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I was telling my boss about kratom ( she’s cool ) I bet her life would turn around if she tried it. I didn’t tell her what it’s called yet because I don’t want her googling it and reading all the bullshit first. Anyone have a good article on it I can get her to read first ?

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The first HEB, 1905. Florence T. Butt bet her life savings ($60) on a small grocery store she opened in Kerrville, known as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. As of 2019, HEB ranks as one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the US and is the nation’s 15th-largest private company of any kind.

The first HEB, 1905. Florence T. Butt bet her life savings ($60) on a small grocery store she opened in Kerrville, known as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. As of 2019, HEB ranks as one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the US and is the nation’s 15th-largest private company of any kind. submitted by 5_Frog_Margin to texas [link] [comments]

She bet her life on it

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The first HEB, 1905. Florence T. Butt bet her life savings ($60) on a small grocery store she opened in Kerrville, known as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. As of 2019, HEB ranks as one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the US and is the nation’s 15th-largest private company of any kind.

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The first HEB, 1905. Florence T. Butt bet her life savings ($60) on a small grocery store she opened in Kerrville, known as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. As of 2019, HEB ranks as one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the US and is the nation’s 15th-largest private company of any kind.

The first HEB, 1905. Florence T. Butt bet her life savings ($60) on a small grocery store she opened in Kerrville, known as C.C. Butt Grocery Store. As of 2019, HEB ranks as one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the US and is the nation’s 15th-largest private company of any kind. submitted by Tres-bien-ensemble to u/Tres-bien-ensemble [link] [comments]

The moment Cersei realises she bet her life on Cleganebowl, and lost.

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The White House's working mom: With two daughters to raise and causes to champion, it's a sure bet her life in Washington will be hectic—and confidants say she's up to the task

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[Tales From the Terran Republic] Sweatshop Sheloran, Agent Mongrave Stumbles, and Gloria Reborn

