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NFL Offseason Review Series - Day 19: Buffalo Bills (late entry)

Buffalo Bills

AFC East
Huge shout out to the shmuck who offered to write this and then decided to fall off the face of the earth! Fuck you, pal!
2017 Season Review
Hello again, friends! jiggs_ here again to write about my favorite football team. I was planning on sitting this one out but that clearly didn’t go as planned since the guy who signed up never did it. So, lucky for you all, I still have no life outside of waiting for football to start so here we go again with another write-up! I want to say the 2017 season was magical. I want to talk about how the roster dominated on defense and ran the ball down the throats of opposing teams, but the truth is that neither of those things really happened. Many fans would say we “finally had luck on our side” this year or that “the referees forgot to screw us over” but neither of those things are true either. The truth of the matter is that, despite boasting the 29th ranked offense, a mid-season QB controversy that led to literally the worst half of football ever played by a quarterback in NFL history, and a defensive line holier than The Mask after a shootout, the Buffalo Bills were really, really good at winning on turnover differential. Hell, the only games we won all year had a differential of at least 1. This style of play that Sean McDermott called “mistake-free football” was not a new concept, and it is utilized by plenty of successful coaches (including the Grinch himself). That being said, it was the 2017 motto for the bills, and it ultimately led to the conclusion of a 17-year playoff drought! In spectacular fashion, the Bills secured a playoff berth on the back of a 4th and long touchdown pass by Andy Dalton in a seemingly meaningless game. If you want footage here is the show that aired on Buffalo news about a month later showing the city almost implode at the shock of it all.

Coaching Changes

This offseason began with plenty of questions as to coaching decisions, and most of those questions revolved around the fate of Bills OC Rick Dennison. Throughout the season, many were quick to point out the Bills blatant lack of rushing production in the first few games in which Dennison’s Zone-Blocking Scheme was adopted. He later adopted a different approach based more around power-running, as that played better toward the Bills strengths on offensive line and in the backfield, but that crucial change was made much too late, costing the Bills some close games. Even after the change was implemented, the offense still continued to struggle scoring.
While various reporters would point out Tyrod’s clear statistical regression as the reason behind the lack of scoring, others felt as though Dennison never gave the 8-year vet a chance. Dennison’s West Coast passing offense utilized quick crossing routes and timing throws meant to move the ball short to medium yardage quickly. While Tyrod had been above-average in the short field, he constantly struggled to read defenses quickly (or even correctly) throughout the season. Due to the lack of football IQ under center, Dennison should have flushed Tyrod out of the pocket and utilized play action passing. This would effectively give him a smaller field to read, more time to throw, and the ability to use his legs to his advantage. Rather than playing to his quarterback’s strengths, he instead forced Tyrod to try to adapt. Due to Tyrod’s clear difficulty in running the offense, the Bills coaching staff (and, by extension, Rick Dennison) eventually benched Taylor, opting instead for the raw and inexperienced backup QB Nathan Peterman. This move was most likely made due to the lack of production from Taylor, and due to Dennison’s eagerness to get his offense the strong-armed pocket passer it needed. Regardless of who is at fault for Tyrod’s regression, Peterman’s disastrous debut, and/or the struggles of the offensive line, the Bills opted to fire OC Rick Dennison on Jan 12.
Dennison was replaced by Brian Daboll, who was formerly working as the OC for 2017 NCAA National Champions Alabama. He never talked to the media, answered no questions regarding scheme, refused to discuss his favorite QB in the draft, and was ultimately a ghost for the first 4 months after signing on as OC. I personally LOVE this about the guy. He wants to keep his cards close to the vest as much as possible and I think that is exactly the type of OC you should be looking for at this time.
That being said, he has spoken recently in regards to the general theme of his offense, but he did not give much away. In fact, he basically said nothing besides the fact that the offense needs to be “ever-changing”. He wants the offense to evolve as the players do and to change based on the opponents they are facing. To me, this sounds extremely similar to New England, and this theory is supported by various players who claim that the playbook is very extensive and outlines different matchups that can change how plays are run. It makes sense that he would mirror the Pats considering he coached there during each and every one of their super bowl wins. (in fact, they only ever seem to win it while he is coaching. Coincidence? I think not!). All in all, Daboll is quiet and calculated in the media, but don’t let that fool you about his actual mannerisms. In practice he is a nutcase who demands high football IQ and mental fortitude in each and every one of his players.

Free Agency

For most players they will just get a line in the table below, but let’s get the blockbuster trade out of the way first.
Tyrod Taylor, QB:
Traded to the Browns for the first pick in the third round. Regardless of your thoughts on if Tyrod deserved to be traded, the Bills were absolutely certain that they did not want him on the roster for the 2018 season. No matter what circumstances occurred in the offseason, the Bills were always going to get rid of Tyrod Taylor. Because of this, I was absolutely ecstatic at the deal made by Brandon Beane.
Here is the situation: it is March 10th, and Tyrod is due to get a bonus of $6mil on March 16th. Brandon Beane has a dilemma. Should he just cut Tyrod now to avoid paying this bonus? The money could be used to sign role players, so it makes sense to try to avoid paying it. Maybe he should ask for less than he is worth so that other teams will take him off his hands and pay him the bonus instead? No option seems perfect at the moment, plenty of downside for all of them. Suddenly, the phone rings. The Browns are calling and offering the first pick in the third round for a quarterback that Beane was considering cutting in a few days…. Do you now see why I am so ecstatic? The Bills had no leverage and were on the brink of cutting a player with plenty of value, but instead were able to somehow swing a third rounder into the deal (by the way, that third rounder was part of the deal made to secure Tremaine Edmunds, so thanks again Browns!). This was an objectively great deal, regardless of how Tyrod performs in Cleveland. He didn’t have a place here, so the Bills got good value out of him while simultaneously making sure his career could continue with a team that wanted him.
Other Players lost/cut
Player Position New Team Notes
Eric Wood C Retired It is very sad that he wasn’t able to retire on his own terms. That being said, the Bills were prepared for this contingency, having capable backup in the form of Ryan Groy.
Richie Incognito G Retired?? Hard to replace, even harder to understand why he left in the first place.
Mike Tolbert RB Free Agent Badly utilized, hated by many fans. Has some value in the right situation, most likely will retire.
Jordan Matthews WR Free Agent Couldn’t stay healthy. The “Dalton Line” for wide receivers, just about average in every category. If he can stay healthy he will find a team.
Deonte Thompson WR Dallas Cowboys He’s always been a journeyman. Fans overblow his contribution, but he was technically one of our top targets last season.
Cordy Glenn T Cincinnati Bengals If he stays healthy he is a pro bowler. The Bills already have a replacement in sophomore Dion Dawkins, so no need to keep him around.
Preston Brown MLB Cincinnati Bengals Led the NFL in tackles last year. Has trouble in coverage. Not a good scheme fit.

