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Q: What should I invest in?

A: tl:dr: Perhaps some discontinued containers/stickers. This thread lists a lot of interesting plots and on this thread you can check out which items were available on which timeframes. Case investing: Buy cases & sticker capsules when they are at 3c/4c. They can't get any cheaper and once they stop dropping they might rise in price (Be aware of the volume on the market - cases with close to a million currently on the market will take a long time to rise in price.) Popularity of the skins in the cases has an influence. i.e. Vanguard cases are still cheap and will rise in price slowly as the skins aren't as desirable, despite the supply stopping. Huntsman cases are much more desirable and quickly rose in price once they stopped dropping. Sticker Capsules were great investments as once a sticker was used on a skin, it was gone from the market for good. Gun Skins from cases only leave the market if a user is banned or the skin is used during the Trade-Up Contract. Supply for stickers should always drop (note: as of the 2016-06-15 patch, they are most likely rare drops). Some cases are more rare and therefore cost more, for example operation Bravo cases. If you know what you're doing, it is sometimes profitable to buy cases at prices higher than 3-4c.
Sticker Investing: You could buy stickers when you get a sticker offer then sell on market. Check the prices and be aware of the market tax. You might net a few extra cents pretty quickly but you're really not getting much profit here. Buy up on stickers when the capsules have stopped dropping / they are no longer offered as common deals - My guess is the capsules themselves would be better investments and I don't think there's really any way to know if a sticker is no longer offered as deals other than their recent trending. Stickers, are very similar to passes, they are most commonly a long term investment. Team stickers have always gone on sale at the end of valve sponsored tournaments.
Tournament Sticker Investing: Buy stickers at a low price (during the sale towards the end of a tournament is best) and sit on them. You can either sell shortly after the tournament for a quick profit, or wait 6 months+ for a possibly larger profit. As more tournaments are being held and more stickers are released, it is difficult for most stickers to distinguish themselves among the huge mass of other stickers. Only hold on to stickers that you think will appreciate. If you're lucky a team will be banned or split or become successful in the future which is likely to drive up the price of their stickers (see ibuypower). The amount of profit from these stickers depends on how nice they look and how popular they are (if they are too popular, they can be a liability because of overabundance). Katowice stickers look great, Dreamhack not so much, 2014 cologne even less so. This comment and this comment might clarify some Tournament Sticker questions.
Skin Investing: Trickier than the other two and more risk involved. I wouldn't really recommend as it's unlikely to be more profitable unless you really know what you're doing. If a skin goes contraband, for whatever reason, the price will shoot up. Buy early when this happens and you should see profit if you wait. Don't expect it to really happen again. Valve will likely not let any copyright infringing skins through after the Howl. Skins from a case that has stopped dropping or from a collection from an operation that has stopped will rise. How much so will depend on their desirability. This will be a slow process. (example: M4A1-S Guardian). Valve, with the Vanguard Operation, reintroduced some rare skins into the game, such as skins from the Cobblestone collection, Overpass collection, Cache collection and Dust collection which drastically reduced the value of the majority of skins involved. Gun Skins from cases only leave the market if a user is banned or the skin is used during the Trade-Up Contract.
Knife Investing: More or less don't. Knives are fickle things to trend. Maybe you find a knife with a nice pattern going cheap due to an oblivious seller. But it won't be easy to get rid of. As with the skins knives from cases that are no longer dropping should rise in price, knives from current cases (i.e. Falchion) will drop in price until the case stops dropping.
Operation Pass Investing: These are the things that you redeem in order to get access to an operation. After the operation, all it does is give you access to the coin (which some players like to collect). All passes so far have gone on sale at the end of their operation. You can buy passes then sell after the operation has finished. If you want to do this, buy during the sale and wait 4-6 months. You should see profit, but I personally wouldn't bother. Vanguard sold well as it didn't reach as low a discount as people were expecting and wasn't on sale long, so not many were bought. Furthermore, Valve stopped selling the Vanguard Pass before the operation ended, which caused players who wanted to complete the missions to buy it from the market.
Souvenir Case Investing: Research the different cases and their skins. Cases like the Cobblestone case is the most desirable due to the Dragon Lore. During the tournament the supply will be at it's height so buy early and wait. Profit will continue to climb but might be a slow process depending on the case you have and the volume that were dropped.
Gift Package Investing: In the Winter months Valve sells gift packages for $1. If you open a Gift Package on a server, it will award a random player a random regular skin drop. In any given 2 hour period, those five players that open the most Gift Packages are displayed on a leader-board in the beginning of every game of every Valve NA CSGO server. This has been exploited for advertising. In 2013, people didn't anticipate that the Gift Packages are limited to the Winter months and in the following year, CSGO exploded in popularity. This multiplied the price of CSGO Gift Packages until they were sold again in 2014. In 2014, many people expected the same thing to happen, so the supply of Gift Packages increased. CSGO exploded again, but this time the price of gift packages increased much more because gambling sites started to boom and they competed for advertising. It is possible that in 2015, many people and gambling sites will buy many more gift packages than previously, and that the relative growth of CSGO will decrease. Valve announced that they will pull the advertising feature of the gift packages during early 2016.
Tournament pin investing: Coming soon
CSGO game key investing: Coming soon

Q: What items have been (in some cases, virtually) discontinued?