So what's been happening in the Republic these days?
The rest of this series can be found here
Author's note:
Ok, so Old Earth supercapacitors are used by the Republic... In one VERY specific application...
A plath, robed in translucent silken robes, strode down a strange corridor. The walls and floor were made of a slightly moving membrane, shot through with pulsing veins carrying fluids in a rainbow of colors.
A glowing orb, one of many that illuminated the hallway, drifted over to her and started to cuddle. She smiled fondly as she petted it as it made little urgent squeaking sounds.
“Oh, you want a treat?” she asked in a strange language as she reached into a fold of her robe and pulled out a crimson berry.
The orb bounced up and down happily in mid-air as a tiny mouth opened eager to accept the morsel.
The plath laughed as the light-beast gobbled it up. “Beast” wasn’t exactly the right word. It was actually a fruit that had matured on one of the glow-trees in the main garden.
She squeezed it gently as it giggled. It was still quite firm, still a good month before it would be ready for harvesting. It was an exquisite specimen, so clever, and very long lived for its kind! It would make a magnificent feast when its cycle was complete.
She examined it closely, reaching out with her senses as she sang softly. Its seed was forming nicely already wrapped with a healthy layer of fat. Such richness already!
Yes, this one, she thought with great satisfaction. “You shall become a mighty tree, little one,” she crooned at it as it beamed happily (and literally) at her.
The illuminator followed her as she walked down the hall rubbing happily against her. As she walked a row of bulbous growths sprayed oxygen rich beautifully scented air at her. She inhaled deeply, savoring the fragrance. She stooped down and sang at the soil. It parted at her voice moving gently away from the roots. As the illuminator fruit hovered helpfully above her.
Such a good little drupe! She reached up and gave it’s underside tickles. It cooed with delight.
After examining them, the soil closed back with a beautiful song and a wave of her hand.
Finally! she thought with a satisfied smiled. There had been no sign of the blight in months. It appeared that they finally had put it to rest.
Everything on the ship in perfect balance, she thought. If only we were similarly blessed.
She cocked her head slightly. She was being watched again. Now who is that? she mused. It wasn’t her rivals or the misguided revisionists. Of that she was sure. It was different, not real but yet was.
She paused at a section of wall and crouched placing her hands on the floor. Nobody had followed her.
She rose and caressed one of the walls, singing softly as she did so.
The wall quivered and started to thin, becoming transparent, revealing a pitch black chamber behind it. Leaving her favorite illuminator behind, she stepped into the thin gelatinous membrane, passing through it with ease. It thickened and became opaque, tough, and leathery just like the rest of the passage in seconds.
The chamber started to gently glow in soft cyan hues with phosphorescent fungi when it recognized her scent. Had she been someone else, her little darlings would have had a much different reaction.
One could never be too careful, especially these days.
She waited, silently, her hands on the bones of the ancient vessel in which they traveled the other realm, crossing the gulf between the stars in mere days.
The ancient cellulose bones whispered to her. They said that nobody followed.
“Thank you old friend,” she said pressing her head against the beams.
She then shrugged off her garments, letting the silken wisps float to the floor. Her graceful form then moved to a small tray, grown into the wall, filled with a nutrient rich broth.
Inside, were a row of small flask gourds in a rainbow of hues. She selected two. She then walked to a small circular pool in the center of the chamber filled with absolutely pure water.
She knelt by the pool and a small pore in the first gourd opened. She placed two drops of purified malporixlorh extract on her tongue. She shivered as the potent drug entered her bloodstream, her mind, her soul, unlocking that which was bound.
After a few minutes of meditation, the second gourd opened, it’s top forming a small lip. She poured a small measure of an oily substance in the water, its surface soon covered with endlessly shifting prismatic colors.
She then closed her eyes. Small ripples spread around their edges as glands secreted a greasy, waxy substance that instantly melted coating a thin, almost invisible membrane.
She opened her eyes… Then she opened them again as the transparent covering slid back revealing her real eyes, the secretions causing colors to dance across their surface.
She stared into the pool, transfixed by the constantly shifting colors. They then started to intensify as time slowed down.
Small creatures living in the lining of the pool started to glow as she extended her senses beyond the walls of the ancient ship, out into the formless, timeless void of the outer realm in which she traveled, peering into the endless shifting tides of the past, present, and future, constantly changing like the colors on the surface of the water.
She smirked. Nothing changed, not really. Their fate was fixed, as it was ever since their terrible “mistake” that really wasn’t one. Try as they might, her fellow plath would not succeed. Every move they made to avoid what they were doomed to become only set it more firmly in the singing strings of reality.
She took a moment to see the struggling lines of probability as the two sides waged their pathetic war. Her sisters were fighting and all too often these days dying to prevent the foolish revisionists from tearing down all that they had built over hundreds of thousand of years. Both sides were fools. Her brothers and sisters were fighting and dying trying to preserve something that didn’t need preserving and the fundamentalists were fighting to stop that which could not be stopped.
They would not stop it. They couldn’t. They could only delay things a little. Fate’s judgment, especially when annoyed, was absolute.
The fate of the plath, and in a more immediate and pressing sense, her own, was sealed, not that it mattered. The past was set. The future was set. The only thing they were free to toy with was the present.
And her present was going to be as pleasant as possible for as long as possible. Then, just like that little glowing drupe, her cycle would end filled with happiness and peace as she rejoined all that is.
She realized that she was being distracted by the brightest colors and cleared her mind, peering deeper, looking for the soul that was caressing her being in the dead of night.
She took another drop of malporixlorh, a risk, but a worthwhile one as her mind expanded further.
There! deep in the timelessness somewhere… somewhen an individual’s mind was swimming through the void vibrating in time with the strands of fate, their fate.
She smiled and the shifting colors of her eyes synced with the shimmering of the pool. She saw her!
“Hello there,” she sang softly.
Sheloran awoke with a gasp, sitting bolt-upright in bed.
“Murrph?” Craxina muttered as she awoke.
“The dream again?” she asked.
“Yeah,” Sheloran replied. “It was really freaky this time,” she said as she shuddered. It felt like someone was staring at her.
“You should really stop playing that game,” Craxina said sleepily as she snuggled Sheloran.
“I know… I know,” Sheloran replied. This all started after playing “Submerged!”. It was an older title but there was just something about it. The surreal organic landscapes, and the strange little cult following that still kept the servers running after twenty years, had entranced her from the first second she loaded it.
She literally couldn’t stop playing. She had always scoffed at “gaming addiction”, but she was really starting to wonder.
