maneuver around the flank. They would assault the Union line under the present conditions.
To the north, Johnson was still getting his teeth kicked in. Lee sent orders to call off the assault, but it would take a while for the messenger to get there and for Johnson to get word to his brigades to stand down and fall back. Meanwhile, across the way on Cemetery Ridge, Meade stalked his line, double checking all the positions for any confusions or errors to correct, emitting confidence and good cheer.
Lee scoped out the Union center personally, being in the area anyway. His complex double flanking maneuver wasn't working. A new plan was needed.
Lee figured that Meade had reinforced Little Round Top and the surrounding area yesterday, and that those troops hadn’t gone anywhere since. The Union defense at Culp’s Hill has been similarly fierce that morning, fierce enough to threaten Johnson with an offensive. If both flanks were strong... the center must be weak. Yesterday, a small Confederate brigade had crossed the Emmitsburg road under fire and smashed into the Union line on Cemetery Ridge, just south of Cemetery Hill. They had straight up routed the enemy- had there been more men available to back them up and follow through, that small brigade might have won the battle outright instead of being pushed back as they’d been.
Lee was satisfied. The Union center was brittle, undermanned, and the best point to hit it was at that same place.
Meanwhile, J.E.B. Stuart was stepping off on his flanking ride.
Johnson’s last big push up Culp’s Hill was heroic. By that time, all of them knew how strong the Union position was. They surely walked into this with their eyes open.
A three brigade front set up for a shock attack, backed up by four more to exploit the hoped-for opening. Among them was the famous Stonewall Brigade, Jackson's old unit that he’d raised up and trained personally before being tapped for higher command. The Stonewall Brigade was, arguably, the elite of the Confederate army. The year before, they’d outmaneuvered and outfought a Union stab at Richmond coming through the Shenandoah valley.
The charge was cut down and butchered like all the others, and Johnson fell back.
Williams, whose batteries on the Baltimore Pike had kicked things off that morning, got a little overexcited and counterattacked without orders. His orders to attack the Confederate flank left his subordinates sickened with dread, but were obeyed nonetheless. Once the Union counterattack was butchered in retaliation by the entrenched Confederates, combat on the Union right ceased after six straight hours of gory, hopeless combat.
Meanwhile, Confederate artillery under the command of Colonel Alexander set itself up on a mile wide front, all carefully sited and positioned both for protection and for good lines of sight on the Union center. A brief but fierce artillery duel kicked off as each side tried to knock out the other’s firing points before the big moment, but was soon cut off to preserve ammo.
Lee mustered his available forces, bringing in troops that were only now straggling in and combining them with some units that had fought the day before. It was a haphazard and frankly half-assed piece of staff work- veteran units who hadn’t fought at all in the last two days were left in reserve, while exhausted troops who’d already suffered 50% casualties were included. Many of the brigades who were to charge Cemetery Ridge had green colonels in charge because their generals had been killed or wounded the day before. The gap between the northern half of the assaulting force and the southern half was four football fields long, and nobody seemed to notice or care. The division commander to lead the north side of the assault, General Pettigrew, was selected not for any rational consideration or advantage, but because he happened to be standing nearby when the decision was being made. Longstreet, who by this point wanted nothing to do with any of it, was placed in overall command. It took a few hours to organize this clusterfuck into something resembling a coherent unit- three divisions spread over a mile wide front, with Pickett on the left, Pettigrew on the right, and Trimble behind them to provide some depth to the big push.
There is no particularly good reason why the upcoming Pickett’s Charge is known as “Pickett’s Charge”. Pickett was not actually in charge of it, or even in charge of most of it. He was a division commander who had never seen proper combat before- in every battle since 1861, his unit had been held in reserve or absent. This was to be his first chance to get in this war. I suspect it’s known as Pickett’s Charge because he and his men were Virginians, and it was fellow Virginians who would pour over the battle to find out why the wrong side won. Accordingly, they conceived of it as being a Virginian affair, overshadowing the Tennesseans, Alabamans, North Carolinians, and Mississippians who formed the other two-thirds of the attack.