Biggest losses: Taylor, Wood, Incognito, Matthews.

Major Additions
Player Position Former Team Notes
Star Lotulelei DT Carolina Panthers Arguably the top DT on the market. Will immediately start as one-technique DT. Will not make headlines but will provide better matchups for other players.
AJ McCarron QB Cincinnati Bengals Bridge, stop-gap, game manager, take your pick. AJ will not wow anyone with athleticism, but will probably be serviceable until Allen can play.
Trent Murphy DE Washington Redskins Pass rush specialist two years ago, coming off ACL injury. Will be used as three-down end this year, major upgrade to the pass rush that was lacking last year.
Vontae Davis CB Indianapolis Colts Good value. Low price, high ceiling. Fits the scheme well. I said the same thing about Jordan Poyer last year, and he turned out great.
Chris Ivory RB Jacksonville Jaguars Some think he was utilized poorly in Jacksonville, and let’s hope that is the case; otherwise, Beane may get some flak for the big money spent on this guy.
Jeremy Kerley WR New York J-E-T-E Speedy slot receiver, fits the offense. Special teams contributor.
Marshall Newhouse G Oakland Raiders Depth and competition.
Russell Bodine C Cincinnati Bengals Depth and competition.
Phillip Gaines CB Kansas City Chiefs May not even beat out rookie Taron Johnson for the slot corner position. Since slot corner is vital in the NFL, putting a rookie there is a death sentence. Let’s hope Gaines can beat him out, otherwise we will see plenty of PI calls this season on Johnson.
Rafael Bush S New Orleans Saints Depth and competition.
Corey Coleman WR Cleveland Browns Brandon Beane is a wizard. Traded a 2020 7th rounder for a first-round talent! I get that he has shown inconsistency, but there is no way he was worth that little. Fantastic move from the Bills FO to finally secure some speed on this WR corps.

Biggest Additions: Lotulelei, McCarron, Murphy, Davis

I was going to make a table, but I have too much to say about the early picks. Here comes another big-ass segment that we will call jiggs_ gets his hopes up!
Round 1, pick 7: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
“Stats are for nerds” – Mel Kiper
Believe that motto or not, it was exactly what was running through the heads of the Bills front office when they picked Josh Allen, and that is a fact. You may say that I have no way of knowing this for sure, but I KNOW the Bills don’t give a damn about stats simply because if they DID care about them, they would have taken a gander at that stat paper and put a 5th round rank on Josh Allen like many other GMs. They didn’t do that. Neither did the Cardinals. Neither did plenty of analysts. What does that tell you about Josh Allen? Let’s discuss the two schools of thought below.
  1. I am Rob Lowe and I trust the Bills front office: Since I trust Brandon Beane’s judgement, I understand that regardless of the opinions of draft pundits, there is something special about Josh Allen. I notice that in press conferences, Beane harps on intangibles. He mentions that Josh Allen has mental fortitude and that he knows how to rally a team. I take Beane’s word for it and decide “Fuck me, I made a mistake in thinking that [insert QB here] was the better option, Josh Allen must really be a special kid with the tools needed to succeed.”
  2. And I am draft super-draft-expert Rob Lowe and I think the Bills are morons: Josh Allen can’t make routine passes, struggles to read the field properly, and has poor mechanics under pressure. I look at his stats and wonder how someone so bad could be considered such a high-level prospect. Rocket arm QBs are almost always busts and Mel Kiper’s opinion means nothing to me because I know 4 other experts who say the exact opposite. Brandon Beane is busy talking about Josh Allen’s mindset while I’m sitting here watching him regularly miss easy throws. Mental fortitude be damned, the guy can’t play!
I think I am pretty fair in discussing both sides of the issue, and I think both sides have a point. All I am trying to help you understand here is that, as a supporter of Brandon Beane’s previous roster moves, I find it hard to believe that he did not go through the opinions of the draft pundits just as much (if not more) than we did. I do not think they were mesmerized by how good he looks in shorts (as others seem to think) and I genuinely think that this kid must be something truly special. Hell, his own teammates say so in plenty of interviews. There is just something different about Josh Allen that stats don’t seem to capture.
Round 1, Pick 16 Tremaine Edmunds, MLB, Virigina Tech
“In two years Tremaine Edmunds will be one of NFL's best players“ – LeSean McCoy
Oh baby was I jumping up and down when this pick came through. To see us make moves up the board (for the second time!) to secure a guy that made everyone at the ESPN table go “what a great move by Buffalo” made me so happy. I’m not saying that validation from those shmucks was the main reason for the excitement, but I will concede that it helped. The true excitement came from how big an impact I know this kid will make not only in Buffalo but in the NFL.
I know the gravity of the sentence I am about to type: Tremaine Edmunds has the tools to change how the game of football is played. My choice of words is deliberate here in that I am not saying Tremaine will be the GOAT. Hell, the kid could tear an ACL and be out of the league in five years. But, I can say with absolute certainty that he is an absolute Freak. Of. Nature. He is the biggest man on the field at 6’5” with an 83” wingspan. And guess what? He ran a 4.5 at the combine. He ran faster than some defensive backs! He is so fast that Tech often didn’t even bother masking his coverage. They would match him up man to man against top receivers without a care in the world because they knew he could keep up. This man is a nightmare for offenses, and in order to stop him from running all over the field teams are going to be forced to scheme specifically around his skill set.
Tremaine is very talented, but he fell to 16 because he is raw. At 20 years old he is much younger than most others coming out of the draft. He also has mechanical and mental issues in processing where the ball is, sometimes getting tricked by even simple play action. Because of this, the Bills will need to coach him to keep his eye more closely on the ball. I think Sean McDermott, the coach behind the development of Luke Kuechly, will have no issues in getting Tremaine up to speed. He will be the centerpiece of this defense and I look for him to make waves in the NFL for years to come.
The rest of the picks:
Draft Pick Player Position School Notes
96 Harrison Phillips DT Stanford Already called Kyle Williams 2.0, Horrible Harry will beat you with hand placement and footwork instead of size and athleticism. McDermott loves former wrestlers (and literally wrestled with Phillips at their first meeting), so not many surprised by the pick.
121 Taron Johnson CB Weber State Most know him as the guy who got hit in the face with a football at the combine, but Taron is talented. He is undersized but he might win the slot corner job anyways. Tough to play slot without size, but we’ll see how he does…
154 Siran Neal CB Jacksonville State Pretty much a non-factor in TC right now. He will probably just be a special teamer that can step in for injured guys.
166 Wyatt Teller G Virginia Tech Another guy who fell much lower than anticipated. We need talent at Guard, and Teller is pro-ready, but has a lower ceiling than lots of guys picked before him. He may beat out Vlad for a starting slot simply because Vlad is just not that talented.
187 Ray-Ray McCloud WR Clemson Most wanted us to pick a WR earlier. Ray-Ray will help on special teams, but he isn’t really much in terms of talent at WR.
255 Austin Proehl WR North Carolina He was my sleeper to make the top 4 WRs before the season began because I really liked his route running in college. In mini-camp it looked like I was right, but he has cooled down considerably in TC. Issues getting separation due to his small frame.