And the more she played it the more intense the dreams. They terrified her. They weren’t gory or violent, like some of her nightmares, they were just… Weird… Scary weird...
Really scary.
There was no way she was going to sleep again tonight. She started to get out of bed.
“Where you goin’?” Craxina asked.
“I’m just going to sit for awhile,” she said as she wrapped a silken robe, something that she recently bought online, around her night dress.
“You’re going to play aren’t you?” Craxina asked accusingly.
“Not after that last dream,” Sheloran said as she started to make a pot of tea. She really wished she had some Helson Grass or Arenaul Herb. She had taken for granted all of the herbs and plants of her homeworld. The creators had blessed them with such bounty. For the thousandth time that week she wished she had the presence of mind to snatch a few seeds, a clipping or two.
As soon as that pooping border opened back up, she was definitely going to be getting her buddies to go pick up a few hundred different seeds. It was going to be tricky, since they were “sacred” but credits talk and dogma walks. Somebody would be willing to go foraging for a few bucks (or games).
She was getting those fucking seeds… Oops… She was getting those darn seeds, she thought as she corrected herself. What was with her potty mouth these days? The Great Prophet warned about obscenity. It was “dangerous”… for some reason.
She sat down with a book on Terran botany as she sipped her tea. She started unconsciously flipping the pages faster and faster. She suddenly stopped, staring at an organic molecule.
That’s close! she thought excitedly and then blinked. She could work with that!
Close to what and what, exactly am I going to do to it?
Oh poop, there was that strange feeling again. She set down her tea and reached for a bottle of absinthe. Absinthe was yummy!
And it certainly took the edge off...
As she took out a box of sugar cubes, Craxina quiet snoring started to fill the room. She smiled. She used to find it so annoying but now, it was really comforting. It was really nice having someone to sleep with. It wasn’t a boyfriend but still, it was nice. Then again, plath, even boyfriends and girlfriends, didn’t sleep together. Heck, even husbands and wives didn’t. She wondered why? It was nice to have someone next to you. Some of the things that the priests said the Great Prophet commanded seemed kinda loopy every now and then. (May the Great Prophet forgive her.)
What was the harm of “sleeping alongside one another”? It wasn’t like they were “doing anything”… (Not that Craxina hadn’t offered… Fortunately, she was fine with the word “no” for once...)
She was starting to think the Great Prophet was just opposed to a good time.
No, he meant well. He really did. He was just… misguided...
What!?! Great, now I really am a heretic...
Her eyes suddenly looked over at her very nice VR rig.
She was already awake and just a little Submerged wouldn’t hurt.
She walked over and put on the modified headset and smiled as a shimmering pool filled her vision. She couldn’t wait to see how her little demon/flower hybrids were doing!
The next morning Craxina woke up to an empty bed.
She looked over towards the VR rig. There she was, asleep with the headset on.
“Wake up, junkie,” Craxina said only halfway joking as she nudged Sheloran.
I’th ras lori’kiah-shun?” Sheloran mumbled.
“What?” Craxina asked in alarm, her fur standing on end for a second as shivers ran down her spine (and not in a good way).
“Huh?” Sheloran asked hazily as she pulled off the headset. “Sorry, I guess I dozed off.”
“Do you gamers have your own language or something?”
“What?” Sheloran asked in confusion, “No.”
“You just said something really weird. It was like really creepy.”
“Did I?”
“Yeah! It sounded, I don’t know… demonic or something!”
“Well, I am the Befouler,” Sheloran joked, “Grr!” She really didn’t want to think about… whatever just happened.
Craxina just laughed along but in all honesty, Sheloran was starting to scare her a little…
And it was getting worse…
Helen Mongrave drank her morning coffee as she accessed a certain dating website.
She smiled. There was a rather filthy message from an “admirer”.
“Oh, Jon,” she laughed fondly. He still had the same sense of humor he had in boarding school.
She loaded up a script and processed the unsolicited dick pic that was attached. At least it wasn’t his dick. She knew for a fact, unless he had a very uncharacteristic growth spurt, he was nowhere nearly that well endowed.
A message slowly started to appear.
He had made it into the Republic and was wanting a list of who he could trust as well as a briefing of the latest developments.
She loaded a rather graphic image that was definitely not to Jon’s taste and encrypted her reply with a chuckle.
Let’s see how Jon likes that one! she chuckled to herself. Jon was a pretty good man, or had grown into one. Yeah, he screwed up royally in the past but she couldn’t help but wonder if maybe, after all this bullshit was finally over, maybe…
Sheloran wiped down the counter and cleaned the espresso machines for the sixth time that morning as she tried not to think about last night.
Maybe she should just uninstall that fuc-… that darn game.
The Great Prophet was right! she thought as she felt something stir inside her. Obscenity is dangerous! That’s it! No more potty-mouth!
“May the Prophet guide my steps, guide my thoughts… May he guide me away from the darkness...” she repeated to herself, a quiet little mantra.
The door opened and a small xeno walked in with fuzzy pale fur and a cute little snout, a garthra? She thought it was a garthra, a Federation species.
“Hi!” Sheloran said brightly. A customer! A lot of her business, both legit and somewhat less so, depended on the Federation trade, something that had been brought to a screeching halt. A lot of the neighborhood was in the same boat. The whole free port zone was for the Feds, not the Empire, and a lot of the businesses in the area were run by Federation emigres just as reliant on the Fed trade as she was.
The whole place had almost shut down. If it wasn’t for her annoyingly profitable den of ill-repute she would definitely be in trouble. “The girls” (and a few boys and other genders) were pretty much what was keeping the door open these days.
“H-hello...” the little female said nervously.
“Can I help you?” Sheloran asked hopefully. “Maybe some media?” God, she hoped it was media. That was the whole reason for this whole goddam-… pooping thing.
“I… I heard… I heard that...” she said as she clutched at her pretty little dress. “I heard that someone could… make some money here? By doing… doing...” she buried her face in her little hands and made a strangled little yelping noise.
Sheloran didn’t know garthras? (she was pretty sure it was a garthra) very well but she knew crying when she heard it!
Poop. She sighed sadly. Unfortunately this was becoming far too common. People were stuck with no way to get home (or couldn’t return for one bullshi-… poopy reason or another) or their business were tanking or their employers were going under. Desperation was setting in and she was filling out way too many union cards for the wrong reasons.
It was… wrong, she thought as she felt an odd pressure around her eyes. Her eyes had been bugging her here lately. She probably needed some Eyesoothe, that’s what you took when your eyes were hurting like this. It made it go away. Some Restful Palm wouldn’t go amiss either. It really helped with the unsettling dreams and recurrent unpleasant thoughts she’d been having.
Maybe some Void Balm too! What she wouldn’t give for just a few blossoms. Absinthe just wasn’t cutting it anymore, at least in quantities remotely close to advisable.
Not knowing what to do she walked around the counter and started to wrap her arms around the distressed xeno. The poor garthra collapsed into her arms, sobbing inconsolably.
Sheloran squeezed her eyes shut and winced as her orbits ached. Seriously, this was fucked up… Messed up! I meant messed up!… Great Prophet guide my steps...