A: Here's what you can only get from the marketplace/trading and absolutely nowhere else:
M4A4 Howl (removed due to copyright violation) Dual Berettas Retribution (removed due to artist ban) P90 Desert Warfare (removed due to artist ban) CZ75-Auto Poison Dart (removed due to artist ban) StatTrak MAC-10 Curse (removed due to artist ban and cannot be traded up to) StatTrak USP-S Orion (removed due to artist ban and cannot be traded up to) The Consumer Grade skins of the Assault, Alpha, and Office collections cannot be traded up to and these collections did not return after their initial drop phase.
Note all of these are probably now rare offers in the in-game store:
Sticker Howling Dawn (removed due to copyright violation) Sticker King on the Field (removed due to artist ban) Sticker Winged Defuser (removed due to artist ban) Sticker Harp of War (Holo) (removed due to artist ban) Sticker Windy Walking Club (probably no longer for sale) Sticker War Penguin (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Terrorized (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Stay Frosty (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Fight like a Girl (probably no longer for sale) Sticker CT in Banana (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Chicken Strike (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Bossy Burger (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Blitzkrieg (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Witch (probably no longer for sale) Sticker T on Cat (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Stay Frosty (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Till Death Do Us Part (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Terrorized (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Pigeon Master (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Blitzkrieg (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Windy Walking Club (probably no longer for sale) Sticker War Penguin (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Shooting Star Return (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Nelu the Bear (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Flashbang (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Fight like a Girl (probably no longer for sale) Sticker CT in Banana (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Chicken Strike (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Cat Call (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Bossy Burger (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Trick Or Threat (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Zombie Lover (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Witch (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Trick Or Treat (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Bomb Squad (Foil) (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Work For Ammo (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Warowl (probably no longer for sale) Sticker T-Rekt (probably no longer for sale) Sticker SAS Chicken (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Piece Of Cake (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Pandamonium (probably no longer for sale) Sticker My Little Friend (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Massive Pear (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Ho Ho Ho (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Blood Boiler (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Headless Chicken (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Hostage Rescue (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Wanna Fight (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Witchcraft (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Robo (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Lucky Cat (Foil) (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Baaa-ckstabber! (probably no longer for sale) Sticker CS On The Mind (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Doru The Fox (probably no longer for sale)
Sticker Queen Of Pain (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Eco Rush (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Just Trolling (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Flickshot (probably no longer for sale) Sticker One Shot One Kill (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Chi Bomb (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Dinked (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Awp Country (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Ninja Defuse (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Delicious Tears (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Knife Club (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Doomed (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Don't Worry, I'm Pro (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Pros Don't Fake (? probably no longer for sale) Sticker Firestarter (Holo) (probably no longer for sale) Sticker Phoenix (Foil) (? probably no longer for sale)
2013/2014/2015/2016 Souvenir Cases (ceased dropping) Sticker Capsule 1 and 2 (ceased dropping, (note: as of the 2016-06-15 patch, they are most likely rare drops)) Community Sticker Capsule 1 (ceased dropping (note: as of the 2016-06-15 patch, they are most likely rare drops)) 2014/2015/2016 Tournament Sticker Capsules (no longer for sale) Gift Package, Pallet, and Parcel (only available during Christmas)
All Operation Passes (no longer for sale) Music Kit Midnight Riders (no longer for sale, probably only available during Christmas) Weapon Case 1 (confirmed rare drop) Weapon Case 2 (confirmed rare drop) Weapon Case 3 (confirmed rare drop) eSports 2013 Case (confirmed rare drop) eSports 2013 Winter Case (confirmed rare drop) eSports 2014 Summer Case Operation Bravo Case (confirmed rare drop) Winter Offensive Case (confirmed rare drop) Vanguard Case (confirmed rare drop) Huntsman Case (confirmed rare drop) Chroma Case (confirmed rare drop) Phoenix Case Breakout Case Revolver Case Falchion Case Shadow Case Wildfire Case Chroma 2 Case Chroma 3 Case Operation Hydra Case (probably a mistake by Valve)
u/steamfrag has posted the drop timeframes for these., created a timeline visualization here, and overlayed price history visualizations here.
The following collections are discontinued when no operation is going on: Cache, Overpass, Cobblestone, Chop Shop, Rising Sun, Gods and Monsters. Consumer tier skins in those collections cannot be traded up to.
The following collections don't drop right now but could reappear in a future operation: Baggage, Mirage, Nuke, Militia, Inferno, Vertigo, Aztec, Dust, and, potentially, Assault, Office, and Alpha.