I was surprised to learn that we have a hard time figuring out how many men were actually involved in Pickett’s Charge (this being a basic narrative history, I am sticking with the common name for it despite the inaccuracy); I attribute this to the confusion involved in organizing it. I’ve heard as low as 12,500 men and as high as 15,000. I’m going with 14,000 men because it’s a nice even number that is approximately midway between the upper and lower limit, so don’t mistake my choice as being accurate or even evidence-based per se. Regardless, the agreed upon number of Union defenders is 6,500. The Confederates would outnumber the Union by about 2-1 or greater at the point of contact.
These days, a lot of people show up at the battlefield and stare out from Cemetery Ridge at Spangler Woods where Pettigrew would have emerged from (or stand in Spangler’s Woods and stare out at Cemetery Ridge, same difference) and wonder what the hell was going through Lee’s head. The ground there is now flat and devoid of cover, the exact kind of terrain that time and time again had proven to be a death sentence for infantry assaults. The answer is that the ground changed between 1863 and today. Just before World War One ended in 1918, the field over which Pickett charged was artificially flattened for tank training. Before that, it was the kind of rolling terrain that Buford’s skirmishers had exploited on day one- an observer from a distance would see the troops disappear and reappear as they went over and down each gentle slope. The 14,000 attackers would have some cover as they advanced- not perfect terrain to keep immune from artillery and bullets, but not explicit suicide either.
By 1 PM, Alexander had his guns set up the way he liked them. What followed at his command was the single largest coordinated artillery mission that the Western Hemisphere had ever seen.
In the south, cannons at the Peach Orchard suppressed the Union firing point on Little Round Top. All along Seminary Ridge from whence the charge would spring, cannons lined up practically wheel to wheel for a mile, aimed at wrecking Cemetery Ridge.
Longstreet was in what you might call a high stress kind of mood. He was having second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts about attacking, but orders were orders and he was in charge of this damned charge. As the guns began their bombardment, Longstreet did something that frankly goes beyond the pale of any command decision I’ve ever heard of. The film Gettysburg and the novel it’s based on cast Longstreet in a very sympathetic light, as a kind of deliberate pushback against the reductive myth that Longstreet was personally responsible for losing the battle and by extension the war, leaving Lee off the hook to stay firmly in the saintly canon of the Lost Cause. But here, Longstreet indisputably abdicates any pretense of the responsibility of command.
He fired an order off to Colonel Alexander, telling him:
If the artillery fire does not have the effect to drive off the enemy, or greatly demoralize him, so as to make our effort pretty certain, I would prefer that you should not advise General Pickett to make the charge. I shall . . . expect you to let General Pickett know when the moment offers.
Allow me to reiterate in case you were reading this on autopilot. Longstreet, the man in charge of the whole offensive, was telling a lowly artillery colonel that the decision when and if to attack was on him and no one else.
Alexander was a subject matter expert on artillery and not infantry for a reason. This order hit him from out of left field. He wrote back for clarification, and the professional in him mentioned that since the plan is to use every single artillery shell they can spare, if there is any alternative plan to charging Cemetery Hill at the end of the bombardment then they’d better tell him before he runs out of ammo.
And Longstreet reiterated his first order. He told Alexander to advise General Pickett whether or not to attack. And with that on his shoulders, Alexander gave the order to open fire.
All told, somewhere between 150 and 170 guns opened up at the same moment. The 75 Union cannons they had on hand briefly engaged in counter-battery fire, before being ordered to go quiet and save ammunition for the infantry assault to come. For about an hour, the Union troops just had to sit still and take what the Rebel had to give them.
What Lee was doing was classic Napoleonic tactics. Massing artillery against the weakest point on the enemy line was literally by the book soldiering. The problem, as was noted here before, was that technology had changed. Napoleonic could bring his cannon close to the frontline with the reasonable expectation that they wouldn’t be shot, since smoothbore muskets are basically harmless from 200 yards away. But that was no longer the case. The long stand off distance that the enemy rifles dictated meant that the cannonfire was proportionally less accurate and devastating. The smoke covering the field concealed the truth from the Confederates- their artillery fire was off. Most of the shells flew high overhead and exploded behind Cemetery Ridge. Some shells hit the target area- Union men did die screaming by the score. But the positions on Cemetery Hill were only lightly damaged, and the units manning them were intact and cohesive. Most of the damage done was to the rear echelon types- surgeons, supply wagoneers, staff officers, that kind of thing. Such men were massacred as the shells aimed at men a quarter mile away arced over and found marks elsewhere. Meade, of course, was on hand, showing a brave face and cracking some jokes about a similar moment in the Mexican-American War 15 years back.