“It’s… It’s going to be ok,” Sheloran said, not really believing it.
A few minutes later after Sheloran calmed her down and gave her a soothing cup of peppermint tea (She wasn’t sure why but she was definitely certain it would help… And it did!)
“Have you eaten today?” Sheloran asked as Uhrrbet (that was her name) sipped her tea.
She shook her head.
“Did you eat yesterday?”
Uhrrbet’s nose started to run (garthra “tears” were really snotty!) as she shook her head.
“Well that I can help with!” Sheloran said with a smile. “Do you like donuts?”
Uhrrbet’s eyes lit up.
“Come around back,” Sheloran smiled, the pressure in her eyes finally subsiding, “Plonxi damn… I mean darn… Great Prophet guide me!… She darn near bought out a bakery this morning.”
As Uhrrbet was stuffing herself with yeasty goodness Craxina walked in, robe annoyingly open.
“I tell you,” Craxina exclaimed as she dried herself off (after a shower! Get your head out of the gutter, perv!), “that guy was freaky! You won’t believe what he wanted me to do!” she laughed. “I thought I’d heard them all but, wow!”
Uhrrbet stiffened up as Craxina started to go into detail.
“Not a good time, Craxi,” Sheloran said urgently making a cutting off motion behind Uhrrbet’s back.
“Oh, it isn’t bad at all!” Craxina said to Uhrrbet. “You don’t even have to try to shove one inside you, if you don’t wanna. You can just play with it or put it in your mouth! Their stuff tastes really good!”
Uhrrbet’s nose started to run.
“Craxi. Go. Away!” Sheloran said as her eyes started to pulse.
“Yessh!” Craxi said, her damp fur trying to stand on end. “Alright! Alright! Jesus!” she yelped as she snatched a donut and scurried off.
“Sorry about that,” Sheloran said to Uhrrbet trying to calm her back down. “Craxi is… well her whole species is… They’re different from most of us.”
“It’s… ok…” Uhrrbet said between damp sniffles. “I… I guess I need to get… used to...”
She broke down, dripping boogers onto the donuts.
I hate my job, Sheloran thought as she held Uhrrbet. This was supposed to be fun, selling games to Federation delinquents. It wasn’t supposed to be this bullshit.
“Hey… hey...” Sheloran said soothingly, somewhat at a loss. “Look, you don’t have to do this.”
“I do!” Uhrrbet wailed. “I owe the Harkeen money! If I don’t come to work for you, I’ll have to work for them!”
Sheloran snarled as her eyes started killing her. Those… jerkfaced bullies! She hated them with a passion! They were part of the Threen mafia and were a constant pain. They thought they ran the free port. She already had more than one run-in with those… fucker-… Jerks!. She had done a couple of “union membership drives” involving some of their “employees”. They liked to growl and spit but they just a bunch of scared little bullies. When the union came calling they always backed down but sooner or later, they were right back at it. Drugs, prostitution, “protection rackets”, stuff like that.
She didn’t have a problem with them because she had the union at her back but so many others had no choice but to pay them off.
And the cops were useless. They didn’t care what happened “down here”. They just broke up fights and if something worse happened they would collect the bodies and make arrests if they could.
She really should start selling weapons… It wouldn’t take much to get a dealer’s license…
But most of the little Feds were too timid to use them anyway. That’s the problem. Everyone ran scared of them.
“Is there anything else you can do?” Sheloran asked helplessly. “A skill, a trade… anything?”
“I… I can sew,” she said hopefully. “I made this dress!”
“Well that’s something!” Sheloran said cheerfully. “Hand made anything is valuable! If you can sew then there is no reason why you couldn’t make human clothes and sell them!”
“But I don’t have money for fabric or anything,” Uhrrbet said helplessly. “And if I don’t pay them something by tomorrow they say they’ll… they’ll...”
She started crying again.
Voiddammit… I mean poop… Great Prophet help me! Please!
“(Sigh)… How much do you owe?” Sheloran asked cursing herself (for real) for asking.
“Fifteen hundred… Sixteen hundred by tomorrow,” she said helplessly.
“Ok,” Sheloran said as she pulled out a transactor. “I’ll front you the cash to pay them off, and you can work here, I still have space. I’ll pay you by the piece and then… I’ll sell it… somehow… I don’t know, I’ll set up a website or something.”
Uhrrbet looked up at her in hopeful disbelief.
“You’d… You’d do that?”
Why? Sheloran implored the universe. Why are you doing this to me?
“Sure, why not?” Sheloran replied. “My ‘normal’ business is in the crapper. Might as well diversify a little. Let’s call it an investment. If it works out then great! If not… then we can talk about a union card.”
“Thank you!” Uhrrbet exclaimed throwing her little arms (and tail) around a somewhat uncomfortable Sheloran. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”
“It’s what I do… apparently.” Sheloran said as she hugged her back.
At least my eyes aren’t hurting anymore. That’s worth something.
Helen Mongrave clicked “send” on her naughty little picture with a laugh. Jon was just going to “love” that! Furries were definitely not his thing!
Hey, that rabbit was pretty cute if she did say so herself!
Chuckling to herself, she shrugged into her shoulder holster, threw on her jacket, and headed out towards her grav-car. It was an older model, but it still worked great. Besides, she loved her old junker!
At least it gave her coworkers an easy target for the ration of shit they liked to throw back and forth. She pretended it bothered her so they would keep at that instead of finding something that really stung.
As she was reaching her car she noted movement out of the corner of her eye.
Two “suits” approached. Cheap ill-fitting suits, obvious bulges from their shoulder-holsters…
Agency. She would bet her life on it.
Fuck... she thought as she unbuttoned her jacket.
“Ms. Mongrave?” a broad-shouldered human with a buzz-cut asked.
“Never heard of her,” Helen replied as she turned to face them and surveyed the area. Two agents visible, probably more.
She was fucked.
“You need to come with us, ma’am,” the man said as he reached into his jacket.
She just smiled and drew her pistol…
And promptly tried to shove it in her mouth.
A heavy-stunner bolt cut her down before she could silence herself.
Helen Mongrave, dropping her pistol, collapsed.
The two agents caught her before she hit the ground as an unmarked van screeched to a halt and the door flew open.
Within seconds, Helen was gone.
Jon burst into laughter as he checked his messages.
“What?” Skippy asked as she walked up and wrapped her arms around him. “Who the fuck is that bitch?” Skippy laughed as she saw the picture. “Making a move on my man? I’ll kill her!”
“I guess the cat’s out of the bag,” Jon laughed as he started decrypting the message. “Can’t keep anything from that woman,” he chuckled, "never could."
He stopped chuckling as he read. It wasn’t good. It went way deeper than he hoped.
“Jesus,” he muttered.
“That bad?”
“Worse,” Jon replied. “I don’t know how to fix this.”
Skippy flashed a toothy smile as her blades slowly extended.
“I have an idea...”
“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Jon replied. “The Republic has been though enough… Oh hey!”
“That sounds encouraging.”
“I never thought in a million years I’d say this but I fucking love Jessica Morgan!” he said as he pointed at the screen.
“Wow...” Skippy replied. “That’s a shitload of money!”
“I wonder how loyal her inner circle really is?” he chuckled.
“Why don’t you ask that bitch in the hold?”
“According to her they are like a cult,” Jon replied, “completely unshakable.”
“They thought the same about her, you know,” Skippy grinned. “I wonder how many other ‘unhappy diners’ there are?”
“Dare to dream...” Jon replied as he pulled Skippy onto his lap.
“What?” Skippy asked. “That picture get your motor running?”
“Nah,” Jon said as he pulled her in for a kiss. “I got the real thing right here.”