Q: What currently drops ingame and what are the case opening probabilities?

All mainstream cases outside of the cases listed in the "other" section above drop. u/qsulphurous: The currently dropping weapon collections during non operation times are: Dust 2, Train, Bank, Italy, Safehouse, Lake. Mirage used to be in the drop Pool but was replaced by Bank when the Huntsman case was released. Here are the case opening probabilities

Q: What are some ways I can make a profit on the market, other than investing (long-term)?

Note that a lot of these are automated already with bots (which can hurt your profitability) and that some are more scalable than others (e.g., through multiple accounts).
Weekly Operation fluctuations (hotshowerscene) - With the new "1 drop per week" for the operation we're seeing big fluctuations in some skins on the market . As the drop resets everyone levels up then most sell their skins more or less immediately. This massive influx drives the prices down. As the supply of skins slows throughout the week the price climbs back up, usually peaking just before the drop resets. If you play this right you can make a bit of profit by buying and selling on the market at the correct times for the correct prices. This can be a gamble as there's not really much certainty on the price. My advice here: research the skins and their trends. Skins that can be used in tradeups to highly desirable skins are the best, but it's hard to judge what will happen and what the price peak will be. If you do this, make sure you're happy with any profit and don't get too greedy. (example: Skins that tradeup to M4A1-S Icarus Fell) Random fluctuations - Keep an eye on mid price skins that there isn't a huge volume of (see Deagle Blaze) and if you manage to pick one up at a low price and sell at a peak price then you can net a few bucks profit. Do your research and hope you get lucky.
Wide daily seasonality: Some items peak every day at around noon and tank after midnight (EST). If the difference tends to offset the Steam tax (15%), it can be taken advantage of. Usually, this requires a large volume to be reasonably profitable. If you engage in this technique, keep in mind that there is a scalability limit for the profitability.
Expansion and contraction: After a popular game/operation/case/tournament/Steam-sale/market-bug is introduced, players try to dump their items on the market to buy whatever is hot. At the same time, buyers tend to also go for what's hot. Old investment supplies increase, and demand lessens. It is usually wise to do the opposite of the general market behavior and buy on these market crashes. When you want to sell something, it's usually best to wait until the market has fully recovered. Further, during some crashes, it might be better to wait until the end to buy-in as many investors try to buy in early.
Trade up items by starting from undervalued items - Start with an inexpensive item (snipe undervalued items from Opskins or CSGOlongue) and make a lot of profitable trades. This usually requires a lot of work. Also, most questions in this arena are better suited for globaloffensivetrade (and if you're trading game gifts /gametrade).
Trade up contract arbitrage - Determine if a certain weapon can be traded up to profitably (consider Steam tax). If so, buy the lower level skins, and sell the traded-up to skin on the market until it becomes unprofitable. This is probably already being done by bots. Note that the float value of the traded-up-to weapon is a function of the average float value of the traded-up-from skins.
Tournament sticker capsule opening arbitrage: During a period of time of the Cologne 2015 sale, it was actually profitable to buy capsules from the market, open them, and then resell them on the market (in the average case).
Smart/educated betting - Bet on teams where the betting odds are inefficient. Most questions in this arena are better suited for csgobetting.
Wide bid/ask spreads - Take advantage if the daily bid/ask spread is larger than the Valve tax. Buy commodities that are being demanded at a much lower price than they are being listed at, then sell them back. Don't do this en masse before an expected downturn.
Snipe undervalued items from the markets - In the Steam Community Market, this doesn't work well for the more expensive/rare items as the bots close to the Valve data-center (working serially and randomly) are likely to be faster. For OPSkins you can sort the items according to price and find undervalued items. Some sites compare the prices across sites, which allows arbitrage. There's also an extension that shows how discounted different items on OPskins are. Nonethewiserer: For CSGOlongue you can create quick buy order (on auto-bump) and offer fewer keys than an item is worth, and the order can go through on market crashes (quicksell listings).
Salvaging the junk yard of gambling sites (barnyard303): Cases can be acquired from CSGOskins for 1 cent as they are trying to liquidate them quickly. Decent skins are overvalued on gambling sites and can be used to cash in.
Watch a tournament and hope for souvenir drops: During tournaments, link up your twitch account to your Steam account and keep the twitch stream running in order to potentially get a Souvenir case.
Grinding operation missions or weekly drops: It is often the case that paying for the operation pass early is profitable if you get the mission drops and sell them on the market. When a new case is released it can be worthwhile to accumulate in-game time in order to get the new highly-priced case.
Sticker flipping: Sometimes it is profitable to buy stickers from the store and then flip them for a profit (after the 15% Steam tax) on the community market.
Hunting for sub-variations of items: Some items on various markets have specific sub-patterns/properties that are more valuable than the usual ones (ex., 5-7 Case Hardened blue pattern, Black Pearl pattern of Doppler knives, KennyS Cobblestone Packages, skins with the Howl sticker) and they are sometimes undervalued (especially during market downturns).
Item gambling: If done kosher, a -EV proposition because of the rake. Over many trials, a guaranteed loss due to the law of large numbers. That being said, some people have developed shady schemes where it can become profitable (e.g., via market manipulation). However, these schemes are risky.
Currency arbitrage: If a particular conversion is highly skewed and Valve's adjustment is slow, it can become profitable for a certain country to buy items in the store or Community Market and resell them off the community market to another country. You can use a VPN and Paypal to pretend you live in another country, although it's pretty risky.
Sell high and hope for a market bug/manipulation: List items for a higher price than their market value and hope that a Steam bug will occur where sellers temporarily won't be able to create new listings, while buyers can still buy the items (or hope that someone engages in market manipulation of your item).
Create high buy orders to items priced out of SCM: Some items (e.g., Kato 14 Holos and Dragon Lores) have a market value greater than can be listed in the SCM. Some uninformed owners will still list these items on sale on the SCM (way below market value) every few months, and their sell order gets matched with the highest buy order. Therefore, a profitable strategy is to create the highest buy orders on these items. Check this FAQ for how you can create these buy orders. Note that you actually need to have the money in your Steam wallet, and that it needs to stay there for a while (you can make buy orders for 10x the amount in your wallet). Having a large Steam wallet is already associated with hidden costs (inflation, illiquidity, Valve's fickle nature etc.); determine for yourself whether you deem these costs worth it. You also need a way to check if your buy order is the highest every now and then.