Throughout the hour, as his line endured the steel hailstorm, Meade’s engineer mind was working. He’d already suspected that Lee was about to hit his center- he’d predicted as much the night before- and now the shot placements confirmed it. He was already ordering troops into position, getting ready to reinforce the line on Cemetery Ridge if needed. He hedged his bets, putting them in a position to relieve Cemetery Hill as well, just in case. Little Round Top became somewhat less defended as men marched out, using the high ground to mask their redeployment.
Irresponsible and insubordinate though Longstreet was at that moment, he was right. Lee’s improvised plan had already failed, though it hadn’t happened yet. Pickett’s Charge wasn’t going to slam into a fragmented and demoralized Union line. It was heading into a mile long, mile wide kill zone backed up by a defence in depth.
Pickett’s Charge
Confederates were getting mangled before the charge even started. Union artillery fire reached out and touched out them in Spangler’s Woods, rolling solid iron shot and explosive shells into their huddled ranks.
Longstreet rode the line, exposing himself to the artillery fire to set an example of courage. The men didn’t need such an example- or rather, they’ve seen such examples in a dozen battles over the last two years and have already learned valor as a second language- but there’s something to be said for showing the groundpounders that their boss is in the wrong end of the shooting gallery the same way that they are.
Just before 2 p.m., Alexander decided if it’s gonna happen, it’d have to be now. He needed at least a small reserve of shells to function after the battle and he’s running out fast. He dashed off a note to Pickett telling him to step off. In keeping with the standard of Confederate comms thus far, Pickett then took Alexander’s note to Longstreet in person for confirmation, because nobody had told him that Longstreet was trying to dodge the responsibility of command.
Longstreet was desperate for an out, and in one crazed leap of illogic he thought he found one. Alexander was low on shells, with only a tiny reserve of ammunition left over for self-defense! Longstreet issued orders to halt in place and delay some more, so that they could replenish their ammo chests from their strategic reserves.
I really feel for Alexander, man. I've had bosses like that too. Alexander had to break the news to Longstreet that there was no strategic reserve, he already told him, they were shooting every round they got. Longstreet was shocked- apparently nobody on Lee's staff had been paying attention to how fast they'd been burning through their artillery rounds. (Meade's staff paid attention to such banal details- that's why they now had tons of ammunition standing by their guns on Cemetery Ridge, patiently waiting for something valuable to shoot at). Even then, Longstreet couldn’t bring himself to actually say the words to order the attack. He just nodded, mute and numb.
At 2 p.m., the attack started. 14,000 men rose up and walked forward, a giant line of infantry one mile across. In lieu of specific instructions about where they were going and how to get there, the order was to aim for a copse of trees on the objective- an easy visual marker that was easy to remember. As long as you kept the trees in sight and kept moving forward, you were right.
(Miles and miles away, J.E.B. Stuart’s flanking maneuver was being countered by an equal force of Union cavalry. Their clash had one of the few cavalry-on-cavalry battles of the Civil War; fun fact, this was one of the fights that put Custer’s career on the map, until getting killed off by the Cheyenne at Little Big Horn 13 years later. The battle was intense, but a draw; Stuart couldn’t break through. Even if Pickett’s Charge worked, there’d have been no way to follow up and finish Meade off for good. Lee’s plan was well and truly fucked.)
Things immediately stopped being clean and neat, as per the usual. The center of Pickett’s Charge sprang up and walked before the flanks did, but the brigades on the south and the north of them set off late, leading to a kind of droopy effect where the center bulged out unsupported.
When the Union soldiers manning Cemetery Ridge saw the Confederate advance begin, they began to chant “Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!” Just a little “fuck you” from one set of veterans to another; at Fredericksburg eight months before, Union General Burnside had ordered several such suicidal attacks on prepared defenses which the Confederates had gleefully blasted into chunky salsa.