Skippy giggled as she started to pull off his t-shirt.
Jon’s communicator started to ring.
“Goddammit,” he muttered as Skippy just signed, nuzzled his neck, and started to get dressed.
Jon looked at the screen and frowned. Rasheed was calling? On a live connection?
That wasn’t good.
“Lubricants Unlimited customer service department,” Jon answered. “Your asshole is our asshole!”
“Jon,” Rasheed said grimly, “They got Helen.”
“Grabbed her about an hour ago. They are accusing her of treason and conspiring against the Republic.”
“Isn’t that a bit redundant?” Jon replied.
“This is serious, Jon! She knows everything! If she talks...”
“It’s a lot worse than just serious,” Jon said with a frown, “However, if they are doing this officially, then she’s probably in the system somewhere. Everyone breaks but it’s going to take time to crack her open. Find her. We’ll handle the rest.”
“Ok. We’ll find her,” Rasheed said regaining his composure.
“Don’t be a hero, Rasheed,” Jon said grimly. “If it looks like it’s getting too warm, you guys need to bolt. We don’t need to compound the tragedy.”
“If we run, we lose the agency,” Rasheed replied. “I’m not handing over Republic Intel to that bitch!”
“We might not have a choice,” Jon replied. “If you can’t locate her, go. I’d rather lose the agency than lose the agency and some damn good operatives and analysts.”
Rasheed’s worried face suddenly broke into a wry smile.
“Since we are technically ‘criminals’,” he replied, “Why don’t we call in the big guns?”
“Question,” Rasheed said as his smile grew. “which criminal did you keep a holo of on your desk?”
“I like the idea but they don’t operate in the Republic,” Jon replied.
“Yeah,” Rasheed said with a grin, “about that...”
In a hollowed out asteroid on the outskirts of Sol, Harval Smythe and a motley assortment of humans and xenos all stood anxiously beside it…
Absolute perfection… The single greatest achievement of his life.
A flaxen beauty with the most frightening eyes he had even seen in his life silently walked beside it lightly running her fingers along the hull.
“We worked around the clock, ma’am,” he said nervously, unnerved by her silence.
“I paid for quality, not haste,” she said in a leaden voice.
What the hell was she? he thought as he was filled with dread. Something was seriously wrong with her.
“It’s… perfect, ma’am,” he stammered as his crew all nodded furiously. “We have all of the NDT results and diagnostics right here,” he said as he handed her a tablet.
Gloria took it and after a few moments she looked up, her eyes flashing with anger.
He flinched. He thought the dead eyes were bad. These were worse!
“These results are not expected. You have deviated from my specifications. I am… displeased.”
Fear gripped his heart. There was little doubt what that might mean.
“Y-yes… we made some adjustments… Improvements!” he yelped. “Look!” he gestured at the tablet. “We increased power output by fifteen percent and your thrust to weight ratio has increased significantly! And we added safety features!”
“Safety?” she hissed advancing upon him slowly.
“Oh shit,” a large black man muttered as he picked up a communicator, “Shelia?” he said urgently. “You might want to get down here! Gloria is about to go Yellowstone!”
“Fuck,” an annoyed voice replied. “Stop her.”
“No way!” the giant exclaimed. “She’s in her unhappy place!”
“The exposure levels in the cockpit were completely unacceptable!” Harval yelped as he backed away, “We added a modified reactor shielding unit around the cockpit! The increased power levels more than make up for it and it reduces your net signal emissions by two percent! Look! Please for the love of God look!…" he begged as Gloria slowly kept walking towards him with glassy porcelain like eyes. "Look at the specs you stupid bitch!” He screamed, suddenly enraged. He had created a masterpiece, goddammit!
Oh no,” a small brunette gasped quietly as she looked away.
Gloria blinked in surprise and looked at the tablet again. There was the briefest flicker of life in her eyes and then with a slow exhale they glazed over again.
“I’m taking it out,” she said after a few moments.
“Yes! Please!” Harval exclaimed.
“Tell T’sunk’al to try to find me,” she said as she climbed inside the sleek black ship.
There was absolutely no sound as it powered up. The hangar doors opened and before they had stopped moving the ship was gone leaving nothing but a small hurricane as it left.
“Fuck!” Jessie screamed as she dove for cover.
Outside the black ship banked, rolled and dived with ever increasing speed.
“We just got pinged.” T’sunk’al said in his trademark unflappable tone. “Range… One-hundred yards?!?… Hyperspace event! Range… unknown!… She got us again… Range… No way!” he exclaimed. “Fifty yards?!?
The Paper Tiger shuddered.
“She just rubbed our shields!” the chief shouted, “Crazy bitch!”
“Hyperspace event!” T’sunk’al yelled. “Close enough to flash our shields!”
The ship shuddered again.
“Fucking stop that!” the chief yelled into the microphone.
“Where the fuck is she?!?” T’sunk’al yelled, his normally unflappable nature thoroughly flapped.
“Hyperspace event!” he shouted. “How the hell is she jumping so fast?”
“She’s fluttering the banks!” the chief said shaking his head, “Recharging them with the surge from the shields as she slams through space time! I’ve heard rumors about this but I’ve never actually seen it done before. It’s suicide! One fraction of a second off and… boom! It takes a true master to even think about pulling it off and even so, those banks must be made out of unicorn hooves or something! Where is she venting the heat? She can’t be sitting in it, right? Not even she would cook herself, would she?”
“What the fuck was that?!?” Sheila yelled.
“Direct contact to our shields with the hull of the ship,” the chief shouted angrily. “She missed us by less than a meter!” He grabbed the mic. “Goddammit! If you fry the shields you are the one cleaning the conduits!”
“We just got painted by direct targeting,” T’sunk’al said, “range… Hyperspace event!… We’re painted… From the other side!… Range… Oh I don’t even fucking care anymore…”
Harval and about a dozen very nervous men and women of several races stood nervously in the shop bay.
Suddenly there was a blast of wind…
And the ship was there, so fast that nobody really saw it pull in.
It landed, and Gloria stepped out, eyes as dead as ever.
She walked up to Harval…
“So… Is it-”
Before he could react Gloria lunged…
And gently kissed him on the lips.
He stared in disbelief.
Her eyes were as dead as ever…
But there were tears running down her cheeks.
Without a word she pulled out a transactor…
“Rerun all diagnostics,” she said without emotion. “Recheck the frame. I’ll pay double for your time.”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“You crazy bit-” the chief started to yell as Gloria entered the Tiger, and then fell silent.
Gloria, the brigand, the psychopath, was gone.
It was Gloria, the Ice Queen, Gloria the Undying, Lieutenant Samuels, the Lich Queen, the Angel of Death, who stepped aboard.
“Jessie,” Gloria said in a cold dead voice almost like the one she always used, “Do you have targets for me?”
“Um… Yeah,” Jessie said quietly just staring at her.
“Lieutenant,” the chief said briskly. “I’ve confirmed the measurements. We can just barely fit your ship in the hold, barely. I would say that it would be impossible to actually land in here but I doubt it will be an issue.”
“How much room for munitions?” Lieutenant Samuels asked calmly.
“We can carry two complete loadouts, at least, maybe more if we install roof racks.”
“Excellent, Chief,” Gloria the Revenant, replied with a faint smile. “Give me a couple of feet. You can have the rest.”
“Yes, ma’am,” the chief said before he caught himself with a wince. He didn’t mean to do that!
“Welcome back, Lieutenant,” Sheila said with a smile.
There was the briefest flicker in The Lich Queen’s eyes as she simply nodded in reply, then it was gone.
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A detail i just noticed.

