Why Is Dennis Rodman At The Vatican? He's Being Paid By A

Irish company Paddy Power enlists ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman to promote its brand and encourage betting on new pope He added that Irish betting company Paddy Power and a film crew paid for the players to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, though Paddy Power attempted to distance itself from the trip after Today a spokesperson from Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, which is known for stunt advertising, confirmed that Rodman's trip was organized and paid for by them to drum up attention for the company The Irish online betting company backing Dennis Rodman’s latest round of “basketball diplomacy” in North Korea told The Daily Beast on Thursday that they were “not in bed with the regime Dennis Rodman, who recently stirred adding that Irish betting company Paddy Power PLC covered expenses for Rodman and his team of former NBA players that included Charles D. Smith,

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