Bills get Buccaneers Get
7, 255 12, 53, 56
Bills Get Ravens Get
16, 154 22, 65


A Draft Grade from me means nothing, because I just don’t know enough about the rest of the players that the Bills passed on. Overall, I think the Bills did everything they wanted to do. They got the QB of their dreams, picked up an LB that they thought would get selected in the top 10, drafted polished, pro-ready replacements for Marcell Dareus and Richie Incognito, and got some raw talent at CB and WR. I would have liked a higher WR pick, but the truth is that I think the Bills just picked their BPA throughout just about all of this draft. You can see that based on the talented options that were still available at WR at the time they pick Phillips, Johnson, and Neal. If they were truly drafting for need, that is the time to grab a wideout. But, they weren’t. They liked the other guys more and jumped on them instead of trying to add subpar talent to positions of need. That gets an A in my book (but truth be told this section was always going to be an A).
Projected Starting Lineups
QB: AJ McCarron
HB: LeSean McCoy
FB: Pat DiMarco
WR: Kelvin Benjamin
WR: Jeremy Kerley
TE: Charles Clay
LT: Dion Dawkins
LG: Vlad Ducasse
C: Ryan Groy
RG: John Miller
RT: Jordan Mills
DE: Jerry Hughes
DT: Kyle Williams
DT: Star Lotulelei
DE: Trent Murphy
WLB: Matt Milano
MLB: Tremaine Edmunds
SLB: Lorenzo Alexander
CB: Tre’Davious White
CB: Vontae Davis
FS: Micah Hyde
SS: Jordan Poyer
Position Groups Strengths and Weaknesses


This is a competition, plain and simple. McDermott has said countless time that the best guy will play no matter what. Anyone saying “Allen needs to sit” or “Allen should start” needs to sit the fuck down and let it play out. The coach is fielding the best possible team regardless of draft position, so if Allen wins he’ll start. Otherwise he won’t. AJ McCarron is winning as of August 2nd and I don’t see him being dethroned unless Peterman somehow shows more life or Allen’s erratic throws magically become more accurate. McCarron is the safe bet, and I will place my unstable, fragile heart in his hands until he inevitably stabs it with a fork in the final minutes of a regular season game.
Brian Daboll’s scheme seems to be extensive in that the play calls change based on the opponent we are facing. Let’s hope this strategy can also change based on the quarterback that is in the game on our team because we have three guys who are all vastly different in terms of style. I do not envy Daboll’s position at the moment because he will essentially be a turd polisher until Allen gets on the field.
Experience. AJ McCarron is the “veteran” QB on the roster and he has never played more than a few games in a season. At this point the Bills just need to give these kids a chance to get in the game and take some hits. Until then, our QB depth chart may as well list 3 rookies.
Offensive Line
Arguably the worst unit in the NFL. On paper we have guys who are either inexperienced or just downright bad. If everyone on this line performs exactly the same as they did last year, we are at best somewhere between the 27th and 32nd offensive lines in the league. Since I can’t bear to be negative for this long I will just try to envision some sort of best case scenario for this unit where we aren’t awful (it is possible that only a few of these, if any, actually happen this season).
  1. John Miller was a wrecking ball in 2016 but fell off the next year, barely making the team due to issues in the new blocking scheme. Well, the scheme is back to using power run concepts, so the first hope is that 2016 Miller can return.
  2. Dion Dawkins does not take the backstep that many second-year Tackles tend to take. [insert “sophomore slump” pun here]
  3. Wyatt Teller beats out Vlad Ducasse for the LG spot. As of now this dream looks almost dead, but I still have hope because Vlad Ducasse is just a terrible Guard.
  4. Ryan Groy is the next Eric Wood. Groy came in when Wood was injured for a season and played admirably so he may actually be the 2nd best player on this line (which is saying something considering he hasn’t started since 2016)
  5. Jordan Mills gets cybernetic enhancements. This is the only thing that could possibly make this player anything more than a revolving door this year. I am genuinely concerned for the safety of our QB every time this Jordan Mills steps on the field. Maybe we can get Miller to play RG and RT this year and just use the RT slot as another WR or something.
Uhh…. Dion Dawkins was like the 3rd best rookie last year so does he count?
Tough to find anything that isn’t a weakness to be honest. Maybe Jordan Mills? To be fair it is very, very hard to replace one pro bowl level OL, and the Bills lost TWO of them.
Pass Catchers
Again, this is a weak point in its current status, but there are bright lights in certain areas. Kelvin Benjamin was the 28th overall pick in 2014 and for good reason. The guy has the talent to be a #1 receiver but hasn’t really shown it over the last couple years. Our other receiver options are either inexperienced or less-than-ideal. Jeremy Kerley was OK on the Jests in a limited role, but we’ll see if he can do well for the Bills when given more responsibility. Zay Jones had lots of drops but I doubt that trend continues. He was my pick to be the most improved Bills player this year until he decided to go fight for Jesus. He then tweaked his knee a few weeks later, requiring minor surgery that is still keeping him off the field at TC.
Charles Clay is a solid TE, and I still consider him top 10 in the league when healthy. Kelvin Benjamin was apparently dealing with a torn meniscus last season which led to his limited contribution, so we will see if the surgery can make him show some more signs of life.
Quantity over Quality. We have about 9 or 10 WRs listed on the roster at the moment but none of them are spectacular. Considering we have to release at least 3 or 4 of them, I wouldn’t consider this a strength.