Komugi is so good at the game because of her nen, and betting her life which is why she's unbeatable at the game.
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The Church of Ashes (Fan fiction)

As the snow numbed the minds, the rot began to manifest. Polluting the souls from inside, it spread through the world: the asylum of the undead and castaways, the painted world of Ariandel. Those who tend to the painting turned a blind eye and drew comfort from their past. Seekers of the dark soul they once were, and now they committed the same sin the fire worshippers did; they refused the let go of the world. Hence, the snow whistled much like how bells toll, and from the sterile snow rose, the three ashen undead.
Birthing from the same mother of snow, the three siblings felt themselves drawn towards the chapel high on the cliff, and so they went there.
The youngest of them was J’Ash: a bearer of dark sign brighter than any other undead; a master of Pyromancies; the executioner of knights and have stripped of the armor, shields, and bows from the famed black, silver, and ringed city knights. He became the eyes and ears of the siblings.
The middle one was named Cedwyn: a long forgotten heir of the thunder; the denounced deity of swords, and the possessor of iron heart. With a heavy ultra greatsword in hand, he cut down those who stood in the support of rot, and refused to let the nature take its course.
The eldest one, named Jenna Nazuto, was a source of mystery; nothing of her past known to anyone besides her, she rallied the siblings towards the chapel. She learnt about the miracles of thunders from listening to the soul of Cedwyn; she learned about the art of Pyromancy from the witnessing the hand of J’Ash; in her possession, she had a demon scar which spit chaos flame.
Together, they knocked down the doors of chapel and barged in. The sable church had failed to protect neither the undead nor their world, and as the painted world of Ariandel rotted away, it was time for the church to go with it. Hence, on the ashes of the sable church, a new one was born; one dedicated to the natural order of the world; one determined to never stop until they find the dark soul; the church of ashes.
Slaying away, the demons and drags in their way, Jenna lead them to the rumored ringed city: the land of the dark soul. Their heart cried as they saw the state of the mankind; cursed and trapped by the so called gods to rot and be forgotten.
From within, they took part the pieces of defense the mighty Gwyn has placed in the city, starting with the Darkeater Midir who has been consumed by the abyss, and so, they travelled to the end of the world in space and time.
Standing before them at the end of the world was one of them, Gael, an ashen one who serves the snow, but he has long lost his sanity. Unable to bear the pain of heavy dark soul inside him, he lashed out at his siblings. And so Jenna, Cedwyn, and J’Ash put their brother to sleep, and took on themselves the burden of dark soul.
All that was left to do was to create a new world with the dark soul as a haven for all ashen ones and undeads, but that’s when they met Yuria, a sister of the sable church who was out in the harsh outside world betting her life on filthy undeads to create a world of darkness for the hollows.
Yuria, unaware of her sister’s fate, requested the church of ashes to restore the order in the outside world. As a repayment for her dedication to the dark soul, the church of ashes armed themselves once more to slay the souls of anyone who ever lit the first flame.
With their bravery, the darkness surrounded the world, and the dark soul created a world. No more accursed dark sign branding the men and women, it was only a dark soul. And with the unshackled dark soul inside, humans were finally free.
But little did they know, there was a fourth sister of the sable church: a dragon slayer, a worshipper of demons, a master of all spell crafts and swordsmanship who treasured her sisters despite her disgust for humans. And so the chaos descended upon the world; on a scale not even the eternal dragons have witnessed. It was the wrath of the old one.
P.S: Look at the Imgur gallery for related pictures, and join our discord for fun co-op like this.
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A guy steals his gf’s life savings of 10k, and spends all of it betting but wins 100M. He gives the 10k back after this, but she asks for 40M since he used her money to win. He doesn’t want to. Who do you think is in the right?