Q: What are some good sites and tools for market information, outside this subreddit?

A: - Moving averages - Historical supply numbers - All items categorized and visualized - The official Steam Community Market - Historical info like operation dates - Aggregate level stats per item Value of inventories - Value of inventories - Value of inventories, item prices, quantities of items - Price info - CSGO Player Base Stats - Track items - CSGO news - Quantities of items - Official CSGO blog - Market statistics, trade tools, inventory tracking (not yet available) Software: Steam Market Watchlist - Track investments - Retired collections Steam Inventory Calculator - Track investments over multiple accounts (takes work to setup) Software: Steam inventory Helper - Automated selling of a lot of items in bulk Software: Better Buy Orders - See all the buy orders of an item in the Steam Community Market Steaminvestor (and Excel Formulas, see comments) - Track investments Automatic Account Creation - use software at own risk [Steam Desktop Authenticator for mass confirm listings - use software at own risk](

Q: How many items can I hold in my inventory?

Officially, 1000. You can list excess on the market, but after around 200 items listed, the Steam Community Market homepage wont load any longer; the specific item pages, will load, however. I'm not sure after how many items those pages will fail to load. levitating_cucumber and el_vper: You can also reach over 6000 items in your inventory by listing items on the market, buying more items, then cancelling the listed items (4000 2000 is the maximum safe amount). Note that your listing volume+Steam Wallet cannot exceed $500 at any given time. Konstaduck: If you have 999 items in your inventory, you can also accept a trade with at most 1000 items for a total space of 1999. u/MikeR0tch: Apparently, the trade trick doesn't work any longer, unless you follow some specific rules.

Q: How much does Steam charge in tax/fees when I sell an item on the Steam Community Market?

This thread show the exact formula, while this thread shows the values for cent values in the range $0.01 to $1.

Q: What is the most efficient way to buy in?

A: Buy items (not necessarily CSGO only) from trustworthy sellers (e.g., Opskins) that you can sell on the Steam Community Market. Spend some time to determine which item gives you the best rate ( is one of the tools that can help you with that, there's also an extension out there that displays the discount% on each item loaded). Alternatively, Steam gift cards are sometime on sale. If someone is selling the investments you want off market at discounted rates, that could be an even more attractive option. When you buy from the SCM, it is almost always correct (unless you are dealing with something timing-sensitive) to place a buy order that's lower than the cheapest sell order.

Q: What are some real-money marketplaces for CSGO items?

A: Use at your own risk (use this one at your own risk)

Q: What is the most efficient way to cash out?

A: Sell the items directly on Opskins/Bitskins (or a trustworthy competitor with small fees). Depending on the investment items, this can take a while. As an alternative you can exchange your investments into liquid items (popular skins for frequently used weapons, certain knives, case keys, sticker keys, nametags etc. - spend some time to determine which item gives you the best rate) and sell those liquid items on OPskins. The latter method will increase the speed at which you get money but will lose you a larger percentage. Keep in mind that OPskins takes a percentage (5% or 10% depending on your membership - there are coupon codes btw), Paypal takes a percentage (~2%), and that the values on OPskins are lower than in the Steam Community Market. Also, every transaction on the Steam Community Market takes away 15% already. Occasionally the items on OPskins are so cheap compared to SCM that it becomes worth it to sell them on SCM instead, buy keys from the in-game store, and then sell those keys on OPskins. When selling on SCM it almost always is correct to sell with an order that's higher than the highest buy order and higher than the lowest sell order if the lowest sell order is lower than recent trends display.

