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There might be a race track in GTA V.

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Email sent to rockstars as ideas and suggestion back in 2014!

Hi guys and girls,
Below you can see what i had sent to rockstar as ideas and suggestions. I am making it public now since i am very proud and 99% sure that i gabe them a lot of help for the content they released after this email:
To: .; Wed 10/8/2014, 12:14 AM Dear Rockstar,
Firstly your game is awesome i love it and gives me plenty of fun. I am a bit disappointed on heist and bugs which i am sure your are doing your best to overcome. I will still support you anyways cause you have been doing a very nice job so far. Here are some of my ideas i can understand from programing perspective that some will not even be feasible. But i know you have the best that can do everything so here are my ideas:
Armor for cars upgradeable to 150% which will give semi bulletproof windows and 200 % bulletproof windows and explosion resistant (2 grenades/ rpgs and so on). Unlockable at lvl 200 and 400….. Based on these modifications if its possible to add 300% armor which will replace glass windows to steel….
Ability to modify large trucks!! Decide on a large hangar where trucks custom will be located in the game map where you will be able to modify Pegasus vehicles and larger vehicles. Such as heavy duty machinery. Take a trailer truck and put turbo for example. Or take the garbage truck or any other truck and put 200 % armor and also remove the back cabin with a custom truck bedding where you will be able to have passengers shooting from reinforced holes like fib armored trucks for example... Even making them really fast. Imagine as a formula one trailer truck I have seen such in YouTube. Or even add to your current purchased tank the ability of second passenger for the machine gun. If this is feasible there numerous ideas that can be done such that add more armor to your tank. Make it last more shots from a fighter jet. Make them costly in order for someone to work hard for them and being unlockable in higher lvls for example lvl 400 or 500.
Variety of utility vehicles. Add second or even third monster truck/ fighter jet/ tank/ attack heli which will have different pros and cons. One not that is fasteslower but better suspension/ fire rate/ damage/ and so on… if you get my point.
You ought to reward higher lvl players with crazy unlockable in both vehicles and hardware.
Hovercraft. Go kart. Single and double player jet packs: P
Ability to own 2 apartments and one extra garage not apartment in total of 2 apartments and 3 garages. (Total 30 cars or even more. I personally have two garages full. And I really need 2 more. I had to sell like 10 cars in total until I decide which to keep …….. So frustrating. The worst thing is that I really miss them….. REALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!! 40 cars total would be awesome. 2 apartments and 2 garages.
Ban god mode exploits and people that cannot be seen on map using exploits not lester ability!!!!
Remember the San Andreas arena with nascar, sanchez and monster truck races? Bring it back to the arena in Los Santos!!!!
Make SUVs and off road cars ability to increase the height of the suspension for hill climbing!!!! Sport suspension increases handling. Higher suspension increases hill climb and decreases the handling!!!
Open casinos and national lottery tickets. We need the money….. J I personally would love to buys a bunch of lottery tickets. Based on the money sum gathered give big prizes please.
Utilize the horse racing club where someone could even bet on horse races and also make players being able to own and race their own horse money subtracted for owing and caring the horse, and money gained from wining horse races!
If it’s possible add the gym ability as in san andeas!!!
More side missions in gta o like lester kill the target or simeon vehicle or armored trucks
Hope you can fulfill my dreams :)
Thanks in advance
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'Let's see if we can clear some stuff out, son': a small clarification post on OpenIV and all that other stuff.

Now, first and foremost, I've written out a post that may prove somewhat informative regarding the concept of OpenIV to those who simply don't know, and aren't informed. I've made this exact post on GTAV's Steam Discussion forums, and I assume that it's always a good thing to spread out this sort of stuff. Feel free to correct me on anything I may have missed, forgotten, or have gotten wrong.
The post is as follows.
Long ago, way before GTAV was a thing, OpenIV already existed... for Grand Theft Auto IV. It's the one with the bowling meme, since you blokes are having issues remembering.
In its existence, it was always about the simple stuff. Player model swaps. Vehicle replacement. Eventually, CLEO mods became a thing. That's the stuff you see when you're on a YouTube video and Niko becomes Superman, because yes. Or, y'know, the Parkour stuff. Complete map replacements went on later; potentially even a total conversion because of that. That's the projects that based themselves on bringing past games onto the RAGE engine - San Andreas, Vice City, III... so on.
Now, OpenIV was not strictly for GTAIV. As time passed and more RAGE-engine games were released, OpenIV adapted itself to modify those games as well. And then along came GTAV, a critically-acclaimed game that had glowing reviews all around. And the PC crowd was wild, 'cause holy s♥♥t best HD-era GTA on PC with the at-the-time next-gen enhancements... like cats.
Don't f♥♥k with cats.
Anyway, double-dipping aside, it was good. GTAV opened up a can of worms in terms of modding. Everything was pristine, it worked flawlessly - you had mods for just about anything you can think of, like with IV and others, but polished - fine-tuned, even, to match the grandiose stage that GTAV set. And it was good.
Now, I'm going to nip it in the bud (and get people to do what the GTAV's engine namesake is) OpenIV is an offline-only modding tool for PC.
Let me repeat that: OpenIV is an offline-only modding tool for PC. If you have a hard time swallowing that, allow me to reminisce about the .IMG editor people use for San Andreas' .IMG files to get the models (DFFs) and textures (TXDs) in. If you don't know what an .IMG file is, it essentially works as San Andreas' own 'rpf' filetype, but... y'know, obviously RenderWare-specific (the engine used for GTA3/VC/SA).
Now, I know what some of you are thinking:
Anyway, I hope this clears some s♥♥t out for everyone involved. I want to say that we’re not going to throw stones at each other over this, but that’d be horribly optimistic. Thank you for your time.
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For horse racing in San Andreas you should always bet on the horse at the bottom of the list which has the greatest payout (usually 12/1) because it is alleged they all have the same actual chance of winning, but be prepared to lose a bit of money because it's still only 1 out of 5 chance that the horse you pick will win the race. IGN's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats and Secrets page details nearly 100 GTA cheats that can be used on PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Gta san andreas horse betting - Euro 08 betting - Nhl betting trends.Gta San Andreas Horse Betting san andreas San Andreas is a novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLean, first published in 1984. One of his final novels, it returns to MacLean's original (and most successful) genre: war at sea. San Andreas is an unincorporated… GTA: San Andreas Horseshoes guide withs screenshots and maps GTA: San Andreas Horseshoe Guide - by IKHAM Here is the locations of all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas. SPOILER ALERT!!If you have not completed the mission 'Green Goo' at the Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard, then do not read this guide further as it will spoil something for you. Yo... GTA San Andreas Horse Bet Mod was downloaded 1323 times and it has 8.00 of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA San Andreas!

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