Defensive Line
“When rebuilding a defense, you start up front” – Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane on multiple occasions. This is the most improved group of the list and I think it’s a fearsome squad.
Kyle Williams is back, baby! Our fearless leader continues to lead the troops into battle, now accompanied by Star Lotulelei and Trent Murphy, two very talented FA signings that will provide new talent that was not present last year. I will mention Jerry Hughes as a strength, but I am hesitant. He certainly isn’t a weakness but he has not been producing recently. Now that Star is going to demand more double teams, we should see more of Hughes, but who knows.
Pass rush. On paper we are improved, but I won’t believe it until I see it because they say that every year. Affecting the quarterback is the basis of any defense in the NFL today, and over the past few years we just haven’t done that regardless of who we sign/draft.
This group played above their paygrade last season, and the Bills will have to look for more of that as they let Preston Brown walk in free agency.
Coverage. While Lorenzo Alexander is not a very good coverage linebacker, I do not see him being on the field as much this year (the Bills love playing in nickel sets), and I think the rest of the linebacking corps is rangy. Tremaine is fast as hell, and Matt Milano already flashed his coverage ability in a few games last year.
Depth. Last year McDermott only had downhill linebackers in a scheme that needed range. This year, he has dumped most of those guys in favor of a leaner roster with tons of range. He gutted the linebacking corps and has thus sacrificed his depth for players with the correct archetype. Without injuries, this group is a force. But, when was the last time you saw a team without injuries?
No one can tell me that our unit is not top-5 in the NFL right now. Tre White, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer and a healthy Vontae Davis is an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses and I can’t wait to see them perform.
Turnovers. This unit creates good field position opportunities for a poor offense on many occasions. On a team with an offense as bad as ours, the field position battle is everything. Teams have to plan specifically for the game sense that Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer seem to possess, and their skill makes up for lots of the holes that seemed to appear in zone coverages.
Nickel/Slot Corner. Phillip Gaines, Taron Johnson, Siran Neal, and co. will be competing to be in this place, but for now I think it will be Phillip Gaines. He is not a great corner, and to be honest I wish we just resigned the guy we had (Leonard Johnson). Regardless, this is by far the weakest spot in the secondary and that is where the QBs will continue to throw the ball.
Schedule Predictions
I have no final record in mind, I will be taking this game-by-game.
Week 1 @ Baltimore Ravens: WIN
The better team will not win this one. On offense, the RPO scheme will create opportunities for McCarron to release the ball quickly and make some long drives that will inevitably turn to field goals. In fact, I don’t think the Bills score more than one touchdown. But, they’ll kick 4 field goals for the grand total of 19 points. That should be enough to beat the Ravens, right? The D-line of Baltimore just isn’t very formidable except for him, so if we can stop Suggs from affecting the QB, then I think we can win this game. It actually reminds me of last year’s game against the Raiders and Khalil Mack. In that game, the Bills help Mack to one QB pressure all game. We will do that again and secure a win, outscoring the Ravens 19-17.
Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Chargers: WIN
That Chargers are a better team than the Bills, plain and simple. That being said, they will lose. Our quarterback is going to get absolutely slaughtered, but we are going to win. I don’t see us stopping Bosa and Ingram from affecting the quarterback on just about every play, to be honest. BUT, we are going to absolutely run all over these guys. They were ranked 31st last year in run defense, and did nothing to stop the bleeding. I can see Shady breaking 100 this game for sure, and if the defense can force a turnover or two, it is the perfect situation for the Bills, who can run out the clock with Shady and win a low scoring contest 14-10.
Week 3 @ Minnesota Vikings: LOSS
I would look for a monster game from the backfield of Minnesota in this one. Cook/Murray are great players and not sure if the Bills will be able to stop them. Not to mention they were the top defense last year and will probably still somehow be better this year. This may not be a pretty one, but I’ll be there rooting for the Bills all the same. 34-6, Vikings win.
Week 4 @ Green Bay Packers: LOSS
Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? You know I’ll be there in person. Will I be celebrating a win? No way, Jose. Can’t wait to see Rodgers in person for the first time, but I’d be lying if I said I was expecting a win here. Their defense is lackluster, but our offense is as well. 27-13
Week 5 vs. Tennessee Titans: LOSS
The Titans were much, much more talented than they seemed on paper. Up in Buffalo, we knew what it meant to be coached by Mike Mularkey, and it ain’t pretty. Now that he is gone, they are my dark horse to win the division this year. I don’t see them losing in Buffalo, but it may be close considering they’ll have trouble stopping Shady. 24-21, Titans.
Week 6 @ Houston Texans: WIN
This game relies on the status of Deshaun Watson and his overall performance. LOTS of people say he is going to be a terror in the NFL but I can see the Bills using their experienced secondary to trick him into throwing lots of picks. Call me crazy, but I think this one is a win, and I don’t think it will be close. 24-10 Bills.
Week 7 @ Indianapolis Colts: LOSS
I think the Colts are a bad team. If they didn’t have Luck they would be the worst in the NFL in my eyes. Even with Luck, it will be tough to see them getting more than 4 wins this year. We will be one of those wins. I think Luck will be healthy, and he will throw the ball down our throats. 27-17 Colts.
Week 8 vs. New England Patriots: LOSS
We have a bad habit of losing terrible games in primetime. This Monday Night Football showcase is an absolute joke. We aren’t even remotely close to the talent level here but we still have to trot our guys out on national TV to get smacked. Again. Why can’t they give us a more interesting contest here? The Ravens as a “revenge of the playoff spot” showcase could have been fun. A rematch against the Jaguars could be interesting. Hell, put us against the Jets late in the season for a Darnold vs. Allen showdown! I get that anything can happen in sports but good lord am I tired of seeing us get slaughtered while the whole world watches. The only way we come close to winning is if Tom Brady is injured, and I’m not going to sit here and hope for an injury. Bring the dildos for this one, boys. It’s gonna be an ugly one. 45-20 Pats.
Week 9 vs. Chicago Bears: WIN
I look at this as a surprise win here, regardless of how they performed last season. I think they will improve and I actually like Trubisky a lot. That being said, he does not protect the ball well, and we will win the turnover battle to bring us the win. 13-7 Bills.
Week 10 @ New York Jete: WIN
We split with the Jets last year, and I can see that happening again. They may still have McCown in at this point, so I can see them being reasonably efficient. The Jets are not going to be a good team, and neither are the Bills. Talent matches up reasonably well, so I look for a well-balanced, mistake-free game on both ends. At the end the Bills edge the victory. 23-14 Buffalo.
Week 12 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: LOSS