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Today I taught a student who never turned her camera on and barely spoke through the entire lesson. I’m betting she spoke fewer than 10 words. It’s was the longest, most frustrating 25 minutes of my life.

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TAKING BETS ON HOW LONG: "Federal officials take precautions over fear Ghislaine Maxwell might take her own life."

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Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD on interview from Patrick Bet-David about vaccination, pharmaceuticals and her life

The interview of Dr Judy A Mikovits, was deleted from youtube although lots of negative noise was generated around the media from drug proponents yet, without showing the original content. This is what I call misinformation, in other words, first you delete history then blame the events and create your own fake events. So here is the full interview on the bitchute platform and to their credit, to this point, they showed what really happened and what it was said.
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Was this a good tank for my betta? I’m not sure how many gallons it was but I’m betting around 25. Did the big size intimidate her or anything? She died a couple weeks ago after around 3 years of life.

Was this a good tank for my betta? I’m not sure how many gallons it was but I’m betting around 25. Did the big size intimidate her or anything? She died a couple weeks ago after around 3 years of life. submitted by Noah_scree to Aquariums [link] [comments]

He washes up incessantly before going home but I bet he makes you suck his dick after he fucks his wife without cleaning up first. You not only represent a bad thing in his life but are a cancer to society. And he's not leaving her. Ever. You're trash and you're treated that way.

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Holy.. my life is bad rn.

So [M16] here. Where do I begin.. Every day I come home to my mother [F50] being drunk, listening to music on the computer while also playing online lottery. Every single day. She drinks in front of me, I warn her to stop doing so, and she still does it. We have been having talks every single day about her problems, why she drinks, that have all ended in "I'm gonna stop drinking" and then continuing the other day, to my disappointment. She has spent thousands of dollars, probably even more in an online lottery. I once caught her losing 100$. In front of my eyes. Just like that. I was interested and snooped around in her transactions because I was worried we might go broke soon. I confessed to her that I saw the transactions and we were heading towards bankruptcy. She also confessed to losing almost all of our money and took an oath to never do it again. It has been 2 years and she's still doing it, I don't know by what miracle we have not gone bankrupt yet. A few weeks ago she asked me for money because the family's funds were going low. She's a single mother and she has to keep up with an elderly man and a teenage boy, but it still doesn't excuse her betting her life away. When I confront her nowadays she says that it's none of my business and stuff like that. She's a great mother when she's not drunk or gambling, but her being her she gets drunk every day, and even tries lying to me about her not being drunk, despite it being obvious for several years now.

But it doesn't end there. I've been searching for a girlfriend for a few years now and my introversion doesn't help at all. At last, a few weeks ago, I finally found the literal girl of my weird dreams. She was perfect. I mean it. I know this is gonna sound cliche, but I fell in love almost immediately. We started chatting like crazy. She liked the same things as me, the literal same things as me, she was cute, sweet, pretty, had a great personality, liked me and all. Same city as me too, which is rare. Literally the best a man can get. She was on a vacation for the first week and a half of us chatting and we couldn't go out on a date then, but a few (2) days into the convo on instagram and she (smoothly) nudged me towards setting up a date. So we did. We had some serious and some really humorous ones. She warned me that she "is disappointing in a relationship" and I set myself up for disappointment there by telling her she can waste my time all she wanted. A week ago our first date came around the corner. And both of us absolutely enjoyed it. We ended up hugging it out for hours on end on a bench in a park. We set up a date for a day after that, and that date went really well, and we ended up hugging it out for hours on end on a bench in a park again. She also said that she loved me. Then came a long break from her, 4 days, she supposedly had some things to do. We went on a date after that. During the date she told me she had a pretty bad day overall. Didn't change with me anyways. Anyways we had a walk and it started raining. So we took shelter at a bus stop nearby. Didn't help. We were both soaked wet and she decided to go home. Just before she went home we had a hug, she seemed genuinely worried how I was gonna go home since I lived moderately far from there but she lived right next to the bus stop. She told me she loved me, we had a hug and I went home. I texted her immediately after that, asking her if we were gonna compensate that date with another the next day, aaaand she told me she doesn't wanna date me anymore. I asked her why and she told me that she just doesn't want a relationship. Despite clearly wanting to be in a relationship a few hours ago.

Honestly I feel fucking devastated. My mom is driving our family into a ditch and even I can't possibly dig us out of it. My attempt at bettering my life through finding a possible soulmate turned to shit, probably won't find another one like her in my town, ever again. Now, since she liked the same stuff as I did, and I associated it with her. I can't stop thinking about her. When I wanna talk to somebody I can't since everyone around me is either too far away from me socially to understand me, or is drunk and lying in bed. Where do I go from here on out?
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Cherry’s over here just straight up betting her entire life on a canoe

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My fav part of the whole series

I like how in the episode 'the woman who bets her life' where manyuda san and yumeko chan play choice poker. Yumeko-chan was so masterful in her art of concealing her intentions. She threw manyuda san off the scent by making it clear that her choice was going to be 'weaker card wins'. By not only exchanging two queens (which obviously reveals that she's going to go with weaker). But also continuously raising the bet (and she even brought her friend sumeragi chan into this, betting everything on the line) challenging manyuda san to raise. The most thing he was confident about.
Then at the end of it, all of them betting every thing on the line, with manyuda san's calculations all over the place thanks to yumeko senpai's deception. He played stronger. Hands revealed, yumeko had a three of a kind with jacks😰 bruhhhhh
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She tries too hard to make it seem like she has a great life full of wealth, trips to Europe, shooting her own pig, luxury cars, 5 mile runs every day, and owning a multimillion dollar company. I'll bet she's actually sitting in a trailer counting out change to buy her next pack of smokes.