Q: Why did item X increase/decrease in price?

A: Possible reasons: CS:GO updates/balance changes/game changes/market changes (e.g., Tradeup Contract), new cases/operations (both short-term, due to opening frenzies, and long-term, due to increased supplies of skins), a famous streamer hypes an item, someone tries to manipulate the market, a AAA game is released (short-term loss and long-term losses), a tournament is taking place (CS:GO, DOta 2 etc.), a Steam-sale is going on, a market-bug is ongoing, the ingame drop rate was increased/decreased, legal issues about things related to the CSGO market (e.g., betting) etc.

Q: If I create a new Steam account, what do I have to do in order to transfer items to that account? How long does this take?

A: Create a new account, log in (via the thick client), set up your profile, enable Steam Guard, wait 15 days, and transfer the items to the account from your main (double check that it is your account). If you intend to use the thin client (e.g., via Chrome), make sure that you log in from there as well because Steam will impose a 7 day trade restriction on your account when you attempt to create a new transaction from a new device (a device meaning a new browser). Also, if you do not have mobile authentication enabled on the alt account, there will be a 3 day delay for trades. You can use the same phone number & email address for many Steam accounts. Also, Gmail forwards emails addressed to your account even if dots (.) are added in between the username characters of your email address.

Q: If I create a new Steam account, what do I have to do in order to use the Community Market in that account? How long does this take?

A: Same steps as above, but you need to purchase a game that costs at least $5 or deposit $5 into your Steam wallet (and wait a month) before being able to use the Community Market. Keep in mind that using a new payment method will trigger a weeklong community market ban on your account.

Q: After buying an item from the Steam Community Market, how long do I have to wait until I can sell/trade it?

A: They are sellable immediately on the Market. You need to wait a week until you can trade them to another account.

Q: How are buy orders prioritized once someone sells an item with a price in the buy range?

A: See answer here: Price -> currency -> datetime of order. Apparently, there is some controversy over this. There's the hypothesis out there that this ruleset only applies to weapon listings and that sticker listings work as follows: Price (order qualifier) -> some combination of currency and datetime of order (quantifier)

Q: How do I add over $400 to my Steam Wallet?

A: Buy keys and games with your wallet funds and then create refunds on all those purchases. Redeem Steam Wallet codes. Perhaps you have to use the Steam API to create buy orders with these large amounts of Steam money (u/ursoos). It's needless to be said that this is quite risky.

Q: How do I mass sell items without having to list and confirm them one-by-one?

A: Steam Inventory Helper and Steam Desktop Authenticator (here's how to avoid a 7 day trade ban while transfering the authenticator).

Q: Approx. what fraction of bought containers are actually opened?

A: For all listings, approx. 35%. ~ Two thirds (with a large variance) for sell order prices higher than current buy order prices, while the follow-up indicates 60% of high sell orders. For sell listings that are fulfilled immediately: unknown, but probably much lower. If we assume that they are 0, and that the number of either type of fulfilled sale is equal, we get 33%. This study predicts 20-25%

Q: Help! I listed to many items and my Steam market page won't load any longer. How can I access the listed items?

A: Try to give it some time to load. If that doesn't work, this might work. Additionally, try to load the specific item page of the item that you've listed so many of. If all else fails, perhaps you can access/cancel the items with a Javascript script. As a last resort, you can wait six (or 12?) months until the listings are automatically cancelled or contact Steam support.


bluechops: FAQ 1.0 hotshowerscene: Item categories 1.0 Steamfrag: Discontinued items 1.0