The REVENGE game! This one should be primetime because I think it’ll be a slugfest. It will be a DIRTY one with lots of running and plenty of scuffles because I don’t think the two teams got along very well last year. In a low-scoring, ground-and-pound battle, the Jags will win 10-3 (same score as last time).
Week 13 @ Miami Dolphins: LOSS
This SHOULD be the Josh Allen debut but I think McDermott gets stubborn, instead opting to continue trotting AJ McCarron until we are mathematically out of it (no one wants the Nate Peterman situation to happen again). We will all hate him on the outside but deep down understand that Josh Allen simply isn’t ready yet. AJ will perform no better than usual and lead us to another disappointing loss.
Week 14 vs. New York Jete: WIN
The moment we all had been waiting for, Josh Allen trots out on the field to start the game. He will come in, throw the ball deep downfield, and it’ll get picked off. First pass in the NFL will be an interception. After that pick is out of the way, the offense looks completely different, with plenty of deep throws and more 5-wide sets. Josh Allen’s stats will reflect his college ones, but I think it will be clear to all that it was worth the wait to see him in his element. In his NFL debut Josh Allen leads the Bills to a 27-17 victory against his friend Sam Darnold and the Jets.
Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions: LOSS
Do not sleep on the Detroit Lions. They will edge out the Vikings to grab the Wild Card, forever sealing the fanbase in Minnesota to wonder if getting rid of Keenum was actually the correct thing to do. But that is a hot take for a different thread. In this game, there isn’t much to discuss. There are too many variables to know exactly how this game swings, but considering we are now in the Josh Allen timeline, and long passes won’t work against the Lions defense, we lose this one. 21-6 Lions.
Week 16 @ New England Patriots: WIN
Hear me out here. We have no business winning this game. We are in enemy territory, we have a QB with a cannon but not much talent around him to make it worthwhile. Our line is in shambles, our defense isn’t clicking. Hell, we are 6-8 coming into this game. It means nothing. But for some reason, the Patriots are going to lose. Call me a homer, tell me I’m insane, but the Pats sometimes lose late season bouts to divisional bad teams (Dolphins last year, Jets in 2015). Let’s make it happen this year. Kyle Williams’ pregame speech will be echoed in Buffalo bars for the rest of the year, Josh Allen rips off his football pants halfway through the game, showing a pair of bright blue shorts. He proceeds to laser passes through the hands of defenders, lodging them into the cages of the receivers’ helmets, who are then pushed back 40 yards from the force of it, falling into the endzone. The entire city of Buffalo breaks records for tables broken and hard liquor consumed, and downtown Buffalo is flooded with dildos as far as the eye can see. The season ends here as the city of Buffalo spontaneously combusts at the sheer excitement of it all.
Week 17 vs. Miami Dolphins: WIN
Obviously, Buffalo will still be standing, and I think we will finish strong. This game will be meaningless for both teams, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dolphins are gunning for the first pick in the draft to get a new QB. Bills will win 17-14.
Training Camp Battles to watch
Quarterback depth chart
Obviously, this is still something to watch, but it seems AJ McCarron has edged out as the leader so most say he will be the final starter. Not surprised at all about this, but definitely a bit disappointed because I love Josh Allen. I think Nate Peterman is pretty much a non-factor at this point and actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills end up cutting him to be honest. I’m not saying they should but I just don’t see a reason for 3 QBs on the depth chart and I’m sure a different team would love to grab him as a backup.
Wide Receiver
This will be interesting. Kelvin Benjamin will definitely be the #1 receiver but who will be #2 now that we acquired Coleman from the Browns? Many said it could be Kerley or Zay Jones but ultimately I think it will go to Corey Coleman. The team wants Zay and Kerley in the slot where they belong, and Coleman is a talented, speedy player who can stretch the field for us better than the other two options. Other than these 4, there is still controversy on who will actually make the roster here. Andre Holmes, Malachi Dupre, Rod Streater, Kaelin Clay, and Brandon Reilly are all in the mix along with rookies Ray-Ray McCloud and Austin Proehl. Personally, I think the Bills keep Holmes, Reilly and McCloud on the roster for a grand total of 7 receivers. Proehl is not performing well, Dupre and Streater have been ok but inconsistent, but truthfully it is tough to keep Streater off the roster. Andre Holmes is a safe bet to be the #4 receiving option as he has been on the first team when healthy. Reilly has also been solid, but has not spent as much time with the ones unless there are injuries. Ray-Ray has not been spectacular, but since he is a rookie and also a great special teamer, I think the Bills keep him around. If the Bills want 6 receivers instead of 7 I think Ray-Ray will edge out Reilly simply because of his special teams impact, but I don't think they will send Reilly back to the practice squad this year barring a major slump in training camp performance.
The Offensive Line
The only player who has a clear spot on this line is Dion Dawkins. The rest are up for grabs. In fact, the Bills just put undrafted free agent Ike Boettger into their first team offense yesterday and he played surprisingly well. It is a contest that will continue for the next couple preseason games, and I can see careers being made in the wake of the competition. I think the line will be Dawkins, Ducasse, Groy, Miller, Mills, but that could change, especially if guys like Boettger keep getting called up.
Offensive and Defensive Schemes
Daboll runs the Erhardt-Perkins so lots of his offense is based on matchups and option routes that change depending on coverage. Expect to see a man in motion on just about every single play in order for the offense to judge the type of coverage on the defensive side of the ball. They can then use this coverage to decide the types of routes being run. I also expect Daboll to run a different portion of the playbook depending on each team that he plays against. It is a highly variable playcalling system that is often changed week-to-week and the players have praised him for that. The Patriots have been doing this for years so it will be nice to finally upgrade our offense to be more like the ones seen this century. The key word for the offence this season is Variance.
McDermott has always run a 4-3 scheme with zone blitz concepts that relies heavily on rangy linebackers who can crowd the A-gap but still snap back into coverage without losing a step on the receivers. While this recipe has worked, it looks like there may be some more emphasis on man coverage this year as well. I think McDermott is tired of having experienced QBs pick apart his zone, and he finally has the talent to make use of man-to-man. This defense is going to be dominant this year if it can stay healthy, but that is only if Tremaine Edmunds can be the leader he needs to be. The keyword I would use for the defense this year is Maturity. I understand this is a bit ironic due to the age of our players, but age is only a number. The mental age of these young guys has been off the charts, let's hope it stays that way. We will need this unit to stay healthy and productive if we want to win games this year because the offense simply won't be enough.
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DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS: Pregame Report Seattle at Carolina.

