Who cultures live food Phytoplankton, Copepods, Amphipods

SPS corals survive on plankton, which is tiny algae colonies, while LPS corals with larger oral openings, eat small fish and crustaceans like copepods & amphipods. When people talk about "coral," they are usually talking about hard corals. Diet, aggression levels, activity levels, how territorial they are, size, etc. For the anithias I'm betting their diet has a lot to do with the larger recommendation. They forage for pods and need to eat often, so unless you're home all day to continuously feed them they need a larger tank to keep up the demand of their natural diet. I also added the copepods in a bottle (which cost about $20 per bottle) around twice a month. Within a couple of months I did not see pods crawling around the tank at night like I used to and the belly of the mandarin started to shrink in. My mandarin is starving and my wrasse and mandarin are butting heads. Need a steady supply of live copepods or brine shrimp. No where in Austin can I find a steady or cheap way of feeding them. Aqua dome only gets them bi weekly. Im offering cash, I just dont want him starving to death. He needs Who cultures live food Phytoplankton, Copepods, Amphipods, or Mysis around here? Arizona - Fish & Reef Aquarium Group (FRAG)

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