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Randomized Talents Danganronpa 1

Makoto - Ultimate Detective: He started off just finding lost stuff for other kids in his neighborhood, but when a missing pet case came up, he discovered a major dogfighting ring and managed to bust most of the people involved.
Mukuro - Ultimate Lucky Student: As a child, Mukuro always had luck on her side, such as finding yen on the ground or always avoiding accidents that affected other people. She even helped her sister, Junko occasionally. Eventually, she was picked by the lottery by Hopes Peak, joining their class.
Junko - Ultimate Gambler: In order to find excitement in her life, Junko began gambling. It began small, but soon it got bigger and bigger until she began betting her life and more if she loses. She loves the thrill of a gamble, not knowing if she will win or lose.
Asahina - Ultimate Swimmer: The most shocking swap, I know.
Sayaka - Ultimate Bike Gang Leader: Her gang is the most beloved biker gang in all of Japan, as they clean up cities with violent gangs and makes them join Sayaka's gang, making the cities safer.
Sakura - Ultimate Clairvoyance: Sakura began to get her visions at her family's Dojo, and began to learn how to harness them.
Hifumi - Ultimate Programmer: He would create Waifus that want to talk to him and other nerds.
Mondo - Ultimate Soldier: His brother signed him up for boot camp as a child, as he was in a tragic accident and knew he wouldn't be able to care for Mondo
Leon - Ultimate Affluent Progeny: He has many franchises across many fields, mostly sports and music.
Kirigiri - Ultimate Baseball Star: Is able to make up any strategy to counter the enemy in record time, and hits home runs almost every time she hit.
Chihiro - Ultimate Public Morals: Decided that in order to stop the bullying, he had to be in a position of respect, so he became head of public morals, and kept his gender open.
Celeste - Ultimate Author: As a young child, Taeko was bored with her normal life, and decided to use her imagination to make up stories where she was more interesting. A publishing company decided to publish her stories, granting her fame, and the pen name, Celestia Ludenburg. She eventually adopted the name for her actual name.
Togami - Ultimate Martial Artist: He came from a long line of the strongest martial artists in the world, and Byakuya is the strongest that the line has ever seen.
Fukawa - Ultimate Fanfic Creator: As a young girl, after being tricked by boys and being called ugly, wrote stories about her favorite anime boys being shipped with her self-inserts, and eventually the fanfics got popular and got her money at conventions.
Taka - Ultimate Fashionista: In order to gain more money for his family, Taka signed up for a modeling job. He ended up really well-liked by many people in the modeling business, as he always follows their instructions.
Hagakure - Ultimate Idol: He was a very bad student, to which he got held back for three years in a row. Eventually, however, he got a gig to sing for someone, to which it was an idol scout. He managed to make an idol group to which got very popular.
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H.E.R & YBN Cordae Perform an Eye Opening & Evocative “Lord Is Coming”  BET Awards 2019 Dateline Mystery Betting Her Life - May 09, 2017 48 Hours Mystery ~ Betting Her Life 48 Hours as Mystery Betting Her Life Back to the Goode Life Promo

48 Hours Mystery-Betting Her Life:Susan Wright. who was convicted of first-degree murder in 2004 for the stabbing death of her husband. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After serving years, however, she won a new sentencing trial. Facebook 0 Share 0. Related. Related Posts. 48 Hours Mystery-Addicted to Love . 48 Hours Mystery - Betting Her Life. Comedy Central Fun. 3:39. Woh Apna Sa_Arjun apologises from Jia for betting on her. Allnewsvideo1. 1:55. sports betting strategies - football betting software - sports betting strategy - YouTube. Yerkfd. 4:30. Betting Betting Betting - Learn the best Sport Betting System Going. 94% Success. Betting Her Life Susan Wright was convicted of stabbing her husband 193 times. Can the wife of a former NFL star help free her from prison? Richard Schlesinger reports. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Betting Her Life, Susan Wright was convicted of stabbing her husband 193 times. Can the wife of a former NFL star help free her from prison? Richard Schles... Betting Her Life Barbara Hermansen found happiness and fulfillment as a North Shore wife, mother, and lawyer—until she started taking a prescription drug for a neurological disorder.

[index] [4372] [549] [12046] [10988] [3374] [7452] [3208] [13771] [8130] [7355]

H.E.R & YBN Cordae Perform an Eye Opening & Evocative “Lord Is Coming” BET Awards 2019

Dateline NBC 2017 Dateline Mystery Betting Her Life HD dateline 48 hours mystery. Dateline 48 Hours Mystery Betting Her Life 2017. 48 Hours Mystery Betting Her Life. This is old video, we ... Make sure to tune into #BETAward2020 June 28th 8/7c! H.E.R & YBN Cordae move the crowd in their powerful performance. #BETAwards #HER #YBNCordae SUBSCRIBE to... Premieres Saturday, April 27 @ 9PM #BETher A woman who returns to her simple upbringing after having her assets wrongfully frozen. Starring Kyla Pratt. Susan Wright was Convicted of Stabbing her Husband 193 Times. Can the Wife of a Former NFL Star Help Free Her From Prison? t's hard to say what's most horrifying about Jeff Wright's death. Dateline Mystery Betting Her Life HD dateline 48 hours mystery full episodes 2016 1 Dateline Mystery Betting Her Life HD dateline 48 hours mystery full episodes 2016 1 Dateline Mystery Betting.