Divisional Round Playoffs Seattle vs. Carolina: Pregame Report

Weekly Contest!!!

Carolina Panthers VS. Seattle Seahawks : HEAD TO HEAD

526 Attempts 2282 Yards Rushing 500 Attempts 2268 Yards
3873 Yards 53 +20 Yard Receptions Receiving 4061 Yards 60 +20 Yard Receptions
1049 Total 44 Sacks Tackles 975 Total 37 Sacks
+20 Turnover Ratio +6
103 Penalties 12 Declined Penalties 123 Penalties 23 Declined
31.2 Avg. PPG 26.4

Game Information

Record Against the Spread
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite: Carolina by -1.5
OveUnder: 43.5
BoA Stadium, Charlotte, NC 1:05pm Day January 17th, 2016
NFL Broadcast Nationwide: Fox
Announcers: Troy Aikman & Joe Buck
WEATHER FORECAST: Stadium Type: Grass Temperature: 43°F Forecast: Partly Cloudy (4% chance of rain)
Broadcast Station(FOX) - Where to Watch
NFL Red Zone - Provider Participation Required
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Broadcast Information
Need A Ticket?
Head Official will be Tony Corrente, who is in his 21st season and 18th as referee. This will be Corrente’s 15th postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs, 4 Divisional Playoffs, 5 Conference Championships, and Super Bowl XLI. His Super Bowl assignment was as a referee.

In the Red Corner: Seattle Seahawks

We went over to /seahawks and got some great answers. Most notably darkmuta25 seemed to have a lot of information on each question. Here is his answer. Here is a link to the other responses which were all great. If you go over there please be respectful, they were good sports and we should be nothing less than.
Which players stood out the most last week?
Michael Bennett terrorized the Vikings O-line, blew up play after play after play.
Kam Chancellor, other than the pass he gave up at the end, was also good, causing the AP fumble was huge.
Jeremy Lane is playing like a lockdown corner tbh.
Russell Wilson, I don't care what the stats say, he played well given the conditions.
Our o-line, honestly other than the snap over the head, I don't remember too much about them, which as we know is a good thing.
Who do you expect to make the biggest impact in Sunday's game?
Russell Wilson. When it's not negative 10 degrees and he's not playing the Rams, he's been on fire, I think the loss of Tillman is going to hurt you guys worse than you think. In the first game we focused on Graham and the run game, at the time it was thought that was our best bet on beating yall. Now however, we have Baldwin, Lockett and Kearse, to go along with Freddie, Christine and and much better O-line, speaking of.
The O-line, I cannot stress how much better our O-line is since we faced each other the first time, it's night and day, black and white, peanut butter and something that is the opposite of peanut butter. If i'm not mistakes the stats we're something like 45 sacks given up through the first 9 weeks, 25 in the last 8. They're also opening up holes for Christine, who's playing really well. Speaking of
Christine Michael. Has looked as good as he ever has, him taking a ride on the NFL carousel has made him shape his ass up, he's focused and has decent run blockers, so he's contributing like never before.
Earl Thomas. The thing is, Sherman will shut down whoever he's on (Ginn I would guess), Jeremy will do well, so will the rest of the LoB, but Thomas makes game changing plays when they need to made, and I feel like Cam is the type of QB who will give him the opportunity to do so. Cam's been great this year, but his completion percentage is awful, and from the 6 Panthers games i've seen, he's prone to throwing two or three passes that could be picked a game. The good thing for him is that defenses haven't been making plays on those balls....other defenses however, don't have Earl Thomas, so good luck to Cam when he throws some ducks up.
Cliff Avril. The last guy is Cliff, basically because I have a feeling Caroline will scheme around keeping Black Santa in check, which means Avril will have to step it up, and he's more than capable of doing that, he's been a nightmare when he gets going, and as I recall you guys have one O-lineman who's been a liability all year (Mike Remmers), it wouldn't surprise me to see the Seahawks switch out Bennett and Avril to Remmers side the entire game.
Are there any key injuries that will affect the game?
I can say with complete honesty, no. The only player who won't play is Luke Wilson, who is a good tight end, but Helfet and Coffman have proven to be more than capable at filling in.
What concerned you most in last week's game?
The weather, Seahawks fans on here played it down, but everyone knew in reality it would be tough. I don't care who your team is, unless you used to playing in that kind of weather, which the Vikings are, it's going to affect how you play. I know a lot of Panthers fans will look at last week's game and say their not worried because we barely beat the Vikings on the road, but I'd tell them to give serious consideration to how the Panthers would have played in minus 10 degree weather.
Any other relevant information for this game that you feel like Panthers fans should know going into the game.
We were starting Cary Williams last game, I cannot, cannot stress enough how bad he was. Lane is graded as a top 15 corner by PFF since he came back,and that has been huge. Bobby Wagner didn't play last game, he's our best run stuffing/play making/coverage linebacker, he's been on a tear since coming back, cannot understate how important he is to our team, looking at last years team with and without him, it's that peanut butter and opposite of peanut butter thing I said earlier. We also weren't playing Kelcie Mccray or Deshawn Shead last game, do not under any circumstances underestimate how big they've been in our win streak, being able to mix and match DBs/Safeties has been huge for keeping our defense fresh in the game. We've gotten much better on third downs, most Panthers fans probably want to forget we we're leading in our first game, but one of the reasons we kept blowing fourth quarter leads was our offense's inability to stay on the damned field, hasn't been a probably since week 9 or so. Sherman is playing with swagger again, I know to Panthers fans that may not mean much, but I promise you'll see what I mean on Sunday.