70 odd guns opened up on them all. To give a sense of the skill involved, the artilleryman in charge of the Union guns, Colonel Hunt, had written the book on artillery- literally, because his work Instructions for Field Artillery was the go-to manual for the US Army- and at West Point had personally taught most of the Confederate artillery officers across the way everything they knew about the big guns. One must not mistake this as just plopping down the cannons and pointing them in the right direction. Hunt was an artist with his weapon systems, and the pattern of explosions that snaked into the advancing infantry had been painstakingly designed by a master craftsman.
At the distance of a mile, it was iron shot and shell that carved bloody little holes into the line. The Confederates took the beating, closed ranks, and pushed on. On the south, the cannons on Little Round Top delivered particularly hideous effects from the flank, driving their line into disorder; some brigades cut in front of other brigades, and what should have been a line became a muddled column. On the north, a brigade under General Brockenbrough bumped into a small detachment of 160 Union men who were jutting out north of the road. The Union men fired a small but devastating volley that raked them from the side and broke their nerves. Brockenbrough’s men ran- the first to break, but not the last.
Similar small detachments of skirmishers dotted No Man’s Land between the armies. Between their vicious little ambushes and the massive shock of massed artillery, Pickett’s Charge slowed down. Slowing down just left them in the kill zone for that much longer.
When Pickett’s Charge reached the Emmitsburg Road, they were further delayed by the stiff fencing that lined it. As they clambered over it, Union infantry opened fire at long range. The casualties skyrocketed as the Confederate line absorbed the fire. If you want to know what it was like under fire, picture the start of a rainstorm. The water droplets go taptaptap tap taptaptap taptaptaptaptap taptaptaptaptap taptap taptaptaptaptaptap taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap... that's how the survivors described the musketry that pelted the fence they were trying to climb over. One small contingent of Davis’ brigade (you recall how roughly they were manhandled on July the 1st) accidentally got ahead of everybody else and found itself standing right in front of the Union line all alone. The guys closest to the Union defenses surrendered as one; the rest got shot up bad and ran for their lives.
Pickett’s Charge was pure chaos by then- their mile wide front that had surged forth from Spangler’s Wood had shrunk down to about a half mile, partly from taking casualties, partly from brigades running away after the shock of massed fire, and partly from bridges shifting north away from flanking fire from their right side.
From the fence line on the Emmitsburg to the stone wall that protected the Union defense was about two hundred yards. This is a long shot for a rifle, especially under pressure- that’s the whole point to volley fire, so that everybody shooting at once will create a sort of probability cloud of danger even at long range. Some Confederates, desperate to hit back after enduring hell, shot anyway. Their fire was ineffective. It is a very, very short shot for an artillery piece, even under pressure. A battery of cannons placed just behind the Union line switched to canister and blasted massive bloody holes in the bunched up Confederates.
A lot of Confederates huddled up behind the fencing and stayed put. It is marginally safer than moving two feet forward past the wooden railings, and the spirit had been knocked out of them by the mile long charge and the mile long shooting gallery they’d been subjected to. The left side of the attack had been stopped dead and turned back; the right side pushed on, disregarding any thought but closing distance. 1,500 men blitzed those last 200 yards to the stone wall
Scores of them died from rifle fire as the cannons reloaded.
The surviving Confederates, running on pure adrenaline, reached the stone wall at a place called the Bloody Angle. The Union line was disjointed, with the Northern section slightly back from the southern section. The Angle was the little joint that connected the two walls; it was also right by the copse of trees that everybody was racing towards.
A fierce firefight broke out once the Confederates reached the wall. Most of them stayed behind the wall; like their buddies to the west still behind the fence on the Emmitsburg pike, they’d finally found a few square feet that was sorta kinda safe, and every instinct they had in their brains screamed at them to stay there. The Union troops were outnumbered at the point of impact, and backed off in good order.
Reserve regiments were already marching up to plug the gap that didn’t exist yet. Units north and south of the Bloody Angle shifted in place to fire at the beachhead. Behind the Confederates on the Angle, there was a small ocean of blood on the ground and a mile long procession of silent, mangled dead and writhing, screaming wounded... but no follow on reinforcements to help exploit the breakthrough.
General Armistead, the only Confederate General there still on his feet, still believed in all that chivalrous Walter Scott romantic nonsense, still thought that raw valor and heart could somehow beat a superior enemy. He stuck his hat on his sword as a makeshift battle flag and rallied his men to leave the safety of the Bloody Angle and close distance.