2016-05-24 Added changelog, referenced a thread with interesting stats in the first section 2016-05-24 How many items can I hold in my inventory? Linked the quick trade trick. 2016-06-15 Added FAQ element on SCM market page not loading. 2016-06-16 Changed references saying that Sticker Capsules do not drop. Added reference to Javascipt source which is potentially able to remove listings in case pages do not load. 2016-06-22 Added to websites 2016-06-24 Added more information to How do I add over $400 to my Steam Wallet? 2016-06-28 Added revolver case to rare drops 2016-07-03 Added more info to "Why did item X increase/decrease in price?" 2016-07-04 Minor formatting 2016-07-05 More info added to the question about listing and confirming items to sell on SCM 2016-07-07 Grammar 2016-07-17 Added the Q&A on Steam tax 2016-07-21 Added more clarification to Why did item X increase/decrease in price?, added Falchion to rare drops, added all kinds of references to OPskins-SCM arbitrage opportunities, and an extension that shows discount% on OPskins items 2016-07-22 Added Q&A regarding what currently drops. 2016-08-27 Qualified the tl:dr in the first question, added Shadow Case to rare drops, added tips for SCM buyin/cashouts at the respective questions. 2016-09-06 Added to links 2016-09-18 Create high buy orders to items priced out of SCM, added more realistic warning at the bottom of thread 2016-10-04 More clarifications to Create high buy orders to items priced out of SCM 2016-10-25 Added indications that retired in-game sticker offers returned as rare offers 2016-10-25 Added Wildfire case as rare drop 2016-12-06 Added more software links 2016-12-10 Case opening probabilities 2017-01-14 Added link to steamfrags item availability chart 2017-03-16 Added Chroma 2 to rare drops 2017-09-23 Added Chroma 3 to rare drops 2017-09-23 Added Operation Hydra Case to discontinued drops
Please notify me of potential corrections and suggestions. Any of the information in this thread may be outdated at any given time; invest at your own risk. You should be psychologically prepared to lose everything invested in CSGO items. Valve is very fickle with regard to rules and regulations that could affect the SCM, the CSGO game, general Steam item management, and anything related.
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Jokes It is said that Bill Gates once farted in an Apple store which stank up the entire place. Apple
gaming [Online Betting Malaysia
todayilearned TIL when filming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Barbra Streisand showed up in a dominatrix suite and whipped Harrison Ford for various reasons. Carrie Fisher came to his rescue shortly after. Ford
todayilearned TIL that the Simpsons negotiated a contract in such a way that they could make fun of FOX while being on air on FOX at the same time without network interference FOX
Showerthoughts Anytime Google maps tells me how long a trip is going to be, I take it as a challenge. Google
AskReddit What was your most interesting Uber ride? Uber
videos Play Playstation 1 Games On A Dreamcast! - The Story Of Bleem Playstation
worldnews Jallikattu: Two die in Indian bullfight amid controversy - BBC News BBC
worldnews Syria conflict: Peace talks due to begin in Astana, Kazakhstan - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Youtube work? Youtube
OldSchoolCool August von Mackensen, 1916. A skull in his hat. From "The Great War" Youtube Channel Youtube
AskReddit If someone were to look at your Google search history, what's the weirdest thing he/she would find? Google
Documentaries Crude: The Real Price of Oil 2009 - An award-winning documentary that chronicles the epic battle to hold oil giant Chevron formerly Texaco accountable for its systematic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Chevron
IAmA IamA Police Officer AMA! To Be Answered Live on Youtube Live Stream. Youtube
AskReddit What kinds of comments/commenters ruin Youtube comment sections for you? Youtube
television Anybody else catch the premiere of CBS new show Hunted? CBS
Showerthoughts Does witnessing a robbery at an Apple Store make me an iwitness? Apple
videos 2 Chainz Good Drank Featuring Gucci Mane Quavo Produced By Mike Dean Album Hibachi for Lunch Gucci
mildlyinteresting This Walgreens brand sleep aid tells you not to take more than directed, but not how much to take. Walgreens
AskReddit We call Kraft's peanut butter simply Peanut Butter, etc... Why do we say Kraft before Dinner? Should it not just be called Dinner? Kraft
news Man shot in chest near film set in Brisbane - ABC News ABC
Jokes A reporter asked a protester why he destroyed the windows at Starbucks during the protest. Starbucks
tifu TIFU by using my Apple Watch to track my "workout". NSFW kinda.. Apple
Showerthoughts Seeing commercials with the guy who switched to Sprint doesn't convince me at all to make the switch myself. All I see is a guy who sold out Sprint
videos It's been 33 years since the Apple 1984 commercial. Here's a behind-the-scenes video of it... Apple
gaming Forgot to cancel my Xbox Live gold subscription nearly 4 years ago when I built my PC.... Xbox
funny I think Google is trying to tell me something... Google
AskReddit 75% of the United States population must be deleted and YOU have to select the criteria. What petty reason would cause you to add people to the delete list? United
mildlyinteresting This extra long Kraft Dinner noodle Kraft
AskReddit What would you remove from Facebook to make it less shitty? Facebook
todayilearned TIL redirects to the Intel site Intel
funny Went into FedEx Print/Ship store to print, four, forty page booklets for an upcoming interview...the cost $279!! LOL I left #FedExPrintOutOfBusinessInOneYear FedEx
todayilearned TIL the longest ever speech delivered in the United Nations is eight-hour long. It was delivered by VK Krishna Menon on On 23 January 1957. United