The Panthers and Seahawks have met a total of 10 times with the Seahawks leading the series 7-3. This may not seem like too many matchups, but since 2012 the rivalry (yes, to those outside these two teams, it is very much a rivalry) has grown with each team facing off every year and once in the playoffs, making this Sunday the 6th time in four years the Panthers and Seahawks have met. These two teams have fierce defensive battles each time they meet with a point differential of 31 in the last 5 meetings. Not counting the playoffs, that point difference drops to 17 in 4 regular season games. Combine the elite defenses, mobile and agile quarterbacks, strong running games, and great secondaries, the Panthers and Seahawks are built very similar which usually means great games. The nice thing though is our offense is tough to figure out!
Date Location Result Score
October 8, 2000 Charlotte W 26-3
October 31, 2004 Seattle L 17-23
January 22, 2006 Seattle L 14-34
December 16, 2007 Charlotte W 13-10
December 5, 2010 Seattle L 14-31
October 7, 2012 Charlotte L 12-16
September 8, 2013 Charlotte L 7-12
October 26, 2014 Charlotte L 9-13
January 10, 2015* Seattle L 17-31
October 18, 2015 Seattle W 27-23
(*) Playoff game

Players to Watch

Kawann Short

Unequivocally the best player on the Panthers defensive front, KK Short finished the 2015 season in rare form, wrapping up his second of two "Defensive Player of the Month" awards this season. This is the first time a Panthers player has won this award twice in the same season and the first time in NFL history a defensive tackle has done so. That's right. Suh, Donald, Atkins, etc....none could achieve this. Short is, in his third season of NFL play, quickly turning into a dominant force for the Panthers.
Fresh off a bye week, after soaking up a Pro Bowl nod and a 2nd team All-Pro rep (both his first), KK turns his sites on a banged up Seattle offensive line that struggles to keep Wilson upright at times. Short brings an 11 sack, 3 forced fumbles, and 36 tackle resume to the game. 2 sacks came the last time he faced the Seahawks in week six. With the defensive ends struggling at times, watch for Short to set the tone in the middle.
It will be imperative that Short, with his partner in crime, Star Lotulelei, bring their best game to stuff Seattle's run-intensive offense, and contain Wilson from his explosive capabilities out of the pocket.

Kurt Coleman

Back on the practice field today for the first time since his injury, Coleman's presence is a sight for sore eyes to a Panther's fanbase suffering through some serious secondary hardship. With the losses of Bené Benwikere and Peanut Tillman, the Panthers were forced to make more in-season signings to patch up their cornerback rotation. Practice squad stud Lou Young and Patriots castoff Robert McClain, as well as the now-seasoned Cortland Finnegan, will be on the field Sunday to hold down a secondary that really turned it around this season.
Josh Norman has been acclaimed (and at times reviled) nationally for his elite play (and edgy behavior) in his fourth year breakout season. His numbers speak for themselves and what they don't say has been covered extensively by NFL pundits since September. But the Panthers secondary has another weapon that, outside of local attention, goes fairly unrecognized for his performance this year.
Seahawks fans are no stranger to Coleman, either, as he was badly burned on a trick play the Seahawks ran in week 6, a fake sweep play action pass to Ricardo Lockette, who made a fantastic catch for a TD over Coleman's outstretched body.
And so the narrative would suggest a cause for concern, but Panthers' fans know otherwise as Coleman, like many good players, used this performance as motivation to work harder and elevate his game. Coleman was responsible for one INT prior to the October matchup with Seattle, and then turned it on afterwards, with six picks over 9 games...finishing the season tied for second in the NFL with 7 interceptions.
Coleman ended the regular season tacking on a sack, 9 passes defended and 90 tackles, which was third most on the team behind Kuechly and Davis. His presence back on the field after missing the last regular season contest, will greatly benefit the Panthers secondary, the most injury-riddled unit on the team.

The Return of the Piano Man

After sitting out almost the entire last month of the Panthers' regular season, the franchises favorite classically trained one-man wrecking ball is back just in time to compose Carolina's #2 ranked rushing offense against the league's premiere rushing defense.
Stewart finished the regular season as the #8 back in terms of production, gaining 11 yards shy of the 1,000 mark in 13 games of action. Before going down with sprained foot in the first game against Atlanta, Stewart was the third best back in the league behind Adrian Peterson and Doug Martin. His 7 combined TD's don't tell the whole story of Stewart, who has to share his scores with the #1 rushing QB in the NFL, as well as a pro-bowl fullback in Tolbert. It's not far-fetched to imagine Stewart would have topped the 1,200 yd/10 TD mark had he remained healthy throughout the regular season.
J-Stew is one of the most under-appreciated running backs in the NFL, due in part to missing so much time in seasons past to injury, and playing second-fiddle to DeAngelo Williams for most of his career in of the first teams to deploy a genuine running back by committee approach. But the silver lining in Stewart's career on a committee is longevity and Stewart has had an incredible resurgence since taking over for Williams late last season. He has not disappointed taking on the team's full-time tailback role. He's one of the most difficult backs in the league to take down and his ability to gain yards after initial contact is elite.
For anyone wondering if Stewart will be rusty from an extended break in action, note that he came off a comparable injury stint on December 7, 2014 to tune up the Saints for 155 yards and a score in the Panthers' blowout victory. He posted 78 yards and 2 TD's in Carolina's first game against the Seahawks this season. Expect a rested Stewart to find his rhythm on Sunday.