Just as the pitifully few Confederates got on the east side of the wall, the cannons shot canister again and puked metal death all over them. After shooting, the artillerymen ran back to safety before the rebels could stagger up to them.
Hundreds of men surged forward by inertia; hundreds out of the 14,000 that they’d started with. They drove off the understrength Union regiments with the bayonet and capture those hated big guns, turning them around to use against the inevitable counterattack. This failed; there was no more ammo left for the guns. Colonel Hunt had measured out the number of rounds needed for the job at hand with the utmost precision.
The counterattack was messy and bloody for everybody involved, for the brawl saw everything available used as a weapon- bullets, bayonets, rifle butts, pistols, knives, rocks, boot heels, bare hands. But the Confederates all just dissolved after a short while. Nobody ordered a retreat; nobody was alive and of sufficient rank to order a retreat. Thousands just plopped down where they stood and waited for Union men to come out and collect them. They were too numb and exhausted to walk anymore. Others streamed back to safety in ones and twos.
For every Confederate who died, four more were maimed and crippled. For every wounded man, another was taken prisoner. It was an unmitigated disaster for the Confederate cause, and correspondingly it was a triumph of humanity as the stalwart defenders of the slave plantations died in droves. Remember, like I said, we’re rooting for the Union.
The battle wasn’t over, not really. Not was the campaign. But it certainly was decided.
Interestingly, at first it was kind of ambiguous who won.
Meade got fired from the job after Lee got the Army of Northern Virginia home intact. Lincoln was seething that Meade hadn’t shown some aggression and had failed to destroy Lee’s army as he had been ordered. Meade, however, didn’t have much of an army at that point, just a diverse collection of units that had suffered 50% casualties and were in no condition to do anything. Moreover, there had been no way to bring the retreating Lee to battle without taking a lot of risks that might see all the good done at Gettysburg undone. Still though. Meade was out, and Grant, riding high after his conquest of Vicksburg, was in. Lee initially claimed victory in the Richmond papers, and it was hard to gainsay him at first. He had indisputably invaded north and thrashed the living shit out of the Army of the Potomac so bad that they could not invade again in 1863, which was indeed partly the point of the strategy.
But soon the facts of life made themselves clear. Lee had holes in his ranks that simply could not be filled anymore. Southerners didn’t want to die in a losing war, and coercing in them into the ranks through State violence only gave him shitty recruits who would desert the second they were put on guard duty. In contrast, tens of thousands of men poured into training depots across the nation, all armed and clothed and fed by the grandest industrial base in the world. Thousands of experienced veterans re-upped their contracts in Gettysberg’s wake to become these new recruits’ NCOs and commanding officers. Lee has gone north to break the will of the Union to continue the fight. Gettysburg had, if anything, demoralized the Confederacy and reinvigorated the Union instead. I do not believe that Gettysburg started this trend, but I do think it sped it up significantly. Patterns that might have taken a year to come to fruition instead took months.
Gettysburg, in my opinion, is significant not because of any great gains or losses on the material level, but because of its effects on the minds of voters and soldiers and politicians in the North and the South. To crib C. S. Lewis really quick, what matters was not whether a given action would take a specific hill, or seize a certain road; what matters is whether a given action pushes people to either dig their heels in and seek victory at any personal cost, or whether it pushes them to back down and seek a safer compromise. Gettysburg pushed all of the American people in the directions they were already heading down, that’s all. Any conclusion beyond that is on shaky ground, I feel.
Having said that, I shall now irrationally contradict myself; Gettysburg can also act as a Rorschach test with symbols and images and stories in lieu of the ink blots. Like I said, it’s a place of religious significance to me to an extent far beyond appreciation for its historic value.
I just don’t think it’s possible for that many people to die in such a short period of time, in so compact an area, and with such blunt contempt for the foreseen probability of violent death, and not leave an indelible and ineffable mark on the land itself. Like, if humanity went extinct and Earth got colonized by Betelgeusians a hundred years after, I am certain that the aliens would somehow feel a chill in their exoskeletons when they walk over the soft leaves and through the bare trees of Herbst Wood, or tromp around the south side of Little Round Top, or poke about on the steep slope of Culp's Hill, or splash across the Plum River in the Valley of Death.
I’m not saying I’m right, of course. But I am saying how I feel.
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