personalfinance What are the tradeoffs between investing in the "nine no-load Vanguard funds" versus a single "Vanguard Target Retirement" fund? Target
news Report: Apple & Foxconn ‘mulling’ $7B investment in U.S. manufacturing with ‘highly automated’ display facility Apple
photoshopbattles PsBattle: The Official Portrait of the 45th President of the United States. United
tifu TIFU By buying the wrong IKEA doors IKEA
funny A customer dropped this note off at the Apple store while her computer was in for a data transfer. Apple
pics A customer dropped this note off at the Apple store while her computer was in for a data transfer. Apple
history How Important Was The United States Contribution to World War 2? United
Documentaries The Relaxed Wife: Stress Relief With Tranquilizers - 1957 Educational Film: Atarax Hydroxyzine is a first-generation antihistamine of the diphenylmethane and piperazine classes. It was first synthesized by Union Chimique Belge in 1956 and was/is marketed by Pfizer in the United States.13:24 United
Documentaries The Relaxed Wife: Stress Relief With Tranquilizers - 1957 Educational Film: Atarax Hydroxyzine is a first-generation antihistamine of the diphenylmethane and piperazine classes. It was first synthesized by Union Chimique Belge in 1956 and was/is marketed by Pfizer in the United States.13:24 Pfizer
pics Mr. Rogers in the '50s Looks like the guy from Nathan for you Rogers
television The BBC TV show about the health treatment you can't get on the NHS BBC
gaming Perkins Coie LLP in United States United
AskReddit Tim Cook resigns as CEO of Apple to be replaced by Kanye West. What are some things we could expect in these reality? Apple
worldnews Republicans Introduce Bill Proposing Withdrawal From United Nations United
tifu tifu by overcharging the now vice pres of the United states of America United
gaming MY New Youtube Channel. Any tips? Youtube
gifs Aaron Rogers Brotherly Love Rogers
photoshopbattles PsBattle: the Camel ride is about to start Camel
pics The Roman Baths with the Abby in the background. Taken on a recent trip to Bath, United Kingdom United
news New seat alert app for pregnant commuters - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that a restriction by Paypal was necessitated some years back because many Nigerians used the payment platform to defraud many foreign buyers on Ebay. Paypal
mildlyinteresting My Orange was cold this morning Orange
space Two sunspots visible on the sun. Image shot with a Nexus 5 through the telescope at the AF Philips observatorium, Eindhoven Philips
news DOJ: Microsoft isn’t harmed when it can’t tell users what data we want Microsoft
videos Pen Pineapple Apple Pen on the Piano! Apple
worldnews US exit from United Nations could become reality with fresh bill United
pics Everything is aweso...HERESY - Lego Space Marines. Lego
worldnews US President Donald Trump misspells honour in latest Twitter mishap Twitter
videos Last year gave all 14,000 employees a GoPro and asked them to capture their travels, well this is the result
AskReddit Have you tried Sprite Banana challenge and how was it? Sprite
AskReddit Why did Pres. Nixon choose Gerald Ford to be his VP when Agnew resigned? Ford
worldnews President Donald Trump Returns Bust Of Sir Winston Churchill To Oval Office Winston
pics Long Exposure of Nissan Skyline at Sunset Nissan
videos Formtastic Forms Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom ne... Google
news Bill Introduced to Remove US From United Nations United
Futurology Is this Apple Store-inspired setup the future of health care? Forward says yes - "Members complete their check-in process on an iPad, then make their way to a full-body scanner that sends their vitals to Forward’s AI algorithms." Apple
TwoXChromosomes How do you feel about the white man's anger at today's Swedish Facebook story? Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How did MS-DOS make Microsoft an OS power house? Microsoft
mildlyinteresting My Coca-Cola can has expanded to it's limit Coca-Cola
funny Robin in the new Lego Batman Movie Lego
AskReddit What are the equivalent AMD processors of Intel Processors? Intel
WritingPrompts WPIn the distant post apocalyptic future of 4017, 4 warring factions rule the wasteland; Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.Unfortunately, there are rumours, legends of an another faction.The forgotten faction of 4chan. Facebook
funny An American trying to scam an Indian on Twitter Long Twitter
Music Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky Pop/Art Rock Sky
videos This older man, is an army veteran. He lost his wife a few years ago, and now he doesn't have much besides his Youtube Channel. This reaction to Molly by Lil Dicky is so great. He tears up, and so did I. Youtube
funny I wanted to see the two emotions Harrison Ford was showing us. The result was a bit disturbing. Ford
mildlyinteresting Doing a Google search for "want to be" will automatically bring you to the music video for Wannabe by the Spice Girls Google
videos Amazing Jeep Playing Seesaw Jeep
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What effect would leaving the United Nations have on America? United
gaming Tekken 7 launches June 2, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM Xbox
news Computer glitch grounds United flights for the second time in three months United
Showerthoughts If Google knows my favorite teams it should also know when they get crushed in the playoffs and stop rubbing it in. Google
Showerthoughts As the father of two gamers, there will come a day where I'm literally the guy on Xbox Live who fucked their mom Xbox
AskReddit How are women discriminated against in the United States today? Serious United
news Bill introduced to remove US from United Nations United
dataisbeautiful The world split into regions with the same population as the United States OC United