Devin Funchess and Ted Ginn, Jr.

One of the themes leading in to this game is that Seattle is "not the same team" as the one Carolina faced in week 6. Really there is no argument. The Seahawks went 8-2 down the stretch and, due largely to Russell Wilson, looked like their former dominant selves again in the back half of the season.
But this same sentiment holds true in Carolina. At the time when Seattle and Carolina met for the first time, Carolina was still struggling to find its rhythm in the passing game. Up to and including the first Seahawks contest, Ted Ginn, Jr. and Devin Funchess combined for 286 yards and 3 TD's in five games. In the 10 games since week 6 (Both were inactive for one game afterwards each), Ginn and Funchess have combined for 926 yards and 12 TD's.
The Panthers don't feature any premiere names at receiver and were a squad the NFL media left for dead when the true #1 option, Kelvin Benjamin, went down in the preseason with a torn ACL. This group didn't necessarily light the world on fire, but they outperformed expectations this year and contributed heavily to the Panthers league-leading scoring offense. Yards and production can be deceiving when you consider that the Panthers also led the league in both turnovers and turnover margin this season, taking the ball away a ridiculous 39 times. Playing on short fields provided by the defense allowed the Panthers to post up points on lots of short fields.
As the Seahawks plan to try and figure out a way to stop Third Leg Greg, who ripped off 131 yards and a score in week six, they now must also account for a much more polished group of receivers who also include Jericho Cotchery (Clutchery around these parts) who is always at the right place at the right time with the most reliable hands on the team. The Seattle defense will need to digest all of these moving parts, while also accounting for Stewart, Cameron Artis-Payne, and Mike Tolbert out of the backfield on two weeks rest.
There is another player on offense that Seattle has to account for, but I'm having trouble remembering who that is. Oh...that's right...


The talk all week, and deservingly so, will cover the NFL's newfound conference rivalry between two quarterbacks that are changing the way the game is being played....Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. There have been many discussions about which of these guys is better...and with the recent success of the two franchises, is a matchup turning in to this decade's Manning/Brady contest in terms of buzz and heated debates between the fan bases.
While Russell Wilson hit the league by storm and has found a lot of success since his inaugural NFL season, Cam's elevation has taken longer to round in to form. Unlike Wilson, Cam had to deal with the loss of his first OC and waded through several years while the Panthers new DC fashioned the defense in to a premiere unit. Cam came in to the NFL with a lot of raw potential but not a lot of experience playing in pro-style offenses. His truncated (but very successful) NCAA experience made him a work-in-progress and Cam has spent several seasons making eye-popping plays with his legs, but being inconsistent with his arm. He had difficulties moving through his reads, putting too much juice on the ball, and sailing passes high.
This season Cam has made huge leaps in his passing game development, topping 3,800 yards again for the first time since 2012 with one of the most pedestrian set of receivers to play this season. His 35 passing TD's are his career best by a wide margin, and coupled with his 10 rushing TD's, made him the league's top scoring player. His trajectory continues to rise each season and now, as a seasoned playoff quarterback, has a lot of prove at home against one of his team's biggest challenges during his short career in pro football.
This week will mark the sixth time these teams have played in five years and Cam is only 1-5 in those contests, which include a brutal divisional-round loss last season in Seattle in front of a raucous crowd. Cam sets out to prove that he finally shed the Seattle Monkey off his back in October, when he went completely bonkers in the 4th quarter, completing 12/15 for 162 yards and 2 TDs in the last two drives of the quarter.

What to Watch:

Michael Bennett vs Panthers Running Squad

According to the folks over at /Seahawks , Michael Bennett and the Seahawks entire defensive line did an amazing job shutting down the run last week. This week with JStew coming back, CAP, and Tolbert there will be a lot for their D-line to worry about. Watch for JStew's return this week and Michael Bennett to see how he does trying to shut down the run game.

Russell Wilson vs Panthers Secondary

Wilson finished the game last week with only 13 completions on 26 attempts, but just keep in mind he was playing in sub-zero temperatures. The Panthers secondary has been superb all year and Sunday will be no exception. Coleman will be back which will be a big help to the secondary. Don't be surprised to see a few interceptions by the thieves this week!

CaMVP vs Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks Secondary

Cam the absolute monster of a QB he is will be throwing against some top tier Safeties and Corners this week. He threw 2 picks last time they played Seattle at the beginning of the season. One was purely a bad decision and his arm got hit on the other. Kam had one of those interceptions on Newton in their last matchup. This game will be one to watch for sure. Keep an eye out for Cam and Kam this Sunday.


Name Pos. Injury Status
Fozzy Whittaker RB Ankle DNP


Name Pos. Injury Status
Will Tukuafu FB Hamstring DNP
Michael Bennett DE Toe DNP

Playoffs - Divisional Round Picks



Pete Prisco Jason LaConfora Will Brinson Jared Dubin Ryan Wilson John Breech Dave Richard Jamey Eisenberg
Record 155-101 152-104 153-103 150-106 154-102 154-102 168-88* 163-93


Mike Garafalo Alex Marvez Peter Schrager Jimmy Traina James Parziale Sid Saraf Ross Jones
Record 163-97* 161-99 133-127 157-103 152-108 154-106 148-112


Mike Golic Merril Hoge Ron Jaworski Chris Mortenson Adam Caplan Mark Sclereth Tom Jackson Keyshawn Johnson Mike Ditka Chris Carter
Record 155-105 162-98 161-99 165-95* 156-104 159-101 156-104 163-97 155-105 160-100
*indicates lead dog


6 4 9 19
2 3 1 6

Computer Analysis

538 Microsoft Cortana
Record 175-85 163-97
55% 57%
45% 43%


Reminder to not go into the Saints or Seahawks subreddit after the game on Sunday.

Last Note:

I didn't do any of this, this week. The team really stepped up while I had to attend to real life matters. I finalized a few things and didn't get a chance to read over it all and edit it properly. This is the most unedited piece and it shows just how good of a team we have. Great job to everyone. Seriously. Y'all have no idea how much work is put into these posts and everyone behinds the scenes deserves 99% of the credit.
Thanks to the team:


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