worldnews Australian Open: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares heartfelt letter from ball girl - BBC News BBC
Music Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma Post-Rock Sky
videos Is Robert Kraft drunk? Kraft
gadgets First, the headphone jack. And now, Apple is looking to remove the home button??? NOOO! Apple
Jokes Apple is suing Qualcomm for selling them overpriced chips. Qualcomm
Music Sam Kent - Smile Alternative Rock Kent
worldnews GCHQ director Hannigan resigns - BBC News BBC
funny Is Google Earthview trolling us? Google
television 'Allo 'Allo! star Gorden Kaye dies at 75 - BBC News BBC
worldnews 'Allo 'Allo! star Gorden Kaye dies at 75 - BBC News BBC
gaming Plenty of affordable used-copies of No Man's Sky at Best Buy if anyone is interested. Sky
worldnews Ethics lawyers to sue Trump over foreign payments - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Tennessee Mountain Stack Cake OR Apple Stack Cake Apple
videos What Car Donation in United Kingdom and in California How to Donate a Car to Charity full Information in this tutorial United
OldSchoolCool Couple with a dog standing on their shoulders, United Kingdom, circa 1910s United
space 48 hours til Boeing Starliner suit reveal x-post from /cislunar Boeing
videos Ed Roberts activist Google Doodle Top 50 Interesting Facts about Ed Roberts Google
worldnews Trump juggles offer to slash taxes with border tax threat - BBC News BBC
gifs Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite for Audi ad Audi
listentothis Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed Indie Pop 2009 Apple
news A bill has been introduced that would remove the United States from the UN. United
funny R.Kelly is driving a Toyota Highlander now! Toyota
Futurology The future is electric! New Hybrid Audi SUV Boasts 467 Horsepower, over 1000km range thanks to Lithium Ion Batteries. Audi
AskReddit You woke up in the year 2100, what would be the first thing you Google ? Google
gaming I think I found the game that is everything No Man's Sky let us down on. Sky
news Three men arrested in Sweden after Facebook Live 'gang-rape' Facebook
worldnews President Donald Trump signed an executive order formally withdrawing the United States from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal United
todayilearned TIL That According to the United States Supreme Court, Tomatoes are Vegetables United
Jokes Good Joke From Danmark Im Not Good To English So I Use Google Translate Google
Documentaries Krakatoa: The Last Days 2006- a BBC documentary about the eruption based on an observer's firsthand account. BBC
worldnews Why Bill Clinton helped a 33-year-old build a $1bn firm - BBC News BBC
funny My local McDonald's can satisfy all of your cravings.. McDonald's
AskReddit Sean Spicer went on a five-year Twitter war with Dippin' Dots. Which company would you get in a Twitter war with and why? Twitter
videos I fixed some cool retro Sony Walkman speakers in ep005 Sony
gaming I have a Apple Mac mini any suggestions for games I want to download a couple. Apple
todayilearned TIL that Lucy the australopithecus specimen found in 1974 in Ethiopia, was nicknamed after The Beatle's song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' which was played often in the expedition camp. Sky
mildlyinteresting This Chevron station still bares the Standard Oil name Chevron
mildlyinteresting This Chevron station still bears the Standard Oil name Chevron
pics The 2017 Renault Trezor concept. Renault
nottheonion Farmers in the United States Have Been Feeding Their Cattle Red Skittles United
AskReddit You see that your hometown is on the top of Twitter trends. What happened? Twitter
gaming Could not pick between PS4 and Xbox One Xbox
mildlyinteresting I received a McDonald's Big Mac with no sauce, cheese or lettuce in it... McDonald's
Futurology The Volkswagen Hippie Bus Is Back and Now It's Electric Volkswagen
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's sign doesn't say McDonald's McDonald's
Jokes The President of The United States. United
Art Vernon Roche painting Roche
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's is green with antler chandeliers to match the nearby sporting goods store McDonald's
Showerthoughts Below zero is a lot colder in the United States than it is in Canada. United
AskReddit Donald Trump is now the Emperor of the United Empire of America. What is different? United
AskReddit What is the worst possible sandwich you can make at Subway using actual ingredients from Subway? Subway
todayilearned TIL the Goldman family was awarded OJ Simpson's Rolex in the civil case, only to return it when a jeweler advised it was a $100 fake made in China. The settlement said items that cheap would remain owned by Simpson. Rolex
AskReddit SeriousWhat happened to the FailArmy Youtube account? Youtube
AskReddit Other than the Lego games, what are some good Xbox One games for young kids ages 8 and 7? Xbox
AskReddit Other than the Lego games, what are some good Xbox One games for young kids ages 8 and 7? Lego
worldnews UK leader admits she knew British nuclear missile flew towards United States United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How are stores like Dollar General able to stay in business despite selling things for a dollar? Dollar General
worldnews Zambian police banned from marrying foreigners - BBC News BBC
worldnews UK leader admits she knew British nuclear missile flew towards United States United
gaming Please help. Friend won an Xbox One during Gamestop's Dishonored 2 Stream three months ago, no response from them since. Xbox
todayilearned TIL that Uber applied for a patent on surge pricing in 2013, but it was denied for being obvious. Uber
Music Kenny Rogers had to sit down at his concert, but the audience stood up to applaud him Rogers
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